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Hi this is Destin, welcome Smarter Every Day.

I'm very excited for this video. In the last episode of Smarter Every Day. I showed you my patator transparent to 3000 frames per second in full day. Three, two, one ... In this episode it will be the same transparent patator. This means that we can observe directly what happens

night at 20,000 frames per second. "Put your glasses, science happens" It happens if I run the ignition from the back? And that happens if I run through the middle? I always said it would work better downtown because the expansion of gas will be better distributed and equal

But filming high speed and see what the differences are between the two. Let's start with the back ignition. There is a bit of potato juice in there. Three, two, one ... It is almost 21h. (Laughs) It's really unbelievable !

We saw that it was starting to go from one side to the other Now I'll take this. This is a barbecue lighter. You can see the small arches here. I positioned the electrodes in the center patator and "zapping" from the center, one should get a smoother combustion. So let me prepare and launch the test.

Or potato ... It recharges patator. Three, two, one ... I do not get enough ! (Laughs) It was really cool. Ok so here's my combustor

The first time I fired, there was a lighter in the hood. OK ? I want you to see that when I turn there is a spark. Thanks! What you saw the second time these are the electrodes which I have spoken I press this button you see what happens.

You see sparks I provoke the center. That's how you shoot. Starting burning the bottom it is a wave. There is an air and fuel mixture which passes through the entire combustion chamber But starting from the center

the explosion magnifies in which the fuel and oxygen but lack of oxygen before burning any fuel. We will take by lighting the background while zooming the camera directly to the room to see the explosion advance towards the barrel.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi (a mississipi = second) Three, two, one. Okay. Before I show you the next slowmotion I want you to understand that delivers enough information to supply several doctoral theses. I will ask you to focus on a few key elements

that I find interesting. Number one : When the explosion moves the ends of the combustion chamber, unless the air / fuel mixture to be perfect, it happens that lack of oxygen and remains unburnt fuel. This creates a pocket of pressurized fuel,

which will remain unconsumed until it causes a siphon effect and sucks more oxygen into the chamber through the barrel to burn. Number 2: It goes something called the room "Wall cooling effect".

Basically, the tube cooled by contacting the gas under its burning point preventing burn directly against the walls. This leaves more of unconsumed fuel This is what causes the most pollution in the case of car engines. The video you will see is real.

I have not changed the speed to make it more interesting. This is just an incredible record. Which comes directly from the camera to "high speed". Look what happens when the blast escapes the system must be balanced then it sucks air through the barrel toward the combustion chamber.

Allowing oxygen "fresh" to come to mix with the fuel remains to launch a new combustion cycle. This is a very inefficient method for burning a rich fuel mixture. So I guess my first assumption is wrong. I find it nice that when gas is propelled down the barrel from the chamber it is accelerated to maintain a constant flow.

One thing I like about science, this is the opportunity to observe a dynamic and complex system like the one and try to understand each physical effect component. But personally, I find it important you can see the records of this type and say "you know what?"

It's beautiful. To summarize what we learned tonight. Think about it, when you have a combustion chamber Do not depend on the location of the reaction nor stoichiometry (air / fuel mixture) inside the same room.

It also depends on the aeration It is really fascinating to see how the ventilation of the room directly affect the ability of the system to create pressure or recoil. Sometimes at the end of the video when the game arrives on advertisements you are disappointed because it does not interest you.

Well this time it's different because Smarter Every Day is sponsored by audible.com and they support me for a long time. This is not nothing because it is expensive to make videos like this one. So what will happen is that I'll create a new sound that will remind you to support Smarter Every Day on audible.com/smarter

We will recreate the same ignition by the end we saw earlier except that this time we will not hold but ventilate the one side. And I want you to listen to what his actual speed. Ready ? Three two one. [WOOP] [Laughs]

It's so funny. [Laughs] If you want to support Smarter Every Day, please pass on audible.com/smarter It is a sacred sound of ventilation, I hope you agree. Anyway, they have tons of free audio books if you subscribe to a free trial audible.com/smarter. I am very grateful that they have chosen to sponsor me for so long.

They have been a valued partner and I really appreciate it. So if you want to support Smarter Every Day directly audible.com/smarter go on, get a free trial of an audio book you will become smarter and you'll like it. I hope this video will decide to subscribe if not too bad. It was fate, you become smarter every day.

Enjoy. What do you M.Rey? I plan to plant watermelons. Okay, I'll save it in slow motion. Really ? Yes.

Okay with you ? I have no complaints. [Laughs] You will not do the night at least? It would be good ? This is your worry, you do what you want.

You do what you want that way, it does not bother me. I think it's time to go to bed [Laughs]

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I always thought firing from the center was the best way to do it. Turns out I'm probably wrong.
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