English Subtitles for Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.40 : Tour [ENG/2017.03.19]

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(Numerous great tips for trips)

(Lee Hwijae, SanE) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travelling is a war! Battle Trip! It's March already. It's still a bit cold out but it's starting to feel like spring.

I have a bad feeling about this month. - Why? / - Everything is black for March. - Why? / - What do you mean? No holidays on the calendar. All black days. - All black. / - Yes, so it's a bit depressing. You don't always have to travel for a long time.

- You can take short trips. / - Right. Short and sweet. Right. Someone asked about a trip on this deplorable month where the only holidays are on Sundays.

That sounded like a rap. Deplorable... Let's meet our client! Hello. I live in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do. I'm Son Jinyeong, 32 years old and a fan of Battle Trip.

I'm just a normal Korean office worker that's tired of the repetitive corporate life. I always think about going off somewhere far without looking back when I get off of work. Going abroad is a bit much. But I'd really like to go on a simple

overnight trip in Korea. On Battle Trip, please put together a trip for weary office workers to go on at night in Korea. This is a trip where you leave on Friday night after work without looking back.

I love that. It could be 2 days... Or 3 days. - 3... / - You could come home Monday morning. - That's too hard. / - No... - I've done it before. / - It is possible.

It's possible. If you're still in your 20s. No, no. I've even done it in my 40s. It's okay. You'll be fine. My dad was born in 1937 and he went on the trip with me.

And he was fine. Your dad went on a trip like that? He's amazing. When you're lacking energy, coming back from a trip can recharge you. - That's true. / - A short trip could be...

- More meaningful. / - That's why we prepared this. As you'll see on our show, we planned a trip where... - You leave right after work on Friday. / - Right. We'll reveal a great trip so please get closer to your TV.

So we'll bring in the trip planners who planned this great night trip for office workers. - Come on out! / - Come on! (Oh Nami, Park Soyeong, Kim Daesung) (Nayoung, Sejeong of gugudan)

(They're so pretty!) (Screaming) It's like we already won. They've really livened the mood. Everyone is focused on this side. People, show a little more favoritism.

This makes me feel really good. Just relax. I don't think this is a fair start. Why is this so unfair? We have better news. Gugudan released a new song.

1, 2, 3, 4. ("A Girl Like Me" by gugudan) And we'll stop there. (Cheering like they're at a morale-boosting concert) Did we win already? - We came up with something too. / - What?

We came up with something. - The Unnies? / - Show them. - Your catchphrase. / - Catchphrase? He has so many catchphrases. - Go ahead. / - Great catchphrases. I have to do them for people to recognize me.

I want to hear them as a "Gag Concert" fan. I ought to beat you up here and there! You can recognize him now, right? - Do you know who I am? / - You know now, right? - Nami also has many catchphrases. / - Do you, Nami? - Sure. / - I do.

- Say it to Hwijae. / - "Stop that." To Hwijae. Hold on. - We... / - Hold on! Let me prepare myself. - You startled me. / - Let me prepare myself.

We're going to lose? Stop that! Stop that! Please stop that! That catchphrase is always funny... So we have 100 people in the audience

who will judge us fairly. Please welcome our judges. Hello! (100 travel judges) I'm a bit worried that we have so many guys here.

Yeah! So many guys! - They're all looking over there. / - This is... The most guys we've ever had on the show. I've never seen this many. So we went on a trip within Korea for office workers to go on after work.

Gugudan, where did you go? Yeah, where did you go? - We went to Daegu. / - Daegu. Daegu! Daegu City! Daegu, Daegu.

Office workers wouldn't bring a bunch of money. - It's hard for them. / - And they have to leave at night. Right. Daegu had a lot of things to do and eat at night. - I see. / - Yes. You have to watch what you eat

since you're in a girl group. Oh, I don't think so. We weren't girl group members on that day. They have good metabolism since they're young. They can eat a lot. Sejeong, don't you have abs?

- Right. / - They're gone now after the trip. - They're gone now? / - From eating too much? That's good. You seem more human now. You should eat. Now you seem more human.

So how about our 3 comedians? Where did you guys go? - I can confidently say that for food... / - Yes! - This place is probably better. / - Really? We went to Jeolla-do. - Jeolla-do. / - Jeolla-do.

Unbeatable when it comes to food. We went to Yeosu, Jeolla-do! ♪ The night sea at Yeosu ♪ (A familiar song that doesn't sound familiar) Hold on. - You have to play this song. / - Soyeong, sing it.

I think you're off key. Start. I took the soprano part. Because... He's the alto, she's the mezzo and I'm the soprano. Do you even know what soprano is? The highest person.

The highest person? You say a lot of silly things on "Gag Concert" as a part of your character. I really just thought it was a character. But you're really like that. I tend to forget on the spot.

- I see. / - I'm cool about it. Do you remember the trip? The trip was so memorable so it's engraved in my brain. - Really? / - Yes. Then we won.

That means we won. This means we won. If Soyeong can remember it, we won. I'm not sure but I'm confident in Yeosu. - Yeah, it's beautiful. / - When it comes to food... You can't underestimate Daegu though.

Daegu has great food too. I know since I'm from Daegu. I'm from Daegu. He's from Daegu. - Come here then. / - Come here. - Pardon? / - Hold on.

- No! / - No! I feel like he'll go! I'm sorry, but there's nobody decent looking here if you take Daesung. - He's the best looking. / - He's the beauty. Alright.

Daegu is known for spicy braised ribs. Right. - Braised ribs are popular. / - Right. You can drink all night with that. For us, we omitted places most people know about.

Nice job! But hold on... We have something else to say. - You do? / - There was someone very famous there. Kim Kwangseok Street. - Oh, right. / - Kim Kwangseok Street. - Yes. / - Kim Kwangseok Street.

I've heard a lot about it but I've never actually been there. I'm excited about seeing your trip. What transportation did you take to Daegu? Did you leave at night? - Yes. / - Of course.

After we finished our gigs. We took the KTX. - Good. / - You should. But if that's too pricey, you can do a stopover at Suwon. - Is that cheaper? / - Yes. Much cheaper.

Around $10 cheaper. - A stopover in Suwon? / - $10 cheaper? There are tomorrow tickets too. - Tomorrow tickets? / - Yes. A free pass for the train. Is there an age limit?

