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okay i'm nina and mAbs ed assemble it's a community space for Arts and Technology and we serve as a platform for artist makers and technologist to come and share their expertise to offer experiences for experiential learning

opening up creative process EU's and a building happens to making I'm not the only person who works on this there's a lot of people we at assemble assemble to assemble and now i cant up to make but so where coming together to making am I've always been making things and

breaking things it seems and been reliever source for ever since I was d little and I use whatever I had around me to make something story that I've been told many times to ambien example my creativity was when that my grandmother

be little Nana my Italian immigrant grandmother which watching me you needed some other staff I was in the playpen she goes dancers come back up and I had made a mural by sticking my hands into my diaper movie and getting it all all over the walls the

resourceful so on creativity as you've heard many other people like Sir Ken Robinson others say they create every day we are almost born with it it sent something make you can be really tight it's just hoping to showcase what you've got am so like I make things and then learning how I

learn things is really important in sure you all learn things in different way I'm more of a visual and Connecticut so like you're gonna see me move around but I have to move to have to make things and knowing that I was a visual and Connecticut learner architecture kinda found its way into my life and damn making you know using my everyday

and every way also became a big part of my life so making the vernacular spectacular we've now got everyday things that we can shift the perspective so as a freshman architecture student in the first week classes everyone's nervous in crazy what we gonna do my teacher took issue the University Center

and we were watching some banks finish sandman up and if you're familiar with this it takes a very long time that is stand good Santa little tiny particles of thing and in very intricate designs and they were just finishing it up and then all of a sudden what happened

day pushed all the sand in the middle and just destroyed it and my teacher said tests will this is what architectures like you and people you know he some money and college like thinking what be architecture it's like standing up for ever but it's not

you're making something to then be given to others when they push the sand into the center they then give it away in little bags after the thing a prayer on it and so everyone can walk away with that same beauty but in a new construction with new opportunity cell I was pretty important in how we go forth from here fast-forward

you know undergrad did that went on to grad school did that recession happen did that antique I found myself working on a project where I could work with kids in south central and and a friend of mine had a free class when and started teaching kids about architecture and yes we learned about some have the

awesome am what monuments like keeps meets at and that the Parthenon versus the pantheon but also understanding their own environment and really focusing on how they can change the world themselves so in south central as you can imagine there's there's a lot of buyers on their windows and it's not safe

and that's something that they don't have to accept we right now in this room are surrounded by a bunch of rules that someone else is made now these roles or ross et embed themselves into a red carpet a held that a hot maybe a t-shirt a chair lading everything was made up

in our world by someone else less well get into the by a lot biological corn its kinda made up to you but everything in our world was made up by someone else annual can do that to you said don't feel hindered by the particles and fibers are bits and bytes and just helping these kids to not accept

what they saw every day taking that forward created a place called assemble and where some of these things can happen and obviously I didn't make the sign and head the grammar it's great so creativity is everywhere but at assemble we are not just you know during class and stuff we have

a we wanna learn from experiences so every month we have a different artist maker technologists showcasing in our space we have them then we're having workshops and learning and had things other things happening you're doing homework help while you're their step about watershed on the walls I had and then also in keeping your ideas so

if you do have a robot that you'd like to test out with a bunch a kids and Garfield you can come and maybe do workshop and then they can tell you how much you need to improve that and you yes inst is amazing but you know the cycle up ideas and understanding that process we bring in different people who can share their expertise is social

interaction is hugely important and we all have some sort of expertise we all have our experiences we can share we are all experts for one think they are another you don't have to be a doctor to be a fourteen-year-old kid who knows how to hack minecraft I'm sure you all do you right bank graph

a many and or you know having a fifteen year old kid teaching scratch last two kids because swell I don't have time to learn it hand-picked they know all their treks cell helping people to share what they know and be proud of it we also focus on steam I'm sure you've heard about this before but

