English Subtitles for Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 [ENG / 2016.05.28]

Subtitles / Closed Captions - English

(She was pretty)

Those girls... I hope they get here soon! I want to fool around so bad. Time to mess around. Here they come. - Hey, Nami. / - Yeah?

- Should we take a selfie? / - Okay. This works great. What works great? The Nami effect. I look gorgeous in photos with you. What? You sly fox!

You're so mean. Hi, Pretty! Hi, Ilgwon. Hi, hi. - Pretty, look over there. / - Where? Which finger?

This one. Correct! Ilgwon, which finger? All of them! Correct! Where are you coming from, Pretty?

I went to an accessory shop with Nami. I bought this. Do you like it? Oh, this... - It really suits you. / - Really? It's so cute. What about me, Ilgwon?

Do you think that suits you? Are you a child? What is this? Look at this! You didn't have to untie my hair! - Hey, Ugly! / - What? You look pretty with your hair undone!

You're a rascal! You're a rascal! You're a rascal... Ilgwon. Do I look better with my hair undone? Of course.

It can cover some of your face. Oh, right. - I'm auditioning for an action movie. / - Okay. - You're good at martial arts. / - Yes. - Let's practice together. / - Okay. Here I go!

Wow, you're really good. Right? You really helped. Ilgwon, I'll help too. Go ahead. - Hey. / - Yeah? I'm not doing action scenes with you.

Why not? I'm good at action scenes too! If I do it with you... It becomes a romantic scene! You're a rascal! You're a rascal! You're a rascal...

Ilgwon. What's the name of our romantic movie? "My Ugly Girl." What? - Did I drop a coin? / - Where? I guess not.

Don't do things like that, Pretty! Why not? Your sexiness will give guys nosebleeds. Nosebleed! Ilgwon. Geez... Hey.

When will you ever become sexy? What? What did you just say? You didn't let me finish! When will you become my sexy wife? You're such a rascal! You're a rascal!

You're a rascal... Husband... So we're married now. No way, Ugly! What? You're never serious, Ilgwon!

Geez... Stop faking it. Goodness... Ilgwon. Why do you keep staring at me? From down here... You have a lot of hair in your nostrils.

What? You still haven't got your act together! Yeah, that's right! When will you get it together? - Hey, Ugly? / - What? I can't get it together when I see you!

You're such a rascal! You're a rascal! (Real Sound) Hello! We will change the onomatopoeia you use in everyday life to be more detailed and precise. We are Real Sound or RS.

This is today's sentence. My heart pounded before my confession. The heart beat sounded like pounding. Doesn't this sound strange? Whose heart actually pounds before confessing your love?

Pound! Pound! Is there a stereo in here? Nobody's heart sounds like that! That's right. It depends on the person. This is what a guy sounds like before he confesses his love.

Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! Hey. We should totally date. I was joking! Look at your face!

You think I'm nuts? So this is how a woman sounds when she confesses her love. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! Cheers, Deputy Kim.

I'm going to tell him today. Umm... Deputy... I actually... I love you, Deputy Kim! And... This is how a husband sounds when

he wants to confess something. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! Honey, allow me. Actually... My credit card bill...

Honey! Honey! Honey! Just give me some pants! Oh, hello. Doesn't that sound realistic? Let's move on to chapter 2.

I went "wow" with envy at my friend's new clothes. The sound of envy is "wow." Isn't this a bit strange? So when your friend buys new clothes all you say is... Wow. Wow.

Is that it? No one actually speaks like that. That's right. It depends on the person. This is how a man sounds envious. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound!

New outfit? I can't believe you actually paid for that! And this is how a woman sounds when she's envious. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound!

Gosh, that's so pretty! How much? $120? I saw it for $80 online. Well, as long as you're happy... Now this is how mothers sound like

when they're envious. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! My daughter... You bought new clothes? Let me try it on.

I'm not going to stretch it out! This is nice. Told you it wouldn't stretch out! This has been Real Sound! Thank you! (The Demon) This is it.

I can sense an incredible evil presence here. It's a strong presence. - Stay calm. / - Yes. - Excuse me. / - Yes? Is this a new song? Yes, that's a new song...

And this is chicken. New song and chicken. Geez... It's a demon! It's a middle aged man demon! Come out of him!

Come out! The demon is out. Show us your true form. Now! ♪ My love for the chief ♪ ♪ Is absolute, absolute ♪

He's so loud. Hey, demon. Why are you at karaoke during the day? What? Aren't middle aged men allowed here? We like singing too.

There's a mic. The microphones here are microscopic. Isn't that a mirror ball? Should I have a ball? A tambourine.

Drop it. Pick it up. Drop it. Pick it up. Stop it already! Hey!

Listen up. What did the calf say to the mommy cow? To the mommy cow? What? Mamamoo. Mamamoo! Get it?

You're not laughing now... But listen up. Later when you call out to your mom at home... - You're going to crack up! / - No! Why are you laughing so hard? Did you come with your mom?

What happened? What a relief. I think the demon is gone. I'll go check. - Hey, kid. / - Yes? - Are you okay? / - Yes.

