English Subtitles for 【初音ミク(40㍍)】 ドレミファロンド DO RE MI FA Rondo 【オリジナルPV】

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Rondo fa

Songwriter & composer - - 40mP Songwriter & composer - - 40mP Song - Hatsune Miku Songwriter & composer - - 40mP Song - Hatsune Miku picture - Tama Going beyond the hills over the mountains beyond the valley Going beyond the river, beyond the sea, beyond the sky Draw a rainbow in the sky after the rain ceased

I'm going to meet with all The important thing is to stay Nain Every day is full of mistakes also Holding hands and hand Eye contact with the eyes, Where to walk let kkajideunji

Rondo's monkey Mr. Rondo of the giraffe's Rondo of Mr. Rabbit I looked chill Small birds Rondo Rondo of dog

Rondo of kittens Singing with a smile Going beyond the morning crossed low over the night Going beyond the clouds over the moon over the stars Added tears floating down the star-filled sky I'm going to meet with all

I mean, you can tell when an adult Only concern is stretched Looking up at the sky when it Singing the song with everyone Rondo's doctor Rondo of Mr. Carpenter

Rondo of vegetable seed longevity I looked chill Rondo of Yamada Rondo of Tanaka Rondo of Suzuki Singing with a smile

Mr. Rondeau's stamp Rondo giant Mr. Rondo astronaut I looked chill Rondo's well-lonely people Rondo of discarding good people forget

Rondo of shame-ridden Singing with a smile Mother of Rondo Father Rondeau Sister Rondo I looked chill

Grandma Rondo Rondo's grandfather You and me Rondo The call sing The world is round It can laugh

Fa Rondo lyricist and composer - - 40mP Song - Hatsune Miku picture - Tama

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Music & Lyric:40mP
Illustration & Video:たま