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Returns with 1st Full-Length Album [LOVE & LETTER] Super Rookie SEVENTEEN's Super Loveable Comeback Stage Powerful Energy from These Human Vitamins! Sparkly, like a 17 Carat Diamond! Two Thumbs Up! Come See the Amazing Showcase! Thumbs Up SEVENTEEN

A song about confidence and youth Wow Wow If you liked SEVENTEEN's performance, give it up! Great, let me introduce myself I'm Shin Bora, your host for SEVENTEEN's showcase for the first full-length album [LOVE & LETTER]

So who's the hottest boy group these days? That's right and SEVENTEEN is back with their first full-length album [LOVE & LETTER] I'm honored to be here celebrating such a meaningful showcase Thank you for inviting me to the show How am I doing as the host? Great, I'm having a blast too You're an amazing audience

So many fans have come to see the show From what I heard, we have the official Carats here And those who came from MelOn AZTalk and 1theK Oh, one more thing about AZTalk As the showcase continues, you can press the heart on the app Once we reach 1.7K hearts...

If we reach 1.7K hearts A new video of SEVENTEEN will be released! So if you're watching on AZTalk If I were you, I would've already pushed the heart Let's get those hearts in! I feel like this is something we can all look forward to!

How long have we all waited for SEVENTEEN to come back! Seriously... Maybe they weren't gone for long but we missed them terribly, no? The first song SEVENTEEN performed for us Do you know what it's called? Oh wow...

What is it? Thumbs Up! How did you... Alright, you guys are scaring me now You all looked like Terminators Anyway, did you like the "Thumbs Up" performance?

This song was used for a dance performance at SEVENTEEN's previous concert But today, it was performed with all 13 members on stage How was it? Great, I give them two thumbs up too SEVENTEEN is known for trying new things to please their fans So I can't wait to find out more about their latest album, [LOVE & LETTER]

Would you like to see the members now? Should I stop talking? Alright then, let's invite the members on to the stage The thirteen charming boys Let's call them out to the stage! Please welcome SEVENTEEN

- Wow - Whoo 1, 2, 3, 4... Is everyone here? - Yes, we're all here - All on stage? Great Please say hello to your fans watching here and at home Seven, SEVENTEEN

Hello, we're SEVENTEEN Hi Carats! The fans have missed you so much during the short break you guys took So each of you, please take the time to say hi Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's main vocalist and happy virus Dokyeom Good to see you Carats!

Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's gentleman Joshua Hi I'm SEVENTEEN's vocalist Woozi Nice to see you all here So many of you came...! Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's main vocalist SeungKwan Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's leader S.coups Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's Vernon Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo - What time is it? - It's Hoshi Hi, I'm Hoshi Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's The 8

Hi, I'm SEVENTEEN's youngest giant Dino Hi, I'm Jun Wow... That took forever! It takes such a long time for all of you to say hi Yes, we're a large group

Please tell us a little about your new album [LOVE & LETTER] - Sounds good - Please I'll try introducing the album - Yes, please - Jeonghan So this is our first full-length album Right, so... we really thought about the idea of "first"

As SEVENTEEN style as possible Uh... then what happened? We were thinking and... Then what? - The word "First" - Oh, right We took the word "first" and matched it up with "love" and "letter"

So it comse to first love and first letter We wanted to represent the passion of first love And the messages we want to deliver to the Carats So the album title means those two things Let me add a little to that You haven't seen the album yet, huh?

The albums are, like the title [LOVE & LETTER] So the albums come in LOVE and LETTER versions The LOVE version represents like an image of a girl in first love The LETTER version is like a realistic boyfriend type of album I think it will be fun to check out both versions Ok, great

So as I mentioned, SEVENTEEN is known for trying new things When you were putting together this new album What kind of troubles did you have? Did you run into any problems? Well, our fans loved our previous choreographies So we worked extra hard on the dance for Pretty U

- So the choreography - Yes, yes I want everyone to look forward to the performance today We wouldn't be here if we didn't think it was good! Good, good I can't wait to see it I wonder what kind of cute moves you came up with this time

And I also noticed Jeonghan went through a major change! You cut your hair short! Yeah What made you cut it... Did you go through a break-up or something? - Well, my hair used to be a lot longer - Right But I wanted to show a different style for my Carats

So I decided to cut it, how does it look? I'm glad it looks okay I miss the long hair sometimes I think you look fine Can you imagine me in this style? I'm kidding And it seems to me...

Your hair looks really silky He has great hair It's really soft It's better than Kang Kyun Sung's! - Oh thank you - Great style I also heard

As an upgrade for the fans Someone started working out! Who could it be? - We all did - Who, who? - We all started working out - Oh, I see - Because... - All 13 of you?

Yes, most of us are working out now So all of you are working out these days - Yes - Show us! What are you asking them to show? - Wow - We can't... Oh, no, no...

It hasn't been long since we began working out Oh, it hasn't been that long - So we have nothing to show yet - Oh, I get what you mean Will you show us when you're ready then? Of course, I think... Someday...

Alright, I think we can wait then We'll let them really work it out, right? Good, good Alright, so after preparing for this new album You're finally back here to see your fans Let's describe the [LOVE & LETTER] album in 5 words!

Why don't we all take turns to do this? I think the fans want to hear all of you - Alright - Jun first In my heart... The album is very perfect! Very perfect! Me?

I really love it! - Ah! - He really loves it - Wait a second - That's four words I really like it There's an exclamation at the end - Which is? - Ah!

