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The cheers just now you heard because of of we have special guest that is a very popular boyband now! They're on worldwide level,I can say. Import from Korea They actually have 7 members,but today only 4 members are here We are already feel heartwarming with them here

Ahgases just now cheer up loudly. Let us welcome GOT7 To inform you guys,fans are already waiting from 4 a.m Female MC: Yes! Male MC: They're filled up Workpoint compund ,with 5K-6K fans Sawaddi for Phi Puu~ For your info,these 4 members are on their way

to film I Can See Your Voice Thailand. We bring them here first Can you introduce yourself one by one? ((Translator translates)) Youngjae: One by one? Then,I will start first YJ: Sawaddi-khap i'm Youngjae

YG: Sawaadi-khap, i'm Yugyeom M: Sawaddi,i'm Mark BB: Sawaddi-khap,i'm Bambam PLease cheer up on Bambam Yes,that's right! From the beginning,

we know that Bambam is the only Thai member ,so he can understand us well Let us ask BB first. For the past time GOT7 is always come to Thailand oftenly and they made tours to 4 states How do you feel going to tours in 4 states? (( The translator translates))

(( The translator translates)) M: Nestable? BB: Let me ask Mark hyung BB: What's your feeling? MC: How is Mark feeling? Mark: Really...now

now since we are doing concerts in different country beacause of fans fans are always give love to us and fans are always come to meet u s and give a lot of love

and that's what me happy And fanclub of GOT7 is called "Ahgase"

And Ahgases send me to GOT7 Send me to GOT7 on behalf of me as ahgases to handshake all the members BB: One by one~ Male MC: Do you already wash your hand? Female MC: Can I handshake them? My name is Phi Phorn. Im doing for ahgases behalf Phorn: Im so glad!

Phorn: Huii,I dont want you guys! -He is what again? Ahhh,Bambam! Im Bum-bam (means chaos) -We are a rival for GOT7 Phorn: Ouh really? Sawaddi-kha~ Why you didnt handshake whole heartedly like you do to them? Im gonna wipe my hand~

Let's us continue to ask them I love you X2 Fans love them so much so since they come Thailand we need to talk about foods -Ahh right! Honestly which menu do you guys like the most? Which Thailand's menu food that you like most?

YJ: (in attempt to speak Thai's food) @#@$$^ MCs: Fried pork basil! (Khra phau mu sap) YJ: (aggresively) Take out the cucumber! X2 He doesnt want the cucumber YG: For me, I like Thai's fried rice the most Fried rice X2 . Thai's fried rice is so delicious

M: Watermelon ice- blended BB: Somtam! (papaya salad) Fish soy sauce is also good Let's us ask about the album. Since they have complete their concert tours, they will come out with new album sooner right? When will it be out?

When will new album come out? I cant tell it now. We will make surprises sooner -Is there anything special? BB: Anything special? We compose all the songs in the album -The whole album is self composed? We intentionally do it. From the lyrics and all are composed by us So it can shows the individuality of all 7 members

and there will be something special about the album MC: Are these for fans? BB: Yes,all are for fans Self choreography,self music video Ohooo~ this is worth to wait and see. So special! So,you guys are all rounder. You can compose music! -Very good!

MC: He is confused Other guy: I like you! You're very good -Your knowledge is good! -What are you talking about?! MC: His skills and knowledge are a lot MC: Later,we will talk about their works in a group

although they came as 4 members today and all them are so good looking. In their group alone, what do they feel, uhm,please ask them to face each other and tell who is the best good looking member in the group? Please tell us Let's make them vote between each other

((Bambam retranslates the question)) YJ: Ahh the good looking one? YG: This is too much! Trans: They say this question isnt supposed to be asked BB: This question shouldnt be asked. How about we point to the person that we thought of? BB: 1,2,3 MC: Dont point at the wrong person

Other guy: If you want to point wrong,please point at me MC: Okay ready? BB: 1,2,3 BB: Mark hyung! MC: Three votes for Bambam BB: The most good looking person is Mark hyung!

M: Bambam No. 1! YG: Bambam oeul-geul (face) No.1! BB: Please dont tease me Then I want to ask the group that voted Bambam what's the most fav body parts of Bambam?

YG: Can I be honest? Most of my fav his body part? YG: I like his thigh the best MC: Like his thigh? BB: My legs are so small! Since i'm far apart,it's looks so promising

You know what I like about Bambam? Yes,which part? This one! Ahgases will go like wow! He wastes so much time just now I want to hold his leg so much!

- Your leg is good! BB: I can speak Thai Okay,how about this? Who is the most funny person? Who is the mood-maker in the group? The funny one?

The 4 members here? BB: In these 4 members... YG: I think the answer will come out immediately YJ: Yes right. BB: Please~please TT MC: The answer will come out immediately YJ: The answer is.... BB: Then shall we point again? Shall we point?

MC: yes one more round GOT7: 1,2,3 Aiyaaa~ please be honest! YG: Bambam's gag is No.1! YJ: Best! BB: Im not that funny! MC: Ouh so he is most funny. MC: He is likes an entertainment for his friends

What is the basic joke he makes? YJ: He makes jokes daily YG: He is just funny without doing anything So he likes to play joke a lot? Just now they pointed Bambam hyung as the most funny one,can you tell a joke for us? BB: Nooooooooooo I want to watch Bambam hyung plays gag, im waiting this for so long Uhmm~ this is a question

Can you please translate this (to the translator) What's the thing that has no future? All: What is the thing that has no future? Spoon? BB: Nope. Guy 2: Phi Ark (the guy standing next to him) Ark: Dont you tell one me!

It's a thing! Table! Uhmm` It's stationary It's something that we use during school Ark: Beg! BB: Nope -Pen! BB: Nope

We surrender! Ouh you surrender? No it's not a funny thing MC: It is....? Future board! So it's future board?! Team Talork 6 Chark (a popular comedy sitcom in Thailand) please cast Bambam to play a scene!

If Bambam plays a scene,he will out Phi Ark for the rest of his life You dont think about me at all Then shall we ask about their fanclub? Their fanclub are so united. I must ask is there any recipe that the fans are always updating with you guys?

(( The translator translates)) (( The translator translates)) Do you know what is the reason? Can you tell us? ((someone whispers Yugyeom) Yugyeom-ssi~ Uhmmm~ we

as the time pass by between us and fans the "thanks" feelings between us keep blooming and that's why we become close to each other and there's connection feeling As the time passes by,the honest feeling is there from the spirits and hearts now we know each other very well

((sorry I wont trans again)) XD He so good at giving love! So,let we take to this way. Since GOT7 are also a dance group

so today we will have a simple game today to be played together that's "Dance Battle"! Okay before we start for "Dance Battle" shall we do some warm up game to see the differences between Kpop and Thai pop

Im Workpoint pop. (the broadcast company in this program) We will show you guys how T-pop works They will show what is T-pop Im King of dancing of Thailand

Can you please introduce yourself? What is your name? Ark: I? Dark: Waddi,my name is Dark dongsaeng MC: Dark dongsaeng MC: Do you have Korean name? Dark: Actually my name Korean name is Kamsahamida Translator: His name in Korean is kamsahamida MC: Please behave yourself All: Heartwarming~

GOT7 is here! Dark: They hire me to dance! Is there anyone who can copy T-pop dances? (( The translator translates)) BB: Yes can. Yugyeom can do it!

BB: Yugyeom can do it! (in Thai) Dark: Mark? Mark? Please clap loudly!

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