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H-hi! I'm Germán!

And I bet you my beard. That today is Christmas. Unless that you'll watching this video tomorrow, day after tomorrow, THE day after tomorrow, the...--- Hi, I'm Germán. And the topic of this week is... Bullying.

OK, did you saw the beard? Did you liked it? All okay? Ahh, yes now. First of all, Merry Christmas! I hope that this year has been excellent

Something to say, Rodolfo? Okay... The topic of this week has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. Let's talk about... Bullying. Everyone, at some time, we have suffered Bullying,

do Bullying. or saw to someone doing Bullying to another person... ...over there. And, like everthing in life, the Bullying has changed a lot over time. It has matured.

It grown up It grew up the boob- What? Because in my time, when I was little. Bullying was something like this Hey, Felipe!

You're fool. And that's it. Insults were from "fool". "Superfool". "Mega-fool". And "Super-ultra-megafool".

The most they did was taking your lunch. But now... Hey, Felipe! What? I'm going to find you when you're alone. And I'll cut you into small pieces with a knife.

I'll see you dying slowly and painfully. Until you give the pathetic and last sigh in this miserable world. *gaps* Uhum! And it has not only changed in that way, it has also changed the way we deal with Bullying. Today, someone tells to your parents that they're making you Bullying

And their answer is... Mom, they're making me Bullying in the school. Oh no! I have to take him to a psychologist. Uhh... And if you teach me to defend myself? THE PSYCOLOGIST I SAID! Sometimes, parents want to solve everything with psychologist.

Literally for every little detail. Do not confuse, it is very useful, but in this case, I do not know how it's useful. And they believe that will happen something like that? Tell me Felipe, how are you? Sad...

Oh well, umm... Don't be. Oh! I'M CURED! NOO!! Before, it was more direct the matter.

Someone had a problem. Someone solve the problem. Before, you go and told to your father. Dad... Tell me son. In the school they make me Bullying.

Uhh, kick him in the crotch. And the next day. Hey Felipe! You're a... And problem solved! Ok, it gave me warm. Another type of Bullying it's what your parents make you.

And the worst thing is they do not want... I think... And it's when they put you a horrible names. Why? Imagine that you're in school. And they're going assistance.

Rodrigo Gutiérrez. Here! Federico Espinoza. Present! Debora Melo? (eat it to me) NOOO!!!

If you put a name like that to your son or daughter. You are assuring him/her a life of non-stop Bullying. A tip for the parents. This is a list of the names that you should never use. "Aquiles Bailo". (Here I dance to you) "Susana Horia". (It´s carrot)

"Armando Casas" (Building Houses) "Jorge Nitales" (The Genitals) And above all the things! Above at all, if your last name is Del Ano. (The anus) Do not put your daughter "Dolores". (Pains) Hello beautiful.

H-hi I'm "Dolores del Ano" (Pains of the anus). I'm alone... Another type of bullying that is suffered by women. Everytime that a woman goes out to the street and shout to her. Catcall her. And compliments her.

"Our life is so complicated." What I do not understand is, "What the man is thinking that it will going to happen?" "Which will believe what's the end of this story?" Hi mommy, what good legs, what time do they open? NOOOO!!!! In the history of the existence of humanity, that has not happened!

Another way to bother is what makes you the teacher. The same teacher. Which it is supposed to protect you from Bullying. Your guardian angel. Your gentleman of his steed. Okay, so, if we add:

2 plus 2 is equal to... Four! Ok, we're all right with that? Ok! 2 plus 2 is equal to four. Perfect!

And here, we can see that the clearly result is: Banana. Any questions? Agh! Suck the dog! It happens more than I thought. And the biggest event in the world today is not called Bullying. Is now called "Cyberbullying".

And no, is not when Robocop comes and makes you Bullying. It's the Bullying on the Internet. It's when a bully in real life. Magically moves into a computer. And it becomes a troll. Trolls do many things on the Internet.

They tell you gay. They tell you noob. And even they appear in videogames. But there is something known as the largest online Bullying. It is a classic among classics in the cybertrolling. And every who are watching this video it happened at least once.

Hey! Eh? Did you saw on the Internet leaked photos of Emma Watson naked? Oh My God! Send me the link! Yeah, obviously, here it is.

Oh My God! This is the best day of my life! This is the best day of my... If they do not have you Rick Rolled, you did not have childhood. No, but, leaving aside the jokes. Bullying and Trolling it's something serious. If someone is making Bullying, tell it to your parents.

But from here, I can promise you something. With me here, you are safe. All will be OK. I never, never in my life I'm going to troll you. ¡Question! You fell in the troll, tried to see if your computer was frozen.

Ok, that's it. Have you ever been trolled? I remember that there was an Internet game of a maze that you have to drag a red ball through the maze. And it was very hard and right on the part where you had to... ...focus more, like being glued to the screen. You get a screamer and you was like glued to the wall with a heart attack

I think that was like my first time being trolled. Mental note: Don't trust your friends. Aaanyways. And this was the last video of the year! And I think that also the third. If you liked don't forget to click below on the "Like" button.

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I love you, take care of you. Bye, bye! Subtitled by Germaniter4ever. Whoop, I faze myself. OK.

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