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am could use speak a little bit more about the whole of life

because I don't know a lot about it but I know I want to have one so how do I have make one chris Roberts going to give us another whole hour right you pressed for you know it's a very monastic termine if you remember a religious order earn associate a religious order it usually they're pretty

clear about you devotional practices I will attend on energy xx number of times I will make a reprieve I will have X times a day for prayer it's quite clear my own concept is that is expanding

beyond our devotional practices in do how we use our time our energy into how the the lady to the world how we continue to grow how we avoid distractions so a rule as I say can take in how we react

have how we when the Sims is important to me as the cultivation of simplicity how we can keep from being just overwhelmed by all the stuff around urs much of its really nice start but how we can keep from being overwhelmed play all the choices we make in all good things around us so how we can cultivate simplicity how we can grow in generosity

not just riding checks for things although in standing in a church pleeeease writing checks is important whether it is to our religious groups organizations are charity all sorts I would never minimize their but how we can make to give ourselves

in what ever way wonderful early 20th century English teacher in Mystic evil in Underhill shattered really scary spiritual director and a oh he was and I he didn't suggest in those days spiritual directors demanded that this very Tristen

London lady go work in a soup kitchen well have how can we make a gift to Marcel set another peace spiritually we all need soup kitchens maybe they're really soup kitchens or maybe it's somehow spiritually how can we give gives other ourselves not being doormats not being enablers

but yet being open and I think in the Minister spiritual direction we do give the gift ourselves but looking at ways in which we can structure our lives to grow in charity to grow in generosity grow in simplicity and two

be present in community soul rule can be very expensive I will do this is this so I will make a repeat every so often then there are the harder things that are not so specific but they do shape us and then we keep revising it now that's another important bit

a rule is kind of like a working budget we have to change it the rule that maybe works for us in h20 doesn't work for sid but is mainly stewardship how do I used to give so I have been given and 'em idea to retrieve one side and I am the vine and you are the branches so I went

off to the store Barnes and Noble are some place in but a couple books on growing grapes and I think the rule is being like the trellis had holes up the grapevine we all need a different shape trail us because we're all trying to grow our breaks in different circumstances Anna just sustains us it doesn't highest up

when am i right here said do not hide it by name to the palace too tight just be sustained and then keep revising

Video Description

Wisdom from Master Spiritual Director Margaret Guenther, from a day in her honor hosted by Stillpoint.