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No, Rishi. No, dude! If you...

No! Look, Tanuja... If she sees you, then she'll beat you up. She'll surely toss me down the stairs! You just go to sleep quietly. That's it! It's written in your fate that you'll just... ...keep squirming for Tanuja and go to sleep.

'It seems like there's a power failure. Yes! This is my chance.' 'I tried a lot not to come here.' 'But my heart just didn't budge.' 'I'm not at any fault in this.' 'Only my heart is at fault.' 'Gosh! The alarm is ringing!'

Mom! 'Oh God! Mom is inside and daughter, outside!' 'Where do I hide myself?' Mom! - Good morning, Natasha! Good morning, mom! Why did you come to my room so early in the morning?

Mom, Mr. Handsome... Mr. Handsome, so early in the morning? I just saw him! 'The daughter is smarter than her mother! She saw me in her sleep!' Where did you see him? Outside the window? No, not outside. I saw him inside.

'This cutie pie will surely get me beaten up, today.' Inside the house? - Yes. In my room! Mom, in my room, not in yours. In your room?! What do you mean? Mom, I saw ghosts in my dream.

They attacked Natasha. Mr.Handsome saved me, then. 'I'll always save you. I promise you.' Mom, I need to thank Mr.Handsome. Okay. Thank him. But not now. It's too early. He might be asleep right now.

He is not well, so let's not disturb him. So, do it later in the day. Mom, don't make excuses. Call him now. Please, mom! You are very stubborn. He is not picking up the phone. Perhaps he doesn’t want to talk to you.

No, mom. It's morning. He might be taking a shower. He might have kept the mobile away. I'll go, take a shower. Don't disturb me. If Mr.Handsome calls up, knock the door.

Okay, ma'am. Now let's go and get a shower. You need to have breakfast too or you'll be late for school as usual. When did I select the dress? What's wrong with me? I don't remember anything these days. Oh no! I got so late. Oh no! Forget about breakfast. I'll have lunch in the office.

Let me inform Samar. Tanuja. Hello! - Samar, don't come to pick me up. Don't come here, I'll reach Bedi's office directly. 'Say that to AK as well.' 'That you will go to Rishi on your own.'

Thanks, Tanuja. I thought, because of yesterday... But you are so sweet. I would have to call AK many times... ...had it been AK in your place. No, it's okay. I'll go to Rishi. I mean, I'll go to his office. I am very late. Bye!

Oh no! How can I go to office in these clothes? I'll have to go home and... I must reach the office before her anyhow. I'll jump out of the window. Sorry, Tanuja. Rishi is a little late. A little late?! - A little bit! - A little bit late!

He has no respect for time. Isn't that good? This way, we are together under the same roof. Food? Food? Did you bring this lunch? Wow! Is this lunchbox yours? What an aroma! It seems delicious.

Tanuja doesn't share her food with anyone. But, the aroma is too tempting, isn't it? How... - Morning! Morning. I am sorry, afternoon. I am a little late, sorry. Rishi, you are 2-3 hours late. It's only 2-3 hours. Big deal.

By the way, you look nice. Your dress. Actually, that's how Punjabis are. They say what they feel. Don't mind, please. Am I right? Wow, is it lunch break? Yes. - First, let's eat and then work.

I am famished. Elders say that food comes first... ...then work. Am I right, Tanuja? Nice. You go and get lunch box. - Plates! Plates! When do we get lunch box to work? So what? We have this. - No, hold on. Tanuja doesn't share food with strangers.

Stranger? I am family. I mean, me and AK have merged our business. So, we are partners, right? Come on, let's eat together. - Yes, right. We will have in one plate. It increases love.- Tanuja, join us. Let's... Let's... - Please have.

Will you eat? Here, eat. Wow! My favourite, cumin rice. Amazing. The food smells the same, even today. Excuse me. What are you doing? What did you do?

Nothing, I stopped the lift. What else? Now, you will be with me in this lift. Why are you doing this, Rishi? - Because you are not doing it. Rishi... Rishi, please... Stop all this right now. Please. - Hey. I've stopped it. Look, the lift has stopped.

