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<I> Heo Joon Jae, the legendary lighthouse that's right. </ I> <I> They were separated at the lighthouse will always meet again. </ I> <I> They will meet with love again. </ I> <I> Congratulations, you're going to meet your mother. </ I> <I> Joon Jae ... </ i> Joon Jae ...

Joon Jae ... sorry mom. Forgive mother, Jae Joon. Forgive mother. I'm very sorry ... I'm sorry mom. Sorry... Sorry mom ... I'm very sorry ...

<I> Among the many words that I have learned since coming here, </ i> <I> The best word is "happy ending." </ I> <I> I'm sure that now is the moment of a happy ending. </ I> <I> But hope and despair, that's what makes life meaningful. </ I> <I> Time passed and continues to be exceeded. </ I> <I> Even if it was a joyful moment, </ i>

<I> Or wait, nobody knew. </ I> <I> The Legend of the Blue Sea </ i> <I> Episode 16 </ i> How is the state of the mother, healthy? Mother does not hurt? How about you?

I am fine. Forgive mother. Stop saying that the mother was sorry. I should not have ... leave you like that. You think your father is rich it will take good care.

You think you live the good life while studying abroad. I did not go abroad, but life is good enough. I also met nice people. Mother heard you ran away from home when you were in high school. Why did you do that? Why do not you stay and live there? Because I missed my mother.

I miss mom. I thought I could find the mother as soon as possible. But, Mother could not be found. I have done many ways. I think the mother is dead ... So, please stop saying that the mother was sorry.

Because mothers of healthy living like this, I am thankful. But she became very thin. When I was a kid, my mother always gave me a hug. I had to hug mom every day. How hard this is for you ...

for 10 years you crying and grow up. During this time you're alone without a mother. My son, how hard it is for you. How lonely you. Mother did not know ... That is why,

My mother could not go anywhere else. When we parted, she did not know anything. So, do not go anymore. Is it true? Ahjumma who work at home Ah Si Jae Joon is the mother? Yes, they both are talking now. Not only Joon Jae continue to look for his mother. I also look for it everywhere.

But I do not believe he is all around us! We should congratulate them, But what about your birthday? It's a little confusing right now. Correct. Why are you celebrating today? It's because I chose the right date and Heo Joon Jae meet her mother. That is true. You do not just talk better now, you're also being very logical.

This plate was empty. Why? Oh, nothing. This place does it well. Another waiter never let an empty plate. It's driving me crazy. What happen?

I'm sure there is something. Something big. Mom never thought it's you stay in this house. I also do not know. I eat food that mother made. And I just think it's the same. I never thought that mother made. <I> Whose house is this? </ I> <I> Home boyfriend ... Eh prospective boyfriend. </ I>

What might aunt Elizabeth, Cha Si Ah, your girlfriend? What? No it was not him. He only college friend. Is it true? Definitely Cheong girlfriend, right? Omo, see your smile. You loved it? But ... You've been living together? He did not have a destination that fits the situation.

Fate is strange. Cheong had helped me many times. He helped me carry my shopping, and he also saved me time almost got hit by that time. Mother almost hit? Mother and Cheong's okay, mom did not know how dangerous the entrance to the driveway? Please be careful. Good. I understand. But ... How can you live in the home as good as this?

I got a lot of money. But I was renting this house. At least I had a place for us to live together. So stop working and stay with me. What do you do, Joon Jae? It's just ... Well, and it ... Come in.

♫ Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, ♫ Happy Birthday Shim Cheong, happy birthday! - Did you have any expectations? - Oh, hope. I want to live happily here for a long time together Heo Jae Joon. That desire you have to say in my heart if you want it to be true. If you say it out loud, it would not be true. Is it true? Oh, what should I do?

It is okay. That would be true even if you say it out loud. Blow the candles. Wait. - Come blow out the candle again. - Why? There are other things that should be celebrated. You and your mother have been met. Wait. Is there anything else that is going on celebrating? I. I scored 100 on my English exam.

