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with the audio bed in place and set to a 30 second duration I'm now ready to place the visuals the style frames indicate that there's going<font color="#E5E5E5"> to be motion</font> graphics and lighting effects created for each of the featured athletes I like

to<font color="#CCCCCC"> call these hero shots</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> I'm going to</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">place these three hero shots in specific</font> locations in<font color="#CCCCCC"> the timeline and what I</font> like<font color="#E5E5E5"> to do</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> is use both the music and the</font> narration cues to guide where I drop those<font color="#CCCCCC"> H+ sport style frames and this</font>

allows me to sketch out the timing of where the hero shots are<font color="#E5E5E5"> going to go in</font> my<font color="#E5E5E5"> sequence I'm going to play through</font> the audio bed and<font color="#E5E5E5"> describe for you how I</font> decide where to place these hero shots you work hard and play harder water

can't give you back what you lose h+ as what you need<font color="#CCCCCC"> ok so</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> I've started playing</font> through the sequence and I've listened <font color="#CCCCCC">to that driving beat of the music and I</font> started visually imagining a montage <font color="#CCCCCC">that sort</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> of builds to a hero shot and</font>

I'm<font color="#E5E5E5"> deciding where to place this first</font> hero shot and what I've decided is that the<font color="#E5E5E5"> first time I hear the narrator say h</font> plus is a great place to drop that <font color="#E5E5E5">because we really</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> want to identify an</font> image or a look with this brand and this

hero shot is going to have some beautiful lighting and motion graphic effects so that's a<font color="#E5E5E5"> great way to</font> emphasize the brand I'll select<font color="#E5E5E5"> a two</font> second duration for the<font color="#E5E5E5"> clip and again</font> I'm randomly choosing about<font color="#E5E5E5"> two seconds</font>

but I know because<font color="#CCCCCC"> this</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> is only a 30</font> second spot you don't have a lot<font color="#CCCCCC"> of time</font> to work<font color="#CCCCCC"> with and most of the cuts are</font> going to be pretty<font color="#E5E5E5"> quick so I'm going to</font> <font color="#CCCCCC">grab that shot and</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> just drop it here in</font> the<font color="#E5E5E5"> timeline now notice how I've opened</font>

up<font color="#E5E5E5"> the a1 audio</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> track so you can see the</font> visual waveform represented for the narration and I'm pressing s to unlock snapping so i can<font color="#E5E5E5"> drop this clip exactly</font> where he says <font color="#E5E5E5">h+ sport which is this waveform here h+</font>

as what you need natural electrolytes from plants not chemicals h+ isn't made in a lab too much sugar<font color="#CCCCCC"> okay I stopped</font> again where I<font color="#E5E5E5"> heard a change in the</font> music and notice<font color="#E5E5E5"> how</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> that change in the</font> music happens almost at the halfway

point it's a<font color="#E5E5E5"> 30-second spot this is 16</font> seconds and right in this area here although this is the narration we're looking at this is about where<font color="#E5E5E5"> I noticed</font> a change in the music that's<font color="#E5E5E5"> a great</font> place for another hero shot<font color="#E5E5E5"> I'm going to</font>

go over and grab hero shot number two now I<font color="#E5E5E5"> don't really know</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> that the client</font> intended me to put these in<font color="#E5E5E5"> this order 1</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">2 3 but it's a fairly safe thing to</font> assume since they named that one two three<font color="#E5E5E5"> that that's what they're imagining</font>

and that can change later on so again I'll choose two seconds<font color="#E5E5E5"> of the second</font> hero shot and I'll drop<font color="#CCCCCC"> this in the</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">place</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> where I heard the music change</font> occur at the halfway point in my sequence backing up<font color="#E5E5E5"> and playing through</font>

it eight in<font color="#E5E5E5"> the lab too much</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> sugar</font> dehydrates you and Rob's your energy when you need it most<font color="#CCCCCC"> okay so I like</font> that that little change in the music right here brings us into another hero shot now I'll play forward and listen

again and find<font color="#CCCCCC"> another place to put the</font> third hero shot<font color="#E5E5E5"> h plus only has five</font> grams everything you need nothing you don't now i'm tempted to place this third hero shot where we've got the<font color="#CCCCCC"> tagline</font>

