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for this video I'm gonna be showing you how I do what we need by later on myself

when I first 33 makeup and even like that Luongo eyeliner isn't the easiest to achieve so I feel like I learned a couple of things along the way and just learn what products work best for me and what technique works best for me so I thought I would share that with you guys especially since my last meal in a long time ago and and I just wanted to read though I do want to say that I have kind of a

hundred eyes when I open my eyes for a long period of time or just throughout the day my eyeliner touches my crease and cold waves have it like go up into the creek and it messes up my eye shadow and for the longest time I could never figure out a way to make that not happen I tried like every John liner every liquid liner of Rapunzel just everything so I finally found what works best for me this video I'm gonna show you the tools I use products tips and tricks

techniques on edge as though I hope you enjoy and let's go ahead and get into it my favorite brush to use this one this is from the EU can it I had this for ever honestly how we like a couple of years old but I absolutely love it I probably should get a new one soon because as you can see it starting to bend and whatnot but it lasts me so long and I absolutely love it this is my favorite eyeliner this is the number seventy seven jetliner from

Inglot is just the blackest black and this is a brand new one this is the old one and as you can see it is super super dried out I had this for over a year now so the fact that it had lasted me this long is quite an accomplishment in my opinion because I've had mac John liner I've had me believing John liner iPad Bobby Brown John liner and only after like three month those will start to get really goofy and not so creamy so this one really lasted a super long time so

it's really impressed with that so this is my favorite John liner not to mention that it's going to take and I didn't notice that it did start to dry out once I took this thing out of here I see if you keep it in the Catholic but I find that tends to last little bit longer but I am going to be using the brand new one which looks like this so when I started doing my eyeliner I start like on the middle of the I really

close to the lash line and I dragon this doing and then once it's there I'll bring it to the inner corner here in Burnet and I cannot be so once you do really thin line then you can build it up and make it a little bit more thick and then I am the way I liner is really creamy easy to use but work fast because once it's set in place if you can really work with it because it's super super drive so once I have like the majority of the liner done on the lid then I will

go in and do the way now I like to start lower rather than hire I don't usually start like where the eye and I thought were the bottom water so not here but you wanna go to touch down to how the bottom so down here basically like after where the phone is in my eye that's a little bit different for everybody but you basically wanna go down here I hope that makes sense so here but down here and that will help you so much

another thing I like to go with this kind of idea if you're a little unsure on what single to do or your eyeliner always ends up on even mine still end up on even sometimes but it helps me out on so I followed the edge of a stroll to the edge of the eye and in the end of your bro just like this and you can even grab whiteliner a new liner even your black and just like market on each side like this and it will help you and give you a quick guideline the more you do it

the easier it will get but first can definitely help you it definitely helped me when I was first getting into makeup and starting out and even even later on when I wasn't just starting out it just it's a good practice and if you are a makeup artist are you doing makeup on client it's easy to do it on other people that way because they have to face the New so I'll help you kind of map it out

easier and just make it easier pinky finger at like a study points I put up my nose picking my nose but it will seriously help you do my eyeliner before you my foundation everything because I'll trust my hand on my face but stamina trying not to be there to help me feat Nicco done just doing a mini flick efforts and not from that many Flacco connected where we thought before in this little triangle of this one point looks like crap at first

ok we'll fix it just like that moment here in just a little bit of product on the brush and I'm gonna start in the center of that triangle right here and I'm just going to lightly flicking it out and then I don't like how it's so dramatic of like a wing like it makes almost like a backwards us so I'm gonna connected and fill in that area little bit more I'm just going to let that drive all we can do it and if you're confused on like how to get the opposite

I from the opposite hand that you're using I'm right-handed enduring my left my own little bit more complicated I hold my are my best manager app and I come from this way so it looks really awkward and weird but it really helps me out so much doing it that way to my mascara to don't go in this way put the cap back on my eyeliner make sure it's super tight because that's how you will prevent it from drying out and stuff like that though now I'm gonna

take my Urban Decay Naked Gun and concealer and just put two on the back of my hand to take my concealer brush this one is from six months the I seventy-five and I'm gonna take it much running along the bottom of the line and help extend it any longer it is also going to sharpen it up I'm wiping off the brush they don't get any more black on their grabbing a little bit more conceal it and doing it again so I'm gonna go ahead and put on some mascara

and lashes I'm going to use the mineralized mascara from I like this before putting on lashes because it doesn't really give you a lot of volume at all it's just a super super natural mascara individual so they're all coded but then you're not wasting good voluminous mascara was / is on top of it also really like forgetting the bottom lashes to the lashes that I'm a planner from mosquito and they're my favorites right

now this is in this file by all of that is how I do when I liner on myself I really enjoyed this video and learn some new tips and tricks and techniques and just not that will help you with your reminder if you feel like you're having a hard time though yeah I really liked the video thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you're already in my next video I

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