Do you know where this is? Here? Seoul Station or Yongsan Station? Which station? The demon is back. Come out!

- Geez... Get over here. / - Gosh... Come on. - What? / - Come on. Come one? Come two. Come three.

Come four. Oh, never mind. I have to step my game up. Get it together! Look here, Demon. Why are you doing this?

You don't know? Don't underestimate us middle-aged men. You youngsters are always searching on the internet for stuff, but we're good at that too. What are you talking about? You search for the university entrance exam.

We search for the benefits of red ginseng. You guys search for designer bags. We search for designer wigs. You want to know about Seolhyun? We want to know about Seol Kihyeon. This is what we search for.

And... When you young guys write letters to your girlfriends... You like to mix cute writing with little doodles of hearts and cakes. We like to mix things up to.

- What? / - Hold this! Look. I truly wish you a happy birthday, honey. I always hope that our family will be happy and filled with fortune. I'm always thankful.

Park Yeongjin. This is a plant. Why aren't you laughing? (Through the Ranks) Hello, boss! I'm Headache. Hey, Headache.

Hello, boss! I'm Briquette. Hey, Briquette. Hello, boss! I'm Insole. - Keep them out of your shoes. / - Yes, boss. Good. It's a good day today.

Just need to get this contract stamped and money will pour in. The inkpad... Insole, have you seen the inkpad? I'll check, boss. Briquette.

Have you seen the big boss's inkpad? I'll check, boss. Headache. Have you seen the big boss's inkpad? The big boss's philtrum? I've seen it.

- Headache has seen it. / - Headache has seen it. Open the doors. Come in, Headache. Go ahead and stamp it. I stamped it, boss. Open the doors!

A philtrum can't become a true inkpad! Right! A true inkpad... Can turn you Indian... Make you like curry... Right!

Or turn you into the Joker... Why so serious? My teeth hurt. Now that's a real inkpad. Get it together! We're sorry, boss!

Go! Insole. Yes, boss. This is a designer tennis racket. I hear Headache plays tennis. Give it to him.

- Yes, boss. / - Good. Briquette. Yes, boss. This is a designer tennis racket. The big boss says to give it to headache. Yes, boss.

Why is he talking so low? Headache. Yes, boss. This is a designer tennis racket. Big boss says it's for you. Hold it.

Good. Just like Maria Sharapova. - It's been delivered. / - It's been delivered. Open the doors. Come in, Headache. So you like it?

Yes, boss! It's a designer brand so the strings are solid. You could probably run this over coals too. Try giving it a swing. Do you work part-time at a barbecue joint? This is what I was given.

Open the doors! This grill can't be a true tennis racket. Right! A true tennis racket... Turns you into Uncle Tong...

♪ A monkey climbs a tree ♪ ♪ Monkey, monkey magic, monkey magic ♪ It turns you into Uncle Tong! Right! Or turns you into a muscle man... Chest exercise!

Chest exercise! Now these are true tennis rackets. Get these out! We're sorry, boss. Are you kidding me? Close the doors.

The cops! This is the police. Where is your boss? He's not here. He left. He's not here. Boss. Get your foot in here and I'll pull you up.

Pull me up, pull me up. Gosh... Wait, wait! He's not here. - He really isn't. / - It hurts! I'm over here!

(Horror Special) Honey, is your leg okay? I'm sorry. I can't believe I hurt my leg. Seunghye, I think we're going to have to take a little rest somewhere.

What? - Are you... / - Ouch, my leg! It hurts so much... We have no choice. Just for a little bit. But is there anywhere to stay around here?

Right near here. I saw on the internet. - What? / - I mean, I think I remember seeing it. Oh, yeah? Is this it? Excuse me. Anyone there? Nobody?

- Seo... / - Goodness! Taehun. How does she know your name? You booked a room for two online, right? Seunghye... - Well... / - You're here often.

What? Hold on, Seunghye. Think about it. This place must get tons of people. How could she remember me? I remember all my regulars...

Oh, you're someone else. No! Forget this! I'm out of here. Seunghye. The buses aren't running now. We're going to have to stay here a bit.

It's the weekend. Buses run until 2 a.m. No! Why do you keep saying that? - My leg hurts so bad. / - Really? I can't make it to the bus stop.

Then I guess we'll have to rest a bit. Oh, yeah! Honey! It really hurts. Then we're leaving when the buses start up again. Of course!

When do the buses start up again? Let's see... Honey. Doesn't this place seem scary though? The internet isn't working! WiFi.

The password is 4444. Why did you have to be so scary about that? You two can stay in this room. Let's go in, Seunghye. Why are you still in here? What the... What's with the creepy laugh?

Let's get comfy, Seunghye. Goodness... My legs really hurt. - Your legs hurt, Seunghye? / - Yeah. Then should I massage them? - What? / - Seunghye.

Do you think I'm doing this for myself? I'm doing it for your benefit! I'm exhausted right now, you dummy! Really? Okay, honey. Thanks.

Put them up here. Bring them up. Good. That one too. I'll massage them... Wait, honey. Don't you hear something weird coming from here?