everything you need nothing you don't but the product shot which was called the end frame is probably going<font color="#E5E5E5"> to end</font> up here at the<font color="#E5E5E5"> very end I don't know if</font> I want<font color="#E5E5E5"> to use the final hero shot</font> leading into the product shot but right

in here at this point the narrator says <font color="#CCCCCC">h+ again so it's another opportunity</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> for</font> me to emphasize the brand<font color="#E5E5E5"> right here h+</font> only has five<font color="#CCCCCC"> gray and it nicely breaks</font> up again from the position<font color="#E5E5E5"> in the</font> sequence where I have a hero shot to the

end where I'm going to have a product shot it's about the halfway point again so<font color="#E5E5E5"> I'll choose the third style frame</font> soccer player select a two second duration and drop this in where I see the audio waveform said<font color="#E5E5E5"> h+ again h+ only</font>

has five grams everything you need nothing you don't h plus natural rehydration you work<font color="#E5E5E5"> ok here at the end</font> is where I want<font color="#E5E5E5"> to place that end frame</font> the product shot so at<font color="#E5E5E5"> this point I</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">don't really care what the duration is</font>

I'm just going<font color="#CCCCCC"> to drop it in and snap it</font> to the end of the sequence and then I'll just trim back so that it completely covers the final phrase h plus h plus natural rehydration now<font color="#E5E5E5"> I love that the</font> designer gave me three style frames

three unique hero shots because it follows something i like to use in every edit which I refer<font color="#CCCCCC"> to</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> as the rule of</font> threes many artists use this and there's a<font color="#E5E5E5"> lot of different</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> ways to</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> explain it</font> but essentially if i'm going<font color="#E5E5E5"> to use</font>

effect shots treated shots like these will have motion graphics and lighting effects placed on them I like<font color="#CCCCCC"> to use</font> that effect at least three times even in a short piece like this<font color="#E5E5E5"> that's only 30</font> seconds it doesn't mean I won't use

additional effects or some effects twice like at<font color="#E5E5E5"> the beginning in</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> the end I may</font> have bookends in other words something I use only at the start<font color="#E5E5E5"> and end of the</font> sequence but in the body of the sequence the fact that i can use<font color="#CCCCCC"> or repeat the</font>

same type of effect<font color="#E5E5E5"> three times is</font> really elegant it almost always works there's<font color="#E5E5E5"> something</font> psychologically for<font color="#E5E5E5"> people about the</font> number<font color="#E5E5E5"> three it's kind of like if you</font> see to things like two trees there are a

couple<font color="#CCCCCC"> of trees but if you have three or</font> <font color="#CCCCCC">more of something people accept it as</font> many a grove of trees so this way you establish a look for the<font color="#CCCCCC"> piece and it's</font> not too sparse there's not just two effects there's at least three so I love

<font color="#E5E5E5">that and look at the clips in the</font> sequence I'm really liking how the hero shots are quickening what I mean<font color="#CCCCCC"> by that</font> is as we build we see a hero shot but as you get towards the halfway mark the hero shots come closer together see how

the clips are getting closer together as we move towards the end of<font color="#E5E5E5"> the sequence</font> as we approach the<font color="#E5E5E5"> climax which is the</font> end of<font color="#E5E5E5"> the spot the product shot I've</font> quickened the pacing now shot placement may change later on in fact I'm sure<font color="#CCCCCC"> it</font>

will as this is only a temp audio bed but I've sketched out the timing and the <font color="#E5E5E5">placement of the hero shots and the</font> ending product shot so now I have an effective guide for pacing the cut a membership to<font color="#E5E5E5"> linda.com unlocks this</font>

entire course<font color="#E5E5E5"> and hundreds of others</font> visit linda.com<font color="#E5E5E5"> to learn more</font>

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Mapping out the timing and duration of visuals is an important part of the editing process in Premiere Pro. Find out how to sketch visuals with style frames in this tutorial. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Premiere-Pro-tutorials/Commercial-Editing-Techniques-Premiere-Pro/122430-2.html?utm_campaign=qsGFqL_LJeY&utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube.

This tutorial is a single movie from the Commercial Editing Techniques with Premiere Pro course presented by lynda.com author Christine Steele. The complete course is 2 hours and 43 minutes and shows how compose short-form advertisements in Adobe Premiere Pro and create spots that market a brand as well as sell a product.

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