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hi i'm brian francis from Billy back to third personal training and performance

center today I'm gonna show you how to stretch for abdominal adhesions with me here to demonstrate super trainer Lauren hop now you gotta understand abdominal adhesions what is this buildup of scar tissue in the abdominal wall so we want to do is try to stretch that scar tissue out as much as possible once you have scar tissue build up it's very hard to get rid of

unless you break it up with some form of Active Release Technique myofascial release so i'm going to show you four basic stretches to help stretch out any knots or tightness you may have an abdominal wall so the first stretch is very basic was going to go facedown and this is called the cobra stretch so lying face down to place your hands right on the side of your chest and you're just going to arch your torso up stretching out that spine

you can hold this position anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds come back down and then do that one to two more times so total of two to three come up with that structure that midsection and then come back down the second stretch is called the kneeling hip flexor stretch so Lauren's going to do is be on her left leg she's going to stretch out that hip left hip flexor and she's going to raise your

right arm overhead this is going to play some more restrictions so as the hip flexor muscles that connect the abdominal wall and it to get more of a stretch and she's going to rotate to the open hip hold that position again anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds come back relax now this last stretch is pretty advanced this is a bridge now we can show you two ways to do this the first place

the advanced way so if you're flexible enough and you can do it you don't need any equipment you're just going to lie on your back and you're going to bridge up on your hands and your feet again stretching out that abdominal wall hold this position be careful because the blood going to rush to your head and then go ahead and drop back down if this is too challenging for you

what you can do is the same exact movement on a stability ball you basically just sit on the ball extend back hold your hands on the ground and again lower than that same exact stretch stretching out those abdominals i'm brian francis and this has been how to stretch for abdominal regions

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