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bjbj Mike Chang: Hey, what's up guys! This is Mike and Dan with Six Pack Shortcuts and

today we have got a really interesting topic to talk about. Dan: Definitely! So this is something which a lot of people have been asking wondering about is this fact or fiction. Is this real? Can you lose 30 pounds in 30 days? What do you think Mike? Mike Chang: Surprisingly enough the answer is yes. Now before everybody freaks out and be like, oh my god, he just said that you can lose that much weight, actually it is true, but you must watch this video through the end because there are certain criteria and details on

that. So the reason why that can actually happen, you may have seen certain supplements or certain program advertise that and they seem just really flash that and be like, yeah, 30 pounds in 30 days or I lost 120 pounds and it took me 45 days, something really ridiculous, right? Dan: Yeah, but it sounds so catchy, right? Mike Chang: But it sounds catchy and most people are just thrown off like, wow, they lost 120 pounds, all I need to do is 20. I might do it in like 5 or something. The truth is you can lose a lot of weight

in a very short amount of time like 30 days for example, but you have to understand that only certain people can do that. It doesn t have to do with genetics. If you have more fat on your body then you can lose fat faster. So if let s say for example somebody is very, very overweight, if they're let s say 5 9 and they weigh like 350 pounds then they're very overweight. Then will it be possible for them to lose 30 pounds in 30 days? Yes, I have actually seen personally myself lose more than that, but the thing is also look

at how overweight they're versus somebody who is maybe let s 200 pounds or 180 pounds who is the same height. The less body fat that you have the harder it is for you to lose it and the more body fat that you have the faster it is. So what is that actually healthy way, because maybe some of you all guys out there aren t 350 pounds and 5 9 and 218 you're not talking to me? Well, guys if you're 20 pounds, 30 pounds overweight and you want to go ahead and get six pack abs then losing 30 pounds in 30 days is not possible.

So what's a healthy way to actually lose is anywhere from about 1.5 to 2 pounds of fat per week. So you can look up to losing about 8 pounds of fat per month in 30 days and that s actually a healthy way and something that s definitely manageable. Dan: Yeah, that s a really good insight too. One thing you share with me is that even though the fat numbers aren t as much as a lot of people think they are going to be you can make a pretty big transformation fast. Actually, can you talk about that like how that can be done even

if you're only losing 1 or 2 pounds a week? Mike Chang: Well, when you are losing 1 or 2 pounds a week remember a lot of times even if the scale is not dropping as fast as you want it to be you can be putting on muscle while you're losing fat. For example, if you put on 5 pounds a muscle and you lost let s say 6 pounds of fat, well, on a scale you only lost 1 pound. So don t be discouraged, because losing 6 pounds of fat and gaining 5 pounds of muscle is actually a very big difference. Your clothes start fitting differently,

you feel ten times stronger, and you have more energy, and it's just a world of difference. It's really like 11 pound fluctuation when you look at 6 pounds of muscles and 5 pounds of fat. So the scale may not always be the right gauge. It's true you only lost 1 pound but it's not the right gauge a lot of times to really determine if you're going in the right direction, if you have gained the right results. Something that you told me about because I used to wrestle is water fluctuation and that s really big, because if you add

a little more salt or if you had bigger carb meals, the salt, carbs or even if you went to the restroom before or after that all fluctuates how much you weigh too. So don t worry so much about scale or the weight on the scale to gauge if you're getting the results. Worry about the way you look, the way you feel, and the easiest way is also to just in the mirror. Dan: Definitely, and I think that s a really important thing you got to learn too. Can you talk a little bit about the more accurate ways that guys can use besides a

scale where it's going to take into account your muscle mass and your body composition too? Mike Chang: Some of the easiest ways and what I have done in the past because I don t like to like to weigh myself much, because I understand there are so many different factors. So easy way to do is if you're wanting to go ahead and get a six pack and you want to have definition on your abs the easiest way is to just look in the mirror. And here s a trick guys make sure you looking at the same mirror all the time, because certain

mirrors are going to look a little different than others and also make sure you are looking at the same mirror in the same place, because sometime your are in a new room or if you are in a restroom or in the locker room or something, the lighting and way the angles that lighting and angles that comes will make your body look a little different. You may look leaner in one lighting in or one mirror and look fatter in another. So make sure you're always judging at based on one certain place. And the other way is just through your clothes.

I haven t measure my waist in I don t know how long now, but I can always tell if I am loosing a little weight or if I am gaining a little weight just by my pants. Because once your pants get shrunk and they stay the same size, they don t change. So only your bodies start to fluctuate. You can tell if it's a little tighter or if it's a looser and that s the easy way that let you gauge if I am gaining the results that I want. If you want to put on size then obviously you want everything to start fitting more tighter

and vice versa if you want to go ahead and lose mass and lose body fat things should be fitting a little looser. That goes the same for clothes, sometimes like shirts, the way your arms feel, the way it floats around your chest, things like that. One of the easiest ways also is to look at the way your face looks, and we talked about that a lot in our programs. One way to gauge it looking at your jaw line because if you notice if you ever see somebody that fluctuated a lot in their weight or they fluctuated a lot in their body

weight the first place is when you look at them you don t see people like without their shirt all time prancing around, but it's always right here in their jaw line. You see around their chin. They gain weight and you can see this double-chin and if they lost weight you seem to see their chin to be more defined and their face or your face is the easy way to also gauge if you're getting the results you want. Of course, the most accurate way is just checking your body fat maybe with a local personal trainer or now there is a

lot of different gauges of machine that you can hold electronic stuff, weight scales, things like that to measure your body fat. But we don t have that access to that definitely use those other gauges, other ways to go ahead and gauge your results. Dan: Yeah, most definitely some good stuff. I know one thing which I use a lot personally too is to look at the love handle area like the oblique area. I know for me and for me a lot of people that s going to be the very first place that extra body fat goes and when you take it away you

are going to see an immediate difference right there. So just zero in on those details where you know that s the first place where a pound of fat is going to go, and you will be able to judge it pretty accurately. Mike Chang: Can you lose 30 pounds in 30 days? Now you know the answer. Yes, you can, but make sure that you fit that criteria if you are very overweight and if you are not, know that the best you can do and probably should expect to do it will be healthy on is about 1.5 to about 2 pounds fat per week and don t worry

about the scales sometimes, because there are other ways to really gauge your results. Dan: Definitely man, and as we have said before if you are doing that and you are gaining muscles, then it's going to be tremendous, pretty faster transformation. So don t think that s not going to be fast. Mike Chang: Check out more workouts, workout tips, nutrition at sixpackshortcuts.com and we will see all you guys next time! |qf[P h{~w h:7u h4lj h[F: |qf[PE: h8wr |qf[P h"d} hI0" hF;, |qf[PE: |qf[PE: {peZOD9 h&a( hc{! h&(} qf[PE: ho2f

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