stem is really popular White House has all sorts of stuff about it how we see this is a little bit different than one might think so science we think about the world that you see and you are observe around you biology you open up my stomach can you see what's in there awesome and matt is how we can start to prove thinks rate crafts metrics understanding how much time and actually takes to do something

engineering is when we start changing everything so I'm gonna be a biological engineer I'm gonna engineer you better liver pretty cool or I mean engineer you a better bridge out at this material science and i'm taking and transferring technology and Ted the T stands for Technology is the stuff that we make technology isn't just things embedded with

electricity but it's a fork did you know someone had to invent a fork were or happy and so how many of you have pens in your pants right now someone made that up someone invented it so it's the staff right the stuff that we make and art to how we see it is really how we communicate

even with brasco right there's just like big blue and pink collar and swatches color I don't really understand but it still trying to communicate something something that might not be able to be translated into words are other things and just color swatches well we like to say is if you can't draw our how can you draw physics diagram so yeah putting these things are together

and of course with hands-on notion so making and I'm sure like some if you have heard about the whole maker movement in what dilatory has been up to you for maybe the past 10 years they're really getting kids hands-on project-based learning doing it if it doesn't light up obviously doesn't work are you going to get an F now just three cider it

so we try to do this through many different things like learning party is having kids learn how to sew giving them the tools to use your creativity tall to start making stuff laser cutting everything really happy faces and maybe even and homework help you can find Aled unicorn such as you Bailey has creatively made here

today but also giving kids agency again changing the world around them so giving them the opportunity to see what is part of what does this look like how can I change this and this is some kids working on a am map so a quick project to describe that we did during our Saturday crafter Nunes

which are geared to five to ten year old they worked with a local carpenter Ben Johnson an built things right real tools real hammers real nails real recycled materials to then one day make a little free library that is standing in the neighborhood and making an act of actual difference

everyone can come it's free too little free library and I am you know we can come up with this idea we worked with the car for Community Action Team brought artist brought the kids and made something happen we where the platform for something else to happen we were there pushing the sand in there in letting it go

so giving kids a place to come and make and grown-ups you to change their environment where a hundred percent volunteer-run organization so like I said it's not just me there's a lot of people on the team is really important I my this 0

the slide didn't work but you that's okay I so what this is first to say is what will you make it today and it's a quote by Massimiliano and you only hear the designer and you know like making is really important now but what I'd like to say is really what will you be today

so well you become don't just think about what you've done so what's the future rate what's your pocket a CN and we like to challenge people to think and hopefully say one day at a sample I am a scientist I am a technologist and I am an engineer I am

an artist and I am a mathematician so you can be what you wanna be and you can make it but she wanna make and that's the real truth freedom and hopefully one day I will be able to push my fan 10 to the middle and say hey assemblers what do you want this to be and I'll be able to run with it like crazy and at like

and with a little song if that's okay I'm so their songs by Cat Stevens and just gonna sing a little bit to yell might cheat a little bit and see the words but it starts off am where you can say where you can sing out sing out

and you can be free BB free cuz there's a million ways to be you know that their I now we're gonna skip some you can do what you wanted the opportunities on you and if you find a new way you can't do it today you can make it all true and you can make it and do so true freedom is making and being what you wanna be

so make it break it and give it to somebody else thanks are

Video Description

Nina's passion for art, new media and social learning led her to found Assemble, a community space for arts + technology, in 2011. She serves as President of the Board of Directors. On her own, Nina works in a variety of media including architecture, film, sound, and installation and often explores the idea of recycling noise into a system or elevating the vernacular to the spectacular. Nina co-founded I Made It! Market in 2007. An idea based on urban acupuncture, this nomadic market partners with community, arts and non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness to assist in improving their communities while allowing local artists and crafters to sell their wares.

Nina holds degrees in architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and Carnegie Mellon University. Nina is also adjust faculty at Carnegie Mellon University.

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