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am yeah I'm lexicographer and what does that mean that means I'm somebody who makes dictionary but I'm not really gonna talk to you about texting stay because first of all yon the second because the kids are just containers in what they do with that they hold words and where the man I really wanna talk to you about because I really love words and I don't know

I think you should learn as many words as possible but not for that reason I don't think tester good reason to learn words it's like learning how to cook a magnificent Thanksgiving dinner taking a picture of it and throwing it away you wanna learn words because the are things that let you do other things you don't wanna learn words just for the fake

learning words would be like having a budget would never playing with them so I don't want you to collect words I want you to have words I want to think about words as what you can use to do what you really want to do and words are really great for doing the things they let you read they like right he let you make and reading and writing and especially

making what words are really for and I think when you make things with words if actually when you make connections with words that's what we really want to do with their words because we've been immersed in word here all day long we've heard from people here on this stage we've been talking to each other

words but if make connections between people and that's what I think that they're really best and even more than I think that the the thing that really drives me words that they can connect to you not just two people that you're with physically but of course they can connect you to people who are

thousands of miles and 112 years removed from you and you can still feel the same things that they felt you can understand the same ideas that they wanted to communicate you and you can do to move by magic but my favorite thing about where did is that weird their buckets for ideas and every word can contain an idea in it and nobody can take that but get away from

you once you've been given now weird I'm at for instance one of my favorite words if the word Patrick or now this word is and idea back and Patrick or if thats know how that you now when it rains a lot on a really hot date everybody know what I'm talking about yeah

now you know the word for that idea and the next time it rains on a hot day you now that now you'll be connected are the people who ever known this word and they can never take that back it away from you and weird you connect with people too because like in california people use the word hella rate they are you than other places

until it connects you to the Californian men when you're connected to people who like work the same way Lake I am in emergency rooms in 10 people you the acronym you be I which means unexplained beer injury when people come in and they're and they don't want to explain why and the point where it can contain other words inside them like a long english

words like and I did establishment Arianism but one of the things I love about words is that words are keys unlocked doors where you're not quite sure what might be behind them especially when you're doing searches online if you ever done a search in your search

over and over again you can't find what you want because you don't have the key unlock ideas behind it an words there they let you connect two things on map like if you know where it and it's connected to a particular area but she placed that idea in your mind like for instance the word came to carry in which is somebody the vegetarian except they of the

kangaroos redhead really think that word comes from totally when you have a worried that you know it can serve as a landmark to or ain't you when you run into words you don't know like if you know when you try to get directions to new place somebody says I'll go to this corner in turn right so if you know the word armageddon

right then if you hear the word Therma get do you think that's good or bad bad good that felt very good news when they're get too hot for people to live there so when you know a worried it over it can be like a door into a new idea once you hear the idea for the first time it opens up the whole room behind

it no we're not talking about words is words but words have to be known in context if you i'm saying that somebody bout something and you know anything about the ball at the bounce a check you have to take words in their context because if you see a guy in a tuxedo

you know he's a waiter james bond rate until you see the gun and a martini in on that and where I like chemicals and that you can combine them to make me think that I feel like when your have a great even a word like chemistry right organic chemistry is a much different kind of thing and romantic chemistry

but they remain at a theme park would I think when you know all other words you can used their power to connect people to connect places to connect ideas and the more words you now the more powerful your connection are the things can be and in fact I think they did in impossible to know too many words they take up north facing your had

expanded its faith in your head so that you can connect on things the words connected to you so there's no such thing is knowing too many words now if you'd like to I think connect more with words with me I you can obviously meet at me on twitter by email I work for a company called where Nick we have billion the words

under the Creative Commons shout out thanks to all the fantastic people who make beautiful images in relief them under Creative Commons licenses on Flickr this whole talk is under Creative Commons license if you like my flight deck to give a completely different talk with the same images in the same order just let me know I'd be happy to let you do that thanks so much for your kind

attention in in

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Erin McKean is the founder of Wordnik.com. Previously, she was the editor in chief for American Dictionaries at Oxford University Press, and the editor of the New Oxford American Dictionary, 2E. Her books include Weird and Wonderful Words, More Weird and Wonderful Words, Totally Weird and Wonderful Words, and That's Amore (which is also a collection of words). The Secret Lives of Dresses is her first novel, and really, her first book where the words are arranged in something other than alphabetical order. Erin lives in California south of San Francisco and spends her free time reading, sewing, blogging, roller-skating, and arguing about whether robots or zombies would win in a fight (lasers optional). She loves loud prints, quiet people, long books with happy endings, and McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs.