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- Hey friends, thank you guys so much for watching.

Today I'm gonna be sharing some skincare hacks. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope that you guys find it helpful. So stay tuned. - [Voiceover] We all have those mornings sometimes when we wake up with puffy

eyes and that's okay 'cause I've got an easy solution, just grab your favorite eye cream and it place it onto two q-tips and then place those two q-tips into a Ziploc bag and freeze it for about two to five minutes, it doesn't take that long to cool it. And then apply it onto your eyes,

underneath the eyes, and this motion will help remove the accumulation of fluid and de-puff your eyes and viola, de-puffed eyes. Have you guys ever run out of makeup cream? I always run out of my makeup remover but I find that you can use coconut oil

to remove your makeup and it's in your kitchen already, most likely, so I hope that you guys give it a try 'cause your skin is gonna feel so soft and moisturized. (bouncy pop music) One time I ran out of my favorite toner

and I used apple cider vinegar and oh my goodness it really helps clear up my skin so give it a try you guys I'm sure that it will help your skin too and another product that I recommend, 'cause one day I ran out of my favorite Neutrogena

Rapid Clear, I applied Tea Tree Oil to my acne and it helped clear my forehead acne and little spots all over my face faster than any acne cream that I've ever tried. Another tip is to switch your pillowcases into a silk pillowcase and it will help

with your skin and hair and leave it shiny. To exfoliate dry lips I like using honey and sugar, I'm sure that you've seen this before but it works so beautifully, you don't have to measure it, just grab some honey and sugar

and use that to exfoliate your lips. (bouncy pop music) Afterwards you can use that same coconut oil to moisturize your lips as a lip balm, it's so so moisturizing. Have you guys ever had eczema, redness

or rashes? Try mixing colloidal oatmeal and water together, get it into the consistency that you like, apply onto your face as a face mask for about 15 minutes or so and it's going to minimize redness, I learned this from Bubz, so shout out to Bubzbeauty because she did

a video a long time ago and it's helped me forever so I wanted to pass on the info in case you guys didn't watch Bubz video 'cause it was so helpful. (bouncy pop music) Lastly if you don't want to use the honey and sugar method to exfoliate your lips

you can use a clean toothbrush to do so just by applying a little bit of pressure and circular motions onto your lips. Thank you friends so much for watching. I hope that this video was helpful. The main hack or tip that I wanted you

guys to get out of it is that Tea Tree Oil, it really worked 'cause my face was breaking out, I put it all over my forehead where I was breaking out and it cleared it up, 'cause I ran out of my Neutrogena Rapid Clear, my Clean and Clear spot treatment, I couldn't find it like I ran out

and all I had at home was the Tea Tree Oil and it really worked so if you got anything out of it the Tea Tree Oil. Anyhow, I hope you guys give this video a thumbs up, let me know if you guys want to see more hack videos 'cause

I'm gonna be happy to do them. I love you guys and I'll see you guys next time. Bye.

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Some extra info:
Apple cider vinegar should be diluted if it's your first time using it. Thanks Eausostyle for mentioning! I wouldn't want any of you guys getting sentitive skin from it. Dilute 1 part apple cider vingar to 4 parts water. :D
Also dilute tea tree oil, but if you are using the brand I am using in this video it's already diluted. :D

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Silk pillow cases by my friend Christina: Instant_prettylashes@yahoo.com
Tea Tea oil bought at Sprouts
First Aid Beauty Eye Cream
Colloidal oatmeal from 99 cent store, haul here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31eMVccClxs
Coconut oil: Sprouts and any grocery store
Honey & sugar from Trader Joes you can find at any grocery store :D

Red lipstick is Nars Vera: http://goo.gl/e01GGe

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