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that's tax law is rather complicated as an entrepreneur in the Netherlands you

have to deal with many of these Texas including debatably the Dutch value-added tax in this video I'll explain the basics of the VA t know I'm card on the climb and I'm tax advisor at Ocean finance if you do business in the Netherlands you'll have to pay all sorts of Texas one of the most important ones is to all set boston this literally means revenue tax it's more commonly known as the baby which is the same as dat value-added tax doing your tax

return for the DAT involves collecting information about all your revenue receipts invoices and in most cases bank statements this can be a bit of an administrative hassle that's why many of our customers let us do this work for them so it makes this such a hassle the VA t is headed to any service or product anyone buys prices in advertisements and the price listed in stores almost always include dat and even in the rare occasion that

it isn't included you'll still end up paying that counter however it's only consumers not businesses that pay dat in the end so what does this mean for you as a business for one it means you are allowed to claim back the v 84 almost all products you buy for your business this means that for everything you buy you have to keep proof of purchase like a receipt or invoice so the government is able to check if you are claiming the

right amount of dat secondly businesses not the government collected dat this means that any time you sell anything you have to charge the customer via t you then are responsible to transfer the collective dat to the government this does not have to be done immediately but rather on a regular interval most businesses do this on a quarterly basis so in that case you have to do your tax returns every quarter go through your records collect your seats

and up the v8000 to the government and subtract the amount the government owes you this is the final amount you have to pay the DAT can be relatively straightforward if you keep records however this takes time that's why many of our customers come by with a shoebox a big bag or a folder of receipts and invoices and understood this work for them want to know what we can do for your business please contact

us by calling or sending us an email and check our website for more information

Video Description

Dutch tax law is rather complicated. As an entrepreneur in The Netherlands you'll have to deal with the BTW (VAT). In this video, Karen van der Pluim lays out some of the basics of how the VAT works.