Oh, we have to congratulate him. Come blow out the candle again, huh? You're doing this because you think this is fun, right? Yes. Let's do it. It is not hard to do. Good, let's do. Congratulations.

- Wait. - Again? Stop it, stop it! - What? <I> - You come too </ i> - No, just before it ... <i> - You do not listen to me ... </ i> Jae Joon I told you to find her. Not only that, he is ahjumma working at your house.

<I> Something like this is really happening in the world! </ I> <I> Is not this a good thing for you? </ I> <I> You should really approach it because you live in the same house. </ I> Come. The party was very festive. Elementary school children and also bum even exist here. Anyway, just come.

What should I do? Let's go. I'll take you home. Here hand. Be careful. Thank you for coming to my birthday party. Unnie, happy birthday. You also Oppa, congratulations because it has found your mother. Yes. Thank you, son.

thanks. See you later. Excuse me, you gave me a gift bag? - What bag? - Gift Bags birthday party. When I go to parties, they always give up the parcel. What do you want me membungkuskanmu little food?

I do not eat food that has been cooked more than 2 hours. Oh, I understand. Be careful. Hey, what's with all of your friends? What no one is normal? Why? I like them. I liked all my friends are doing here. Heo Joon Jae's mother is also my friend.

Hey, how could my mother be your friend? It is true. We're friends. Look at that? We're friends. Hey, you're friends with my mother, who had left? Ah, this house is very strange. Mother, you do not know how hard I've been trying.

I have all your old address, and I also know all of your friends and relatives. I understand. I lived abroad for a few years after the divorce. And after it with all my savings I returned, I became a housekeeper in the home of others. - So it's hard to find me. - Aigoo ... You must have gone through a lot of things. What if we drink to celebrate?

Cheers. But Mother, after meeting so emotional this happens, What can I ask you something? Yes. What is that? What happen to know someone's mother named Kang Ji Hyun? You went to the same high school.

- Kang ... Ji Hyun? - Yes. What mother knew? Why do you ask that? There is a bit of a problem, So we look for the presence of Kang Ji Hyun. His identity was deleted and no record of it at all.

I know him. I knew him well. - Is it true? - Yes. You also know him. I know him? Joon Jae, her stepmother. Hah? What?

But it was not called that. He says he changed his name to Kang Seo Hee. She changed her name? Definitely will be a note left behind but there were not any. I do not know about that, but his name when school is Kang Ji Hyun. I am very confident. Kang Ji Hyun is that woman? Why? What is wrong?

- It's about ... - No, it's nothing. Why? What is wrong? Mother, you know the fugitive named Ma Dae Young? I think I've heard of him. Look, we're trying to track down Ma Dae Young. But Kang Ji Hyun seems nothing to do with Ma Dae Young.

Linkages how? - That's enough. We do not know much. Detectives are entitled to ask about it. What are you doing? Jae Joon's mother inside, right? Maybe.

Did he say anything about me? - Like what? - Never mind. Are not you going in? Tae Oh, what do you want to drink with me? I do not want to drink with you, Noona. Come, let us drink.

I do not know how much you feel me, but what are you going to make me feel guilty? I know ahjumma is the capital of Jae Joon. So why do not you say? I actually have done terrible things to her. We were so rude to him.

But then I knew that she was the mother Jae Joon. So I tried to improve my relationship with him and figure out how to tell him, But everything became chaotic now. Once he knows, he would not even want to know me anymore, right? He would tell me to disappear from his life, right? I know I was really cruel. How do you feel? Upon hearing this?

Feel about me has also been lost, right? Be thankful. hopes for joint Joon Jae was gone. But since I can not help it, it becomes very difficult for me. I'm telling you so you will not suffer like me. You feel me, love it, I ask you to throw it away.

