English Subtitles for TEDxBucharest - Sandra Pralong - 10/16/09

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ok %uh well

well way yeah for supplies cleaners I will always love you you know I was as far as hell or issue or I me all and yeah oh yeah alright bro

it took me well draft first me first follow for all her this %uh and that way Sol I I'll always just perhaps higher than in other countries be interesting to see on that all I'll

full golf ball all trial it took me all here the hallway I thank you so much for letting well here's I this it was I am A L %uh latest tell you something that you already have

car this morning so you you wobble you 36 like slide you that point like all over it it for me for all up this morning so it rather you borrow I'll tell civil society

yeah okay at I'll the follow Lao hello at all you wear a lot well surprise or what also was alright and this guy and he'll and I otherwise it and yes that's cool bidwell billboard

I yes yes hi sole supplier hun I I'll anyway rather URLs well for a all me is side yes I was already all for all

I'll I this I hell up together that civil society alright I because so I'm here later actually my ok here I'll for twenty years later his helmet

supply important numbers all I hell overall industrial I 0 I'll I'll love it hello yes or interesting comparison I'll throws or 0 I

traete a bigger threat that we had our differences I all solo when you're suffering think I this well review lives %uh Press higher true

I'll are like are when who up all helpful well for you on propel alright that we are right I'll hard way whitewater lol I lost

is high-stress this all it all our I'll right I'll searching for trousers 0 I had why I I porch thank you I'll for us

thank you the this morning hell we don't all cool that okay so Ralph of help me a lot so this incredible that'll all social classes

I'll it 0 price also fell rice yeah yes bad I clay hell here and how I hear I'll consider all it yeah

I right at not I'll yes health hello hell just the as yet right Cal just think I love all this all

I roads which I thing higher they you yeah up no the here well us or you already yard I'll that sides yes

human article I'll at his I'll call the I'll last well I also rose but her well me well lol

I'll it lol he me liar a lot all people I'll charter well call so her that all where you are hey yes handled Fred then I'll all

he i her you health Paul my homegirl and okay call we all are all I social Press lol or yeah crucial wrong lol foods I yeah

oil me social pressure the wats at here what and this is where who'll I well 0

no I'll okay an email address URL know this I you I some hey are you alright overall very first-rate all all formal that oversell

Whitehall his name I say for sale people ADSL here travel all over me problem but percent tremors lol switches here by you were said hi

all all and you %uh Higdon as hey ho I was nool Hill his school happy me we have all all I'll it way

includes social which are all Hill he me that he had yeah here s and right on human rights I who will real the right I'll thanks a lot lab we have any you

what in Westchester help people they the whole hey this and I past well all go I all have why

Paul no pro heads haiku I Marion at home K come up with me every I'll her I'll well

well or K hey are always dress Wainwright it was there I'll lost yard lol that all who all those in remained really all whose of I when he SL and you

small press OK like court his well where small boats moored I'll and or 0 hey problems call to the to 0 right and away you

lost you moral love you yeah hey 0 Yahoo well hi how are you changing by or be changing my hey because yeah yes well hey

all hell yeah it every year real have thought that and social justice and Henry her this and yes

all all health which it like many I am it well old here think the wall art poor Carter girl I sauce this it

all for but like persuade all inspiration all the call Laura any past crawl there I'll well I'll I 0 a

all yeah all I'll are yeah as well her all way with you yeah distinguished up her sprawl II other 0 me Hall in hallway he this session their lives I'll hell

all here our hell on him all I will all that Ola actually loving changed a min go without handed while for those I business

that his bringing drugs opposition all that and who all right %uh yes all hell okay well that don't yell you know %uh it

all real sure you alright love her because you are so right now I sell have already whatever I all and I'll of I think we've seen it oh yeah call first shorter or 10 ish at home

they're still nooo love that because loving I'll you know we we will use heel of her for lunch I wore rate there you know every to women or as well right away below %uh French yeah

lot all here well my homie overall lol I'll prong no all how r problem child her I'll striking whether it all sham or alteration lol Troy

I'm short yeah what all well he a while and when you look yeah scale presentation here there is why Fuji Hana Kourtney well his

sell-out I'll him how are you artist shell well and seal here lol how are you meaning that Khloe people him hour and the hallway hey okay that of their lives the whole wrong they are also here

all a him world yes me yeah while track overall they are the O they are the most like they are who is OK that interesting right and you all nail

that all hitting oh yeah as his way heating I'll I their of Ralph which yes that all home hello all here all couldn't love

now people yet Kyle Hey 0 he Wailea henny full cell all you I don't there yeah away love way I you know I'll 14 I stroll as

what that looks like well yeah here I well golden but well you out now well for hewlett into the wall you-know-who it well all right me

Pami wet yeah an hour Paula follow for our I'll whole where'd hour before I haven't I'll more 0 for sale that Ohio lol powerhouse 0 people all over the world

or yet he had shot well canewell yeah spent yes that I'll me why tracks they're all so all No thank you I'm hey it was idea for just for several thank you I

yeah there any provided I is on the wall 0 who wouldn't yes could read okay in a positive way the for all they have social ball selling cell yeah critical hella

lol level Russian her for you a little while we want people are going heard we were people hell I have here in this life alarmist schools %uh that we have 0 spread we want people okay asshole will also

to me small his hey all right home hey house alrighty all way to wake her anymore well yet all yeah what do you know which are the Goa real that there is where you messed with I where you have a whole lot

0 waiting almost sukhumi tiny I all your that with p %uh was hi we want cool show heard great for all I'll or overall what hey ally

and I and I enemies this Ohio play bad as cool Romania with says well fish Ralph crawl head me probably KL ladies and gentlemen you are hey all

hey Sol well almost friend hey all of our lead bill I all all is yes way schools Ralph from the mall those you all over me naw

lol me they for all think I'm all or any one all have I homie lecturing my rather well he did you I love this I'll her I

are a Street and old call had analyzed you can you have all who are avid well like show hell human like last social pressure having

love you handing all all all whose but all lost had cell yes okay I'll yeah I what I house like well our well all that is yeah life

I also I'll I'll yeah there's any her probably think why yeah yes headed all his hey yes and we have being so long have it K we have any

hardball special real Clara all the you all comment her and much more that fire he reads yeah %uh all this that I

our on

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