English Subtitles for Cosas de casa. Nivel B1

Subtitles / Closed Captions - English

Houses always have lots of objects. For example, in this bathroom, there is a basin,

under, a small cupboard and above, a mirror. Up there, there are two bulbs, There's a tap in the basin, a toothbrush and a bottle of soap. There's a tower and toilet paper on the wall, and a scale on the ground. There's a toilet on the left, and a tank above it.

On the left, there's a bidet and on top some bath towels On the side, there's a black and white curtain, a bathtub, and a matt. There's a shower in the bathtub, a bottle of shower gel and shampoo. There are always lots of things in the living room. There's a PlayStation and DVD player next to the TV. Between the two, there's a plant.

To the right of the DVD player, there're some white jars and above, some black jars. There are many crystal cups and white coffee glasses on the shelves. In the hall, there is a mirror, a lamp, a painting, a vase and a small cupboard. On the left of the furntiture, on the wall, there is a socket. and a switch.

There's also an airconditioning. In this bedroom, there's a two-door wardrobe and two drawers. To the left, there's a bed and a window behind. There's a desk with a printer and laptop under the window. There's a paper bin on the floor, next to the chair. There are shelves with books, games and music CD on the wall.

On the opposite wall, there are posters of music bands. Beside the door, there's a radiator and a lamp on the ceiling. (English Translation by Elham Arabi)

Video Description

Un vídeo de español para extranjeros del nivel B1 sobre vocabulario de los objetos del hogar y adverbios de lugar.
Con subtítulos en español, inglés, francés e italiano.
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