Hold on. Massager. Your fatigue will melt away. Thank you! You won't need to trouble yourself now, honey. No!

Geez! - Seunghye. / - Yeah? Aren't you hot? Yeah. It is hot here. Why's it so hot? - You're hot? / - Yeah.

Then take your clothes off. - What? / - Seunghye. I don't want you to get a heat rash. You're not thinking dirty thoughts, are you? It's not like that! Geez...

Alright, honey. Gosh! Air conditioner. It's on full blast. Thank you! How refreshing. I can keep my clothes on.

No! - Stop that creepy laugh. / - What the... I'm a bit thirsty. - You're thirsty? / - Yeah. I have beer in my bag. Seunghye.

- You brought beer? / - Yeah. I had no idea! I pretended my leg was hurt like a fool! - What? / - Nothing, nothing. Seunghye, you're not much of a drinker though. Yeah. Even one can gets me drunk.

Oh, yeah? This is non-alcoholic. Why non-alcoholic? Honey, what's with the blanket? The air conditioner is too cold. Right? It's too cold now.

Drink up. Alright. Oh, no! - Oh, you're so clumsy. / - I'm all wet! I can see through your clothes. Want to drink this one?

Hold on, honey. I don't even have anything to change into. - You didn't bring more clothes? / - No. Then take those off. - What? / - Seunghye. You'll catch a cold wearing wet clothes, dummy.

Oh, right. Okay... - Geez! / - What is it? Some clothes. Size 44. Thank you!

I won't have to take this off. Oh, no! This is pretty. Is this yours, granny? It's not mine. Then who? - He should know. / - What?

The girl you brought last time left it... Make sure she gets it. No! - Why is he laughing too? / - Honey. You came here last year? No, Seunghye.

I think those people are kind of strange. - Gosh... / - Should we go somewhere else? Alright, honey. Excuse me! What is it? We're just going to check out.

How much? Go. Go. Just go! What is it? It's your 10th visit here. You get this one free.

No! What's going on, honey? No, Seunghye... Excuse me! I was here once and this is my second time. I'm so disappointed in you!

Seunghye! Dang it... Not you. It's her 10th visit. No! (Bad Guys)

We're... Bad guys. We're vicious and nasty guys. We're going to take over this turf. You boys are so reliable. - Thank you. / - Thank you.

Don't say things like that. People will think you're soft! Be bad about it! Get lost. Good! You scumbag!

You pig! That was over the line... It's all good! Do you know how bad we are? I robbed two banks yesterday. I robbed three jewelers yesterday.

That's nothing. I did something way more vicious and wicked. I went to an old lady selling veggies in the market and kicked her basket over! Kicking an old lady's basket over was a bit... She wasn't that old.

Like half a grandma. Around my mother's age. So you did that to a woman your mother's age? Well... The veggies looked fresh because they still had dirt on them.

So it's not like they'd drop in value after falling on the ground. That was still pretty messed up. That's why I bought them all. I paid her $150. She got to go home early and I got veggies.

It was a win-win situation. But still... Well what else am I supposed to say now? I'm saying you shouldn't waver! Dang! I fell for it! Geez! You need to be bad always.

- You weakling. / - What? You can't take over this turf with such weakness. I don't care if they're old or children. I can torment them all the same. Oh, yeah? Then can you go take money from that person?

Like taking candy from a baby. It's a girl. So what? We're bad guys! Hey, you! Yes?

Give you my money? Take it, take it, take it... What? Why are you doing this to me? Hey! What are you doing?

I've never been touched by a woman. Gosh! How frustrating! Geez... You pathetic fool! You talked such a big game. Girls aren't scary. Just grab them by the hair!

I'm just saying... I've never actually done that. Don't waver when we say that! I fell for it again! Geez! We won't be able to take over this turf like this. This is why I brought a real evil villain.

Come on out! I am not that bad of a person. What's so bad about him? Walking around in public with that face is evil! I have a woman that I love. He says he's in love.

He's saying he's going to torment one woman! I'm going to confess my love to her. She's done nothing wrong! - She doesn't expect a thing! / - That poor girl! As a surprise, I'll be hiding in front of her house

and pop out. He'll kill her with a heart attack. So evil! That's a weapon! I'll lover her forever. He'll torment her until she dies.

So dedicated. She is here right now. Run for your life! - Run! /- Run! Run if you think it's you! Exit's on the left! Run away!

That was nuts. Look at him just leave. Evil, right? We can't take over this turf at this rate. I'll show you what a real villain is like. A real villain

has to be generous too. It's good you all came today. For you all... Pass these out. Some tasty pastries for you all... Eat up, eat up.

They're not expired or anything like that. Eat up. We handed them all out. Tasty, right? Eat up. So it's time for us to tell you about those snacks.

The chips and pastries you're eating now... Are props for the next skit! I don't care! How could you eat these? It wasn't me! It was them! They unwrapped everything.

Why are you eating these? Don't eat those! I need to use those! I need to buy these again now! See? We're the real bad guys! (Knew This Would Happen) Yeongjin.

Yes, boss. Did you get the hotel contract I sent last night? Yes. I have it. That hotel is yours now. Thank you, boss! Boss!

