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thanks mark

and or start of when it will use the word margin quite a few times over the next get the 10 minutes I want you to imagine home with no central heating and mic stand family just actually an central heating pad n but dad a margin a home with no central heating much in the benefits that has not just to the homeowner

not just to the housebuilder not just to the lander and not just to you the environment in the government but they're just imagine the benefits not having a central heating system margin appeal the specifications of fission analyzed at central heating system to be designed ida building and economic tipping point is reached where

at the additional capital cost insulation air tightness is offset by the cost in a central heating infrastructure a margin keeping and even the build within conventional construction not putting tradesmen outside their comfort zones not and trying to reinvent the wheel but coming at it from a different angle all to you serve a purpose which is a little bit like dropping a

Evelyn upon there are so many benefits to so many individuals to so many different organizations to government bodies into the jar environment and designing a central heating system or the equation taking it a step further in living at a building farmer approach there's a lot of air

talk about age renewable energies wind turbines ground source heat pumps air source heat pumps what you find is yes in the in a like-for-like running cost there is an argument where they can be cheaper and conventional gas rrrr oil all bills high ever the capital cost these technologies

I'm sure you'll agree are quite high so what we I've tried to do is is looking to bobek first approach that margin reducing the heat loss is dying to an absolute minimum where a very small room heater could be enough to heat your whole home and the next slide and I wanted to show years is is is potentially some the benefits of highs is that her

families are living and not having to worry about the cost the fossil fuels or the cost to biomass fuels starting starch and we have had and the privilege of working with Habitat for Humanity who deliver quality affordable homes in northern ireland and fuel poverty is a big issue in fact forty percent of the UK will find

themselves in fuel poverty over the next five years might not even know what because the cost and energy is increasing it may increase one year it may come down slightly the next but if you take it over ten fifteen year period there's only one way feels going nuts up so the first example is a is a a typical social ice three bedroom townhouse in Belfast

where the heat losses in the coldest months of the year are 250 what's in our 260 what's in our not all his heat loss compared to your conventional high-rises say that that them require maybe 40 or 50 kilowatts an hour the benefits to the individuals not having to worry about cost a few

not having to worry about I feeling the gas meter are filling the only time I'm sure a Illinois at the moment is a bite between five and seven hundred Pines depending on where you live spending on the qualities of course but the benefits of having something like that and not just disposable income the quality of life

I'll be moved on the list begins slightly bigger Hisense demonstrating that that what used to be and affordable to you people who can build the highs as can actually also be implemented people who need it the most and it's important

that when we look at feel poverty it's a bike trying to design I the problem not trying to incorporate more capital outlay and and I as a result of up a home with no central heating the benefits are exponential that indemnified against the cost and at feel fossil fuels biomass feels everything is actually linked to the

price avoids what you'll find is a if oil our lines up in price within a few months the price of fossil fuel arsov the price biomass fuels will also increase in prices everything is linked to the price a boy mittens costs toward servicing central heating systems just designed by the issue morse Muslim come

their quality of life and of course the rest before going into the fuel pump rocket and effectively future-proofing hice as we move towards our car mutual deadlines a 2016 let's just take a step back and look at the bigger benefits margin being in the in mortgage industry you're buying won the Big variables at the moment is

is again the cost a few the rising cost it feels put pressure on and on families I have disposable income is getting squeezed on a year by UPS looking at the the benefits to for example house builder and the government are have set really stringent targets in in meeting carbon-neutral deadlines by 2016

again designing a central heating system can it gives you a powerful much you can afford a plea and ni these deadlines Mike the actual capital costs that are associated with this type affair level above a performance and really and looking at the environment

what we've done is we've taken i the the single greatest energy carbon emitter in the house and that can only be a benefit to 2222 doing our bit for the environment global warming another collective reducing our carbon emissions my French isn't very short and sweet along to keep it very simple I'll just leave you with us from thank you

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David Maxwell at TEDxBelfast in Titanic Belfast challenges us to imagine a home with no central heating. Imagine the benefits to the home owner, the builder, the community and the environment. Then he goes on to describe how he builds homes -- otherwise conventional homes - where a house is heated without central heating by taking a "fabric first" approach, where a small heater will heat a home.

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