You guys can go, but we couldn't. But things have changed. - Really? / - Yes. It changed this year. It's up to 29 years old. It changed to 29 years old.

- So we still can't go. / - Hold on. We can't go. I was 29 last year. This is meaningless. Hold on... I think this is a good tip though. A lot of people couldn't get

the free train pass because of their age. It's up to 29 years old. So up to 30 in Korean age. Right. - Knowledge is power. / - Good. I bet the trip to Yeosu was great too.

- Sure. / - But I'm looking forward to Daegu. Daegu vs. Yeosu. We'll watch the first half of the Daegu trip first. Let's watch! The Ongdong Tour! We're going a trip.

Jealous? I hate to say it, but I'm jealous. For real. - I'm really jealous. / - Honestly. You guys are showing too much of our house!

- That's where you guys stay? / - Yes. I thought you were on your trip. I thought it was a dormitory room. A guesthouse? Do you have a theme for the trip? A domestic trip.

Just a domestic trip? How about Jeju-do? Busan is nice too. Gwangalli. Tongyeong, Tongyeong. Tongyeong is really nice.

But I don't eat oysters. They don't just have oysters in Tongyeong. Sorry but... Jeju-do. I want to go somewhere that's not famous at all. I did some research and

they've been to almost every famous place... - On this show. / - Yeah. But they haven't been to Daejeon or Daegu. - Yeah. / - That's because when people travel... They pass through Daejeon or Daegu. They rarely set Daejeon or Daegu as their destination.

When we did "Produce 101," we performed in Daegu and came right back. So... Daegu... And there's Kim Kwangseok Street. Right, right. There's a lot to see there.

♪ Another day has gone by ♪ Taking a trip to Daegu is a bit unfamiliar. Right. (Daegu is the least visited city in Korea) (We'll shatter your perception of Daegu) What is this?

It's delicious. It's a fritter. - You'll be shocked. / - Is it fish cake? Spicy rice cakes? (In Daegu, it's hotter at night!) (Don't think there's nothing to see and do in Daegu!)

What is that? I love this place. (Ongdong Tour in Daegu) That's all Daegu. (It starts now) So cute!

We like to eat the same stuff. Sejeong can eat anything. Right. And she's fun to tease. For example... If there's a scary rollercoaster...

- I always make her ride it. / - You always do! She always makes me ride it! And she'd ride while crying. - You have to see. / - Nayoung, do you get scared? - I can't ride those rides. / - We like to see that. (So what's their team name?)

We're... It's embarrassing to think about. - We were... / - When we were trainees... When we went on a trip... - We shot it with a camera. / - For our trip. We had fun with it.

We called the camera... Ongdong TV. Because... Naong and Sedong. Those are our nicknames. But Ongdong kind of sounds like butt.

How does Ongdong TV sound? - That's cute. / - Ongdong. Naong... Naong... Come on! Alright, alright. Start.

- Naong... / - Sedong... Ongdong Tour! Why? Why? Why isn't this working? (Clumsy and a scaredy-cat) Are those tears? Is she crying?

Very good, Nayoung. The silly Nayoung... (Skilled and lives to make fun of Nayoung) Before you even got on... So cute. - Naong... / - Sedong...

Ongdong Tour! Is it your first time travelling together? - We went once as trainees. / - Really? Even then, we went using the pass. We've arrived at Seoul Station. We're going on a trip for office workers.

Right. We'll leave Friday night and have fun on Saturday and Sunday on this trip. So we'll be taking the bullet train... To get to Dongdaegu Station. It's around 5:30 p.m. now.

If we get on the train and leave now we'll arrive at night, eat something and have some fun. - Great! / - Yes. We'll be leaving now. - Naong... / - Sedong...

Ongdong Tour! Let's go! They seem to find everything fun. I'm so excited! We haven't travelled in forever. For real.

It's our first time since we were twainees. Your pronunciation... "Twainees." I'm so excited that I want to scream. Do it. I can sense their sincerity.

I'm so excited. I feel like I want to go with you. We were really excited. - You're filming this yourself. / - Yes. We were super excited. - We were so excited. / - You did a good job filming.

I'm sure they'll have a snack cart but food is always important. What should we get? Since we're in a girl group, we have to maintain our figures. So we can't always eat a lot of what we want.

But this is a vacation. We plan on eating, sleeping and having fun. - I want to get cookies. / - Butter waffle cookies. Baked potato chips. Let's just get one of these. You guys even look happy at the convenience store.

- Yes. / - This is great. We really got started. Before even getting on the train... You only filmed a denim jacket. We'll start off simple with these. - Simple? / - You bought too much.

- As soon as you started? / - $25.80 in snacks? From the convenience store... This is all going to be included in the travel budget. Even with all that, the trip is cheaper than you think. This is what we'd spend on a meal. We spent $25.

We forgot about our girl group. When we come back, we won't be able to be in a girl group anymore. (Bullet train from Seoul to Dongdaegu, $43.50) (Trips always start with selfies) What should we do?

Eat this. This looks good. Why did you buy so much? You guys would've been better off buying a meal. She's eating 3 at a time. - It was actually 4. / - So cute!

(This is heaven) - Now that's freedom. / - Right. Travelling without any restrictions on food. Now that's freedom. People have the misconception that there's not much to see and do in Daegu.

But... Daegu has a ton of great restaurants and fun things to do. They have a lot of famous streets. Tripe street, chopped noodles street, braised ribs street...

That sounds delicious. - Sounds so good. / - As soon as we get there... I found this really great place. We have to eat as soon as we get there. Wow, it looks nice. It's a short ride.

What's pizza pork belly? (Dongdaegu Station) - You guys arrived? / - Yes. We've arrived in Dongdaegu! My hometown. Try to be objective as a person from Daegu.

Yes. I'm so hungry now. Time for a late night meal. We didn't eat much yet. So we're pretty hungry now. Shall we go eat now?

I'll take you to get pizza pork belly. Straight to dinner. At night too. - They're not tired. / - What should we eat there? Pizza and pork belly. - Sounds good. / - That's the best thing ever.

Thinking of what to eat next while eating. - The pork belly is the crust. / - You're salivating. - What is that? / - That's pork belly. What is that? (Guaranteed deliciousness) I'm very excited.

