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this if an and if you would have come to visit

and last week at the academy for global citizenship which is the new Chicago Public School she would have welcomed you with about $149 for classmate in kindergarten through second grade and I there you would have joined her at 8:15 a.m. for an organic breakfast that freshly prepared every day

at our school on the school day proceeds with a strong emphasis litters the technology math and science developments well and might spend some time in your ganic school yard garden I visiting maybe a local farmer taking a field trip to an architecture firm attending United Nations Keith Rowley she might attend a sustainability education class

collaborate with students around the globe learn a second or third language it's really a different place workers where her colleagues really perceive their role in the world quite differently so you may be wondering how did this come about why did this come about for and it didn't necessarily occur to me six years ago when I began this journey that we would be living at the time where the state of our economy

and ecology health and education systems would be at stake in fact did you know 30 percent of American high school students don't graduate and every 9 seconds in america another student drops out dropouts are substantially more likely to rely on public assistance with an estimated lifetime revenue lost have nine

144 billion dollars what about how one of three for our nation's children is now considered overweight or obese in the children born in the year 2001 every three caucasians wanted every two african-american and Hispanic will contract diabetes in their lifetime so the result of this you might be wondering

is the first generation in our country's history to die at a younger age than their parents these two diseases obesity and diabetes koster country $260 billion dollars in health care a year what about the global economy the 25 percent overpopulation in China with the highest IQ that's greater than the total population in North America

in India at 28 percent the translation they have more intelligent children then we have children did you know that China will soon become the number one english-speaking country in the world what about the save our environment that seems to be a topic that we're reading about in the news lately I recently read that the

Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by 2050 and more than one million species could be driven to extinction in less than forty years 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe water and as a result 500 children die every day now via if not very encouraging future

for an I am known to many as an educator and environmentalist a globetrotter and somebody who literally cannot del and I might be the craziest and most idealistic person ironically that they know but yet I stand here today to say that I don't believe we have every lived in a timer optimism has faced such great challenge

as they consider the state of our economy the health of humanity the condition ever educational system status the planet it seems as though things have been growing worth then improving in our nation's most recent history we're living in a time for the world this screening for our day shift and sustainable solutions and the only way

that we're going to create lasting change through the education our next generation we must capture the source to change which is our children let me take you step back and share with you a little bit about my journey and how it got here I will never forget that moment where a stepped off the plane passport in hand for the first time

after growing up in Grand Rapids Michigan I II expected a challenge but didn't anticipate that my new colleagues in Cambridge England would bring vogue such the catalytic inspiration for me at that time federally I was faced with an array of different languages in history and culture in perspective and at that point I began this quest to understand

educational systems and philosophies around the world throughout the past nine years I've had the opportunity to visit 77 countries across six continents and it was these experiences storybook discoveries after countless encounters that four thing hit me the first with a deep recognition to the lack of access to quality education the tremendous it disparities that exist not only on a national but a

global level and found at some point I realized that this is happening in my own backyard in Chicago the second with exposure to a variety of have health epidemics Aiden only Tristian and ironically obesity and through the exposure to some of the world's most renowned educational

systems including the International Baccalaureate program I realize that some countries really do have affect effective system about education and effective economies in place and forth and perhaps most significant with how our choices every day are impacting not only the lives of people around the globe but the life our planet I could not help but to wonder

what if we don't change the way that we're educating and preparing hearst our children to thrive in such an environmentally volatile I'll globally competitive nature of this world and what if instead are preparing and to survive we prepared her to thrive many of today's political environmental educational

challenges our result short term objective whether its corporate quarterly profits No Child Left Behind or purchasing cheaper food if the short term thinking that it dictating policy and its failing our nation a draft appealing be ill will only come from a real commitment to sustainable

and long-term thinking and thinking pic and Daniel Burnham one sad make no little plans they have no magic to stir month glad make big point in hi and hope in work let me repeat make no little plant our time is pleading for audacious thinking speaking at Burnham

after Cambridge a federal in Chicago for the first time and it was really through the convergence of these realizations these four real patient but I fell original shift to change the way that we as a nation are thinking about education in 2004 chicago's mayor daley made an announcement that will forever continue to shape but we know its history his mission with a supportive

Arne Duncan with to change and revitalize chicago's public education system to creating 100 new school by 2010 these 100 new choices for underserved families would be routed international best practices and represent fewer innovation

it with than the 50 foot planted I was 23 and I was naive but I knew that my next mission was to create a school and not just any school I wondered what if we integrated concepts like international mindedness and social justice nutrition education environmental stewardship all beginning in kindergarten three year after signing a nonprofit and developing a board of directors

and literally speaking to anyone willing to listen to me about a new vision for education I delivery that first proposal to the Board of Education on my bike after reviewing the proposal few people laughed out loud and one person straight up call me crazy but me lift Tuesday the board Sat no it with not very know that fueled my determination

one year later without very No with the hope that the team that had grown exponentially I rode my bike back to the Board of Education with the fact that much enhanced proposal one person commented on my bike helmet what year and another person said don't you think that global citizenship is 250

to keep it for those children another resounding no in your three I asked if they would actually be willing to reuse the 100% post-consumer waste proposal binders that I admitted in in years 1&2 you on baby said no hun never the last I have my helmet I have a new binders and that crazy tenacity of I wrote to the board of education for the third

time with proposal number three in the silence if the real in the remaining minutes about Kanal review I try not to think about waiting another year to convince the board of education for the dire need of a school like the Academy global citizenship and for a split second I questioned

if the three years of my life merely perfected my ability to ride a bike in a skirt and on October 24th 2007 the Board of Education approved Ecademy for global citizenship at the Chicago Public School and forever in my memory on August 18th 2008 our first ninety wide eyed students entered our doors

two years later economy for global citizenship there's two hundred kindergarten through third grade students eighty percent of whom are living below the poverty level with only 11 percent ever first-grade students answering on grade level last year ninety-eight percent of our kindergarten students are prepared to answer first-grade on track

this year in fact twenty percent of our students our entire grade level I had but the most important growth preteen far it surpasses the academic measure the progress the Board of Education now recognizes the Academy for global citizenship for environmental innovation 50 current fault meant on environmental Task Force

directing administrators from across the globe through the doors at at the academy for global citizenship and utilizing our sustainability sustainable school handbook that was developed by our team in our efforts have not only done and an example but they found catalyst that inspire change in the nation's third-largest school district

