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- [Jared] Wooo!

(child shouting) That was a good guitar solo, dude. Thank you. (bright music) Good morning guys, good morning Penny, how are you? Today Penny and I are going to start off our day

playing a little game. As you can see, Penny is sniffing me like crazy because I have some goodies with me. We're gonna play a game to teach her not to grab things from people, especially the kids. So what I'm gonna do,

I've got a handful of treats right here, and she knows it, she knows it. I'm gonna reward her every time she goes away from my hand. So I'm going to hold my hand out here, close to me like the kids would hold it, and any time she goes away from it,

I give her a treat, good girl. Good girl! The more advanced she gets, the more open I can have the treats and then it progresses from there. Good girl!

- [Ellie] Well this was fun to come home to. I just came home and Jackson was in the garage riding his bike and Jared's finishing up the paint. - I am so glad we let it sit over night so we could do a second coat, because it's making a world of a difference.

- [Ellie] Really, it looks really good. We undid these last night and painted the little spindles. - And they came right off and put back on real good. - [Ellie] It's beautiful! - Just wait until we get the gloss on here, like that's gonna be so awesome.

- [Ellie] Jackson what did you say? - It's snowing! - [Ellie] It is snowing in April. Yes it is true, we are starting to get some snow today. Next week's supposed to be beautiful, but the next two days are kinda rainy and snow.

Penny! Come here, look what I got you, look. Well I got that too, oh she's like, I closed myself in. Look what I got. So I went to the store today and I found something for you, and that, because I thought that you would like that.

Oh see you're already in love. You got a new pillow and a new gate. And I'm so excited to get the gate up, guys, I think it's gonna be really pretty. Seriously, look at her guys. She loves her pillow

and the toy. So Penny's favorite toy, guys, is... This. And this is like, perry cord, is that what it's called? You guys know what I'm talking about.

And it seriously has lasted so well. Yeah, this is her favorite. That is yours, huh. But I think, yep, she really likes that. Oh yay, and her pillow. Look how cute she looks there.

Penny, you look so cute. She always thinks I'm going to take it, come here. She just wants to play with it by herself. (laughter) (phone chimes) - [Jared] (screaming)

Darn it, your phone. Your phone went off right before I did it. Oh you lucky dog, I could've got you really good. Good morning, dad! Welcome to our house. - Oh thank you.

- [Jared] You think you can just come over to our house, kick your feet up, take a load off? Well you're exactly right. - Thank you I enjoyed that very much. - Until I come and wake you up. So, oh Calvin (laughing)

hold on tight! Gotcha, there you go. You were almost falling off the couch, that was a good save. Mom and Dad came over because they haven't seen us in awhile. They went to southern Utah for a bit,

and now they're back in town. And then we were in California. We just have been hanging out, we had lunch together and we put a stain, no not a stain, a gloss on the gate.

And we're letting that dry right now, so why don't I just show you that? Instead of just talking about it, why don't I just show ya what we've been doing, I'll show you right now. Come on, follow me. Oh look at that shine.

I think it definitely makes it look a lot more like the house, like the inside matches the hardwood floor on the ground. So I think this is gonna be really great. My biggest concern is having it stick on the wall, because it is pretty heavy,

but I don't think it's gonna be too terrible. I think we'll be okay. Matt actually just made a baby gate in their house, and he has a little board to support it. So we may have to do something like that if... There's no space in between,

but either way, I'm a little nervous, but I think it'll be okay. Calvin, are you ready? Can you come down stairs with me? Jump, one, two, three, jump! Good job.

(choral music) (lightsaber effect) What, you want it? Calvin! How am I supposed to defeat the Galactic Empire if you keep taking my lightsaber, huh?

Okay, well if you think you can handle it, you go ahead and do it, okay. - Mm-hmm. - Mm-hmm, can you guys hear that, I think that's my favorite thing about Calvin, is when he says yes,

he'll say, "mm-hmm." And that is the equivalent of Jackson's "yo, yo, yo." His "mm-hmm." And he's finally starting to say, "uh-uh" for no. You fighting the bad guys with your lightsaber?