Here! They don't look like they'd sell pizza pork belly. It's here. I bet it'll be great. - For now... / - For now... Our first meal.

There's 2 of us but you ordered 3 servings. You have to order at least 3 servings for them to make a pizza with the meat. Pizza pork belly. This is so interesting. (Finally)

In this place... We're having a celebration. That looks great. I'm drooling... (My heart is trembling) (I'll approach you one step at a time)

They're totally out of it! They forgot that their girl group! - So shocking. / - They must've been really hungry. They forgot about the girl group. It's not on pause. Is that paused?

Nobody told them to do that. They did that themselves. - Is that ketchup? / - Yes. - Tomato sauce. / - Tomato sauce. And sweet potato puree. It's really like a pizza.

That looks so good. I love stuff like this. (Oh) It's always fun to watch a show. - It's fun when they use the torch. / - This is scary. It also has fun in watching.

Flaming... It sounds amazing. The sizzling. (Pork belly in cheese lava) That looks so good. It was so delicious.

It's really unique. Sensational. Honestly, I thought it would be really heavy since it's pizza and pork belly. But it's light and clean. Yes, it is.

Pork belly and pizza really go well together. For pizza, you chew, swallow and it's over. But for this you chew, chew and chew. Since it's meat, it tastes different as you chew it.

I thought it would be really oily, but it isn't. It's nice and clean. - The meat is so juicy. / - They go well together. - Women would really like it. / - For real. Pork belly and tomato sauce... They go well together.

Really well. And there's sweet potato puree. It's delicious. Gosh... Goodness. She sure took a big bite.

They're scooping it up with a spoon. (You're now watching the Ongdong Tour out of control) We kept eating. You guys eat a lot. Gosh! Bread! Look at that.

That's what I want. They give you bread in case you might find the dish too heavy. - Really? / - Yes. It's like pizza when eating it with bread. So cute.

Once she bites, she doesn't let go. It was just like eating pizza. I recommend eating it on bread. (Totally satisfied) Is there anything fun to do in Daegu that's open late at night?

Something fun to do late at night? There is something. There's a go-kart track that's open until 4 a.m. The karts are lined with LED lights and they look really cool. Really?

What's this? - What is this? / - Gosh. - Go-karts. / - What is this? - It was so much fun. / - Really fun. - You can ride at night? / - Yes. Late at night.

(LED go-karts) Daegu native, what's going on? - They didn't have that when I was there. / - They didn't? Didn't you ride pogo sticks instead? I came to Seoul 10 years ago. So pretty.

- They're usually open until 2. / - They're open. - They're open until 2 a.m. / - That's late. - Hello. / - Hello. If you press the handle, it goes forward. Looks like fun. This looks like fun!

Pull with your hand in the direction you want to go. - It turns if you pull one end? / - Yes. I think I'll need a blanket. I'll change into pants. Gosh... (She changes into a late night racer!)

The good thing is that they let you borrow blankets, heating packs, earmuffs and gloves all for free. - For free? / - Yes. I bet you'll be good at this, Sejeong. What if I'm bad at this?

Stop. You're good at this. She's really good. I don't really like getting on things that move around. - I get really scared. / - You look so unhappy there. You look upset.

Very different from when you were eating pizza. Teacher, help me. - Hold on... Straight. / - Straight. Stop. Why won't it stop? - Turn... / - Stop.

- She doesn’t like activities... / - Gosh... It's a bit dangerous for her. I messed up! Stay even on each side. I'll give it a shot. Stop.

Teacher. I... I don't think I can do this. What do I do? Let's go. - You don't ride it on the street, right? / - So cute. No, not a street.

- Not a street? / - No. - Ready? / - Yes. I think I have to go now. I think I have to go now. (Heads off alone) You can't stop?

- No... / - She just goes straight. They're pretty fast. Yes, they are. This is fun. This is fun. What do I do?

Careful, I could run into you. Oh, no! She's going in reverse. Oh, no! She's going in reverse. Goodness...

(Geez, Nayoung...) If your team has Soyeong, we have Nayoung. (The comic relief of the Ongdong Tour) (Was I a top in a past life?) You have to stop.

What's going on? - I bet that's a great date spot. / - It really is. - They didn't have that in my day. / - There's a river. There's The ARC, which is a famous building. That shiny and bright thing there. It's so pretty.

That stays lit until 12. But the streets around it are lit up until 5 a.m. It's really pretty. I bet it's a popular date course. You go as a couple... - Like this. / - Nayoung rides well now.

- And you even kiss. / - She's good now. How can you kiss like this? Oh, no... My kart is weird... I feel like I'll run into you, Sejeong. Try to get out of my way. (Nervous)

Why are you nervous again? - Are you going to spin like top again? / - I'm scared! What happened? (Argh!) Gosh! Are you okay? That hurt...

Are you okay? You left your friend behind. You don't have to be worried. The karts can only go 15km/h. - Nayoung is just... / - I'm okay... - But I'm so embarrassed... / - You didn't get hurt?

Are you okay? (Insane) Your legs went up this high. (I just rode my kart...) (But time stopped and so did my heart...) (Everything was like a dream to me...)

This is so humiliating! So humiliating... My jeans tore. - It tore? / - Your jeans tore. (After the fall, she's adjusted well) This is more like it.

I improved. (This isn't so hard) The LED lights make the kart so pretty. She's going faster now. Interesting that Sejeong likes this stuff. I love it.

- Activities. / - Yeah, I like scary things. - Sejeong. / - Yes? Want to race? Go? Another place to go... There's an amusement park in Daegu.

They have their own unique rides. We have to ride 3 of them. But those are scary. Yes. - I can never ride that. / - It was so much fun. It looks fun.

- Looks like fun. / - That's not for me. Really not for me. I worked there part-time. - Really? / - Part-time? I worked there. - You been on that ride? / - Sure.

- I've been on all them. / - Aren't they scary? We'll race in go-karts... If I win, we go on all 3 rides. If you win, you're exempt from one ride. Deal. I can just win.

- In a race? / - Yes. If I win... - She rides them all. / - All 3 rides. - And if you lose? / - Only 2 rides. That's a bad deal for you. It was.

(Start) (Finish) I gave her a head start. Nayoung... - Nayoung... / - A top in her past life. Top Nayoung.

(Sejeong is in the lead) She's good! It's kind of like bobsleighing. Gosh... Sejeong is really good at riding. - Sejeong is actually quite... / - She's really good.