Rishi, you... - Yes, you and me. Me and you. No one can come between us. You are making me angry. - You always get angry. You always fight with me. With others, you are always like this. You smile sweetly at others. You always get livid at me.

Because that's how you behave. What you've done, no one else... -No one else will dare to do it. I wouldn't even care if someone else did this. You don't care, but you know... Anyway, forget that. Atleast, don't fight now. Tell me, how can I ... I just want to see a smile on your face and...

...a little bit of love. Please, Tanuja. Chahat and Shivika got into a fight. - Is it? So I patched them up. - Good girl. Mom, do you know, everyone in school... ...calls dad a hero.

Is it? That's because your father is a hero. Sit quietly now and I will get something to eat. Mom, listen. - Yes? Why didn't you come to save me when there was an attack? Because mom realised it a long time after it was over. Mom, be strong. You cry for every small thing.

Is it? This is how Mothers are. No, my friend Natasha's mom is really strong. What? I forgot to tell you. - What? It was Natasha’s mom who saved me from the bad men. In the school. - Is it?

And you know what? Everybody in school... ...talks about dad and Natasha's mom. Is it? Did your dad and Tanuja meet? Who is Tanuja? I mean, Natasha's mom. Did they meet in school? Mom, the two of them don't even know each other.

'The two of them know each other since years.' Rishi, please stop asking these useless questions. So, my questions are useless now? A question, again? What happened to you? Are you alright? A question, again.

Tanuja, tell me... - I am suffocating. I am cluster phobic. - You never told me. This happened just a few days ago, it's a new illness. I cannot breathe, please... - Wait a minute, relax. I want to get out of this place. - Okay, relax. Calm down. I... You never told me so I...

It's hurt there. Can't you see, it's hurting there? There will be an alarm over there. You have a phone as well right? Please call. - Wait a minute. Relax, I will call Manpreet. - What was the need to do this? He will call the reception. - I had lost my mind. They will send an electrician, relax.

Call! - Calm down, please. Why are you getting so hyper? I am calling Manpreet 'I have just sent Manpreet home.' Rishi, what are you doing? Please make it quick. Wait a minute, there’s no network.

You never have the network. Call from my phone. I'll die of... - Calm down. I am doing it. Whose number is this? Hello? Rishi? When did you change your phone number? Dude, this is not my phone.

This is Tanuja's phone. - Tanuja's number? That means, Tanuja is with you? Stop asking questions. We are stuck in the lift. You're stuck in the lift, again? That too, with Tanuja? First tell me, why do you always get stuck with Tanuja? Don't repeat what I say. I know what I am saying.

You just call the receptionist and ask them to send someone. She isn't well. You're understanding, right? Just 2 minutes, okay? Send quickly. Okay? Thank you. Bye. Office's number. 'Is this an accident or a plan of destiny?'

'No, I will go to the office right away.' 'I will make Tanuja realise that we don't...' '...have any space for her in our lives anymore.' Look! I am sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. Is it too hot? You're laughing on my condition?

No, actually... You smiled and so... Am I laughing? I am not laughing. I am getting suffocated. I mean, you always get very angry when you see me. I'm so sorry. So, you.. When do you behave nicely with me? You also fight whenever you meet.

You'll not look at yourself? You'll find all flaws in me. You're hurt. It must be paining, right? You're worried? No... This happens quite often. - I am not worried. Often, the one who gives pain do feels bad for the other.

I mean, he feels bad because he is guilty. No, this often happens. But don't worry, I'll go through any pain for you. You know what? Even if I am about to die, then... Rishi Singh Bedi... ...don't talk about life and death in front of me.

Why? - Because I don't like it. What are you doing, Tanuja? Even you'll hurt yourself.

Video Description

Rishi sneaks into Tanuja’s room at night as he loves her immensely. However, he is nervous to tell her so. In the office lift, Rishi intentionally locks himself up with Tanuja. However, will he muster up the courage to tell her that he loves her? Stay tuned to find out.

Kasam is a story of star crossed lovers Rishi and Tanu who are destined to be together since birth. Their love has stood the test of time, cheating even death. This story of reincarnation will even make non believers believe in love.

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