You said you'd give me the hotel! You do your own job properly! I've been hearing bad things about you. Hey. You've really come up. Shouting in front of the big boss like that.

This isn't what you promised... What's your deal? Just step aside. Then I'll do things my way. How? I knew this would happen!

Which is why I prepared this. Boss. Hand over the hotel to me. Put that gun down now! You'll never get it! Then I have no choice!

Boss! What have you done? Mr. Song! Yes, boss. Take care of this. Yes, boss.

Do you think you'll be safe after this? Gosh, you're noisy. - Mr. Song. / - Yes. - Tie him up! / - Yes. If he had given me the hotel to begin with... What are you doing?

I knew this would happen! Which is why I won over Mr. Song with $300,000. Traitor! Do you think this is the end of me? Well what are you going to do?

It's over for you. I knew this would happen! Which is why I gave Mr. Song $600,000 to be on my side! What? $300,000 and $600,000... That means you make more than me!

Stop talking nonsense and fork over the hotel contract. Unless you want to be dead like the big boss! Who are you calling dead? - What? / - Boss! Didn't you die from a gunshot earlier?

I knew this would happen! Which is why I'm wearing a bullet-proof vest under. I knew this would happen! Which is why I changed it to a hiking vest. No wonder! See that?

Unless you want to end up like the big boss, hand over the contract! You think it'll all go so easily? I knew this would happen! Which is why my men are waiting outside. Boys!

Yes, boss! What do we do, boss? Come in! I knew this would happen! Which is why I covered the entrance in bricks! What happened?

Your guys can't get in! I knew this would happen! Which is why I turned this into a revolving door! Good, good, good. Now what will you do? It's just the two of you. Give it up!

Boss, we're out of options. I knew this would happen! Which is why I placed a killer to take you out! I knew this would happen! Which is why I placed a killer to take out that killer! I knew this would happen!

Which is why I placed a killer to take out the killer that will take out the killer that will take you out. Boss... We couldn't go that far. What? It's over for you now.

If I call the police... Hold it! I knew this would happen! Which is why I've kidnapped your precious wife! Honey! Honey!

Save me, honey! Honey! Are you okay? I took her last night while you were asleep. So... Give me that hotel contract in your pocket now!

How dare you? Look what you got me into! What have you been doing out of the house? You're in big trouble when we get home! I knew this would happen! Which is why I was pretending to be asleep last night.

Take her. You betray your wife? All I need is this contract. Hey, what's this? I knew this would happen! Which is why I washed your pants in the machine

when I knew the contract was in your pocket! Oh, no! I didn't know this would happen! (1 vs. 1) Quiz show 1 vs. 1! We have lots of contestants today.

Let's meet the first contestant. - Nice to meet you, Il Hoseon. / - Hello. You have something to show us today? I practiced beatboxing for today's show. - Really? / - Yes. What's wrong?

The smell of my breath almost killed me. - It's like a gas chamber! / - Gross! Stop it. Don't do that. Just try to answer the question. Here's your first one. It's another word for family.

It can also mean to eat together. What is the word? - This one. / - Answer. Roundworm. He's always eating with me. Then take medicine or something.

- You take medicine 3 minutes after a meal. / - Yes. But I've still never had a meal. Alright. You're wrong. Here's your second question. This is a speed quiz. You just need to fill in the blanks.

Go! - Don't eat... / - Give the food to me. - Even if your mouth turns... / - I can still eat fine. - Could chew rocks... / - Me! I'll try! All wrong! - All of them? / - Yeah.

What is it? Shocked? I haven't eaten that yet. Stop being ridiculous! Let's meet our next contestant! This contestant has memorized every wrong answer to be on our show. This is Jeong Yunho.

Nice to meet you. I've memorized these answers 100%. I think I can take the prize money today. That's great. I'll give you a test. This is your question. An expression used to describe when

a director wants to convey a message or art through the placement of screen, people or objects is called what? - Mise en scene. / - Amazing! I really hope you win. We'll start with the easy questions.

This is the first one. This is a question about hedgehogs, which are popular pets these days. What do hedgehogs have on their back? I don't know! That wasn't in here.

Because it's so easy. Why don't you know? It grows on their back. - Back? / - Yeah! - Bacne. / - No! Let me just read this one again. - Please give me more time. / - No.

- Just get the next one right. / - Okay. Here's the second one. This is about the traditional fairy tale "Heungbujeon." I know! "Heungbujeon" is a Korean story written in the Joseon era and also a pansori story.

It's also called "Heungbojeon" and "Nolbujeon." You got this! Here's the question! Who brought the gourd seed in "Heungbujeon?" That wasn't in here! That's because it's so easy! He brought the seed with his beak.

- Beak? / - Yeah. The African shoebill? What? That's even harder! You know. He suddenly showed up at Heungbu's house and gave it to him. Think!

- Suddenly showed up? / - Yes. - A communist guerilla! / - What? Why would you say that? Not that! It came hobbling over with the seed. It was hobbling! - Hobbling? / - Yeah!

