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playing violent video games makes you more violent even if you don't agree

with this it sort of makes sense if you're constantly immersed in a violent setting it's quite possible that you start seeing the world through a more aggressive lens but to make a point let me take the complete opposite view I want to argue that violent video games actually decreased violence to start off let's look at some real-world data from

the 2014 study if violent games did increased violence you should see some sort of increase in crime after big video game sale right but here research has found that every time there was a spike in video game sales it was actually a decrease in assaults afterwards another study found that m % increase in violent video game sales was associated with zero-point-three percent

decrease in crime this effect was not seen in non violent games furthermore look at other forms of media like movies researchers found that for every 1 million people we decided to watch your violent movie there was a 1.1 percent decrease in crime that night

once again this effect was not seen in non violent movies so what's happening anymore well one explanation is that people who have an aggressive personality are more drawn towards violent media as such when violent video games come out these people are staying inside and have less opportunity to commit crime now if this is true there's still a big question to ask what about all the other

studies claiming that violent video games increased violence for example in this review paper researchers analyzed 436 papers looked at over a hundred thirty thousand participants and concluded that violent video games not only increased violence but reduce empathy and reduce pro-social behavior this sounds much more legitimate than the three studies i mentioned yet

there's something wrong with a large number of the studies in their review to illustrate this let's do a thought experiment imagine you wanted to see its place ad video games led to depression to test this you have participants play a sad video game afterwards you measure the level of sadness through questionnaires or maybe by observing the time spent smile

you crunch the data and be surprised playing sad games makes you saddle but would you then conclude that the short-term effect eventually leads to depression that's quite a big jump yet this is exactly what happens with many of the violent video game studies in fact when you look at studies which try to measure the longer term impact of violent games

the daughter she's weaker and more mixed results the point is you can bring up convincing evidence for both sides of the argument and this is a huge problem it means that anyone can because side producer theory for why they are right and then cherry pick a couple of studies it's only by actively arguing the opposite side of the debate that you can get a full picture of what's actually going on

so in my new series I do exactly that from questioning popular success advice to properly analyzing discrimination I'll be arguing against the mainstream view points to see just how true they actually are new videos come out on sunday to subscribe for more yeah

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