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At 11:00, there's a meeting on consular relations with the secretary.

I'd watch him, Your Grace, I hear he's opposed to your position. Then the congregation for the Oriental churches... to discuss the establishment of more regional seminaries. An exciting trend, don't you think? Because a native clergy would be more sensitive to their own people. No doubt, but all these endless conferences...

policy, diplomacy, Are you so very certain that you want to be a cardinal? How else can I hope to be elected Pope? The perfect answer, always. Deceiving with the truth. Do you never have one unguarded moment? I beg your pardon, I've offended Your Eminence.

And I wish you'd stop calling me by that title of mine. My name is Vittorio. When Pius X became a Pope... He was given a wonderful bed. Do you know what he said ? It's beautiful...

but I shall die in it. So much for the rewards of ambition. It's true that we do much that is good... but often the sacrifices seem to outweigh the rewards. But doesn't every priest whatever he is in the Church... wonder about the sacrifices he must make?

Always, if he is honest with himself. When we're young it is the promise of chastity that is hardest to bear... Isn't it? Never to be swept away... On a tidal wave of passion. And then knowing...

that there will be no wife... no soft... round comfort in the night. And no child. No one to come after you. Not ever.

But lately I've been feeling another kind of isolation. The simple human need... to share my inmost self... with someone... like any other man. We're not like other men, we're priests.

Our inmost selves must be shared only with God. Another perfect answer. Yes, you think I am testing you again, don't you? Still probing for the sake of the Church. Never fear, for all of my probing... there is still in the very core of you...

something I have not found. If you haven't found it, perhaps it isn't there. How lovely. Still the faintest fragance. I kept a rose for many years... from my mother.

I want no memories of my mother. No. This was the sacrifice. It is very fragile . We must be careful with it.

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"Never fear for all of my probing, there is still in the very core of you something I have not found"

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