- Zombie. / - What... Why would you say that? I'll make you eat your own words. Excuse me. What did you say? I want to eat some too. Lead the way. - Get out of here. / - Where can I eat?

Let's meet the next contestant. Politics was easier than quiz shows. Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun. 0! Okay... Don't do that here. Just answer the questions.

Stop that. Don't do that. Here's your question. This bird is an endangered species. They're known for rising the highest to fly. What is this bird?

This is it. - Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun. / - Yes. The thing that rises the highest is housing prices. What are you saying? It's true. Housing leases have sky-rocketed too high

for the people to afford. It's an endangered species. So are housing leases. You can't get a decent one. They've gone up so high that it's not much more expensive just to buy your own house.

Can't we do something about this? The people will be ruined at this rate. So what are you trying to say? That's why you should send Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun to the National Assembly. I can catch everything!

The only thing I let go of is my wife when she goes to her parents' house. Honey, go and relax for a few days. Or a few months would be better. Stop that. Don't do that.

Here's the second question. Bags of chips are a well-known example. What is the term for when you get an inflated price for something that's way less than it should be? - This is the answer. / - Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun

Something that's inflated even though it's worth less than the original value? Defense scandal. Gosh, what are you saying? No! It's true.

The defense industry that's connected to national security has always been accused of corruption. What happened before? A sonar that could be bought for $200,000 was bought for $4.1 million.

It's only as good as a fish finder used for finding fish. And that's not all. Field army patient beds that could be bought for $150 on the internet were bought for $1,300!

Why are those beds so expensive? Are they brand name beds? And that's not all. There's more and more. Money is bleeding! So what are you trying to say?

That's why you should send Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun to the National Assembly. People... I will not use the people's taxes rashly. The only thing I do is write comments on articles about me.

Let's see... "Lee Sanghun is hilarious and totally handsome." Thank you, username Waha. - Who's username Waha? / - Me. Stop that. You can go now.

Let's meet our next contestant. I will answer every question. 1st place is mine. Jung Haecheol, let's go, go, go! I'll answer everything right. Great, Haecheol. Please answer the questions slowly this time.

Calm down a bit. Go slowly. Please listen until the end. This question is about art. - Mona Lisa... / - Tissue. Let me finish.

The Mona Lisa is currently hanging... In a bathroom. Not that! Don't you know the Mona Lisa? - Cho Yongpil? / - Not the song! - Leonardo... / - DiCaprio. No! Forget this. Moving on.

Next one. Please let me finish. It's a question about history. - Taejo Wang Geon... / - Choi Sujong! Not him! Let me finish.

- The one by his side... / - Ha Huira! I drown myself in alcohol because of you these days. Wine-marinated pork belly. Pork belly? Feel how hard I am. - Frozen pork belly? / - Hey... Don't make fun of me because I'm fat.

I'm talking to a girl now. - Your mom. / - Gosh! Get out! Let's meet our last contestant. Hello. I got to the hospital these days, I'm Lee Byeongwon.

Lee Byeongwon... What will you do if you win the prize money? I'll go to Mojito for a glass of Maldives. You've switched them around? I want to get married these days. That couple looks so beautiful.

Ya Sunghoon and Choono Shiho. Not Choono Shiho. It's Yano Shiho. Ya Sunghoon and Choono Shiho. Choo Sunghoon and Yano Shiho. Kidding me are you? - Are you kidding me? / - Kidding me are you?

- What are you doing? / - Massaging your shoulders. - Answer the questions. / - Okay. Here's the first one. This is a port city in Russia. This place was also the Korean independence movement was during Japanese rule.

I'll give you a hint. I learned this during history class. Answer. Vladibotox! Why would you say botox? It sounded weird. Mix them around again.

Kvltokdivora! What? What is that? Kidding me are you? - Are you kidding me. / - Kidding me are you? - What is this? / - Warming up my mouth.

Stop that! Here's the second question. This is a very popular product for charging your smart phone on the go. What do you call this product that allows you to conveniently

charge your smart phone wherever you are. Hint. - I have one of these. / - Good. Answer. Chargery batter. What on earth is that?

It didn't sound right! Try again! Charger battery. What are you doing? Why are you showing your belly hair? - That was wrong too? / - All wrong! I was going to sing a song if I won.

What are you saying? Mama's "Who's Your JYP?" JYP's "Who's Your Mama?" / - ♪ Who's your JYP ♪ ♪ How can kidding me are you ♪ - ♪ Loosen up ♪ / - Stop it! - This has been... / - Sang Minyoo.

Yoo Minsang! - Kidding... / - Kidding me are you? (Like a Family) 10th grade class 3, get on bus 13. - Soyoung, hurry and get on. / - Okay. Soyoung!

- Soyoung! / - Suji. You forgot lunch. I brought it here. Not yours. Your teacher's. It's a lunch filled with love. - I'll take it without the love. / - Gosh!

Soyoung, buy something yummy for yourself with this. Is this it? Don't be like that, Hyeonjeong! She's going on a field trip and you only give her $10?

What are you going to do with all that money? You take us for bums? I was going to take all my money to buy you a bag for your alumni meeting. You're a bum if you can't make your own money. Accept that thankfully.

I'm sorry but we need to get going soon. - Let's go, Soyoung. / - Yes. - Soyoung! / - Soyoung! Mom! Dad! Take your jacket. - What is this? / - It gets chilly in Gangwon-do.

You're Soyoung's parents. Hello. Look. The teacher is dressed warm because his wife got him his jacket. Sir, I'm still a bachelor. You are? Great! You two get hitched!

Get married! You go on a field trip and they go on a honeymoon. What are you doing? You're embarrassing the teacher! You don't know your place, old man! Did you eat chicken, you old bag?

Why are you clucking? Chicken reminds me of something. You were talking to some granny in front of the chicken soup restaurant. Who is she? She just came to have soup.

I'm leaving. Where are you going? I'm going to tear out the hair of that woman from the soup restaurant. I'll make her cross her legs like chicken in chicken ginseng soup

and then I'll beat her silly with her cane. - Gosh! / - Stay still. Sit down! Anyway, I'm going. Oh, right! I didn't buy a selfie stick! Geez...

Dad, please give me $30 to buy Soyoung's selfie stick. A selfie stick doesn't cost $30. I want to buy one for myself too. When I take a selfie with Yeonggil, only one of us shows up because our faces are too big!

Pay up! Gosh! You're as stubborn as a cow! Auntie, you're so ignorant. It's as stubborn as a bull. - You're so ignorant! / - Nephew! Shut it!

Shut it? Now I want raw fish. Dad, buy me raw fish. Did you hear that, dad? Give me $200 to buy raw fish. How does raw fish cost $200?

I have to take the bus to Wolmido to have some! And I want a ride on the spinning bouncer too! Pay up! You insolent brat! Bring me my cane! Dad, I'm 50 years old now!

I'm stronger than you! Don't be like that, Hwisun! You shouldn't talk back to someone who mutters to himself staring at the wall! I never muttered in front of the wall! You stay out of this, dad!

Why you... Bring me my cane! Dad, I'm... Stronger than you now! So unclassy for a woman... Do you like classy women? - I'm leaving then. / - Where?

To tear out the hairs of classy old ladies. When those classy old bags are enjoying their classy music, I'll punch their stomachs on a staccato beat. I'm here. Soyoung, I hear you have a field trip.

- How could you dad? / - What? You never invite me when the family goes on trips. When did I not invite you? Don't you remember, dad? You didn't take me on your honeymoon.

- What? / - I don't want to hear it! Buy me a bus so I can travel alone. Why do you need a bus to travel alone? So I can take the bus-only lane. There's traffic, dad! How fortunate.

Drop me of at Wolmido. Gosh! Stop being ridiculous. What are you all doing? The other kids are staring! How embarrassing! I'm not going on my field trip!

- Don't go! / - I'm not going! Quiet! You brats should be happy! All you do is complain. You should be glad you can go to field trips. In our day, we were so dirt poor that

we couldn't even go to school. Soyoung. It's the English teacher. - Hurry. / - Hurry? Yes, teacher! - I love my teacher! / - Dad!

Yes, teacher! (Veteran) When is the sound director getting here? Senior! - The sound director just got here. / - Yeah? But we've never worked with him before.

We're veterans. Let's just wing it. Alright. The performance is starting! Look at the time. What is taking this old geezer so long? I'm thirsty.

Dang it. Hello. I'll pay you back, CEO Kim. As long as I get this company, $3 million is like a pack of gum. So just give me a week longer.

Okay. Dang it. That old geezer needs to hurry and step down. I need to open the door to get in... Hey... How am I supposed to get in without the knob?

Oh, it's a sliding door? What's up, big bro? Who are you calling bro? You're the son of a mistress. And don't get it twisted because dad's nice to you. Once I get the company,

you're finished. - Bro... / - Get off me! Hey, go open the window. Alright. Nice weather today. Close it! Close it!

You said it was nice out. I like weather like this. So when is dad getting here? I'll call him. The person can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the tone.

He's not picking me. Dang it... - Mungyu. / - Hello, dad. Hey. Umm... Dad, you can walk now. I've been exercising regularly.

I'm all better now. So what's with the wheelchair? All company presidents need that. Oh, right. You... Why didn't you come to the meeting on this day?

I had some personal matters. Do you know how much of a loss we suffered? What is it now? So why didn't you come to Ahn Jaewook's wedding? Well... The thing is...

I don't even know him! Cho Saeho didn't go. You should've gone instead! Your life is trash! So what is it today? Well, you're getting old now, dad. You're unwell.

- Hand the company over to me. / - What? You disrespectful... My head... Mungyu. - Get me some aspirin. / - Sure, dad. - My head... / - Here you go.

Why'd you give me so much? It comes in two bottles. Two bottles. Two bottles. Don't you stress me out too. - Secretary Jeong. / - Yes, sir.

Get me some water. Cold water. Gosh... Actually, warm water. What's with this thing? What am I supposed to do?

Dad! Dad! Dad, it's over. You sure are healthy. Why did you start dancing? It's the best for relieving stress. Dad, you've worked here a long time.

Just put your stamp on this... - And the company is mine. / - No. I can't do that! Dad! ♪ Get up now ♪ Dad! Dad...

