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necessary elkind I tried it at sisters necessary I'll I am it's one of those moments you know whenever you really understand thats and be careful what you wish for I am ronald was right I just said I was on the planning committee of this evander and fact that it will be able to go to the facts made and I for dinner after that that the first met in

there was this discussion that very often happens i Fight Night when we began to talk about poolside in Belfast to the world and triangles in two ways there are the people who say we are we are not I am vibrant city American from the ashes this venue tells us that it shows us that so that's not my back you know the law armed conflict the troubles

is over I'm way here and I and let's show the world how fabulous the I and that step forward the other hi to the conversation goes but it's because I'll a fact that we are who we are you know this is what we have to show the world this is part about fast can teach the lower is that despite that tragedy the conflict the extraordinary

p.m. fell and experiences that many of us left a we r a vibrant said a and so we have shown resilience and it's the resilience from living in Ireland for those times that I think we can show the world and that's the type of day air a question that I was at flat that meeting I said that I felt there should be an ordinary woman from Belfast up on the stage tell their story actually mentioned that there was

trouble there was conflict but also given a message of hope about the future so you know how you do not he kinda leave the conflict I don't look at other end you know stuff what I don't get didn't agree to anything or dare teaching yoga class every night those meetings are not made on hope it all goes well and then add

a few months later I got contacted by the organizers said you know you were sad without me woman from Bath as get enough at your aunts yeah I'll and of course the first response was decided I know that's another extraordinary women get them up on the stage this isn't it is for me up because I open a center called like I center which is a fight a place where

people can share their gifts I felt like this is a moment this is my coming-out party okay this is made practicing law to face and getting up to something like eighty share to share my story and so the famed for today is late and the NAPLAN appear I flaps and in the next 10 minutes I'm hoping the net kind of appearance

and I give you something yourself over the next few moments for the second to be a boat 2011 was the day that I thought my wireless was coming to an end after a marriage that last 29 years that was the day that finally accepted that that night was over that that relationship with a second if there is any longer

and it was time to move on a summit you might relate to this that kinda years of in tonight's to stay typical try I do this things will be different but the second is April 2011 was today whenever I recognize that in itself and of course that was a massively Chad Matic moment

over the next couple of days I love the kinda strategies and ideas for many years she Harry miss after a difficult time for yoga mad yes now didn't seem to work and Phil the way you do even if you wanna distract yourself I went online and I went into this website from a meditation teacher that some advice and

some history here have been working with a guy called harsher Wagner based in New York and I thought I want to find on his website is a medication that he had a broken height you know how you can detach yourself do you think and the fact that was and it's not as simple as that what jumped up on the screen was an invitation to join hi should FAQ makes

in India just over two weeks for meditation companies and something happened right at that moment you know sometimes in your life and I think especially this is true for them in you get a feeling you're got that's about your intuition speak into your a fill in your heart that's about your heart speak into your both of them screamed and said you're going to India but there's the feeling

in the head that says don't be sad they have lost your senses to know not that bad all of that stuff but something happened I knew I was going to India in August that year to create the kind in ocean absolutely no money man I just sanded and my per non-standard France under him in the audience had to hear from me

every moment you know what I'm going the Indian August I'm getting kinda look in a bit science said nine years confit is going to India on you that's what I did something inside told me that to a month later in the

nice have made with my fifty a fast and there's a party organized not that thirsty party everyone who came and had an envelope with some money and that you know when it was Tampines because that's what they could afford a hundred times and in all the cards are that message to send this is for the and they're fun

to the end of that week and the money was there to go to India that meant to have to go and that was a scary face a you know that the net had appeared an awful that and them what happened was an FX a fast follower artists in August the CME I'm certain this my internet and even on these people from america and

a woman from Germany and this meditation teacher a lot of inner work what's going on and I was terrified so i three the raffle at the prom and %uh said the teacher can you tell me what the flapper Sep at yeah what if they find in here in India tuna and he said you know a lot for three days I don't wonder what they're crazy how this woman standing here today now but you know what our karma is we're both here together so let's do the work

so there's no choice I made it to work and what began to happen was a day in TNA I fight moustache sharing stories about what happened during the Troubles here that I haven't shared with my best friends the fact some stories that I have answered with my husband and the family things that i've seen that and at that I had done what a lot of people in Ireland

AB Canada snuffed thats you know we say the troubles that manufact us are those kinda stories and i miss u kind in stories and remembrance stories ASEAN people being shot the anime places that were blown up all kindsa stuff but I had to share and it became very clear to me

as I think and reflect the knot and beyond I have a culture p.m. i'd have a comfort zone I knew that that was the case for very many people in Ireland as well and Phil at fifty the hill in that I should have got earlier I hadn't got because I simply haven't told the story you understand my today's a coming out party

what I realized and what I knew them was that when I come back to belfast I was gonna create a yes where people who have been three trauma whether it was the troubles I whether it was another trauma he might possibly not be able to access the kind if he didn't help that I've been able to get over the years where they could find not in north Belfast and not have to go to India

decide the kind of him or to London or to tell them you know that fight it on the doorstep this is that the village called timecard and AM why we were there the month and was on and and this whole area that you can say its underwater people could be made to the highs as if the water kept rising and one night we were standing there and pitch black dark for months in this

