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After this then represent our nature on education and apaidefsia the following figure.

Imagine that, as in an underground dwelling that looks like a cave, which has its entrance open to the light throughout its length, be people who from childhood lie there alyssodemenoi the legs and neck, so you always stay in the same position and can only see before them, without being able to turn their heads because of their ties and behind some distance and taller to have lit a fire, whose light comes to them

see only their shadows, the fire raises the opposite wall of the cave. And how could they see anything else, since they are not allowed to turn their heads? and between the fire and the prisoners a path up and around him, even imagine parallel of a wall built like those stage curtains have layered those who perform false miracles in front of people and show them over there, their tricks. Imagine people to pass along this wall loaded all sorts of objects

and statues and other statues made of wood or stone or anything else that protrude from the wall and you pass over the little wall, they never do see them nothing but the shadows cast light on the opposite wall of the cave? Now if you were able to talk, do not you think that we believed them to speak any is nothing but the shadows they saw passing in front of their eyes? Even if we assume that the prison would come and echo from antikryno wall?

Whenever someone would speak of those who went behind them, imagining that the prisoners would not have believed that the voice comes from the shadow would see passing in front of them? So of course these people would not have been possible to believe for true nothing but only the shadows of the constructs. Think now what form it could take the freedom from the shackles and the cure of delusion and folly, if they happened and was happening as follows:

Each time one of them will be solved and will be suddenly forced to release and turn your head and walk and to face light up and all these very aching and unable to glare to distinguish those things until now saw their shadows What do you imagine that this man would say if someone told him that what he saw earlier was nonsense and that now is a little closer to reality and that having now turned into objects more real

sees more correctly? Especially if you are showing him each of the objects that passed before him She asked him and compel him to answer what is in each of them. Do not you think that man will 'loses and he believed that what he saw then was truer than he showed now? If, finally, I said, someone pulled him by force out of a rugged and steep stairs

and not let him before taking him out in the sunlight, Does the prisoner will not hurt and will not aganaktouse that travologousan him, and when it came to light, so as his eyes would be flooded by the blinding brilliance, It would not be completely impossible to distinguish even one of the things, for which the now they said that it is true?

It would take, I think, some time to adapt in order to face things up. So, at first, it will easily distinguish the shadows, then the images of people and other things in the water and then the same things. Since these things are in heaven, and that the same heaven, could look the more easily at night with the light of stars and moon than a day,

with the sun and light. And last of all he could to face the sun, no idols in water or any another place of his own, but the sun as such in his own place, and seeing nature. And after they would arrive to capture the calculus that is, the sun,

It is donating the seasons and years and that dominates everything in the realm of visible things, and somehow the cause for everything they saw he and other prisoners. As it reminisces the place, in which first lived, the "wisdom" that were there, and the inmates there, do not you think that would kalotychizei himself to change,

while 'Caine will feel pity? And if we assume that the captors were then introduced some values ​​and praise each other and prizes for anyone who saw more clearly than all the objects that passed before them, or whoever was holding in his mind which of these are usually passed first, then what and what went with what, so that under it have some special ability to guess what was going to pass every time, You have the opinion that this man burning with the desire for such things, and that would envy those honored there and had power and recognition?

Or he would suffer what Homer says, and wished fervently "on earth lived fag and let someone landless" or suffer anything than to think such things and live like those? Reflect now touto.An a man like him again descended down there and sitting in the same position, Does his eyes would not be full of darkness, and will thus come abruptly from sunlight? And if you need to paravgei again with those who had remained prisoners trying to distinguish the shadows,

while the vision will be weak until adapt his eyes and the time of adjustment, not too short, Does not he become a laughingstock and not telling him that he turned his eyes damaged from there over staged, and that is not worth it to even try to go one up? And anyone who would try to solve the shackles and raise them up, him, if they somehow get caught in their hands and kill him, not kill him? But the work of educated, not only to climb, learn and be viewed good,

but be willing to come alongside those prisoners and to share with them their labors and prices, whether they be meaner or important.

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Ο αλληγορικός μύθος του σπηλαίου με το πλατωνικό κείμενο σε νεοελληνική μετάφραση στους υπότιτλους.