Yes. My mother knew Kang Ji Hyun, she is my stepmother. Could be he's still in touch with Ma Dae Young ... So you think the reason Ma Dae Young chase for stepmother who told him? But why? Why is he trying to kill? I bet that bastard Heo Jae Joon was doing something bad to him. <I> Dad will establish his legacy, </ i>

<I> But he left all his inheritance on my behalf and my mother. </ I> The first thing I can guess is probably due to inheritance. Heritage? How much wealth can be taken him to the harm you? What? <I> Do not play games. You tricked me again! Stop it! </ I> You must understand that. What father of a conglomerate?

What? Is it true? <I> What is important now? Can not you catch secapatnya? </ I> We can not do without the main evidence. And we can not allow stepmother suspect us, So we have to be careful until we find some evidence.

I told you, I've felt that something was wrong. This puzzle come together. And we have no time to wait. What will you do now? I'll do it my way. I will look for evidence and uncover everything as quickly as possible. Fortunately, he has started to breathe without tools. He was on a ventilator only as assistants only.

So there is no fatal heart attack. He almost died again. How could something like this happen again? I do not know what he would be able to live a normal life if he had recovered ... In the case of this patient, he suffered serious head trauma. In such a case, sometimes the patient may suddenly wake up from a coma. Because we do not know when the healing process of injured brain,

Consider it a miracle. I hope there will be a miracle again, Doctor. What is it, Chi Hyeon? Is he my father? Ma Dae Young? - What is she? - Should the mother explain it to you?

Yes. Mom did not understand, Chi Hyeon. Do not find out about anything, do not do anything, you just have to sit and wait, the mother will do everything for you, so why are you curious? In fact I am the son of someone like him! I hate it ...

Because it makes me feel like a dirty dry grass ... who could never get a sun ... Chi Hyeon ... Was once the mother has ... a twin sister. We were born in the same hour, the same day, and we lay in the same bed,

and we were thrown into an orphanage. Mother's brother, he adopted the rich but not the mother. Mom has a father who often beat me whenever he was drunk, And she also has a poor mother. The mother's life is full of poverty without a future ... Even in such circumstances, there could a mother do. <I> I do not know. </ I>

<I> I thought my father was sleeping after getting drunk, </ i> <I> But when I woke up the next ... </ i> <I> Do not cry. </ I> Dear... <I> If you leave me like this, how could I live alone? </ I> <I> Take me with you! </ I>

People seem to believe everything that the people in the affected areas ... So far the mother to use it as the main weapon mother, mother's past so dark and difficult. Chi Hyeon ... Mother does not want you to feel the same way as a mother. Either that or Heo Dae Young Ma Il Joong, they are just shortcuts to the mother.

Take a shortcut that and feel the sun's light. And do not live like grass but as interest. That is what you must do. Thanks for taking me home. - Noona. - Yes. I've been thinking, and I would like you to stop now.

What? Oh, so you thought about it? - Alright. - Already? Oh really? Well done. I am happy. So Noona, you have to admit it Joon Jae too. In a situation like this? How can? What if I'd never see her again?

Do not you have an opportunity to continue to see him like this? I go first. What? How he could end his feelings so quickly? Then that's good. Yes, it happens like that. I'll be home after sleeping here tonight. Omo, so you meet your son?

It meetings dramatic! Omo, so how do you find it? Oh, I understand. - Tell me what you said earlier. - What? About stepmother Heo Joon Jae who had a relationship with Ma Dae Young. Why do you want to know about it?

Ma Dae Young tried to hurt and Heo Jae Joon. Ma Dae Young had only one woman in his life and it was Kang Ji Hyun. And the people that surround her stepmother all died mysteriously. And his adopted family are also suspicious. There were suicides, accidents ... After both her husband lose their sight, they died of illness and accidents. You do not understand what I say now, right?

No, I understand everything. You know I diligently watched the news lately. Ngamong way, Kang Ji Hyun also has a son, But we can not find it because there was nothing in the record. But if Kang Ji Hyun Jae Joon is stepmother, so a child who he is, Heo Chi Hyeon? Jae Joon stepbrother, could be the boy. Why is your expression so?

It's just that I feel Heo Joon Jae would have been very lonely ... Well, maybe. But thankfully she met me after running away from home. The family was really messed up ... If you know something, be sure to tell me. What assistance she could give if he heard it all from me?

Ah ... It was in this pool, I'm sure there is something. <I> Menagislah. </ I> Cry? Why did I ask him cry? Ah ... the tears ... Tears...?

This is my room. Omo, really comfortable and beautiful. Can I sleep here with you tonight? Of course. Hah? <I> To the dear my stupid, you're through so many things to be with me, and I'm thankful you're here. </ I>

<I> From now on, I'll just let you wear beautiful shoes and walk on the road which is nice. </ I> Omo! Omo! Omo! You finally got around to our house! Jae Joon gave it to you? Because you continue to be on the side Joon Jae, I feel very grateful and relieved.

I also. I'm so grateful and relieved that you present to accompany Heo Jae Joon. But if something happens and I can not be on the side Heo Joon Jae again, Do not go again and keep with him. Hah? Why is that? I'm just saying in case ... <I> Heo Joon Jae, thanks to the prize. </ I>

<I> Why are you awake? </ I> <I> It's my birthday, but I really can not see your face. </ I> <I> Open the door. </ I> <I> Because you've seen my face, go to sleep. Do not noisy. </ I> <I> When I watch TV, there should be a birthday kiss. </ I> - Hey! - Why?

<I> Come here. </ I> What are you going to give a birthday kiss? - What? - I am ready. Aigoo. What is this? Hey, mermaid problematic, you always say romantic love and anything before,

but you're still leads to a love that is "dirty". What do you mean love dirty? Like this? What You're kidding? I also want to warn you in advance. But please do a lot of thinking before going to bed. I was very disturbed! What a shame. You eavesdrop on my mind.

Who did it? I actually do not want to hear it. You babbled and therefore I can hear you. I've said many times, I chose to stay here because I do not like noise. You rambled from upstairs and got insomnia! I understand sir. So what you want me to listen to complaining about the noise? Of course not.

So what? In order to do this. I had to check out and convincing if your heart beat properly. But it seems not too strong beats. Is it true? My taste fine beats. It is done, right?

Oh, it surprised me, I definitely could not sleep. What your child is growing well? Yes. I think so. Oh, thank goodness. Now you can hold hands and stay with him now. Why should I stay with him? But Joon Jae had to go back to the original position.

Omo, where are you going? The talks we had not finished. I'll cook dinner ... Oh, what do you mean? Forget it! I would order food outside today. Do not like it and tell you everything, Unnie. Instead, why do not we just drink tea and talk?

Do you want some coffee? Plum green tea. Oh, sounds good. Good, green tea plum. Plum green ... Unnie, where extracts plumnya? In the refrigerator on the second shelf. Ah, right. On the second shelf.

The second shelf ... No, no not there. In the. Oh! - Should I do it? - No, no. I've found it. Do you think I can not make him for you? Geez. Oh, honey, you're home. I told you, right?

She found her son. Oh, right. Congratulations. Yes, thank you very much. But ... why did you ... Very cold outside, and do not force yourself to go to the market without a car. So because today she off, I asked him shopping for groceries instead.

Oh, my goodness. It's redundant. Why? Vegetables are not good? Slightly wilted vegetables and meat is too fatty ... Basic Ah, I knew you would do this. What you can not shop well?! Forgive me. I just take whatever they give me. Oh, it's okay. This is understandable because you are a man.

I'll go and exchange it. Geez. You complicate Unnie! Forgive me. Basic! How about this? Yes? Aunt Elizabeth?

Yes, come in. You know everything, right? That Jae Joon is my son. Well, actually I would say to him ... What are you going to tell Joon Jae? No, not really. I heard you were good friends with him. thanks. From now keep it that way.

