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so I may turn on tune in this is a suit in a mine of in and he's bringing out the elephant so we're here to actually demonstrate more than just a robot what actually happens we're here to demonstrate good and high expectations and so this robot the UC right here is actually something that was developed a hundred percent

by students working in my lab at SMU and my students I'm talking about seventeen through 20 rolls so not that much older than you are freshman in college sophomores in college with actually a huge emphasis on the freshman so very very short period time so in my lab what we actually do

is weak ice give my students very challenging problems and say you have 10 days to solve them and so what this is underneath the sentiment for me this is actually 3 10 day-long projects so now this is a truck that you can control from a cell phone now nobody in this theater wanted that hovering UAV to crash more

then be in Austin because he was showing off other cell phone German hovercraft but like I said this is a demonstration in high expectations we had 15 students working in 310 day-long chance not have that students actually worked on multiple projects and they were able to build this from nothing

and only total up thirty days there were more than 30 days worth of meetings involved in developing similar technologies so they are actually gonna head over to Austin and he is going to describe what it is that you are seen and then he's gonna drive it around a little bit on the stage up here for you also I'm gonna pick it up so that we

can have some good visuals that as he walks us through what is on the elephant alright as doctor hunt in said I'm named Austin Hargis and I'm currently a junior at SMU and I first got involved with the innovation jail in my sophomore year when I got an email from asking hey do you want is eyeing

a control UAB that you can easily do for cell phone over wifi so being a sophomore thought to myself this has to be impossible there's no way that in there there's no way that a bunch of a undergraduates can come together and designed this in 10 days well thankfully decided design it and four different ID's so we broke up for forty days instead

but during the first phase reaction developed this cell phone application which were used to control it so we had to do everything from learn the basic St cases none of us ever done a cell phone program before so it'll and all that and do the application dealing with like lifetime video streaming and all that just in 10 days

up for the second base the action designed what you see here so this is our ground testing a vehicle because we don't want to actually test telemarketer on an aerial vehicle because the crash it bad things would happen so %ah anyone here ever have an RC car when they're little kid that's all this is the bottom of this is an RC car that we talking stripped-down

put on our own custom casing to protect it from roles or anything like that added in a small computer as well as a issue security camera on board router and with all that commercial products wherever that's the design this project in just 10 days a the fourth phase which we have not yet completed is we're going to take but we currently have and placed onto an actual UAB

so we drive around and base we are all interface it applications on a map you know actually drive itself there so there's no manual controls needed it does everything but so so application it goes that location seems like video back now unfortunate we can demonstrate the capability because inside this wonderful

building there's no GPS signals and so instead of things actually going to driving around manually from the phone go faster than that come on up so I thought and said the long-term goal in this is actually to put it on something in the air

are actually doing this because Lockheed Martin is interested in giving troops who serve in the military control love airplanes when they're actually fighting in places like the city the right now in the our troops are fighting a lot of the air assets are actually driven from places like Las Vegas or maybe remote vans and so there's a lot of time delay in their

to die but I stop I'm can failures can keep droppin and so art were our goal is actually bill to give our troops of our own that they will then be able to use to drive their assets in their area and so with that I think we would like to thank you and we're gonna probably have this around and

if you like the opportunity to drive it Intel the batteries die maybe after reading done we can find a spot to do that thank you again

Video Description

Austin Hodges is a junior at Southern Methodist University, double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. Austin's current interests are artificial intelligence programming and biometrics. Austin works as a member of the SMU Biometrics Research Team, where his primary focus is on developing and testing iris recognition algorithms on various platforms. Austin is also an active student in the Innovation Gymnasium and has participated in two of the Immersion Design Experiences, both of which have concentrated on remotely controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle from a smartphone.

Nathan Huntoon is the Director of the Innovation Gymnasium at Southern Methodist University. He runs several programs that involve undergraduate students participating in interdisciplinary design projects. In addition to leading design teams, Nathan teaches Senior Design in the Electrical Engineering Department and coordinates the joint Senior Design Program for the Lyle School of Engineering. When not teaching design, Nathan works on his first love electromagnetics. His current research interests include neurophotonics, high performance computing and innovative cultures.

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