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welcome to video to shun testing mobile applications is more complex and consuming and costly process compared to traditional desktop and web applications testing reason being mobile applications need to be tested on various mobile devices and operating system under different network conditions in this detailed technical tutorial I'm going to talk about the challenges and

world in mobile applications testing there are different mobile operating systems in the market the major ones are android/ios symbian windows and blackberry testing the mobile application across multiple devices running on same platform and every platform poses a unique challenge for testers mobile device

diversity is an especially acute problem for android devices official mobile device gallery includes over 60 devices of various screen sizes the resolution and form factors providing testing coverage for all the devices is a major challenge even for the big organizations mobile devices can be connected with Windows or Mac using Wi-Fi USB or cloud Network and so greatly affect mobile testing strategy is all the three

options are different from one another major and minor always updates keep test teams continuously involved testing new application features for rectifying the app and used or new operating system version mobile application behavior can be affected by the changes in network conditions such as Wi-Fi 2g 3G 4G gsm cdma been great connection speed extra

this requires additional testing to ensure acceptable application behavior in real well condition a mobile application can be a web and native or a hybrid app which is both content testing of each such application type is different than another is their implementation is quite different from one another

test execution across different devices and browser is a huge challenging effort conceived a taste which needs to be executed on multiple android and iOS devices and versions designing a test execution metrics of this is called is both complex and time consuming me is mentioned in the introduction of this tutorial testing mobile applications is more complex compared to the deck starboard

web application with the increasing complexity there are actually nest tools available to support mobile testing and the selection of most appropriate to out of available is another of task typical mobile application needs to be tested on five to say when iOS and 10 to 15 android devices this is rose every quarter making almost impossible for the organization to test

mobile applications on target devices in such cases even letters are good choice for mobile applications testing however should never be considered a substitute for real mobile devices as they have their own limitations like manual testing of mobile applications both automation and performance testing are also complex mobile application objects are quite

different than web or desktop applications and also before depending on operating system and one application types moreover there is no generic framework available for mobile test automation as mobile industry is estate in learning stage all the factors discussed so far it to the cost of testing mobile applications which sometimes even exceed mobile application development costs

mobile devices and platform diversity is a key challenge in mobile application testing testing approach should include creating an optimal mix of emulator and real mobile device of different models to maximize test coverage considered primary testing on Wi-Fi and using network similar in addition testing mobile applications in real Network condition is also essential to SS

the behavior of the application to ensure mobile application works on our devices consider different types of testing required including functional performance security betta and so on mobile cloud provides a web best mobile testing environment where applications can be deployed tested and managed cloud testing environments have capability to support complex applications and provides a real-time testing results

which means the effect can be analyzed why the tests are running select an effective test automation tool and maximize the use of automation to reduce the cost of regression testing inspired the challenges in mobile application testing careful selection of target devices connectivity options and the tools that maximizes automation can ensure a cost-effective about testing process

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Testing mobile applications is more complex, time consuming and costly process as applications need to be tested on various mobile devices and operating system under different network conditions.

Let's talk about challenges involved in mobile applications testing and strategy to deal with them.

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