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I am sitting on the remnants of a beauty blender because My bitch shreds them

I have a good puppy Get the, Get the (Laughing) dog took me Ya' bad you shred the beauty blender Like five minutes ago I was sitting down to edit this video and I'm like half way through

and I'm kinda watching as I'm going and I'm literally telling this story like Hey guys it Tanna, today's video is about the time I was arrested for drug paraphernalia Sorry mom, ha ha. And it is the worse video I have ever filmed in my entire life and the story is way to fucking good to let it go down in history like that like I only have one chance to tell this story to the internet. I need to give you some enthusiasm okay. Hi guys its Tana Mongeau and I decided that I am going to start doing this thing on my channel where I tell you guys a few stories

of some time that I've been arrested or almost arrested, or like detained or just anything related to the police Because I think tha you guys will find the stories very interesting. And fuck you to anyone and to anyone and everyone that said I was running out of storytimes. Bitch, I don't know if you know, but my entire life is a shit show. You've only heard like seven stories of it, It's never ending.

I'm never going to run out of storytimes. And I'm about to hit you guys with some stories of times I've gotten arrested and today's story, I have been meaning to tell you this story since I literally started my YouTube channel a year ago Like this story just goes down in history as one of the most ultimate ells that I have ever taken in my entire fucking life and I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry Imari: How do you like... Shut up!

Imari: Cunt! Ok cool! Before I get into the video, shameless self promo as fuck, just sucking my own dick Giving my self (...) [Laugh] If you are subscribed to me on here it would mean a lot to me if you followed me on my other social medias

specifically Twitter and Snapchat because when I'm not posting on here, those are lit as fuck. I do mini storytimes on Snapchat all the time because my life is just a constant shit show and I'm always interacting with you guys on Twitter and I just really want all my YouTube subscribers like transfer over to there because, eh he, my other social media's pretty lit if I don't say so. So I'm going to link those below, they're on the screen. Just follow them! Do it, I dare you. Ok, so I'm going to get right into this motherfucking story because it is so goddamn long.

There is no way to condense this. So as you guys know, I go up to Reno a lot and I have been for a long time and so like two years ago I had never been to Reno before and a bunch of my friends hit me up and they were like hey we're going up to Reno, it's gonna be lit, there's lots of parties going on, like 'this DJ is performing at this club'. That's when I was like into that shit and I would like get naked at like mini raves all the time and it was like (...). And that's also the time that I was like best friends with "Bryan", heh heh, and all of his friends were going as well.

Bryan never went out of town because he was like a weird little hermit crab but everyone was all going up to Reno and I was like decent friends with this girl we weren't really that close and I could tell she was just kind of needed like I

was her last resort like she just needed someone to like fill the space in her car and like go up with her so they like more people were throwing down on gas money type shit like I was not her first option like she asked everyone else she

hit me up and was like me and a few friends are going up to Reno if you want to join you can blah blah blah. And this was right around the time that I had just started texting Summer and Summer went to school in Reno and I hadn't like seen him a really long

time and I think that that was the incentive for really wanting to go because for some reason the second she texted me not like I wanted to go so badly like there was some kind of like intuition and me that was like you need

to go to Reno like you have to get in this car and it's life or death if you do not fucking go it is the end of the world and I kind of think that's like true that the intuition was true because everything happens for a reason i don't

think i would have ever dated Summer if it wasn't for me going up that weekend but I'll get into that. That's another video. That story is a shit show. Yeah I just really really really wanted to go so she texted me and I asked my parents and I was like mom dad

can I please go to Reno this weekend? Like all my friends are going. I'm going to drink so much alcohol and almost die. Just kidding, but like really though I keep asking them and my parents are like no like over our dead body you are

not fucking going to Reno and my parents were always really really lenient when I was growing up like I could ask them for something enough times and they would say yes no matter what it was I feel like if I literally wanted to do cocaine

and every day for like two weeks was like please let me do cocaine mom and dad please please please! By like the end of the two weeks they would say yes just to shut me up not like literally cocaine. I'm really making my parents look bad but like you

get it like they would say yes to anything but for some reason they were not budging on letting me go to Reno no matter what they were like it's an eight-hour Drive you're driving down one long road like it's one just dark long

road for eight hours teenagers don't know how to drive you get in a car accident you can get pulled over you could get arrested, [fake cough], I'm not going to do that mom and dad that they were right like they were one hundred percent right they

weren't budging they literally were at the point they were like, if you go we, are calling the police, that is the bottom line. So me being the stellar child that I am I was just fucking 10 out of 10, grade A, honor roll

fucking nerd that I was. I told my parents that I was gonna stay the weekend as I packed my rolling suitcase to go stay at a friend's house my friend Brie's house for the weekend and I was like we're just gonna hang out whatever I already

went like took pictures with Brie like sending them in case they ask me for like pictures. I was so prepared to pretend like i was going to Brie's house for the weekend so I waited friday morning for my dad to go to work at like

