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thank you I'm

so more like a response to brian Joo for that I'm I'm unfortunately not as optimistic about beautiful city cynical and the acid necessary because I lot skepticism S&S so I'm and

2010 were well particular interest is imagination and the politics of space and one of the key things that really next week is that I pre 1994 we all of us understood the power and the influence of space that it was used as an instrument to organize our society but post 1994 we seem to forget the pollen influence that space can have in

organizing you society it seems not a completely open to the free market so I'm I'll just jump in and out a minute I'm gonna this is Luke assessing talk some excuse me beat a little bit this okay sup I'm an architect and I obsession is space the reading of it its meanings and its consequences

I would say I'm a keen observer of how human beings orders and abilities arrange the physical and perceptual spaces I'm constantly on the lookout for the language space you know everyday lives through the very articulation of our spaces we communicate our values and our relationship to the world have it this is a story about my recent meetings in Johannesburg

and its consequences for great practitioners is also about how to create respond more thoughtfully through the critical observation of the spaces the Johannesburg that I find myself in today is a peculiar or spectacular grateful equal measure any given time schizophrenic

fractured unfair aggressive chaotic stimulating version my reading of its space suggest that we aren't a precarious yet for first all times these this extraordinary catastrophic coming together multiple with grossing with gross inequality in the ramp in free markets the city gives rise to

unique special consequences in an explicit but on this 20 I am from Canton up this this makes me like many of its and sister Janice Peck a migrant more specifically a prospector I to come to see my piece of gold a similar relationship between city and its objectives established that 18 during my time in Johannesburg and through its tumultuous and

adolescent transformations I've mind insightful intellectual capital in a largely one-sided transaction this capital goal that I seek on the emergence faces and aggressive comes to stations which brings sophisticated frantic spatial arrangement top public lives and intellectual ditty subsequent people to one which I have become obliged to repay establishing a healthy sup

sopra city between City prospect we have a distorted landscape of imagination hours authorities overflowing with overflowing with crisis in coping with the burgeoning City and I'll the unlikely agents we match to vote possibilities the crew the creative the creative agents of the with abundant resources running drive innovation however the marginalized rely on the survival strategies are right

machinations and nation cool gift from the gods cities me mind is the toss to make creative choices and interventions between these polarized rules of capital nation of resource resourceful in so doing I attempt to reconcile ok with personal relationship with these groups just contradictions City magic becomes the vehicle

responding potential which surface I exploit machinations three distinct ways as illustrated projects the should be no info thinking to happen is Africa as commonly found in South Africa for said example of this imagination fist uses a forced Dept only at was to get the own environments with a great deal of sophistication to suit

specific as well as that logic in the sights multiple and complex forces space innovative emergent situations arise these relate to mitigating conflict within the confines drinking space lying the owner to trade in the car while in the whole with resources arresting from the authorities

police negotiation between the owners private int their lives the specially arranged and its architecture supports the resilience of the user but being adaptable this is evidence through interdependence more enterprises such as recycling

false Brian which support for the live its the use of the should be as a public space during off-peak hours with people gathering and passing by the space the Dept ability of the structure through adding and subtracting rooms for extra income or greater efficiency the strategic arrangement of public the strategic a range of public and private spaces

Windows doors and hatch's line strategic surveillance and control it is through this intimate observation of the seemingly ordinary and prolific situations arising in the city that enable me to respond for great it is not only through the vulnerable inhabitants of us that should imagination s creative agency

true have an obligation to imagine and speculate this needs to be done you to this circumstance place through this experimental project cited in the street Johannesburg I saw to arrange the static and mundane relay ship between public and private spaces to active in conservative as we know in south africa today

yeah I so to provoke another way of conceptualizing spaces using practical using the from is a way to demonstrate that the zing that a possible physical which the balcony which is an extension of the Private interior space official between of public and private whirls

it typically belongs to the occupants of the private space in the spirit of disturbing and inspired by the American cruise lines dockets more four times in the carribean which instantly disrupt the local I suggest that the private balcony not instead belongs to the street this means that it can be used by anyone for any purpose the situation fantastical

teams to immediately adjust just normative relationship between to enable this public appropriation balcony system scaffolding stay cases someone to what one sees outside apartments is attached to the street for salt these comprise upstairs landings police

wheels which allowed to attach itself anyway so the intention stimulate imagination about more sophisticated special arrangements otherwise I'd this becomes an exercise co production of imagination between use a market the architect place the provocative stimulating infinite imagination uses

which with which with otherwise which would all sixty expectations through observation and imagination when he's able to apply nations actual decal the task of a street upgrade became tricky we were instructed by our clients to make our proposed long inches shorter and avoid the fragrance

and also to the existing trade is that operated which between a client and now who uses a space be contrived a minute manipulative ski we design sure to be inches and these were we however with a mental side and were able to extend these beings placing placing next to each other

in considering the vulnerable traders we document to the positions and the basic infrastructure for setting up shop this typically involves shape held up within motivated on a technical basis why the old inches these holes polls this allowed the trade is to use the appropriate things for benches by placing the polls

in the holes individuals those designs informed by keen observation of the physical conditions social vulnerability and institutional structures place the design sup recipe so to find ways uses to occupied uses space spiked so and in in working in practice

it's important not just to speculate green it's important on these things you build up an obligation sites perceptions and in practice what I to this point is to put together fist benefits to which is a public ERATION to myself hope

constable and they all quite simple points basically me good Meezy to provoke people we also need just especially great myself and

the other ways to be creative ok got this means capital in cement nation space thats here

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