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<font color="#CCCCCC">hi I'm Jen Fidel</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> and this is how to</font>

measure your dog for the perfect fit <font color="#CCCCCC">I promise you once you have the exact</font> measurements your dog needs<font color="#CCCCCC"> you will</font> never have to return a collar or<font color="#CCCCCC"> leisure</font> harness or shirt for the wrong <font color="#CCCCCC">fit-again alright so that we have my</font>

little friend<font color="#CCCCCC"> Bentley here</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> and our first</font> measurement that we're going to take<font color="#E5E5E5"> it</font> up his neck and you measure the<font color="#CCCCCC"> neck</font> basically<font color="#E5E5E5"> where his</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> collar would like so</font> take out your<font color="#CCCCCC"> theft</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> measurement tool</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> to</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">measure his neck looks like mr. Bentley</font>

has about a<font color="#E5E5E5"> 12</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> inch neck</font> next is the<font color="#E5E5E5"> top line now you measure the</font> top line from your<font color="#CCCCCC"> dog's withers</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> to the</font> base of his tail<font color="#E5E5E5"> so you might ask well</font> what<font color="#CCCCCC"> are withers withers is where the</font> neck<font color="#E5E5E5"> meets the back</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> typically right</font>

around the shoulder blade area<font color="#E5E5E5"> family</font> has a top-line measurement of 13<font color="#CCCCCC"> at</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> all</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">right so</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> Bentley</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> has one more</font> measurement to do that is the chest or the girth<font color="#E5E5E5"> and that is going to be right</font> behind the front legs right around his

back and he has about an<font color="#CCCCCC"> 18</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> and a half</font> <font color="#CCCCCC">worth</font> so now we have<font color="#CCCCCC"> Bentley's measurements</font> and we will be able to purchase clothes for him<font color="#E5E5E5"> or collars leashes harnesses</font> with no problem in the future and never

have to return just because of a wrong <font color="#E5E5E5">size</font> thanks for watching<font color="#CCCCCC"> I'm Jen Fidel</font> <font color="#CCCCCC">telling you how to get the perfect</font> measurement for your dog

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Measuring your dog for a perfect fit will help make sure that you get the right leash the first time. Measure your dog for a perfect fit with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Jenn Fadal
Filmmaker: Jeffrey Carter

Series Description: If you want to take care of your dog, you always want to keep a few important tips in mind. Get tips on how to help your pets live life to the fullest with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video series.