♪ Get up now ♪ I'm up. Dad. Put your stamp on this. Where's your stamp? - In the safe, right? / - No!

- This isn't right. / - Get off me! Open it up! Bro! Why'd you open this? - Open the safe. / - Oh... This. I'll never open the safe!

I said I wouldn't... Why is the passcode so long? Why is it calling? The person can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the tone. Please open the safe.

It opened. Dad. I know you hate me. Just stamp the form and I'll be out of your hair. No... No!

Dad! I'm gone with the wind! (Manly Men) Why'd you call me out this time? I was just feeling bummed out from breaking up with my girlfriend.

Yeah? I thought things were going well. I still can't understand! Listen to this. I was 30 minutes late to a date with my girlfriend. I was worried about what to say to her and she said,

"Just apologize like a man if you're late." Like a man? Like a man? What's acting like a man? I guess you've met many manly men! So then she said, "Forget all that.

I want to marry a guy like you." What a relief. Marry? Marry? Then what about dating? Have all your fun with other guys

and then marry me when it's time to get married? I think you're seeing someone. Oh, all those manly men. - That's why you broke up? / - Yeah. Should I ask her out again saying let's get married? Just forget her.

Oh, forget this. I'm getting drunk tonight. Gosh, what kind of loser drinks over breaking up? Geez... I can't sleep otherwise! What kind of loser drinks over breaking up? - Geez... / - Are you okay?

What kind of loser drinks over breaking up? - Geez... / - You're drunk, aren't you? - I'm fine. / - You reek of booze! No, I'm fine. Hey. Why'd you break up? Get it together. I told you earlier.

You did? I don’t remember. Stop drinking. - So annoying... / - It's Myunghoon. I'm going to break up with my girlfriend. Why? She wanted to eat blood sausages,

so we paid $2 each and ordered some. We really enjoyed them. I should break up with her, right? - Why? / - Why? It came with two pieces of liver but she ate them both.

Then shouldn't she pay me 30 cents as compensation if she's a decent human being? That's the humane thing to do. If she's someone who knows how the turtle felt when he went to get the bunny's liver. What are you saying?

She asked, "Honey, do you like liver?" Then she looked at my piece of liver. She ate it before I could even answer. Then I looked at her to see if she wasn't out of her mind. - Gosh! / - So scary.

She wasn't. Seeing her smile and eat the liver reminded me of a nine-tailed fox. She started to smile as she ate the liver... - And I just got upset. / - What is this? I can't believe the woman I loved

was Owrel. What's that? One who really enjoys liver. - Owrel. / - So scary. I'd better go. Where to?

I'm either getting 30 cents or breaking up. Time to settle this. Good luck, man. Go meet that Owrel. What a bunch of losers. Men shouldn't be crying over

being dumped by girls! Geez... You've never done that, mister? No way! Once we break up, it's over. I don't even remember the name of my ex. Gosh... That's it. I'll set you boys up.

Tell me if you see a photo you like. - Me! / - Fine, meet all of them! Dahye! Why are you the one to decide when we start up and when we end things? Was that convenient for you?

You'll end up ruined like that! Mister, are you okay? Fine, fine. It's nothing. I should shout it out and forget it all. So you boys shouldn't live with regret like me. Do your best when you have a girl.

Dahye! What are you doing, mister? I've never seen someone struggle that much. - It's Myunghoon. / - What happened? I explained things to my girlfriend and asked for 30 cents.

She was like, "What? You came to see me using 30 cents as an excuse?" Isn't that ridiculous? So I asked for my 30 cents again. She said, "What? I bet you'd break up over $1 then."

She laughed as she said that. So then what? We broke up as she was laughing. Now this is a beautiful breakup. You're the manliest! (Real Soap Opera)

Hello. Kim Daesung and Kim Nahee. Let's start the script reading for "Mob Boss and Female Detective" episode 2. Wait, wait, wait. Director, I read the script and I saw that

there's a dragon tattoo. Please change this. Why? You know me. I'm the prince of Asia Kim Daesung. - Jin Daqing. / - Right, right.

Change the dragon tattoo to Pikachu... - For my Japanese fans. / - What? I drew one on me. Pikachu! - Change it to this. / - No... I won't tell you twice.

- Just make it happen. / - No... - Do it. / - The problem is... - Do it. / - Please. I've told you three times already! Pikachu! Alright.

Change the dragon tattoo to Pikachu. What? A mob boss with a Pikachu tattoo? Oh, so what? He can give out electricity when he's angry. It'll be shocking for his opponents. Real exciting.

Right? Jin Da... Qing. - Please say it properly. / - Sorry. Sorry for being late! Hold on. Who are you?

I'm playing the beggar. Hey, why'd you cast a real beggar? I'm actually rich. So you dressed like a beggar for the reading? I just came from a salon in Gangnam. No, no. It's okay.

Come looking exactly like this to the set. I don't think I'll look right without makeup. You were born for this role. Got it? Great casting! Let's continue with the reading.