region the winds are going and at that moment I knew it was going to come back and set up the light eyes and the funny thing is that this may be where gets a bit lately have at the house in 10 levy on some nights this big tall yellow structure is act kinda bill at a structure at the top of which is a bright bright light and just as I had this notion is coming back to set up a life I sent Dec

where people could find access to these kinda hating modalities the light come on the whole sky was bright and I thought Luke scaring cell came back to belfast and am decided to take the late to set up tonight I center which is not been set up on the care federal in January laugh and San July this year I left off in time job as a directive

from chechen say and I'm not working and I after the oppressive what was said earlier follow your passions and you don't feel like you're working today so the same for today's been faced with an stiffer than that I'm interested in this is faster than here is part of us where we keep our fears I limiting beliefs and on other stuff that

stops us from founder James and Emily want and sell the light I sissified giving people a space for they can do that and their work but I wanted to set up SPS with and physically which was based on famine and principles that was based on use in fam and I J to move things forward rather than using the masked men typeof energy that I've had two years over the years before

when I felt I was in control I have to be in charge had to take action and and so at some other things I wanted to see happen in and the light eyes where festival could be bring people together in a spirit of comp of collaboration not competition here's teachers he ever had something to share could they come together and work

to support each other is the primary motive for coming together and then from that gets the point themselves I also want to take create a space for anyone to leadership were contained in the south but other people there would and have a leadership style it was a fight create an effective Kevin this is based on the notion that if we want to get out of our own pity party

that was on up here very of the week ended up by seven other people so bag if it but actually the season it would have to be SPS where I wouldn't be and said active about the type of you may know the type of services that might be offered so if it evidence is that it lacks if skillet wax

then we need to find a space for getting for that other people can access a and lassen absolutely definitely not least there had to be a sense of joy in the building and a sense of happiness and market a I don't know about you but I've been around a lot of and people have done this kinda in Iraq

and are the most miserable an hill and we we haudio professor last year my wonderful daughter his here today was added at the end to the festival she said you know some other people to get on that work for more miserable up tonight the door than they were when they came in types and ask a favor confronting their demands will be all rights

so there has to be a sense of joy is a belief that laughter is the best I am the best medicine and fell air that that was the kind of big picture stuff after the big picture stuff was clear to me hi it happened I let go of a chick-fil-a hi it happens was and was just gonna be in a string

and so this is where we are now I that night I sent it opened its doors it still developing at serbia by you know it opened in July I give up my job and tonight so it's what for five months and yet this is what we have begun today in that short time this is what's called Kalman filters not sleep yet if a slideshow in the middle

of that with all kind of pictures but I attended a bit about it the M we we're on Ireland's first wellness meditation yoga faster last year and and less me we had the teacher hey I'm at in India over kitchen paper an island you know so that was just the start of it on ever happen again next year ferries fast what happened in May next year

the centers opened we have created a spear spear people are offering of the individual treatments my workshop seven of eight where meditation group I made in Study Group Limited downstairs there's that gift shop we have fabulous you go there this stage we have fabulous your goodnights once a month where people with a learning disability have been supported to overcome some but

there are fears about access and complimentary therapies and that they come every month and I could go on and on downstairs we have a community cafe which if taken forward the Pay It Forward movement and Ireland with pat for a concept at a vigil is dedicated for three people and those three people that a good day

for another three people within 3-4 weeks they've left I think something like who wanted the chance down about 4 million seven hundred and something size and paper when I've had a good day doesn't to know and it's got a raise the energy so we have a great in the light eyes to set up camp for retirement from the night I center so I love that with an a couple of them

with a couple months and still night had called for years at all of that was possible because the lake was taken and then a.m. the method here just a few things that if you want to take the lead if you're in that relationship you wanna leave if you're in that job you want to get out of

do these couple of things festival commit absolutely tham and a half with the naysayers people would always tell you why you shouldn't death you know bill for their bill for their father your dream fact second play nineteen a safe as women we give give give and the National Venture SAT I can tell yet 93 a

safe again other people a favor by letting them into the party came thirdly go with the flow work like the big picture let the details take care of themselves and the late May magic begins to happen if it is the case that that's a feminine energy thing anyway so we can get family into that magic American just began to happen

they and I'm just going to move quickly on to the last month laugh laugh a lot don't take yourself too seriously you know we're only here for a quick ride on this planet as my 50th fact that this turnaround happened I thought then the years ahead gonna be less than the years behind I don't know maybe has to

be teaching a given a hundred still not quite given up on that idea but life a short last laugh a lot and that and just enjoy it and then just late just need take the late father got final the heart let the fears up here and go to one side and see see what happens and just take the lead enjoy it and thanks very much for your

for your time

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Over the last 25 years Siobhan has worked in a variety of leadership roles in voluntary and community sectors in Northern Ireland, including most recently leading ARC a learning disability umbrella charity. Alongside the day jobs Siobhan discovered the healing impact of yoga and personal development 15 years ago when life was teaching her some interesting and challenging lessons. As a result Siobhan is passionate about ensuring that a full range of effective healing tools and practices are available to everyone who wishes to use them to support deep healing and a more joyful life. She recently founded the Lighthouse Centre in North Belfast to create a welcoming, healing space, especially for those who may not normally seek out such support.

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