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As usual, you'll do Random Play Dance

Has anyone ever be hit by a toy hammer? - No, never - That's good Does anyone want to be hit by it? - Will you do it? - Anyone wants to feel it? Everyone who was hit such as IU had a huge success - I want to try it - Would you?

To feel how much it hurts It doesn't hurt You'll feel like you're a star after being hit by it You become a true star after this as IU and GD did They were hit so hard Anyone who makes a mistake will feel it

OK - Where will you hit? - Pardon? It's a toy hammer - We'll lightly touch your head - Just a toy hammer - Give me that - It's a toy - You know things like this - A toy

Come on This makes a cute sound I saw you broke it What are you talking about? This can be broken if I push it This is a cute toy

So cute As Jihyo has had an injury Jihyo, why don't you come here and pick out the others' mistakes? Point at the one making a mistake - Cheer up - Cheer up Ready? Let's go

Music start (SIGNAL-TWICE) (Quick to find each one's spot) Why don't you be generous in the beginning (Lively and refreshing) As it's their comeback song, they're so good

(Random Play Dance start) (Jumping over the part) Their joints make strange sounds whenever they sit down and get up Her face looks different from earlier I was like why Jihyo is standing here (Heart racing alert-Pouring of hearts)

(I'm proud of you, girls) (KNOCK KNOCK-TWICE) (Rushing) (Sana's quick running completing the correct formation) You look suspicious Mina, Mina

Tzuyu, you're here - What's wrong with Tzuyu? - What's wrong? (After summoned by Nayeon, Tzuyu finding the right spot) Let's be generous. Chaeyoung why are you there? (TT-TWICE) (Undoubtedly being out of order)

(Many losing their way) We can pick out so many but we won't (Pretending not to have made any mistakes) All become so bold-faced - They do, right? - Yes Even I know who made mistakes

(Hats off to her members) (CHEER UP-TWICE) (Not being at the right spot) Chaeyoung looks so suspicious I didn't do anything wrong (Having 3 years of experience)

(TWICE becoming bold-faced) I think she is continuously at the wrong spot (SIGNAL-TWICE) (What's wrong, Chaeyoung?) (Having a minor collision while trying to pass through) (Unexpected eye contacts)

Tzuyu It must be either Tzuyu or Chaeyoung We're going to have a hearing so come here Come here to have a hearing The members of the School Meal club Actually Chaeyoung made a lot of mistakes even before this

But we just let her finish it Even Jihyo said Chaeyoung made mistakes You said she was at the wrong spot Jihyo, you say something first I was surprised to see them become so bold-faced They even tricked me

Was it part of choreography when you two looked at each other? I didn't make any mistake Then Chaeyoung did? - Yes, where Chaeyoung stood was - It was a big mistake Where Chaeyoung stood was wrong? What do the other girls think? Did Chaeyoung do it wrong?

(Pointing at Tzuyu) Tzuyu did it wrong? She directly pointed at Tzuyu behind her Her mistake was obvious But, you know what? I know you want to hit her

I've never hit someone as young as a high school student - Then, as I'm one of School Meal club - Good (Interrupting at the wrong timing) Will you be punished for her? Okay, call Didn't it mean you want to be hit?

For her? Do you want to hit or to be hit? Close your eyes - Close your eyes - Pardon? Close your eyes Dahyun, close your eyes

- Close them - Thank you The reason why I interrupted Doni was As I'm the oldest member of the club As the oldest member? - The oldest member - They're still minors

I will be punished instead of them One, two, three One, two, three This will show her personality - Her hand - Her fans are watching, too You have to raise it clearly

You shouldn't shake your hand Open your eyes and stay still I'll hit you like this (Kindly informing the strength of toy hammer) (Shocked) Once again, as the oldest member of the School Meal club

I will be punished for the other girls, yes or no? If I were her, I would - Yes, I'll be punished - Good (Keeping faith with her members) Really? Even if you didn't do anything wrong? - As I'm the oldest member of the club - Willingly?

- As I'm the oldest member of the club - That's why? (Touched by her love) As the youngest made a mistake, we'll turn a blind eye this time (Unexpected result) You shouldn't make any mistakes. You know why?

Because she and she are our target - Why? - I won't make any mistakes - We'll see - You won't? We'll see We'll be fair from now on OK Music start

(SIGNAL-TWICE) (Highly focused) They all start to do it eagerly They're suddenly showing us a perfect teamwork Sudden teamwork (I'll never make a mistake)

(CHEER UP-TWICE) (Can't be more perfect) (Highly focused) (Being proud of them) So bold-faced (KNOCK KNOCK-TWICE)

Nayeon is amazingly good now - That's willpower - I won't do it wrong That's her willpower to not to be hit (I won't make a mistake) (TT-TWICE) Come on

Jungyeon Jungyeon, Jungyeon (Catching a suspicious movement) (Blubber) (Jungyeon, you so mean to do it wrong) (Oh my god)

It's a festival I think you're being too strict I was just moving to my spot You did this about twice before you moved It was so obvious - Please be generous - I won't

She is the youngest of the School Meal club Tell me why you should be punished Are you a minor? Or - Is your sister actress? - Yes If your sister is actress, you have to be punished

(Absurd) If your sister is actress, you must Ready? Any volunteer? They are all girls I mean the directors

Does anyone want to volunteer for her? No one (Harsh reality in 3rd basement) What will you do for someone who volunteers for you? (Considering) If someone volunteers for you?

- My phone number - Your phone number? (Surprised) Okay, call Hit me as many times as you want (Ha Ha Ha) Really?

How come you trade your number with a toy hammer? We're all stars Put your hands like this as your earrings will fall (Doing everything just as told) Don't scare her like that It won't be like that

Ready? I wish SIGNAL-TWICE becomes a big hit Ready? Way to go! Ready? Way to go! (Wishing for SIGNAL-TWICE's hit) (Doni's magical hammer always causing groundless laughter)

It was so strong (Toy hammer making her strange) Jungyeon Should we stop here or go for another round? Another round Jungyeon won't be able to clean our house from now on

This will be your last chance I want Nayeon this time - Music start - It is no joke (KNOCK KNOCK-TWICE) We can do it. Cheer up. - Cheer up - We can do it

(Moving in perfect order) (Being so lively) (Trying to avoid a toy hammer shot, all being highly focused) (CHEER UP-TWICE) I can feel the tension Oh, my! Jungyeon

(Blonde hair being wondering) (Jungyeon making a mistake again) (What should we do with you, Jungyeon) What's wrong with you? Her mistake is so obvious - Wake up Jungyeon - She's out of her mind

- She's out of her mind - That's why (Tzuyu running at a high speed) MOMO! MOMO made a mistake (Oh my god) Who? Who? Who got it wrong? MOMO made a mistake

- No, I didn't - Why did you make a mistake (Walking under a false accusation) I don't know if the camera caught the scene, MOMO She might have got really angry (Exaggerating what she did) (Cause I didn't do it wrong)

MOMO, are you really mad? - MOMO - You look like one of those samurai You made a mistake, didn't you? I slightly did Were there anyone who made more mistakes than you did? Tell me if you made any mistakes

I'm sorry but relax Don't be nervous I don't think I'm the only one Am I right? But you were even at the wrong spot You failed to find the right spot

I saw you running at a high speed just like a rabbit - Defconn - I can't hit strongly Defconn is not good at it Where are your earrings? These are ear clips (Removing dangers by herself)

She really didn't have to (Innocent) Can she ask for a volunteer? Will anyone volunteer for her? Anyone? What will you do for someone who volunteers, MOMO? - I'll buy him lunch - Oh!

Really? A chance to have a lunch with MOMO A day with MOMO A day with MOMO (Disturbance in 3rd basement) A chance to have a date with MOMO

Hold on Hold on, you're embarrassing me You're embarrassing me They say they don't need your number A day with MOMO You can have a lunch with MOMO. Anyone?

It's a lunch with MOMO The director of the main camera Really? You don't need Jungyeon's number But you want to have a lunch with MOMO Would you say a word to him, MOMO?

Thank you so much I haven't seen him smile so brightly like this for 6 years You just stay still You know how it goes (Free from all anxiety, hitting the hardest) (Oh my god)

- I'm sorry - Oh, no (I'm sorry and thank you) Are you okay? Looks like a madman Are you okay? You may not

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(Weekly Idol EP.303) TWICE Random play dance FULL ver