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hello and welcome again this video will be part 3 out of 4 analyzing the quran's

eighteenth chapter sort of dead calf with the story of Gog and Magog in this video I'll be looking at the Islamic narrative on this myth and in the next video I'll be looking at the origins of this story and how it appears that the Islamic story seems to be nothing short of plagiarism from ancient legends let's read the verses on government GOG they appear in two chapters in the Quran

in the chapter of the cave we are told a man with two horns local name our friend from the previous video who found the Sun setting into a muddy spring somewhere on earth after finding the Sun setting in a muddy spring then seeing it rising in the east near some people who have no shelter from it he took another road then he followed another course until when he reached a place between the two mountains he found on that side

of them are people who could hardly understand a word they said although her name's Shirley gog and magog mischief in the land should we then pay you a tribute on condition that you should raise a barrier between us and them he said that in which my lord has established me is better therefore you only helped me with workers i will make a 45 barrier between

you and them bring me blocks of iron until when he had filled up the space between the two mountainside he said blow until when he had made it fire he said bring me molten brass which I'm a pour-over it's so they were not able to scale it nor could they make a hole in it so here we have lost tribes of mischevious people called GOG Magog who were trapped by the code name

he builds a huge metal barrier between the two peaks of mountains to track these people in but they're not going to be trapped there forever oh no the Quran told is one day they will break free and cause absolute havoc on the earth until the gog and magog people aren't through their barrier and they swiftly swarm from every Hill the authentic narrations in his lap and tell us there are 10 size to look out for the things that will happen before the day

of judgment one of those things is Gog and Magog working their way through their barrier to come out and cause utter chaos so mainstream Muslim belief is that these two tribes of Gog and Magog have been trapped behind and metal wall for thousands of years and will remain there until we approach the final straight of the end times

now let's just think about that for a second imagine we have a large group of people who belong to trouble some tribes that content comes along and builds a big fat wall you'll have to excuse my primitive our work here these people are now standing behind this big wall can't they just walk around the side of one of the mountains if we're talking

about the spherical earth one war between two mountains is never sufficient as a permanent tool of incarceration it would tho make a little more sense on a flat earth if this tribe was somewhere near the edge we know that this wall should be huge because of the sheer number of the people who are supposedly trapped behind it the Quranic verse detailing the time they are set free tells us they swiftly

swarm from every Hill if there are a lost tribe of five or six people then they might be hard to find but if there's at least hundreds of them that is ridiculous to suggest they have evaded us all this time along with their huge metal wall the Bible mentions Gogmagog in several places and also predicts their emergence near the end times in the book of Revelation where it tells us when the

thousand years are over Satan will be released from his prison and we'll go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth Gog and Magog and to gather them for battle in number they are like the sand on the seashore so we can see that GOG Magog actually very numerous in the Bible it says in number they are like sand on the seashore so let's now look at a few high deets here to get a sense of their overall

number from an Islamic narrative in this hadith from sorry I'm Muslim we get an explanation for the 10 signs of Judgment Day yeah yeah that was probably my favorite film going up never realized at the time that it will be the only judgment day I see but anyway then Allah would send dog and Magog and they would swarm down from every slope the first of them would pass the lake of Tiberius and drink out of it

and when the last of them would pass he would say there was once water there so this Lake Tiberias is another name for the Sea of Galilee the head of the state's it dries up in some variations it tells us God in the GOG would line up to drink out of it and the tail end of the queue would be all the way back in Iraq the Sea of Galilee contains around four trillion liters of water humans are meant to drink two liters a day and not much beyond that but let's

assume for argument's a Gogmagog drink ten times as much as the rest of us but that leg to empty as the ad states we would need 200 billion people drinking those excessive amounts in order for it to dry up that's nearly 30 times as much as the current world population so we're getting the impression that the numbers of Gog and Magog are actually quite ridiculous

now in this next head from side mccarty we have got having a chat with Adam this discussion is taking place on Judgment Day then I'll i will say - Adam bring out the people of the fire I don't say what how many other people on fire I will say after every thousand take out 999 at that time children will become already headed and every pregnant female will drop her load

and you will see the people as if they were drunk yet not drunk but less punishment will be very severe that news distress the Companions of the Prophet too much and they said our last messenger who amongst us will be that man the lucky one out 1002 will be safe from the fire he said have the good news that 1000 will be from gog and magog and the one to be saved will be from you

so in this hadith classified as authentic Muhammad tries to scare his followers by telling them the 999 people out of every 1,000 are destined to go to help seeing their reaction of dejection as they all but lose hope for salvation he conveniently remembers he missed a crucial part out of that statement to get morale back up again he tells them haha but wait go go go in fact so humorous the out of every 1,000

who each help 999 will be from Gog and Magog incidentally if you believe in this how do you have you ever stopped to ask how it would be fair of a God to punish so many people with such horrific torture and help and only allow 0.1% of humans to make it into heaven with ninety-nine point nine percent going to help surely you don't think this ratio is just or fair in any way if this life is

just a test as Muslims would say then the test is way too hard for our intellectual capacity as human beings and thus blatantly offer anyway back to the numbers of these people let's do a bit of mass here we're going to assume the judgment day no we are going to assume Judgment Day is around the corner and the world is about to end as the population will just keep increasing as time goes on the

number of people alive on earth today is close to 7.4 billion but if we are to add up all the people who have ever lived the estimate is a hundred and eight billion humans all together by the way as usual all claims made in the video including these figures are referenced in the description box so given the mass here we're expecting roughly half of those 108 billion to go to heaven and a half

to go to help so around fifty four billion in heaven and fifty four billion in hell of people we are aware of and can roughly account for a given that gog and magog have never been found discovered and aren't really accounted for an official statistics we have to now assume that fifty four billion people going to hell only for 0.1 percent of the total number of those in hell

this gives us a grand total of fifty four trillion people who will actually go to help of whom 53.9 five trillion people are from gog and I currently stuck behind the metal wall that no one seems to be able to find so how much space would go get a cup if we are to believe this authentic howdy let's say the average width of a man is only 50 centimeters with a depth of 20 centimeters will ignore height as it will be irrelevant for this calculation

this will give us 10 people standing in every square meter let's imagine the entirety of Gog and Magog are all squashed together with absolutely no room to move an inch in any direction five point four trillion meter squared becomes 5.4 million kilometers squared so to fit all of Gog and Magog with absolutely no room for them to move whatsoever

we would require an area of land that is the size of india and Argentina put together by comparison the current human population can all fit into New York City 53.9 five trillion people would measure around 27 trillion meters standing shoulder to shoulder that is 27 billion kilometers to put that into perspective that is roughly a hundred and eighty times longer than the distance between the Earth and the Sun so Google Earth and its predecessor

earth fewer have given everyone access to the surface of the planet since 2001 people have looked across every inch of the planet's surface I found this heart-shaped new caledonia this side profile of a woman in Alberta in Canada and these red lips and the deserts of Sudan you think the existence of this huge metal wall between two mountains would have been seen by now i feel pretty bad for Muslim apologists here as

there's really nothing that can say besides lie once more on the grand narrative regarding this myth but some Muslims like apologies yes that are thee prefers not to live here as they do take the scripture seriously i prefer the good old no common approach if somebody were to say where are they now there are some modern scholars and i'm just going to mention this in passing who say yes huge man--huge are not hiding in some cave or someplace they

are actually living in the lands of the Far East and this wall is the great wall of china now this is something that some people have said that the only reason I'm mentioning this right but the fact of the matter is that that doesn't explain anything because the Quran tells us this wall was made out of what one of the two materials that are mentioned iron and copper the great wall of china is not made out of iron and

copper right another thing is the hadith clearly indicate a huge images are not right now mixing with people there in some place separated from mankind so if somebody were to say how can we believe these a hadith when Google Alerts has mapped the whole world we can zoom in and see everything around us and there is no massive land hidden

from mankind the responses a lot of item if we believe in the hadith this is what the hadith tell us I mean that's just incredible even when they realize they're huge holes in the story and they acknowledge they cannot answer why the allegedly in prison tribes and giant metal wall and nowhere to be seen they just shrug their shoulders and say God knows it's unapologetically

promoting blind faith so what exactly are these people doing right now you may think well according to this authentic howdy they are digging at the wall every single day nearly reaching the end and just as they're about to break through they start work for that day and go to sleep during the night

I levels it back and their wake up to see the wall back to where it stood originally they are apparently so stupid that they will continue digging tirelessly like this every single day for thousands of years into one day one of them says we will finish it off tomorrow God willing haha the good old inshallah and then God will think we're I can't screw the mouth that gets a god willing after all

so he leaves their progress alone and they wake up the next day and finish off the job before somehow creating absolute chaos across the world with their primitive weapons are gone Magog really that stupid when you see this pattern of nightly regeneration repeating itself can they not just split the work load in today and night shifts across 24 hours to get the job done

can they not sleep right next to the point in the war that they have been up to so moving on to who are the gog and magog now muslim scholars believe they are humans primarily because of the hadith mentioned earlier stating they were descendants of our mythical ancestors adam and eve but there are some hotties telling us that these tribes had some

bizarre shapes to them there's a narration which is not classified as authentic but it still believed by some most of today which states that gaga over three types of people the first are really tall like palm trees the second are as wide as they are tall

so basically square shaped and the third group have ears so large that they use their ears to wrap themselves with as blankets when they go to sleep soo ma Salam Salam one of the English generation he said Coggan my god are not from Agilent so there are different features and then he make a mention them by they have a big ears the ears are from the head down are your ears are very big that they there was a sleep inside

like for example when they went to sleep you put the first year down and then you sleep on it and then he covered himself with a second here yeah yeah he's like a leg he will come back and from their ears so those people are from different dimension why they have big ears because they look very long that guy has a long video on the Korean and it's dull and boring but very entertaining for those of you like

me who often completely waste their time listening to such material the link is available to watch this entire video he even claims that the koran talks about wormholes and neutrinos in his verse explaining Muhammad journey on the wing mule now looking at the origins of Gog and Magog we see this report in Tabriz history volume 2 page 21 where it says Noah begat three each one of whom began

three sham ham and Japheth sham began the Arabs Persians and Byzantines in all of whom there is good Japheth we got the Turks slabs gog and magog in none of whom there is good mmm it's a bit racist that is just as no good in any ethnic Turks or slaps unless we don't have began the COTS Sudanese and verbis then it says hamburg at all those who are black and curly head while Jeff if we got all those who are full

faced with small eyes and shabby got everyone who is handsome face with beautiful her Noah prayed that the hair of hands descendants would not grow beyond areas and that wherever his descendants met the children of Shem the latter would enslave them so according to this source no wanted the Arabs Byzantines and Persians to enslave cots Sudanese and Berbers the a music people wherever they found them

what else was said about these tribes we understand that Muhammad appears to claim during his life that their release was imminent in this authentic hadith narrated by his wife is a madman Josh she says the following the prophet got up from his sleep with a flash red face and said no one has the right to be worshipped but Allah woe to the Arabs from this great evil that is nearly approaching them today

a gap has been made in the war of Gog and Magog like this it was asked shall we be destroyed though there are righteous people among us the prophet said yes if evil increased so appears that Muhammad wakes up after a nightmare fearing go girl almost out funny thing is they don't seem to have managed to increase the size of that

hole for over a thousand years since besides this seems to contradict the earlier hadith which states that the wall is getting replenished every day also I must they may say the head he says there will only be released if evil increased well after Muhammad some of his careless were assassinated we have several wars between his companions and the cabin was destroyed more than once

so what else are they looking for in terms of evil increasing let's look at another authentic howdy narration from Muhammad the Muslims will use the bows arrows and shield of Gog and Magog as firewood for seven years are we really expecting the Muslims to be using these bows arrows and shields as firewood for seven years doesn't this show us that Muhammad couldn't really imagine what the world

would be like in the future doesn't the show he didn't quite grasp how people will eventually get energy for light and heat but I guess is a Muslim you either say this hadith is fabricated despite it being authentic or you just accept it blindly and tell us that Muslims will in fact somehow for some reason use Google's leftovers as

firewood for a whole seven years i was going to conclude this video by mentioning the origins of this mythical legend about the Quran and GOG Magog but I feel this video is long enough as it is so i will end here and make a second part of this video where I can take a detailed look at the origins of these myths and where is that seems to have got these stories from thank you very much for watching you are free to mirror

any of my videos and I've seen a number of people who have translated them into other languages and i'm always more than happy for anybody to do that if they have the time to do so until next time yeah

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I didn't mention this in the video but interesting nonetheless...
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