Oh, no... She can win. - I feel like I'll fall. / - It's neck and neck. - Nayoung is pulling ahead. / - What's going on? She looks cute laughing. Nayoung won?

(Nayoung slips up a bit near the finish line) (Sejeong catches up) Why is this so much fun to watch? Who's going to win? - Hold on... / - Gosh... She's pulling ahead.

Yes, I won. Really? - Nayoung won. / - I won. Very good. I won! Does this really deserve applause?

- I want to clap. / - I don't know. I think you need a high-five. Since I won, I'll only be riding two of the amusement park rides. Applause. Is this because I fell earlier?

- Naong... / - Sedong... Ongdong Tour! So cute! It was so funny. (Day 1 of Ongdong Tour ends!) (Day 2 of Ongdong Tour in Daegu!)

(Dongseong, Daegu) We stayed at a guesthouse. Gosh, are those pajamas? Look how cute she looks. - So cute! / - Who is that? Me.

(This tiger woke up late) You got me in my glasses! (Will the 2nd day of their trip go well?) Our morning in Daegu has started. Good morning. Hello.

- What's a good place to go? / - We don't know. The most popular place is Kim Kwangseok Street. If you go there, you can see murals showing Kim Kwangseok's life and music.

It's a great place to take photos. There are travel tips in the flyers. This is the guesthouse where we stayed. - Where is this place? / - Jingolmok. Jingolmok...

That's how you can think of it. Jingolmok... Look... The name means that it's long. Jingolmok. It's a very historical alley. Isn't it pretty?

(A neighborhood where the Seo of Dalseong lived) I've been to Daegu so many times... - And I've never seen that place. / - Me neither. - What about you? / - I'm from Daegu... - And I've never seen that. / - What? He's from Daegu yet he's never seen it.

Amazing... - Wow, this is great. / - This is a pediatric hospital? Oh, I know that place. It's so nice here. I like the atmosphere here. Bean paste stew.

I bet it would taste better at a place like this. That looks good. Chopped noodles! If we go straight down here, we'll hit Dongseong. What's this coffee shop? There's a retro coffee shop?

They don't know the retro coffee shops. A retro coffee shop! - We've never been to one. / - For real. - The oldest coffee shop in Korea? / - Yes. We really liked the interior. - The smell... / - It smells so...

I don't really like this smell... (What did they see?) That's what it was like back in the day. She keeps staring. It's so good. It was your first time at a retro coffee shop.

Yes. It was cool because they gave us retro cookies. - Those are really good. / - That old school love. This place is so pretty. I love these cookies. There's the menu.

- Coffee for $2.50. / - Look how cheap it is. Very cheap. Would you like some black herbal tea? What does black herbal tea taste like? Isn't it bitter? (It should be okay)

This is turmeric honey tea. - And herbal black tea. / - Thank you. Enjoy the egg inside. - They give you an egg yolk. / - An actual egg yolk? - Yes. / - I've never had that before. It's really good.

(Herbal black tea and turmeric honey tea) I'm worried! Gosh, I hate the taste of oriental medicine! (Doesn't smell that great...) - It's really your first time trying it. / - Yes. I was really worried.

It's good. - You can taste it, right? / - This is good! You know the honey in stuffed pancakes? That's what it tasted like. I guess the stuff we drink when we're sick is different from this.

Tastes like the nuts in a stuffed pancake. Exactly like that. It's sweet like honey. This place makes you think a lot. Do a lot of young people go there too? Or were you guys the youngest?

We were the youngest. For the elderly... It's a great place where they can reminisce. Yes. Don't you think? This is pretty nice.

Don't you think? This is pretty nice. You're not listening. Pardon? I'm warming up. This place is really nice.

I want to come here often. There's Kim Kwangseok Street. - It's famous. / - I mentioned earlier. A lot of places to take photos there and there's even busking. Are you going to sing too?

Can I look forward to that? - Okay. / - It's a very popular street these days. - Yes, it is. / - Kim Kwangseok Street. I heard that too. Kim Kwangseok. We took the subway there.

- The Daegu subway. / - I really like him as an artist. (Kim Kwangseok Street) (An alley near where the late Kim Kwangseok lived) (A street of murals showing his life and music) I'd better go there next time I go to Daegu. Sikyung, you've never met Kim Kwangseok, right?

I have not. Gosh... It's like he wants to share food. Since it's cold. What a perfect place to take photos. Right.

- I've only been there at night. / - 1, 2... - It looks totally different during the day. / - 3. - The colors... / - So pretty. Right? All photos come out good here. 7 years later... "There's something I want to do

in 7 years when I turn 40. I want to buy a motorcycle." Oh, he wanted to buy that motorcycle. Gosh... I'll take the photo, Sejeong. 1, 2, 3.

Click. (First meeting with the late Kim Kwangseok) Thank you, Kwangseok. (Enjoy yourselves) Where's the place you said we could wear school uniforms?

Over there. Retro school uniform rental. Gosh... Hold on... - What is it? / - They're not letting you guys in? - Hello. / - Hello. Very welcome... Goodness!

What is this? A place you can rent school uniforms. - Retro school uniforms? / - Yes. I didn't know. Aren't you wearing one now? No...

This is from this era. It's not from the past. Looks like an ungraded school uniform. No, this is... I feel like my outfit is really hanging there. (Totally into the role)

A lot of people wear rented hanbok and school uniforms these days. - Looks good on you. / - It does, on both of them. There's a lot of fun things to do here. A shooting range... We spent the most money here.

(They try the crane claw in school uniforms) You are so bad at it. Just trust me. I'll win a lot for you. Oh, no... Why? Why? Why isn't this working?

(Fails again) I really want to win one. That one. - You shouldn't go for those. / - Right. Come in, come in. - Get the one at the end? / - Right.

- The far ones. / - Really? (Really excited) Got it, got it. Looks dangerous... - You have to grab the body. / - It'll get hit off. You have to go for that one again.

Isn't this part of the travel cost too? It is. We spent the most money here. - I feel like you'll get it. / - So close yet so far. - Grab the body. / - Lift the legs. Farther back.

Go in horizontally. Go down! That's it, that's it. Very good. Let's go! Let's go! Got it, got it... Let's go! Let's go!