(shouting) Don't fight me, I'm the good guy! I am your father. (Darth Vader breathing) Calvin, I am your father! (laughter) Dude, you can't just leave your lightsaber like that,

you have to turn it off, thank you. Have some, have some Death Star manners, you know. The Death Star wasn't built in a day, it was because it was kept in order, you know. Do you think it would just blow up because someone forgot to include

some very important things, you know? - Mm-hmm. - Yeah. I'm trying to talk Star Wars as best I can, I'm sorry. Especially Chris Parillo, Derral Eves, you guys, I'm sorry, okay. - So sometimes we do dinner around the table,

and then clean up and do bath time, and then sometimes I just do it all in one, where the kids take a bath and play with their toys and I feed them dinner, because then if they make a mess it's just already cleaned up. So tonight I'm feeding the kids in the tub.

I made my, Bonnie and I's soup, it's the sweet potato soup but with yams, so pretty much yam soup. This is such a good meal. It's so healthy, the kids love it, they eat it up. And then they play in the water, so their tummies are fed,

and their bums are clean, pretty good. - I think it's cute, I think it's hilarious, but I think it's efficient and I love it. The whole, you know, tub thing, food thing. - When you brush their teeth, too. - Yeah, the kids are honestly taking that bowl

and smashing it. They're just like, eating the whole thing and it's awesome because this is like, one of the healthiest things ever. At least I think so. - I don't know, I like it, there's beans in it.

- It's really good, yeah. Beans and sweet potaters and tomaters and lots of those I think. They're smashing that bowl, just like you're gonna smash that like button. Can we get 500 thousand likes on this video?

Smash that like button. I'm just kidding, that's like from h3h3Productions, I am so sad about that whole situation. But I think their videos are hilarious, like they're great. Do you wanna know a secret?

- They're not carrots. - They're not carrots they're sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes! - Do you wanna know a secret? They're not sweet potatoes, they're yams! - Yams, oh my gosh, yams.

Smash dose yams. Smash them, smash them. Get it, son. Hit that guitar solo. Oh, distracted by the food in the fridge. Yeah, there we go, back to the action.

Woooo! (child shouting) That was a good guitar solo, dude. Thank you. (guitar strumming) (children babbling)

- Yeah! - [Jared] Well we just got your own little family band now, don't we. (children babbling) You guys are so talented. Oh tuning up and everything, good job.

I noticed you were a little out of tune on that last, that last solo that you were doing, last, last one. But I think you've got it back, good job guys. You can tell it's near bed time. - So mister Jackson had a little late nap, and so are you gonna do this with me?

What are we doing? - We're gonna take these off and we're gonna do this. - We're gonna do this. We're gonna do an at-home pedicure, this is something I really enjoy to do. So right now I'm gonna put some soak salt

at the bottom of the tub. - What is this? - That is nail clippers, so I've already filed my nails and pushed my cuticles back, and then we're gonna soak our feet in the tub and we're gonna do a scrub.

I've never used this before, it's like a charcoal scrub. I have another scrub, but it's not very scrubby. - What's this? - Woah, this is a heel brush thing. This is the best thing, when I go get my pedicure this is what they use.

I can't remember the brand, if I find it I'll link it, but I can't remember. - What happened to this? - And then I put a callus remover on my heels for a few minutes. I rinse off, and then when I'm all done, there is this Footlogix,

it's a moose for cracked feet that I rub on. And then I am going to paint my nails. This is a very, very soft brush, just to kind of get away some of the dead stuff on my nails. - Mom is this chocolate? - That is chocolate, I just took a bath!

Save me some, okay mister? And then I'm painting my nails with the Essie nail polish. This is what has been on my finger nails, that a lot of people have really liked, and the name is called Lace Me Up. And this is seriously one of my favorite colors.

- Mom these are like chocolate. - Mm, not really. Okay should we soak our feet? Okay sit right here at the edge of the tub. You may have to stand, (laughing) you're a little short. How does that feel?

- Good. - It's good? - I wanna sit in it. - Don't sit in it, we just took a bath. Just our feet, huh, and then we'll scrub them. Okay lift your toe up.

- That tickles! - It tickles? - Yeah. - It's like you've been stepping in oil, huh. - Yeah. - Is that kind of silly? - Yeah.

- Should we do your other one? I wish it had more scrub to it. - (laughing) That tickles! - It'll wash your stinky feet. - Yeah. - Okay. (water splashing)

- I wanna do it again, I wanna do it one more time. I can do this. - Oh, owie. That's not quite how it's supposed to work. - (laughing) Yeah! - Okay let me try it on my foot.

