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did you know the cloud opportunity will be worth over 500 billion dollars by

2020 you can take full advantage of the cloud with the cloud solution provider program or CSP what is CSP with CSP partners can directly manage the entire life cycle for their Microsoft cloud customers including support billing and invoicing meet Victor victor is seeing lots of success selling all this 365 bundled with his own IP but there's something nagging at him he wants to own the

relationship with his customers and be their trusted advisor so they can look to him for support billing and invoicing luckily Victor just found out about CSP from one is Microsoft representative one explained to Victor that there are two paths you can take direct and indirect by choosing to become an indirect reseller Victor can find an indirect provider that he can partner with so he can have

an end-to-end relationship with his customers this allows him to sell through CSP without making a big upfront infrastructure investment and support billing and invoicing so he can build a strong partnership with an indirect provider and focus his investments on other aspects of his business to provide customer value on the other hand by choosing to become a direct partner he can invest in his own infrastructure

provide all the support billing and invoicing while building value added services to become his customers trusted advisor whichever way he chooses will be sure to enjoy the benefits of owning the relationship with his customers end-to-end CSP opens up the opportunity to provide valuable managed services to your customers while helping you grow

your business and realize profitability what are you waiting for

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