You have to press the head down. Several dollars have been spent. Grab the legs. What if you used like $36 there? Please get it. I'll try. Let me try.

Oh, no... You're done? - You used $10? / - We tried 12 times... But couldn't get a single one. That was a learning experience. - You didn't win one? / - Oh, no...

- Too bad. / - What a shame. They didn't use to have that. It seemed more fun walking around in school uniforms. - To liven the mood. / - Yes. So pretty.

Nice. You can walk around in the school uniforms? Yes. You rent them. Kim Kwangseok sang his songs so calmly and you could really hear his lyrics. ("Around 30" by Kim Kwangseok)

(The age where you see your youth leaves you) There's a great photo zone so it's very popular with young travellers. So many places to take photos, a lot of places to eat and a lot of places to have fun.

(The seasons return) (But where is my lost love?) This is an LP cafe. Those places are great. The place was so chill. I've been to Daegu so many times

but I've never been here. - You can make song requests. / - Yes, that's right. - Hello, I'm your new DJ Sejeong. / - Oh, DJ. Someone sent in a story today. They let you be the DJ too? Yes, they tell you how to do it.

"I'm here visiting Daegu with my group member. We haven't travelled in so long so I'm very excited and nervous. I also fell on my face in front of over 20 people." (The memory she wants to forget) - It must've been so embarrassing. / - Oh, yesterday...

Here's a song. "Become Dust." - "Become Dust." / - Nice. - So thoughtful. / - Great song choice. So witty. It's a cafe right near Kim Kwangseok Street

so it's easy to find. It really is nearby. I've always wanted to be a DJ. - It could be someone's dream. / - Yes. One yuzu tea please. She's good.

- So they let people be the DJ there. / - Yes. (Stacking dreams in my small space) (Only tears glimmer in my eyes) (Gather all the small chests) But not big chests. (Even poems about you aren't good enough)

Nayoung isn't good enough. - She's good. / - You two are having fun. They're good together. - You two are a duo. / - Yeah. (Become dust and blow away) Sejeong, you're a great DJ.

You host the show fluidly. But even when listening to songs 20 to 30 years old she still has that hip hop swag. (Enjoying some yuzu tea) (Such a tough sound) What was that?

You drank tea like it was alcohol. It's hot. We've walked on Kim Kwangseok Street a lot and went to a lot of places. We barely got to eat. We're going to an all you can eat fried food place.

- Fried food shop. / - All you can eat? All you can eat? There's a unique dish we have to try. Fried skewers. You put the batter on yourself and it's all you can eat.

- Until dinner. / - How is that possible? - And the price is amazing too. / - How much? $9.90. - Just shy of $10. / - It's all you can eat? - You have 90 minutes. / - Oh, a time limit. (We're going to see now)

(Dozens of fried food that I can fry myself) This is great! - The oil looks so clean. / - Yeah. You fry everything yourself? Hello. Wow. It's just the beginning.

- You pick out the stuff you want to eat? / - Yes. - It's all you can eat. / - So many different kinds. - Great. / - Wow! Spicy rice cakes. - They have that too? / - That looks so good! - Spicy rice cakes are free? / - Yes. - $9.90 per person? / - Yes.

Daesung, have you been there? It's my first time seeing this. What did you do in Daegu? - Chicken... / - This place is great! So unique. They even have onions.

Laver roll. So dip it in this. This is important. You batter it. Wow! Cool! This is so much fun. This is fun.

Onion... How many minutes? 2 minutes for meat. - Oh, teacher... / - Goodness... Oh, no... It fell in. If you get greedy and try to fry too much...

- I wasn't greedy. I put in less than you. / - This happens. (Sejeong's oil, Nayoung's oil) I put more in. That looks good. - That looks so good. / - Wow, this looks amazing. (How will a freshly fried food taste?)

It's too hot now. Do you know what you fried there? Hey, this is good. Try some. - What is it? / - I love it. - Do you know what this is though? / - No. It tastes like chicken.

This is good. This is... The fish cake is really good. It really must be good. (Addicted to the fish cakes) Sejeong, I'm really loving the fish cakes here.

Shrimp. - Is the shrimp good? / - Yeah, the shrimp (Shrimp is the best) Fried shrimp. - And the beverages are unlimited too. / - Really? Unlimited refills.

- Even beverages? / - How do they make money? Seriously. - Even desserts. / - Freshly fried is delicious. This is the one. For real. Shrimp, shrimp is the best. (How's the shrimp?)

- Good, right? / - Shrimp! Yup, that's shrimp. Are the prices different in the evening? Yes, it's $9.90 during the day and $11.90 at night. - It's like a buffet. / - Still cheap.

This takes kind of long to cook fully. Just put them all in. We have to. I can't wait for this to cook anymore. Put them all in. (Using both hands) Did we put too many skewers in?

We put too many in. What the... - We ate so much. / - You know how to eat. - Now that's how you eat it. / - It's hot. - It must be really good. / - Yes, it's good. (Time to start inhaling the food)

(Nom) (Then she notices...) Can I take a few out? We ate so much. - You found a great place. / - Right? You ate more than the guys next to you.

We did. You can eat a lot for cheap. We've been going to places that women would like since yesterday. I have to try that place. It looks so good.

Naong... Sedong... Ongdong Tour! (Amazing fried food) The place we're going next is nearby. I mentioned yesterday, the raccoon cafe.

Raccoons are cute. What is this? A raccoon cafe. They're so cute. Gosh, I'm scared. - She's scared easily. / - I get really scared.

There's a place like that? Is it here? Oh, no! I don't want to go in. (Raccoon cafe, $4 entry per person, drinks separate) I've seen dog cafes and cat cafes

but a raccoon cafe... - Raccoons. / - Yes. They're playful. Those things are pretty tame. - Right. / - They are. - Don't they stink a bit? / - No.

Really? We had one at our house. They don't. It's okay, right? Say, "I'm Seoeon." (Calm) Wow.

(Standing far from being scared) They eat when they want and they hide when they want a break. It's comfortable for them. They lie on their back when they want to be fed. - Just like dogs. / - They're so cute.

Can I hold one? Come here. Don't they bite? - Come here. / - Gosh! Goodness... (Let's play, Nayoung) Stop that.

Goodness! - Teacher... / - Come here. (Save me, teacher...) (You're still too distant to me...) Is it messing with you? The raccoon got his feelings hurt.