6am my mom was obviously asleep and I had my friends come and get me then so my parents wouldn't see me like leave a card like obviously wasn't Brie's card and so my friends pull up and they're all ready to go to Reno and I only

really know the girl that's driving I kind of was like acquaintances with the girl in shotgun and then the other kid that was with them I didn't know at all this was just a terribly unsafe situation. Her car was like a beat-up 2002 Ford that was

just screaming like I'm gonna break down any second but of course we're gonna drive it eight hours away I don't know. So I walk out of the house at like 6am with my suitcase and I walk up to the car and the girl that I know know is driving

the girl that I kind of know isn't shotgun and then there's just this kid in the back seat and as I'm literally putting my luggage into the backseat he just sparks up the fattest fucking blunt. In that moment, Tana knew, she fucked up.

And so, I immediately just look at this kid and he's like the biggest fucking stoner druggie turn up whatever I'm not meaning to talk shit he's actually a really nice kid but just like weed bro like the biggest fucking stoner I've ever seen in

my life he literally all he brought with him to Reno was a JanSport backpack and the inside of this backpack like no zip lock bags like nothin just the backpack itself was filled with like just nugs of weed like Alex's like

physically imagine like a JanSport backpack just zipped open just filled with weed like there's no.. [laughs] It wasn't in like ziplock bags like it just like you would open it was like confetti like weed that's the only thing he brought with him for a

three-day trip and like paraphernalia but we'll get into that in a moment ok like no clothes just a bag a JanSport backpack filled with ounces of weed. Go shred a beauty blender! I get in the car he's smoking a bunch of weed, whatever we

start on our drive and so we're probably like 30 minutes out like beginning this eight hour drive to Reno and the girl in the front seat pulls over and she's like okay guys it's time and I'm like time for what she's like for our first dab I'm

like if you wanted a biz add a bit like pure THC like the chemical in weed condensed into wax form looks like honey and like one hit like fucks you up like staring at a wall 48 fucking hours think about Hillary Clinton's emails like

fucked up like that's how fucked up a dad has you okay so like to drive an eight-hour drive on jobs is so dumb like she was literally like jeopardizing our lives like I can't even so we pull over whatever

and the stoner kid pulls out this thing called a vicino and it's like add a break like add a break is like what you smoke dabs out of because you have to like light it was like a fucking torch like a torch like a torch like look at

the torch ok so he pulls out a daba chino which is add a drink but it's shaped like a starbucks Frappuccino you can look it up it's the worst thing ever like if you have that like get a job like move out

of your mom's house but they're like fucking four hundred dollars and in like this stoner world like a stoner porn on Twitter that's like that's like the best thing you can get like that is the most expensive thing you can get like dude

abs out of whatever he was obviously very proud of it was literally his prized possession and he pulled out the data Chino and they all start taking dabs out of this data channel and so we're driving down the road after

they've taken these ABS about an hour into the drive and the girl starts falling asleep at the wheel like we're all asleep and like veering off the road and so we all wake up to her like veering off the one like what the fuck

is going on chick and even knows everything like I fell asleep at the wheel like I don't know maybe they can be whatever so then we all decided that she shouldn't drive anymore and so then the stoner kid switches places with her

and now she's in the back seat and he's driving her car and for the rest of the drive is literally going like a hundred and ten miles per hour blasting like eminem music while like taking dabs and driving like I think I'm

gonna die I'm so sorry mom my parents are right i shouldn't've gone darina whatever so we get to Reno it is a weekend filled of me almost dying a million times so much underage drinking like I don't know what today we just

imagine me like in a party like negative talk like whiskey vol turned upside down like drinking way too much like I every now that like I don't even know how to describe it that's what happened just imagine me

naked and like way to drop like way too drunk search let's shut the fuck up like how is it re eat my quest be so the entire weekend is a shit you're like I said all of the girls we came with are constantly