- So I'm gonna do this first. I'm gonna do these first. What is this for? - It's a nail filer for your toes. Filing them, you goober. Should we talk about babies? - Yeah.

- Today I am nine days after ovulation, and I've been talking to Jared a lot. Our home has been, like we were very busy last week, and then this week so far, it's just been very, kind of mellow.

And Jared and I have just been talking a lot, we haven't really filmed a lot throughout our day. The last few days we've just been like, just being and talking, just our feelings, and I don't know why I felt so like, camera-shy the last few days,

it's like we've been doing this for four years, but I kind of have been. But I 100% think I am pregnant. Like, I feel like I am pregnant. I never sleep in. I wake up when the kids wake up,

we are dressed, ready for the day. We've eaten breakfast and the kitchen's cleaned up by nine. And that's in no way me saying like, this is the perfect way to do it. It's just that's just naturally how I am. It's always been how I am.

I just wake up and I get ready. And it's really weird for me to not do that. And this morning I slept until nine. Nine! And then I told Jared, I'm like, I can't get out of bed. And I have had the worst acne

all over my chest. Like deep, deep acne that hurts, and it's been on my back. I have been very bloated. Like my tummy has just been like very full, and when it's normally flat. Even a slight difference is a big difference to me

I feel like, because of my body type. - Does this make it better? - Oh, that does feel better, thank you very much. - I'm the doctor. - Oh thanks, fix me up. My boobs have been very full, and part of me thinks,

well a lot of this could be just from being busy last week. We vacationed, we partied, I've come home and I'm just so tired, that could be a big part of it. But I don't know, there's just a few things that I'm like, no, that's totally pregnancy. So I feel like I am.

It's really weird to say that and put it out there for a lot of people to hear, I don't know why. Maybe just because if I'm not, but if I'm not, then that's quite the coincidence. How's your finger? - It's broken, it's broken.

- Let's see it, it's much better, huh. - I smashed it in the door at Bryan and Missy's house and I do this (loud noise). - And you were so mad? - Yeah. - Yeah,

I'm glad you're better. But that's how I feel, I totally feel like I am, and it's a weird feeling. And Jared and I have been very, I don't even know what the word is. Not like excited, of course we're excited,

but not like, "Oh my gosh we are." Because we don't know, we've just been very excited but trying to be mellow at the same time. So that's how we're feeling. Let's paint, I need to paint my toenails so I can feel pretty and... - Me too.

- Get spruced up and dolled up. Alright, there are my toesies, and these are my fingers. - I really like the color of your fingernail polish, I think it's very elegant. - Thank you very much, I like it too. - I love you. - I love you, too.

- Are you, I mean, tell me what you're feeling about, what you just talked about. - Um, I... You can watch the video. (laughter) I also have felt a lot of stuff

on my left side this whole time. Like, it's always been my left side, which is been really interesting as well. - I don't remember you talking a lot about your symptoms, like before we actually knew you were pregnant with the others, so it kind of like is encouraging.

But at the same time, if nothing goes our way... - You little butt. - Aw, you stinker. - Come here. - If things don't go our way this round, it's just part of the journey. - Yeah I know, but the thing is,

I remember feeling a lot of this way when we were pregnant with Calvin specifically. Because I remember thinking, this is weird. Like, I remember being in the bath tub and that's when it clicked, I thought, "I feel weird." - But I don't think you said anything to me.

- But I don't think I realized it, because there was no way I thought I would be pregnant, you know, but when you know the days, and you're trying, you can pick it out a little bit more. I don't know, we'll see. Thank you guys so much for watching.

Thanks for being a part of our journey since before this little guy. - Can you believe that? - This is weird feeling guys. Thank you guys so much for watching, we'll see you guys tomorrow.

- Bye. - Bye. Bye! - Why are you so cute? Why are you so cute? Goodnight Mr. Jackson. - Say goodnight. - Goodnight. - Bye.

- Say goodnight, because you're going to bed. - Goodnight, I'm going in your bed. (laughter) - Okay, goodnight.

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Ellie is feeling pregnant! At least the early symptoms of pregnancy. She's pretty confident about it. We talk about those feelings and how it's okay to be right or wrong.
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