Alright. I'm sorry. (Trembling) - Pomegranate ice... / - Gosh! Wait... (She even gets scared from stepping on ice...) (This is like a warzone for Nayoung...) I want to try holding one.

Hold on... Wait... Hold on... Wait... Here. Y-Yes. What am I supposed to do? - So cute! / - Cute! - He's a big one. / - Really big.

He must be tired. Look at those dark circles. (That's a really important question for me...) (Would you like me to bite you?) - So cute. / - It's really cute. Sir, help me...

Give him your hand. Don't send him away. - Don't send him away. / - He left! You should pet him. - He wants to be held. / - Hold him. Good. They're really playful.

- Look at their hands. / - They want more. They're so cute. - Oh, they like cookies. / - Mango, sit. (They understand what he's saying) - They're so cute. / - It's so cute. If you put food on their belly, they eat it from there.

- On their belly? / - They're so cute. They're like otters. - Nayoung, you seem a bit relaxed. / - So cute. (I should bite her) Here it is. Goodness... Oh, my gosh...

Sejeong. Goodness... Oh, my gosh... Sejeong. Time out. Sit, sit. I'll feed you if you sit. Here it is. Here it is. Here you go. Here it is.

- Gosh, Sejeong... Help me out. / - Come here. Sejeong, you hold this. Just once. Come here. - They really like Nayoung. / - Stop that. Animals can tell when a person fears them.

- So that's why. / - That's why they're following her. To mess with her? - Come here. / - Come on... Geez... - Hold on. / - Come here. Over here. Here it is. No more.

Gosh... - So cute. / - They're so cute. Look what he's doing with his hands! - "Give me some." / - He's begging. How cute. He's begging.

You're so cute! (His legs aren't long enough...) He's clinging to my leg. Want it here? (Begging on his back) (What are you doing?)

What's going on here? They must be pretty tame. - They're really mild-mannered. / - Very. - They don't fight over food. / - Yes. They're so cute. - He's like a baby. / - You have some too.

Here it is. - He looks so cute eating off his belly. / - So cute. Why is he eating on his back? (Who put my cookies on my head?) That was mean of you. He's trying to shake it off.

I feel like I've become closer to animals. (We have?) I invite you to our next destination, the amusement park in Daegu! I don't feel so well. - Finally time for Nayoung... / - An amusement park...

- I don't want to ride the rides. / - We'll be able... To see her true self. Let's go. Let's go. Can you hold this? I should prepare myself.

Yeah, I might as well be cool about the rides. (So she was cool and cried...) She looks so scared. - She's really crying. / - Gosh... I know that feeling. Her hair...

It was so scary. (Will Nayoung be okay?) You're a bit of a klutz. Nayoung the klutz. It only looked like that on screen. I was pretty good on the go-kart.

- Your legs flew up though. / - We didn't see that. Your legs flew up. Your nickname is Nayounggu? Nayounggu... Nayoung is great when she's on stage. But she's a bit silly off stage

so we gave her that nickname. - Nayounggu? / - Nayounggu. It might be unique to be in a girl group and be called Nayounggu. - No. / - As a sub-unit. When you're not in gugudan, as Nayounggu.

It's memorable. Everyone else has pretty names. Isn't it cold to go-kart at 2 a.m.? It did look a bit cold. As I mentioned earlier... - You can borrow heating packs... / - Right.

- Blankets, wool pants, wool socks... / - Earmuffs. You can borrow all of that. What about safety gear? They have all that. - And it's free? / - Yes. Daesung, they didn't have that

when you were there. In my days, they were all theaters. It looks like there's more stuff to do now. - Many things have changed in 10 years. / - Yes. Did you stay at a guesthouse on purpose? Yes, we stayed at a guesthouse once

when we were trainees. And it was so nice. We went to Chuncheon and had a lot of fun. And guesthouses are cheap. The facilities were really nice so we had a lot of fun...

The good thing about guesthouses is that the owner is downstairs and they tell you all the places to go. I really like that. And you can have beers with total strangers... - And talk about life. / - Right.

So Kim Kwangseok Street is a 5 to 10-minute car ride? We took Daegu subway line 3. Kim Kwangseok Street was memorable for me. It seems Daesung has never heard of this stuff. - You're from Daegu. / - Are you really from Daegu?

When he heard you guys were going to Daegu, he said he lived there and there's nothing to see or do. What happened? There's a ton of things to see. - There's a subway line 3? / - Line 3. - A lot has changed. / - Right.

The opposing team had a longer video clip than usual, yet time still flew by. - It was fun. / - It's silly Nayoung. - She helped a lot. / - Yeah. - It was fun. / - We have to see her cry now. I can't wait.

Let's continue watching the Ongdong Tour! Let's go! (From the center of Daegu, Duryu Park!) (Daegu amusement park) (Built around Daegu's landmark, the 83 Tower) (A huge amusement park around 39,000㎡)

Amusement parks are happy places to those that enjoy them, but to those that don't... - It could be torture. / - Right. Rides like that are okay. That's the most fun to me.

That looks so scary! Gosh... So cool... The real deal. - Sejeong is excited. / - I was. Their expressions are polar opposites.

Said to be the scariest... Where's the mega swing? - Oh, no! There it is. The mega swing. / - Nice. When I see things like that, I wonder "Why would anyone pay to ride that?" Gosh, it looks so scary. It's great.

They only have this ride in Daegu. That's right. They got it last year. That's why I've never been on it. Gosh! - It looks so scary. / - Sejeong has no fear.

- I love it. / - She has no fear. I love rides like this too. (Totally intimidated by the mega swing) Gosh, she got on! Goodness! It's like being put in a pillory.

Like prisoners in history dramas. Chunhyang... This is totally safe, this is totally safe... (It is totally safe) Let's spin fast. 360 degrees swing, swing. Here we go. Enjoy yourselves.

(Please don't spin fast, I hope it spins fast) Are you crying? She was so mean to me. - She kept teasing me. / - Most people enjoy it. - Gosh... / - Oh, no! You're crying when it just started?

- It hasn't even gone up yet. / - Crying already? (Super excited) (She can only cry in silence...) Oh, no... (I'm having the time of my life) She's so mean.

