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Wolf Wolf

Rama was a young shepherd boy he lived in a small village every day he took his flock of sheep to graze on the hillside one day I felt bored he ran up the top of the hill Wolf Wolf a wolf is chasing the Sheep

the villagers came running up the hill to chase away the wolf they looked here and there for the wolf but there was no wolf Rommel laughed at them haha i have fooled you there is no wolf here the villagers were angry they scold the drama and went away few days rom or did the same thing again

Wolf Wolf a wolf is chasing the Sheep the villagers ran up the hill once more to drive away the wolf they looked here and there for the wolf but there was no wolf the villagers were very angry don't try and fool it again one day a wolf really came to the place

paramo sheep are grazing wolf wolf wolf is chasing the Sheep the villagers her drama but they did not come to help the wolfchase the sheep and the Sheep ran away when Rama did not come down with the sheep in the evening the villagers came to look for him rommel was sitting alone

he was crying why are you crying the sheep are lost a wolf really came today but nobody came to help me you see rom or nobody believed you today we thought you were fooling us today also so we did not come up when you called

will never do this kind of thing again

Video Description

The boy who cried wolf is a popular short story for kids in English. Some kids short stories have an important moral. This moral story tells how a young shepherd boy tried to fool people by lying, but at a crucial time when he really spoke the truth nobody believed him. The moral of such stories for kids about lying is clear and is perhaps best left to be understood by children themselves. This video shows this short story for kids animated.

Kids will like this video of the story, 'The boy who cried wolf'. The moral of the story is easily understood. Moral stories for kids are thought to be quite useful by parents and teachers too. We hope you enjoy this short story for kids, the story of the boy who cried wolf. This moral short story for kids is often narrated to children to help them understand the consequence of lying.

The boy who cried wolf, being bored, plays a trick on the villagers and simply cries, 'wolf!', 'wolf!', even when there was really no wolf. When people come running to help him, he laughs at them and tells them that he has fooled them. Although the villagers are angry with him and scold him, he plays the same trick again. The poor villagers though a little doubtful, again rush to his help, only to find out that they had been fooled again.

Once when a wolf really comes, although the boy calls out for help, nobody believed him and nobody came to his help. The poor boy while reflecting on lying, then resolves not to lie again.

The boy who cried wolf is from the famous collection of Aesop's fables. Reading aloud short stories for kids in English like this story of the boy who cried wolf could also help enhance their English language skills. Kids short stories can thus be used not only to convey a message, as well as entertain kids but also to help improve English language skills.

There are a large number of such short stories for kids and there are many videos too of such stories animated.

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Do enjoy the picture story for kids.