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alright I would I liked it

end a minute talk have this community's confronting very difficult challenges and issues and I'd like to begin with a quote from this artist when cable read what I thought was a very interesting quote and he talking about the process that he goes through the pain an object like this cake

he says that process there's never a point at which I start learning about that object now I know that may be obvious to probably most you to me was a very interesting here's merced a lot harder I'm being the way to learn about things

so I was a new interesting idea I thought about a lot and one that was a drop in home to me a little later on a few years later when I was in a very informal lunch in and just by Lucky circumstance happened to be he taking my lunch next to a former poet laureate of the United States %uh someone who knows a lot about

art and those sorts of things and so I screwed up my courage and asked him a question and when I asked was when someone reads a poem a viewer's do they discover something new that science can teach them and is that thing as real

as what Summit County each and painfully was very kind and gracious and said of course absolutely but the example he used to illustrate his point I thought was a very powerful one and what he brought up was this photograph that many have you recognize from the Kent State shootings and what he said was any you can see by looking at the photograph is point

immediately so graphically demonstrated that this photograph this pizza art tells us something very critical about that moment and that is the emotion the raw emotion at that moment particularly for this woman right here a something if you didn't understand he would probably

be under educated about that moment in our history science can't do that wiccan science tell me about that instant well what was the trajectory of the bullet that passed through this unfortunate young person here what was the damage that was caused to his body that cause death

you know what was the composition of the blood this woman is she went to these different emotions hormones rushed in and out all those things all kinds a very interesting important things when I can tell me is the sea motion that's where r does in fact the artist is not limited by the physical backs at all really to

tell something real about that moment you can imagine artist altering all of this in all kinds of ways cutting it up we were running around her you know your initial water say it already show up to work case may be and a scientist could legitimately come to that work important

tell the artist well that's all wrong that's not true those people were not read and of course the artists response would be so what you know you just don't get it and the scientists could say well they still work red store and a course both of them would be absolutely correct but for different reasons we come up with is very interesting thing and that

is here so the realm of science completely limited by measurement in a observation what it is they can tell me can tell me all these things that or cannot and are driven by creativity imagination the art is just imagining things in her mind and presenting him in a way that tells me something real

about my life experience or reality and their the two methods are so wildly different as almost to have no connection to each other at all but once in awhile they overlap was the grass really greener rhetoric the people really green to red assigned to try to talk about at whether the discussions relevant or not

that is the legitimate little better overlap why I think this has a some interesting impact on how we communicate within our communities about difficult issues and illustrate that I want to bring up another historic moment one of my favorites Dalal ale that

the modern you know the father of modern sciences gal and if you remember galileo constructed a telescope put it up to the heavens and was the first to see all kinds amazing things the first one to see the moons of Jupiter now they revolved around Jupiter %uh the first one to watch the faces the penis is it revolved around the Sun

and Szolkowy these amazing things and concluded copernicus is right the earth moves around the Sun in the Sun does not move around her the church instead had a different feeling because %uh various statements within the Bible had the state the standard that the earth did not move it was fixed and

immovable so to make a very good interesting matter story short Galloway OH all up to you you know they demanded the recant his views and when shown the instruments of torture he said okay okay okay the earth does not move the

the Sun on according to legend a wonderful legend arm at the moment the he recanted he says under in Inc whisper so only the people close to him could hear he says a pussy more gay and yet it moves you can make me say whatever you'd like but it doesn't change the fact that the earth moves

oh why would you even make me do that I look at my telescope and so this issue is long course been resolved enough that the reason that I picked it that's that whether they're good or not is not a a contentious issue for any of us but it brings up this this interesting example again if I would go back to $16.33

and talk to a person a state at that time what would they say that's a I imagine my faith has absolutely nothing to do with your silly like telescope a I have not seen or here heard the things that God has prepared for me but he has revealed them to us through His Spirit

this is my adventure into the unmeasurable and it informed my wife in all kinds of interesting ways it's given me this morality on which to base my life on it tells me about CNN repentance and judgment in heaven and hell in all these things the Fermi matter that your science has can tell me nothing about how

because you're so obsessed on measurement and the scientists today scientists anyway would respond science was so new and would respond to something like well I restrict myself to measurement in operation and its told me all kinds of amazing things about quirks in gravity in the ecosystem dynamics or whatever it is

whatever it is all these interesting things that your religion says nothing about and the person a for a my dad said an offense as well what you're doing is trying to destroy might be and its own say oh I don't know all 14 do mister then the legitimate your the you