Chartwell Thompson hospitality if the district's food service provider and they also chose to partner with us on our organic pilot program a are learning laboratory last year Charles Thompson purchase a one-point eight million dollars of local food that the twelve hundred percent increase from the previous year and that's just the beginning

they've also adopted enhanced nutritional standards that will take place this fall with an emphasis on whole grains and fresh fruits and dark leafy green vegetable who would have thought that in 2010 nearly half a million children would be impacted we've also witnessed such a notable impact on the lives of

her family their children themselves have adopted the National Academy for global citizenship I never knew that five-year-old could be such persuasive teachers add to their parents RTR shouldn't have inspired their families to attend healthy cooking classes

bring some worms into their homes to begin for me composting start growing vegetables in their front yard maybe even start in organic community garden that will start this summer let alone such a vested interest in education in the lives of their children and international level we've welcomed more than 1800 visitor its streak at me for global citizenship in the last two years from far away as

Japan Nigerians 310 to witness our innovation we've found our teachers to places like peru in Tanzania in the Arctic Circle to develop through school partnership examine international best practices in education burns to study climate change for their feuding

with two years packed and people will be the exciting successes come people may believe that we've already accomplished our goal but in the grand scheme of things we've just gotten started in response to your current global challenges environmental offering consultant joe mark R right we thought about fry 2008 to figure it out

that's just over 13 years before the planet's environment is damaged beyond repair we're is the urgency where is the updation sleep big thinking at the academy for global citizenship director a fifteen billion operations recently shared at 83 we strive for the very urgency in Audacity that are required to save the planet

those thirteen years get each school day perspective what seems like the distant future tomorrow it's really just today 53rd environmentalism that we so at AGC cannot be right and for cannot be appreciated until the right thing tomorrow and now it's just one tree but what we envision here

is an orchard at eighty theory the reality of today with an audacious Lee bold vision for tomorrow in fact on a visit to be katuni for global citizenship today UC students harvesting organic vegetables from the school garden to prepare with the family and if the ABC Family's running a community garden but tomorrow

we envision every school yard and home across the nation growing food for their community today students separating their waste and recyclables and compostable they deliver some of them to the schoolyard chicken from to the worms that are very comforting in their classrooms but tomorrow we envision ATC graduate creating Cradle to Cradle packaging for

consumer products that will greatly reduce the waist energy and material today T first-graders asking her teacher about climate change is she live streams from the Arctic a little different from when I was in school tomorrow we envision our students traveling the world

share in your life stories a sustainability and living in a world of environmental justice today you see the beginning of an official walk and bike to school campaign led by our family but tomorrow we envision student living and defining new walkable city today you see

agency creating a sustainable school can buck a profit in practice the to share with all Chicago Public School but tomorrow we envision sitting around the table and actively collaborating with those directors the 15 ability for every Denver in Chicago Public School today's tea caddy for both the injured students working with architects to create playground equipment that

produces renewable energy next to our wind turbine and solar schoolyard tomorrow we envision an discovering a new form of renewable energy share with the world here's some perspective in five thousand a tea caddy for global citizenship first graduating class will be twenty years old

and will be 18 at that point we hope to reflect on our accomplishments but gratification until then we will wake up tomorrow and work to create an audacious three more sustainable future one student at a time we have got work to do with the annual addition a grade level and associated growth for students to

550 in 2015 2016 we will soon outgrow are currently leased home which by the way is a barrel factory that's located in between a truck parts shop in a pallet company very industrial part of the city of Chicago but three years from now our goal is to move into a permanent home on a 10-acre farm urban farm just down the street

in the heart of the city however are larger goal is to inspire the way that society educates the lifeblood of our future by fostering the systemic change so that one day every school district across America will have a school like the Academy for global citizenship we are striving to produce a lie replicable model

for learning in the 21st century through the construction of a net positive energy school building and energy as a building that's literally producing more energy to renewable sources and it's consuming and this system built up on the integration of 15 a practices into the environment will act as the third teacher a prototype

that will shift the way systems across the globe educate our next generation to excel in a world that depends on the state our planet but is it not is it enough to have fifty students graduating in 2016 as stewards of proactive change it's been such an honor to listen to the stories in the vision

in the apt after tea at the speakers here tonight and as I look into an audience if all the thought leader is why I ask you and I wonder what's your ID schiff idea and what mission drive you what change but we create together AGC is living today what we envision for tomorrow

however we will not succeed as a microcosm in Chicago it's only through planting the seed that education today on a global level that our children and grandchildren will be faced with a better future tomorrow the health of humanity our economy the environment and the state of our nation depends on it on a thank you

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Sarah Elizabeth Ippel is the Founder and Executive Director of the Academy for Global Citizenship, a new Chicago Public Elementary School that opened in 2008, on the city's Southwest side. AGC's mission is to empower children to become active global citizens by positively impacting their community and the world beyond.

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