- Ah! - In awe I really like it, ah! - Yes - Good Love of you and me Love of you and me - Good, good - So SEVENTEEN

The first full-length album It is dedicated to you! All the tracks sound good All the tracks sound good We worked hard on it It is for our Carats

Did he just steal yours? This gets harder as it goes, huh? It's really hard on us... All about Carats and us - Carats and us - Cartats and us If you listen to the album

You will say Carats Mansae I didn't expect so many of you to come see us It must mean... It will be a hit! A big hit! Our first full-length album It belongs to you all!

It's yours! Let me send to you A letter filled with love - Last - But not least No one said this We missed you so much!

- That was... - Incredible You know what I think? People call you by different names Like a producing boy group and more But I think you're a fangirl creating group You guys are so charming!

Alright Now that we've heard how the members feel about the new album I'd love to hear some more songs from it I also want to know what the fans think of the album We'll get to hear more of that later in the show For now, I want to spend more time getting to know SEVENTEEN

How does that sound? Good I bet we have a lot of questions we want to ask the members You want to know more about them, right? So I prepared this little event SEVENTEEN, show us how you feel!

Show us! Show Us How You Feel Should we try again? All together Show Us How You Feel! Great, great I bet there are a lot of stories to share

And I bet, when 13 boys live together There are things you just can't say to each other's faces Now will be the time to talk about those things! To make sure we stay honest, please welcome Mr. Lie Detector! - Mr. Detector - You can't lie now - Nice to meet you - Mr. Lie Detector

Hello You know what this is, right? It shocks you if you lie Yes, yes - So don't lie - OK Alright, since there are way too many people I'll ask one question to one person per unit

So from the vocalists' unit... - Joshua - Joshua! Please place your hand on this machine Oh wow, he's a lot cuter up close - Thank you - Thank you No, thank you cutie!

So cute Alright, quiet down I'm going to ask the question now You have to answer Yes or No Joshua Do you think you're the best at making 3 line poems?

He's good Yes Not a lie! - It's true - A 3 line poem! - Do we get to hear one? - Of course we should Since you're the best at this...

- Let's hear a three line poem - Good, good How about with "Ye-bbeu-da" (pretty) - Please call out the letters - Ok 1, 2, 3 Ye Yeah!

1, 2, 3 Bbeu I'll do this free style Oh nice 1, 2, 3 Da!

I'll do it next time - Daum? - Next time - He'll go next time - That's it? Alright hang on A three line poem with "Ye-bbeu-da" Who thinks they can do better?

SeungKwan! 1, 2, 3 Ye Ye-bbeu-da! You got prettier 1, 2, 3, Bbeu

Petit SeungKwan! Oh, not bad! 1, 2, 3 Da Your eyes on me! That was good

- That was... - Real freestyle - Well done - So obsessive - SeungKwan, that was good! - Thank you Hey, Joshua I think SeungKwan is better than you... - Maybe try again? - Oh, but

Joshua tried hard and did well, right? Freestyle! According to Mr. Lie Detector, Joshua is the best We have to go with what the machine says! Next group I'll ask is... The hiphop team

How about Mingyu? Alright Mingyu, place your hand on the machine It's kind of small... I shouldn't touch his hand, huh? Alright, I'll let it read your hand... - No? - Did it start?

- Not yet - Are you sure? - I think you did! - No I didn't It's reading your hand - No, no - Did it start? - You coward - Not yet - It's just reading your hand - It's not starting yet

- It has to read your hand - Right? - Alright, it read your hand - Now you answer You scaredy cat - Mingyu - Yes Here goes the question i am a lot more awesome

off stage than when I'm on stage Yes or no? Wait, let me think You're better on stage Yes or no? Yes

He's better off stage Does it hurt? You're not angry, are you? I guess he's not awesome on stage Don't hit it! Mr. Lie Detector simply told the truth!

It's alright, Mingyu Must mean you're awesome on stage and even more awesome off stage Ugh, that was terrifying So what do you guys think? How awesome is Mingyu off stage? - Oh geez - I wonder - He's awesome when he cooks - When he cooks

And when he fixes the practice room lights The practice room lights? - Oh - Seriously? - He fixes them? - Yeah, he's the tallest - And he cooks? - He's the best cook - He is kind of awesome! - I am

He knows how to cook... - He knows how to fix lights... - That's right OK then, Mingyu is awesome both on stage and off stage - Thank you - We'll leave it at that From the performance unit... - Jun! - Ok, Jun

Jun, how do you feel? Nervous? Very nervous Here goes the question - What is it? - Jun Yes?

Do you think... You're the best looking in SEVENTEEN? - What do I say? - Yes or no What do you guys think? Yes? Then yes

Yes You're going to get hurt now - It's going to sting - A lot! You're the best looking Back to your place I'm the only liar then?

Mr. Lie Detector has chosen Jun as SEVENTEEN's hottest member Are we okay with this? - Yes - We agree SeungKwan, are you a little upset? I'm kind of disappointed

- You are? - A bit How come? I mean, Jun is so unrealistically good-looking Yes, he is So yeah, I'm just jealous I love you, SeungKwan

You do? Alright, so we got to hear how SEVENTEEN really feels Was that fun or what? I had a lot of fun too So we spent some time talking I think it's time to see some stages now No need to talk anymore

Don't make the Carats wait any longer Please welcome them back on stage A round of applause, please! A duet song by SEVENTEEN's main vocalists about a parted couple missing each other Drift Away SEVENTEEN A song about times and memories that drifted away

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[MelOn Premiere Showcase] Part 1: SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) _ Chuck(엄지척), Say Yes & Drift Away(떠내려가)

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Showcase by SEVENTEEN, the Sparkling Diamonds!

SEVENTEEN returns with the first full-length album [LOVE & LETTER]!
Come hear the members make poems for Carats
and check out how the lie detector has Mingyu caught in the act!
Ready to see the sparkly comeback stage by SEVENTEEN? Watch now!

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