- She's not even holding on. / - I loved it. She's not holding on. I bet you were cursing in your head there. - She was such a jerk. / - You should've hit her. - So scary... / - Gosh... That looks really scary.

She's not even holding on. - She really likes these rides. / - Yeah. The other people are all holding on. Only Sejeong isn't... She has fainted. Her nostrils are flaring.

I can tell from here that it's scary. Are you okay? It's so scary... - Gosh... / - She actually shed tears. Gosh... I didn't know you were this scared. I laughed a lot.

You were such a jerk. I wanted to hit you. Before we even got on... (Imitating) Stop that! Stop that. - Don't cry, don't cry. / - Stop that. I don't feel so good inside now.

(When your stomach isn't well, you should eat) The chicken skewers were delicious. Amusement park food is delicious. Churros and chicken skewers... Thank you. (Sweet and savory chicken skewer)

(Nom) (Revenge from the mega swing?) Excuse me... This is delicious. There's even perilla leaves on top. It was so good.

- Perilla leaf chicken skewer. / - That looks good. I keep salivating. You shouldn't eat that stuff before a scary ride. - We couldn't stop. / - I bet it's delicious. - It was so good. / - You have to eat that. (She doesn't know her future just passed by her)

I'm not going to stop. Eating... On to the next stall. Tornado potato. You go from one place right to another. - We couldn't stop. / - It was so good.

- It was so good. / - Delicious. You have to eat that stuff. Since we went on one ride. One last one. This one. This is the one. (What is that?)

Goodness... They had that when I was there. The boomerang. Goodness! - What is that? / - Gosh! It goes forward and then it goes backwards.

- It goes backwards too? / - Yes. I won't cry this time. But I am a bit nervous. Gosh... (Super calm) (Why is it going backwards?) - It goes backwards first? / - Yes.

- Stop that. / - Gosh, what is this? I bet it's scary going backwards. - Clack, clack. / - Like the pirate ship ride? You can see the drop you'll take as you go up backwards. (They get to see the drop they'll take)

I can't see. (The rollercoaster reaches the peak) It's really fast. Gosh... I couldn't ride that. - Nayoung is totally out of it. / - Yes. I was just...

You can't even scream if you're really scared. She has her mouth shut tight. (Is she going to cry again?) (Starts to yodel from excitement) (Is it over yet?) (Sigh... I guess not...)

(Going backwards) That looks really scary. (Save me...) Are you crying? Open your eyes. - I couldn't open my eyes. / - Looks like you fainted.

(It's over in an instant) Done. She woke back up. Better than before. This one was fun, right? (Forced smile)

- The one before looked scarier. / - Yeah. The one before was super scary. Let's ride the one from before again. That one goes on for 2 minutes. Honestly, that wasn't as bad as the last one because it ended so fast.

I didn't even open my eyes. I kept them shut and opened them and it was over. But I can't do these rides. They make me queasy. - Want to ride again with your eyes open? / - Nope! Then...

We have to go eat. I'm hungry. - When in Daegu, you have to... / - Eat what? Eat tripe. Cheesy spicy tripe. Cheesy spicy tripe? - Tripe with cheese. / - I have to try that.

Tripe street? - That has to be good. / - It looks so good. And there's something to see. - Cheese. / - This is a new dish. - That looks good. / - This is new. They torch the cheese for you on the spot.

This is the highlight of Daegu. We're at Anjirang tripe street. It used to be Anjirang Market but so many tripe restaurants opened up. - Now it's Anjirang tripe street. / - Very famous. - Anjirang! Right! / - This place is famous.

It's open until morning. I've drank there before too. I hear it's cheap here. The reason is because they all buy tripe together. That's why all the prices are the same at every shop.

Even the menu items are nearly the same. Here? (Is it this place?) (A street filled with tripe restaurants) So many. I've never seen so many tripe restaurants.

Pork entrails. - They're delicious. / - Tripe everywhere. And the places are all good. The lights are off here. Half of them close. You have to eat that when you're in Daegu. The left side opens the first and third week

and closed on Mondays. The right side opens on the second and fourth week and closed on Mondays. - It says there. / - Look. Cheesy spicy tripe. We're here.

- It's really good. / - Hello. You have to eat that if you go to Daegu. We always ate tripe when we were trainees. - Like twice a month. / - Yeah, we love tripe. I think this is the first time having it since we debuted. I had it once with my family

at the end of the year. Why isn't it coming? Naong... (Sejeong teases Nayoung by not doing the chant) (Feelings hurt) Alright.

Sedong... Ongdong Tour! Why isn't it coming? Does it always take this long? (Finally) - She gets quiet when the food comes. / - Yeah. (Cheesy spicy tripe)

That looks great. (The perfect harmony of spicy sauce and chewy tripe) Wow, this looks amazing. (They're getting drawn in) This is the best part. That's so cool.

They add a ton of cheese. That's all cheese. It would be good by itself even without the cheese... I bet students would really like this because of all the cheese. It looks really spicy

but it's actually not that bad. We tried the cheesy spicy tripe which is a hot menu these days at Daegu tripe street. I haven't tried it with cheese. (Surprised, spectating) Wow, wow, wow!

Once the cheese is on... - They turn the grill on... / - I want to eat now. Which cooks the tripe again. It's so good. Thank you. - $8 for one serving? / - Yes.

- That's cheap. / - Really cheap. You could never pay that in Seoul. - They're open until late, right? / - Sure. - Very late. / - Until 4 a.m. Let's go after the shoot. (Nom)

This is amazing. I love that there's a ton of cheese. This is so good. You ordered 2 servings. One with cheese and one without. I thought this would be really spicy.

I can't really handle spicy foods. But this isn't that spicy. I feel like I could eat all of this. You guys are enjoying it. It's so nice to see a girl group enjoying food. Gosh, this is so good.

We've been going to places that women and younger kids would like. But even adults could come here. Men and women of all ages. Kids would like this because of the cheese. It's not too spicy.

They have the salted grilled tripe, right? We tried some of the pork entrails and other stuff the staff members were eating next to us. It was delicious! - "It was delicious!" / - It was all good. I want to go there.

Gosh, this is so good. (Another order of deliciousness!) Thank you. I gained weight over the last 2 days here. - I already gave up. / - What do we do? - I'm going to gain 5kg. / - What do we do?

