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Hello everyone~!

Today~ We have a schedule for SHOW CHAMPION Everyone is busy right now (Getting ready for their first TV show 1. Relieving throat) (2. Practicing) We are getting ready for the music show called SHOW CHAMPION We are very nervous but since we are getting our make-up

Very excited to be here Are we good to go? (Getting ready for their first TV show 3. Keep on practicing) If you stretch your body, you can relieve your throat, too Do not bother You think I'm joking around?

This is how I relieve my throat What do you call this? Licking Yes, licking (Getting ready for their first TV show 4. Relieving and relieving your throat, over and over) Since it's our first stage on TV

We will try to do our best! (Ready for the first stage-right before the stage) Yes, We will show you our first stage at SHOW CHAMPION We are going up on the stage after this 'Fighting!' Whoever catches it, gets it One, two, Three! Fighting!!!!!!!!! (2016.02.24 We finally made a debut!! yes yes! Such a busy day) (How to spend the waiting time by ASTRO First class : pronounciation)

Today we will have a class about pronounciation If you look here, there are words right? It sounds very different depends on your expression A dog barked, woof woof NO, that's not how it goes My dad ate noodles, Slurps

Okay Keep going~ When you eat NengMyeon(Cold noodles), Psp, Psp Okay I will give you 7.5 out of 10 Nice start! BIN's turn A dog barked, woof woof That's too cute!

My dad ate noodles, Slurps, oops It stuck I was good right? 6 out of 10 Why? (disappointed) Umm,,, something was missing, It was too.... you

- NO, It wasn't - You didn't try to change Okay JINJIN Go! A dog barked, woof woof Oh, I liked it My dad ate noodles, Slurps When you eat NengMyeon(Cold noodles), Psp, Psp

9 out of 10 I think he's better than the teacher Did you see me read this? Show us! First of all, You should act, move your body This is the fun part Sound doesn't matter that much, It's how you express it

You are now watching prof Myung's lecture We will try as a team Slurping sound=9.5 (Encore) (How to spend the waiting time by ASTRO 2nd class : Vocalization) We soon have to have a rehearsal Teach me how to make sounds

(a very passionate student) YaYaYaYaYaYa!!! (Don't get me wrong) Relieving my throat (YaJa time) (Don't get me wrong) Relieving my throat So much fun YaYa tone

Nice bros..were very patient... When does this camera go off? - Rocky's birthday passed right? - Yes - Now I can do anything right? - Yes Go in there you can't be seen Can I show you some reds? (Like blood or something)

- Yes it's okay - We can use red video filter (Smart) (Before anything happens, let's go to next class) Next class, MJ's Dance class (How to spend the waiting time by ASTRO 3rd class : Dance) The most important thing in freestyle dance is... Confidence and Creativity

Depens on the beat and how you express that beat, Dance can be different Hello this is ASTRO! Show us please Sorry, We can't show you right now Confidence~! Where is it?

(Freezed MJ) Got cold feet~ Shoulders went down~ See you later~ It was MJ! Thank you (3rd class done!) (Before the pre-record : Eating lunch)

We only slept for like 5 minutes So tired.. Rocky is not feeling well today (Just so sleepy) He's having a hard time (Eating) (After saying hello to other artists, saying how they felt) It was just so fast, everything went fast

It didn't really hit me yet, people are so nice.. (Not knowing) What was that? MJ did someting strange What was it? What?? He always does that~! It's killing me (Happy happy MJ, happy guts) It must have been warm in here

Something feels warm all of a sudden (Aren't you nervous?) No, not really (Nervous big bro) Hey, say it to this camera! (Not thinking anything) ASTRO~! (Getting ready for the live show-practicing how to say out the team's name)

It means STARS in spanish, We want to be your stars in you hearts.... ..What am I saying?? (Before the recording-ASTRO FIGHTING) (First stage at MUSIC BANK, All good) We are done with MUSIC BANK recording It was so hot!

To be continued in the waiting room (FANS) Good bye~! (A very first one to) Monitor today's performance Jimmy Jib, Got ya!! (Thanks to AROHAs) Dear AROHA Thank you all for being there for us in this cold weather

We really love you and Thank you so much!! (2016.02.26 We get a lot of support and love from you, that makes us stay strong We will try our best and show you the better ASTRO! Thank you)

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