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law nine-win through your actions never threw argument judgment any momentary

triumph you think you have gained through argument is really a Pyrrhic victory the resentment and ill-will you stir up is stronger and lasts longer than any momentary change of opinion it is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions without saying a word demonstrate do not explicate observance of the law in 1502 in Florence Italy an

enormous block of marble stood in the works department of the church of santa maria del fiore it had once been a magnificent piece of raw stone but an unskilled sculptor had mistakenly bored a hole through it where there should have been a figures legs generally mutilating it Piero Soderini Florence's mayor had contemplated trying to save the block by commissioning Leonardo da Vinci to work on it or some other master but had given

up since everyone agreed that the stone had been ruined so despite the money that had been wasted on it it gathered dust in the dark halls of the church this was where things stood until some Florentine friends of the great Michelangelo decided to write to the artist than living in Rome he alone they said could do something with the marble which was still magnificent raw

material Michelangelo travel to Florence examine the stone and came to the conclusion that he could in fact carve a fine figure from it by adapting the pose to the way the rock had been mutilated Soderini argued that this was a waste of time nobody could sell it such a disaster but he finally agreed to let the artists

work on it Michelangelo decided he would depict a young David sling in hand weeks later as Michelangelo was putting the final touches on the statue so dorini entered the studio fancying himself a bit of a connoisseur he studied the huge work and told Michelangelo that while he thought it was magnificent

the nose he judged was too big Michelangelo realize that submarine was standing in a place right under the giant figure and did not have the proper perspective without a word he gestured for summary need to follow him up the scaffolding reaching the nose he picked up his chisel as well as a bit of marble dust that lay on the planks with Soderini just a few feet below him on the scaffolding Michelangelo started

to tap lightly with the chisel letting the bits of dust he had gathered in his hand to fall little by little he actually did nothing to change the nose but gave every appearance of working on it after a few minutes of the charade east to the side look at it now I like it better replied santorini you've made it come alive

interpretation Michelangelo knew that by changing the shape of the nose he might ruin the entire sculpture yet Soderini was a patron who prided himself on his aesthetic judgment to offend such a man by arguing would not only gain Michelangelo nothing it would put future commissions in jeopardy Michelangelo was too clever to

argue his solution was to change salaries perspective literally bringing him closer to the nose without making him realize that this was the cause of his misperception fortunately for posterity Michelangelo found a way to keep the perfection of the statue intact while at the same time making so dorini believe he had improved

it such is the double power of winning through actions rather than argument no one is offended and your point is proven keys to power in the realm of power you must learn to judge your moves by their long-term effects on other people the problem and trying to prove a point or gain a victory through argument is

that in the end you can never be certain how it affects the people you're arguing with they may appear to agree with you politely but inside they may resent you or perhaps something you said inadvertently even offended them words have that insidious ability to be interpreted according to the other person's mood and insecurities even the best argument has no solid foundation for we have all come to

distrust the slippery nature of words and days after agreeing with someone we often revert to our old opinion out of sheer habit understand this words are a dime a dozen everyone knows that in the heat of an argument we will all say anything to support our cause we will quote the Bible referred to unverifiable statistics who can be persuaded by bags of air like that action and demonstration are much more

powerful and meaningful they are there before our eyes for us to see yes now the statues nose does look just right there are no offensive words no possibility of misinterpretation no one can argue with a demonstrated proof as baltazar grassy and remarks the truth is generally seen rarely heard

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