I didn't just gain weight. My face got rounder. I feel like I could roll away. (Before the trip, after the trip) (We'll let you all be the judges...) For real. She really got rounder.

You gained weight? We love food like this. (Their favorite kind of food) (Time for them to chow down) - You're eating more? / - Those are pork rinds. - Pork rinds! / - Pork rinds are delicious.

You should always end with pork rinds. Gugudan really knows how to eat. We had pork entrails too. (The last night in Daegu for the Ongdong Tour) Isn't the nightscape beautiful? Gosh, it's so pretty!

(Near the end of the Ongdong Tour) Daegu has pretty nightscape. It's all a vast plain. So... You can see everything. We hiked up for exercise...

- We walked up. / - Since we ate so much. But they have cable cars too. - Up the mountain? / - Yes. This is the lookout from the mountain. It feels kind of magical here. We were just one person among all these people.

(All the hard work to become a singer...) (This trip is like a small reward for that hard work) I love the nightscape today. I feel like I got something off my chest. We haven't done these things in so long. Getting to eat a bunch and have fun...

I haven't gone hiking in forever too. It was a great experience. The stress melted away. We can travel every Friday. Alright. (They wish their trip didn't have to end)

The nightscape of old Daegu didn't look like that. Gosh, this looks great. Let me fix my bangs. 1, 2, 3. (Daegu nightscape, bangs) Ongdong Tour, let's go!

Our trip to Daegu is over! I was going to complain a bit but it was so pretty, the food looked great... - And it looked like fun. / - Right, right. I've been to a lot of good restaurants but I've never seen the nightscape

or heard of these date spots. - Kim Kwangseok Street. / - Right. You guys had a great course. You really enjoyed the tripe... - And walked up to the lookout point. / - Yeah. What a great course.

Well thought out. If I went to Daegu, I would've had soju at Kim Kwangseok Street at the end. At the cafe. Oh, that cafe? I think I'm the only one here

who's ever met him. - You met him in person? / - Sure. I met him often when I was a rookie. I'm really jealous now. He has such nice smiling eyes. Anyone could tell he was an artist.

I've been to Kim Kwangseok Street too. But I didn't know there were places that let you rent clothes. - I would've went if I knew. / - Right. You gave us great information today... - And ate so much good... / - I'm sorry but...

Should we not watch the Yeosu clip? No, if we weren't confident we wouldn't even compliment them. - They keep attacking. / - We're confident... That's why we're paying them compliments. - You cried before the ride started. / - Right.

It spins 360 degrees. Your body hangs in the air like this. - I get it. / - I was just hanging there. - I couldn't get it together. / - That's why it's fun. Don't they have thrilling rides like that in Seoul too? They only have that ride in Daegu.

The only one in Korea. I'd like to recommend Wolmido to Sejeong. - Wolmido... / - Since it's close. Wolmido... I don't know what it's like now, but the safety bar doesn't go all the way down. When I went back in the day...

- The pirate ship ride! / - Rattle, rattle... The pirate ship ride was so much fun. I rode all the way at the end. But it wouldn't end. Yeah, it goes on super long. - Right. / - The ride went on for 10 minutes.

It wouldn't stop so I looked... It depends on the owner's mood. And the guy at the controls had left. Really? For real. Come on...

"Hey, what's going on? Why won't it end?" I felt my legs get numb. Then I saw the guy in the distance... - Smoking? / - He went to buy cigarettes. - He was slapping the pack... / - Gosh... He was like, "Having fun?"

He can do what he wants. Whatever he wants. One thing to consider is that they spent $25 on just snacks right as they left. For 3 days... How much did they spend in Daegu?

$264. No way. - That's super cheap. / - That's impossible. - You ate so much. / - Are you rich? - Isn't that a bit much? / - It is. - We ate 3 servings of tripe. / - We had 3 people.

- Alright. / - Alright. - Shall we vote? / - Please stand. Sejeong first. Pohang is known for half-dried herring, Gangwon-do is known for potatoes and Jeju-do is known for mandarins.

Every place has a specialty. Daegu doesn't have one yet. They say if you want to know Korea's dining trends, you should go to Daegu since there's so much great food. So I hope you can try some of

the delicious foods that we didn't get to try. - They like them a lot. / - So loud. Hold on. Are you all fans? Would you go on this Daegu trip according to the Ongdong Tour?

Please vote! (The Daegu night trip) (What will the judges choose?) Daegu showed us a new world of food. How many people voted to go on this Daegu trip? What did the judges choose?

Come on! - Last digit first. / - Daegu! I'm nervous. I'm excited. The 100 judges... I'm expecting around 80...

If the first digit is low, it's 90-something. - 7! / - 87? - 97. / - 87... - No! / - 87? - No! / - That's too high. - No! / - 97 means first place.

77! 77! 77! - We can do this. / - We can still win. - We can do this. / - Let's believe in ourselves. We can still win.

- You got 77 votes. / - We can do this. What do you think of the result? I feel a bit of regret. I wanted to get over 80 votes. 77 isn't quite enough... I think spending $10 on the crane claw... It wasn't $10.

- We spent around $30 to $40. / - It was a bit expensive. We spent too much. There's no end once you start the crane claw. That's okay. We don't know yet. - We have to see the Yeosu trip. / - Right. - There's still hope. / - Right.

The way I see it, they had a lot of food that young people would like. - Right. / - We had food... That people of all ages would like. - For real. / - So... - The elderly don't like cheesy tripe. / - Exactly.

- It's too heavy. / - We ate all the Yeosu specialties. - Really? / - For real. Let's watch now. It'll make you salivate. (Next episode) We have to leave at night.

Leave at night, sleep and enjoy the trip from the next morning. Here it comes. Here it is! This is great, isn't it? Unbelievable.

I love the smell of the sea. (Views that will amaze you) It feels like we're abroad. (The smell of the sea, a get-away from daily life) This is amazing. The three of us recommend you

to take a trip to Yeosu! (Battle Trip) ("A Girl Like Me" by gugudan)

Video Description

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- Ep.40: Sejeong and Nayoung of gugudan goes on a night trip for office workers! Kim Daesung, who's home is Daegu, doesn't even know about these hot spots. Clumsy Nayoung and Sejeong who is into making fun of such Nayoung have planned a perfect date course. Who said there wasn't anything to see, play and eat in Daegu?
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