finding their like I'm just gonna fly home I'm gonna get a fucking flag it was just an overall miserable trip i may or may not have hooked up with like someone for the first time I don't even you can put two and two

together it was a shitshow the entire weekend was a fucking wreck ok so I failed to mention that one of the nights i literally slept in a dorm room on a fuzzy rug with no blankets and one of the other nights that I was there

the girl that we drove with told everyone that we were with that if she didn't sleep in her car with her because she was fighting with all of the other girls that she wouldn't drive us home so i slept in a freezing car in 40-degree

weather and shook for 12 hours just forgot to mention you know like where I slept for my sleeping arrangements so you know i thought i'd share and the sunday morning comes around and we all are done we are ready to go we've had

another Reno way too much on protections expected and so I'm gonna give you guys a breakdown of what is in the car before I start the rest of this story Amar'e shut up so we had to open halfway finished handles like the biggest size

of alcohol you can get of captain morgan stoner kid brought a bag of twenties annex that he was gonna sell while we were there and he didn't sell any of them keep in mind one xanax is a misdemeanor 20 of them is 20

misdemeanors like in jail I don't know how that works guys look do I look like and how that works you get it whatever an entire jansport backpack full of marijuana a pipe a bomb that was Rastafarian colored average you know

dabs wax THC which is the only credible charge like in jail especially like small towns and shit like that which I'll get into in a moment a torch and like the little too late just look up a blowtorch and then come back to this

video and various other small bottles of liquor and the entire floor of the car is just covered in like sprinkles of weed because obviously stoner kid doesn't care about like the little notes that we think he's fucking rich in weed

and doesn't need those so there's all over the floor of the car Swisher sweet wrappers like roll blunts with like the cars just filled with everything that and we're driving home when we all just want to get home

because it's been like the roughest weekend never so of course this girl was going like a hundred and thirty fucking miles per hour like literally a hundred plus miles per hour like really into fucking beat the fuck up 2002 for

fucking fuck you shit and so she's driving down the road going like 110 for one of these random small towns and everyone has been just smoking weed the entire way like she has he has like the other girls I have like sorry mom

and so we're driving down the road and started like you know it sounds good right now I think we should smoke us sad please don't know what's a stupid word for what that please yeah like a fire back in such as blend plug-in fatty

blizz hopefully you know you get the point so you like we need a roll up that blood or whatever and so he gets out this professional ass like I searched for this like I bought this on amazon as blood rolling trade to roll this

motherfucking blood on them just like grabbed the casual handful of fucking weed out of his chips for parking back and puts it on his like a little trade gets out a swisher sweet and starts rolling a blunt there's weed absolutely

everywhere I just want you guys to imagine like a giant man was like get the can I see the Parmesan cheese shaker so like pretend that this is the floor of the car I was doing so much for this and this is

weed this is what the floor of the car looked like the that is what the fuck why don't we so now we're driving down the road and we're smoking this fucking fat blunt and

she is still driving a hundred and ten miles per hour so we're driving it was really really small town i believe it was Tonopah you guys can look it up Tonopah Nevada and these small towns with populations of like a hundred or

two hundred or something like that so they make the majority of their money from like speeding tickets and pulling over people driving through their towns that's how the cops have to make their money you know and all of a sudden we

see a cop passing us on the other side of the road it's like a two-lane road so it's very easy for them to just like turn around and pull us over you know and so she's going down this road going with 210 miles per hour and we're all

smoking this blunt and as we're literally smoking and she's going 110 we passed a car going the opposite direction over like oh fuck oh fuck what do we do we just passed a cop oh my god i was going 110 like what I do there's a

blonde is Weekend everywhere like what do we do and so we see the cop turn around turn around and pull us over because obviously we're going 110 like why would we like a car full of teenagers whatever

and so have the copies turning around donor kids fucking four-point-oh GPA intelligent a stoner kid decides that the smart thing to do is to take his fucking trey is rolling papers all of the weed like the blunt wrap and the

blood itself and just throw it out the window directly behind us where the cop now is like he's like why don't you just throw it at the talk whether you just shine a flashlight wave at the top and throw it at the fucking cop like you

fucking 80 it why would you do that why would you do that course as soon as he throws that the cop turns lights on and pulls us over for waiting in the car were like oh my god like this is so shitty like what the

fuck are we gonna do like we were all joking all day to what if you pull over and like of course we get pulled over we're literally sitting there in the car while the cop is behind us for like a fucking eternity like at least 45

minutes and we're all just like what do we do like oh my god my parents the no idea that i went to Reno or that I was in reno as i was driving home from you know they thought I was like at Brie's house for the weekend I'm

freaking the fuck out finally 45 minutes later the cop pulls up to the window with his flashlight and knocks on the window and of course I don't know how the fuck this motherfucker did it's loose a scavenger ask detective ass

motherfucker I don't even get it we roll down the window and he's holding the tray with the blood and the blunt wraps and the weed that we threw out the window in his hand and he goes do you got to drop this and we're like five and

so every one of the cars like it's not ours we swear blogs like cut your fucking shale I saw you through you guys are dumb as fuck and we ask for all of our ids and he's going through everyone's ID and he's like okay Baba 18

like Las Vegas here's your ID back baba 19 Las Vegas a lot 22 Las Vegas hands in his ID back looks at mighty and is like 16 huh and I'm like yeah 16 and he like what do you think you're doing out here like you

know what all these people can get charged with like you even being in the car like yelling at them yet even known anything that we like done yet other than the weed I don't know what he's like screaming at me I'm like I'm sorry

I'm 16 I don't know what to do about it I fucking know piece-of-shit high and we have always get out of the car and it's like 40 degrees were all obviously wearing no clothes to fucking whores and we're standing on the side of the road

in the fucking dirt while this officer starts going through the car he had probable cause to search the car because he talked to us like throwing the blind out of the car whatever she's going through the car he's gathering up all

the weed on the floor he finds a pipe in the glovebox he finds the bong in the middle compartment and he's just lining up all the things he finds on the side of the road before us one by one so finally he gets the trunk he finds the

two handles of captain he finds the little bottles of UV he finds the twenties the annex he finds the motherfucking daba chino the jansport backpack pull away he finds it off and he lines

all of it up before us he looks at all of us and he goes you're under arrest and we're all like so he makes all four of us get on our knees with the handcuffs in a line hands off our knees sitting there in the freezing

fucking cool and so then of course because we're on our knees in the freezing cold like why would it just be that easy goes back to the car to file some reports and of course that takes like 30 fucking minutes so 4 30 minutes

i'm in the freezing cold my hands handcuffed behind my back and on my knees in the middle of nowhere in tonopah nevada in 40-degree weather bawling my eyes out i'm literally please God please don't let me get arrested i

don't want to my parents and police the other three kids and whether atheist and they're just looking at me like oh my god no no no no and so finally after like 30 minutes he comes back over to us we all stand up and he's like you three

go over there to the other three kids and then to me he's like you're a minor what do you think you're doing like lecture 34 just like 30 minutes and then you read me off all the charges and he's like you're on minor like you just began

your life and you're already about to be charged with drug paraphernalia drug possession minor in possession minor in contribution or whatever then X that's 20 felonies there's 20 zanuck speeding drunk driving contributing and driving

under the influence like blotches listing all these fucking charges that I'm gonna have I'm bawling my eyes out and so finally he's like where's your phone and I'm like oh my god I'm so you take my phone out of my pocket and he

calls my mom and he's holding my phone in my face and he's like tell her tell your mom what you tell your mom and dad what you fucking did look like in my face patronizing the living fucking shit out of me and so he's holding this phone

in my face its range my mom and she answers and I'm like a mom I'm in reno i just got pulled over on the side of the road i'm about to go to jail for drug paraphernalia drug charges then x felony charges minor in possession of alcohol

minor contribution alcohol driving under the influence blah blah blah blah i'm I'm literally laughs and she's like are you a bridge like prank calling me like deadass in the sweetest voice literally thinks I'm with Briana house prank

calling her look no mom I didn't sorry I'm sorry you're gonna have to come get me i'm in Tonopah Nevada whatever and she's like I still don't believe you like you're just kidding honey like i'll see you tomorrow like love you bye

and then the officer gets on the phone he's like no no this is officer suck your dick cocking we're on the side of the road and chillin up on that and your daughter tamarine let her rest for blah blah blah blah and my mom literally goes

oh then I'm not coming together and the officer goes ok and hangs up I don't get to say but I don't mean to say I'm sorry my mom was not gonna fucking come and get me at six the fuck hours away from fucking Las Vegas like literally six

hours away the jail in this town is so small so then the cop takes my phone put them in his pocket and he's like well I guess you're just gonna have to go to jail with all the murderers and child rapists and random people from this town