Nahee and Daesung's kissing scene! Ready... Action! - Detective Kim. / - Daesung! What happened? Are you being released? Yes. I'll wash my hands of this life and start anew.

Because I love you, Detective Kim. - Daesung... / - Detective Kim... What the... Use mouthwash before kissing. Hold on, hold on. What's with the mouthwash all of a sudden?

I, Jin Daqing, am a spokesmodel in China for this mouthwash. That's why this has to be in it. - No. / - I won't tell you twice. - Just make it happen. / - No... - Do it. / - The problem is...

- Do it. / - This is... I've told you three times again already! Writer, what do I do about this scene? It's not bad. She says it's not bad. Make sure you add the mouthwash.

But that's weird. It is not. He's cleaning up his act and his mouth. And he can prevent cavities! Isn't that great? Right? Jin Da...

- Qing. / - Are you doing this on purpose? No. I'm sorry. Let's continue with the reading. You two are getting married at a church... Where's the pastor role? - Did you cast one? / - He should be here.

Sorry for being late. I'm sorry. You're playing a pastor! What's with this outfit? I rushed over here from playing a shaman on "God of Straw Cutter." That drama's in the same time slot as ours.

You play a pastor here and a shaman there? That's ridiculous! It's because I'm struggling. The gas got cut off at my house, so I spent the entire cold winter in Hawaii. I almost died of boredom!

- What are you saying? / - Just help me out! I memorized your entire script. Please, director! Stop ringing that thing! - Go sit down. / - Thank you. Gosh...

So, this is an important scene. The mob boss that quit the life and a female detective gets married. Ready... Action! Do you, Kim Daesung, swear to never do an evil deed

and love your bride, Kim Nahee? Yes, I do. You, Kim Nahee... Will ruin your husband's life! Break up! Break up!

What are you doing? I got confused, director! - I'm sorry. / - Get it together! I will. This drama must be cursed. Cursed? Then we need an exorcism!

Away, evil spirits! This is such a mess! (Serious Kingdom) According to the Serious Records of Joseon... During the rule of King Serious, it was said that laughter made the nation silly

and so the serious era began... Despite laughter being banned in this nation, you dare make the people laugh? I'm going to find the criminal and punish him. - We're innocent, Sire! / - Be quiet! The mastermind is among you for sure.

- Who is it? / - Sire. It is said that he made people laugh with a Korean poem. - A Korean poem? / - Yes. Fine. Recite a Korean poem. But make it unfunny and serious.

The topic will be celebrity names. How can we be unfunny with a poem? Be unfunny? - Ask us something that's possible! / - Yeah! - Please ask a possible request. / - I can't do it. You all must be confident.

Fine then. You're first. - Alright. / - Okay. I'll show you the past life experience version. - Past life experience? / - I'll do Lexy. Lexy? Alright. Lexy...

They must love me. They're coming from Japan, China and all over the world to Gangnam just to see me. Right. - I was... / - Lexy. Silicon.

Don't pick your nose. You'll ruin your nose job. I'll be upset if you get a filler! So he's the unfunny one. We have a winner! Congratulations. You made me flustered.

So.. What's this? Get over here. You're next. - Me? / - Yeah. Alright. - Feel pressured? / - No.

I'll do the "right in the childhood" version. - I'll do Dok2. / - Right in the childhood? - Right in the childhood. Dok2. / - Dok2. - Right in the childhood? Alright. / - Yes. Dok2. The woodcutter was sad when he dropped his

axe in the water. The mountain god appeared with a poof. Dok2. Who dropped an axe on my head? - This is nuts. / - We have a winner! You'll fall off the stage.

Got anything? I'll try this time. Then I'll scoot over again. - So it's your turn? / - Yes. Alright. I only prepared one today.

Just beat him. Beat him for now. It's a "right in the childhood" version. - Right in the childhood? / - Yes. I think everyone knows this one. - I'll do U-ie. / - U-ie.

Alright. I'll look forward to this. U-ie. The stepmother was angry when the glass slipper didn't fit and she threw it. Cinderella saw this, picked up the glass slipper

and said this... U-ie. This is bulletproof glass, you old bag! - A few people seemed to like that one. / - Yes. I should've prepared more. It's too bad I only prepared one.

Did you prepare a lot? - Let me test the waters first. / - Okay. - What will you do? / - A historical drama version. - Alright. / - I'll do GD. GD? Okay. G...

We must reinforce the castle walls immediately! Stack the walls high! Do it now! I'd better take action! D. Beat him!

Hold on... I knew this would happen and prepared another. - You have one more? / - I'll do Zico. - Zico? / - Yes. - Alright. / - Zico. Zico...

How can we not have any capable people? I'll give the people an opportunity to get a position in public office. Listen up, everyone! Zico... ♪ Call Junhowill to pass the public servant exam ♪

- ♪ Real estate related exams ♪ / - Beat him! I knew this would happen and prepared one more. I'll do Momo of TWICE. - Momo? / - Yes. Alright. Mo...

All the soldiers, listen up! I'm sure you're all weary from the war. Let me say this one thing to boost your morale! Mo. ♪ Sunflower seeds from head to toe ♪

♪ Sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds ♪ Beat him!

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