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you good given in a situation where you had to make a quick yet tough decision

like this get to see you there is a raccoon attacking this guy's dog now watch how he reacts now when I saw this video I didn't wanna last but not gonna lie I laughed so hard I thought the little I mean he fucking powerbomb that little bastard somersaults know this video is blown up this week with almost 3 million views now the superhero in this

is a guy named Kevin Rose the founder of dating that count now according to Rose around 1 a.m. he heard his dog toaster yelping and whining outside and so the raccoon was attacking him so he ran out to protect his doc and I protective easy flung at very little bastard down a flight of stairs by you honestly I think rose did the right thing

raccoons can spread rabies and rumors which can also be hurtful the time to say I'm not in the cruelty to animals but I reckon with a tag with my pets I probably would've been a lot meaner and you know what else guys and Florida this reckon could legally shot and killed a guy and look I don't wanna hear it from all you animal activists were like

you could issue the raccoon away shuster raccoon share I'm just sayin save your comments don't leave comments like these cool do you know you do the raccoon doesn't know right from wrong hollywood he was a mentally ill child after all that fuckin get down a flight of stairs sleep the whole thing sucks but sometimes you gotta make a quick decision like that not all Pokemon rose for tossing the raccoon in such a hilarious way

so what do you think was an animal cruelty did Kevin Rose do the right thing you know where I stand I don't take my word for it check out the original link is in the description I'll see you guys tomorrow I'm ray william johnson and I'm a good method you well

you well I never wanted to hear Morgan Freeman say the word poop several dozen times yes

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