are trying to ignore the facts and you're using your silly fate as an excuse heavens no all I'm doing is defending the legitimacy of this and what we've done is successfully ended all productive dialogue because

and in reality what we're talking about are to such completely different things as they have almost nothing to do with each other accept these few instances where there's overlap and there's little legitimate discussion as the earth really move or not will sign turns out there's a lot to say

about that you can have a lot step there are a few of those issues but they're so small because the perspectives are so wildly different well I think that that's I think that that's important with an important thing to think about as we confront these images her these issues in these challenges I may just take science and religion are

art and science or whatever it is and replace them with the up Republican and Democrat were conservative and liberal or a tea party conservative analyst at Washington Republican or or a white police officers and black citizens of the town like Ferguson or I

any number of viewpoints around any issue that you want to pick water immigration same-sex marriage whatever it is they were arguing about I suspect I believe then almost every instance what you'll find is something like this to such wildly different experiences to such wildly different

a motivations or goals or culture or whatever the case may be but they are so different that when they overlap it makes it all almost impossible to have a productive dialogue when that overlap happens like these issues that I just mention in many many

others that we can talk about so the problem is not in my opinion yeah I agree problems yeah is that we so not also lunch her that it's impossible to talk about anything when areas that are user experiences collide

and so the solution is what not shouting louder it's not refining our arguments the solution instead and I believe the very best step we can take forward in improving our dialogue is communities in confronting the challenges is to learn more about each other

a there the result would not be I decreased my up passion about my perspective on but maybe the result would be empathy mom I understand I still feel like you're wrong but I get now that i understand your perspective whatever it is

I can see how a reasonable person in that situation could come to the conclusion you come to and you can for me as well if that single thing were to happen wouldn't that be the perfect foundation on which to have a meaningful productive dialogue as we confront whatever difficult issue happens to be

confirmed so why don't we why don't we spend the time to learn about each other that way and I think that there's many interesting reasons why that is that I believe why that is no focus on just one

a and that is where do we have that discussion where do I go to investigate the perspective up someone feel so opposite that I do where do I do that and today hey we have almost nowhere to do that we are so convinced that whatever organization

or facility or group of people are so tainted by their bias by me approaching a man on their territory I'm being led by the hand down the path to destruction and I just can't let myself do it we're so painted by our strong views that we have no neutral spot to go to to learn about each other so that we can have a productive day source

or together we're no where don't feel like I'm gonna be proselytize or convinced or tractor seduced by the other well I think there is a place and those that know me probably already know where I'm going in that is

the museum I believe that museums offer our society the very best chance to talk more constructively about our problems and I'll tell you why that is I'm first a museums are for absolutely everyone how many organizations can you think I've

that everybody goes to no matter the culture economic level or cultural background or religious background her gender what whatever division we divide ourselves in how many organizations your welcoming to everybody not very many the museum is it on next we are already goal going to museums

a more people visit museums than you might imagine so if you were to take all the attendance to every major league sporting event in the country for a year take all the attendance for every theme park in the entire country for a year and you add it up all that attended and you would have well over 400

million visits that a lot you want to guess how many visits there were two museums that same year well over 8 100 million visits everybody's already knowing it's already the community spot and then finally and I hope this isn't surprising to you look at the Penn was little bit to me

is according to a study for me Indiana State they found that museums are among the most trusted sources information that we hear its perceived to be by their visitors more trusted then teachers where they are not that the perception more trusted than books more trusted than the experience up their relatives they were here the information they get here

more trustworthy there yet nation that they get from all three of those sources so what do we have with our museums the place where everybody's going the place that's welcoming for everybody and the place that people feel competent that the information that they get is neutral and trustworthy I believe that we do not take advantage for museums across the country we go

but we don't take advantage of them to be the vehicle through which we can have this community dialogue I believe that museums need to step up museums don't work hard enough to facilitate and maintain a healthy dialogue within their communities so I hope that

art museum here in museums across the country can step up and I hope communities will take more advantage other other extraordinary and wonderful opportunity to have a productive night and meaningful dialogue about that many difficult challenges that are presented as today and will be presented us

in the future thank you very much

Video Description

Is art greater than or equal to science? Why even ask the question? Our lives are richer, our communities healthier, and our ability to confront difficult issues is strengthened when we understand perspectives different from our own.

David has had a hybrid career. He spent the first half of his professional life teaching university courses and conducting research in the biological sciences. Then he pursued a diversion which has become his life's passion, he's the chief executive of the Museum of Idaho.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx