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left on 1942

left on away on 1999 and why do I leaf my parents wanted to give me a better life a better future and to remind my family my sister was living in France so they decided to reunite all but we we stayed here in Barcelona being in a different country means that you need money time if to build a new life and it's far that's why my parents had to let me with a woman that I didn't know it was ninety

this cut a lady get me with all of their family and it treat me like one of their voters they give they give me everything that I need and the most important thing is that if these women didn't have me I couldn't go to school when I arrived here so for some people make me that it could be it would be frightening but for me it was a different perspective for life it helped me to understand what I want to do for the rest of my life I wanted

to be like this woman I wanted to help the ones they don't have no one to have them and to give a change for the ones they they don't have nothing and six years later I had my friends I met sister Theresa she was the direct the director of the cast iron what I was going for the ones that you're not alone I guess I'll is a place where German and try people rely and they help they they do volunteers and they help

themselves doing homeworks and things they don't know what to do along I talked to her and I told her I want to be volunteer and I want to help the ones that need help and you know what not only save yes she recommended me to my new director of school because I had to move to move of school and that was the change that I need to start doing volunteers with disabled people

child's all people and to explore a new world 15 a afternoon when I was going to do one of my volunteers someone from this place called and told me today we have a special visit and there was who is coming they told me they suspended from a soca and what is a shocker cannot seriously told me a showcase about social entrepreneurship and what he's a shocker when I was talking with it he told me you are a call your girl and if you want you can come from

even in bilbao with the show and then you can meet what is a joke and it was here when I mean why do you say to be attained maker attention maker you someone that believes in change and that way then Jordan like something in your day is going around you to change it and you know what is the most important thing that we can all be changemakers we are all change makers and we only need to them up

our feeling of training in this event i my whole life change it I was decided to be part of this movement I wanted to be part of something important for me and we start change making Spain what that means that if you know someone that wants to do something to help him to help them to do it we all can do what we like if we have someone to help us and you know it's not easy to be attained maker sometimes dreams do come true when I'm k20 came back from the event of a

shotgun I had a dream now that we are along I'm going to tell your secret my dream is to change the world so when I arrived to Barcelona I called all my friends that we're involved in social project and I told them my idea I want to reunite all the entities in Barcelona project that are related in relation with the young people and put it in 10 replace what means that we can all have information that we need in all the moment that we need but it doesn't work

for that time I know I knew that I had to work hard to do what I wanted to do and I feel later after I really appreciate my life she's very important person proper for me because she let me see how you can do if you believe in yourself and in the ones that are around you she told me that if I want to do my own project I have to do it and I do I do I do now what I want to do is to create a movement to shake all the young people in Barcelona

they don't believe in their self in the change and in their lives for that we do what I want to do is something where people can meet and have all the contact that they need to let their IDs what we're saying to the east explain your ideas where everyone but sometimes we don't have the one that let us start so I want to be the one that has the one day they don't have no one and you know sometimes dreams come true

last week I received an email from someone telling me we have a special opportunity for you you can send your video your curriculum and then you can be selected selection needed to be part of the Youth Council and what is the Youth Council the Embassy of the USA 120 night young people who can take this nation's in the changes that we are that are happening in our society and I want to be performed for this change and you know what I had reference and next week

I'm going to Madrid and I'm going to do my job I'm going to do my dreams come true humphrey bogart in casablanca say I am the master of my life I am the captain of my soul and now i can say that I am the master of my life and the capital of my soul were about to thank you

Video Description

Born in 1993 in Casablanca, Morocco, Walaâ is currently studying Criminology and Policy. After years of being a social entrepreneur -and not even being aware of it- she learned about Ashoka Youth Venture and found out about a whole new world of opportunities allowing her to learn and grow as a person. She is interested in everything that has to do with transforming our society into a better one, as well as figuring out what stops improvements, too.

More at: http://www.tedxyouthbarcelona.com/

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