Yes. I'll make sure it's me. Mom, thank you. What do you mean Mom? Do not like this, and behave as usual. Take a break. He smiled as he spoke to me, but why do I feel so uncomfortable? What he will go the distance with me? Limiting relationship with Jae Joon? Where is the father?

Duluanlah. Is he a child of the President? I have no idea. I think so. What are you doing here? What's dad doing here? I've said before. Dad went on holiday with his friends.

Is it true? Where? Dad went to rest, he went to Hawaii. Hawaii? My father had to go away ya now? Since the food is not suitable, usually the father would not be more than a week to go abroad even for a business trip is very important. Joon Jae, what is it you want to say? I can not believe.

I broke my word to you at that time who told you to be a dutiful son to father. We want to verify the record flight. His name Heo Joon Il. No. KTP is 58-110- Yes, no. Note journey father was not on the list. Hawaii or wherever, he has not been out of the country during the last six months. <I> I'm sure he was in the country. </ I>

hyung, No place should we looted again. Where? Where is it? Where do we steal again? Wait a minute. The place where would you like history? - The house of my father. - What?

Hey, are you kidding? That does not make sense? Stealing in your father's house? Yes, well, we can go in there and collect evidence. Still, Kang Seo Hee scary lady. What if we get caught? Hello? I will also help. - Help doing what? - Stealing home dad Heo Jae Joon.

- I'll help. - You've heard it all? No, it's okay. But you know Heo Chi Hyeon, his half brother, and mother know Kang Seo Joon Jae Hee. But still, should not be. If Joon Jae knew, it would be a disaster! What if we do it without even knowing it? What is wrong? Do you need help?

What should I do to Mrs. Kang? Can you mngajaknya out for two hours? For two hours? The woman really did not like to go to a meeting like that. Somewhat difficult to take him out, But I think there are ways that can not be repudiated.

What? Ahn Jin Joo invite all assembled except me? <I> Yes. I heard he would say the important information! </ I> <I> He said a lie can not win against the truth, something like that. </ I> The woman, what she's crazy? Where? Tell me where it is and when ?! <I> She made me promise not to tell you. </ I> <I> Do not tell him that you heard it from me, Madame, </ i> - I understand!

Fast and tell me where it ?! Have you gone to sleep, Dad? Yes, I guess the medicine is too strong. My eyesight is rather vague ... - Did you just drink? - Yes. Dad, could not I ... ... Become your only son?

If so, then I will protect well until the end. What must Joon Jae? Is it true? It's because I'm very angry. I told Joon Jae ... ... Many times that the father was unwell, but she said she would not come. He told me,

because he is your father, take care of yourself. Dad, you know what is in doing it lately? He deceived many people. I was worried if my father knew what he had done. But still, What must Joon Jae? You're drunk.

Go sleep. Yes, father. <I> [Customer Satisfaction Survey!] </ I> <I> [Once firing, once committed, Goodbye insects] </ i> Yes. - Where you going dressed like that? - How about you?

I? I've got work to do. Oh, we've got a job, so we'll go, Cheong. Yes, see you later. We'll discuss it later. Do not you feel cold dressed like that? It's too short! Change it before you get out. Why is it so short? I think it was really short.

Still, it is too ... Enough! Change your clothes! You're too much. You understand? Quickly replace. Is it true? What's too pretty? Yes, it is not right if I look too pretty today.

Hey, we've done reconnaissance here for a week, But we've never even saw him. Maybe he was out of the country but could have him outside the city. - Heo Chi Hyeon also out tonight, right? - Yes, I'm sure. Let's finish quickly. It does not matter if we do this? I do not know anything, you understand? Do not do anything illegal, and beware!

Were you sent your men? One shot, straight off, Goodbye insects, we'll clean it up. Why did you show up too fast this month? Ah, here goes ... Anthill will be trapped for 15 days, so we set up a new method. Do not worry about it. How many traps in the kitchen?

I'm glad you called. thanks. Heo Chi Hyeon, to be honest, there is something I want to know. What is that? Do you know someone named Ma Dae Young? Ma Dae Young mother and also with you, how about the relationship? Why do you ask?