you know like I'm sorry I'm sorry and I'm balling my eyes I'm begging him not to i'm begging on keep saying no so finally he gets all the other kids over and he's like ok here's what I'm gonna have you guys do before I arrest you

when you go to jail he's like I'm gonna have you guys smash all of your stuff that's so stoner kid up until this entire point was one hundred percent oppose didn't shut it here wasn't mad he was getting arrested wasn't over any of

it was totally fine straight face he was literally standing up with the handles on the fuck the police fuck 12 fuck off but the shield and as soon as the police officer tells him that he has to smash his drug paraphernalia

that's what broke him people race out into tears he's bawling his eyes out as a no fucked well fuck sobs man fuck this but the police they pick man they pigs and I'm not shut the fuck up i wanna go to fucking jail and one of

fucking Nevada liquid he's literally like calling the police like pigs like to this guy's face like it was he makes all of us lineup and one by one is making us like smashing handle smash handle smash the vodka / the vodka smash

the bong smash the pipe we all have this step on those annex one-by-one crumble the weed like between are handcuffed hands until it was like nothing was blowing away in the wind this kids bowling advise out and lastly we get to

the data chino an officer looks at stoner kid is holding the data chino takes the kids handcuffs off makes them put his hands up like this what's the data chino in his hands the officer gets this close to his face and

he goes smash it and making this is all like whatever little cookie that's what broke an absolute literally grabbed like Google fun police can imagine established you everywhere and it falls to the ground and he's bawling advisor

so the officer gets back on top of him put them back in handcuffs put all four of us back on our knees all of our things by the way like all of our suitcases filled with clothes all our clothes just spread across the street

when the officers going over something you just throwing shit everywhere just getting out all the bad shit our stuff is literally everywhere that's always walking all over our clothes that are all over the street and looks at all of

us and was like so you all are about to go to jail i'm about to call for backup and I'm about to take you guys away and you guys will have the charges of speeding you three will have contributing to a minor contributing to

the influence of a minor contributing alcohol to a minor you all have drug paraphernalia charges 20 counts of misdemeanor due to possession of xanax or like possession of a narcotic without prescription or whatever the most

grandiose count of weed charge anyone could ever have in their entire life like it was literally like a felony possession to urge minor in consumption of alcohol minor in possession of alcohol minor distribution of alcohol

driving under the influence aiding and getting a criminal driving under the influence in possession possession with intent to distribute like blah he's reading all these charges we are all bawling our eyes off my mom is

blowing up my phone and he has and he's reading the textbook I'm not coming to get you you're gonna have to spend the night in jail with murderers and child rapist and so finally the officer goes behind all four of us can take this key

out of his little officer about and one-by-one undoes all of our handcuffs and takes them away and so were like what do you think about how we are under arrest and he looks at all of us and he goes you just got Punk'd be safer next

time have a safe drive home and writes the girls speeding ticket and just drives away we all spend the next hour on the side of the road in tonopah fucking Nevada packing all of our clothes back into our suitcases in

40-degree weather and we get back in the car we start driving home and I called my mom and I'm like how funny was that oh my god we totally fucking guy your dad within on he pretended to be a cop I'm a fucking breeze out

Oh see you tomorrow and my mom was just like oh my god honey like you terrified me I was so fucking mad all pissed you I was not gonna come get you oh my god i'm like 'oh wasn't in a funny joke like five all of you literally

until today until this video goes live my mom thinks that was a prank and it wasn't a prank and then the rest of the car ride home we gathered the rest of the weed off of the floor of the car and smoked it

because teenagers don't fucking learn anything and they're really shitty fucking people that is the story of the time that a police officer scared me absolutely shitless I thought my entire life is over and I was gonna have to

spend i spent life not even the night in jail in tonopah fucking about us six hours from home with more fucking charges than like gucci mane if you learn anything in this video don't just don't do anything that I stated at all

at all at all your parents are probably fucking right I'm a piece of fucking shit so i hope you guys enjoyed that little story if you did make sure to subscribe if you want hear more stories of times I've been

almost arrested arrested detained anything like that i have a fucking million because i was a delinquent fucking child and like i always say i hope you guys can learn from things that I did wrong and not do them wrong

because I was such a fucking dumbass and i love you guys so much so much thank you for being this amazing family of two million and i will talk about that in my next video because this video was supposed to go up a minute ago and it's

too much for this out right now the feelings and emotions but i have but i love you guys so much and i will talk to you in the next video bye

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