Ma Dae Young continued to follow our existence. I do not know why. If it has to do with your family, I think you might be able to stop it. I'm sorry, but I can not. I had nothing to do with that person. Ahjummeoni, semutnya trapped ... in the corners ...

Ahjummeoni, Come here. Let me explain. Semutnya trap, It should be installed approximately 10 devices and 10 more for the roaches. Then we will start mengasapinya. Ah, what is this? There are traces of a scorpion!

You see the black thing? Did you see it? This is not dust but dirt scorpion. Ah, no matter what you do, you can not prevent it from entering the house. That's you? Are you Chi Hyeon? Who are you?

I said who are you? Are you looking for this ...? Father? Are you Jae Joon? What are you doing here? Do you really Joon Jae?

What the world is doing to you ?! What about you? You can not even recognize your own son. Suffer in these circumstances, you separated me from my mother. And you treat me so badly? Oh, Ahjumma, Ahjumma! You gotta see this. This under the carpet, usually ...

Let me there in a minute. Oh, Ahjumma! You should have heard a lot of things. Let's go now. Where? Wherever but not in this house. Yes, but why?

If he stayed here much longer, we will not know what will happen to the father later. This is my home. What will happen to me in my own house? As experienced managers Nam, father and others will! This is all because of My stepmother. I do not know how you can get into the house, but ... You're back home after 10 years, and you want to malign your mother? Where my mother?

You might want to tell the father if the father is the one of choice. Yes, my father was wrong. From the beginning to the end. All! Who are you entitled to judge me like that? This is my choice! And this is my life! There's nothing wrong. I am happy.

Just because my vision is increasingly deteriorating, You want to tell me if my choice and my life is a failure? This sight will improve after surgery. But because my body does not allow the conditions I could not in operation. If I could be in operation ...! It seems that not only the father could not see me standing in front of her father. Dad could not see anything.

Dad even apparently does not know anything that ... father's life being ruined. Do you want to slander stepmother like that? You are mistaken. She was a good woman who cleans your room and wait for you to go home. Lived with for 17 years, he was known me. What do you know?!

Kang Seo Hee's real name is Kang Ji Hyun. He was married twice, Both her husband died, one accident because of damage to the cornea. The other was a heart attack. Dad to be like this ... not by chance, but the situation is not as fathers think. Where did you get that lie ...? If the father armpits want to believe, then do not believe it.

But, I could not leave him alone like this. Even if by force, I have brought him with me. Let's go. Let's go. Let me go! He says you have to deceive people! That's why you do this terrible thing to me now, you bastard!

I called because there was a strange noise from upstairs. They said they were from pest control companies but, I heard someone call "Father" and something like that. Good. I'm going home now. Keep an eye on the father and if something happens, immediately report it to the police. Was this why you asked me to meet?

Looks like Jae Joon's home. Forgive me. Looks like I'm not going to take you home. Goodbye. All your memories will be lost and I'm sure you'll be arrested. Even though you do not remember anything, I hope you will suffer for a very long time. <I> He's a real mermaid. </ I>

<I> You have to kill him. Catch him! </ I> <I> Get him! </ I> <I> English Subtitles by @ Viki <font color = "# ff80c0"> Interpretation: Yechika Chisilia </ font> </ i> <I> They were both happy life. </ I> <I> They do not hurt also hurt them. They had a beautiful child and raise him well, </ i> <I> They ripen together ... </ i>

<I> and live happily ever after. </ I> Liar. He lied again. <I> Are you sick? Why your body is very cold? </ I> <I> Please leave me. </ I> <I> I like you. Not as a friend but as a man. </ I>

<I> Is that person Ma Dae Young? </ I> <I> Hey, you bastard! Why are you saying this now? </ I> <I> Unnie! Go inside! </ I> <I> I told you not to let any get in! </ I> <I> Why did you lie? </ I> <I> So? What do you regret our time together? </ I>

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