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No. Actually she was banging the door and slipped. So I was helping.

Mrs. Khurrana, are you fine? Manpreet? - Yes? Drop them to the car. You always come on the wrong time. You've held the hand on the right time. There are so many people around and you.

What if Tanuja's husband gets to know about it? It would have been an unnecessary issue. Moreover, you would've felt the humility. 'Tanuja must have understood one thing today. If she is Rishi's dream then I am his reality.' Natasha?

Have you seen my phone? Where is it? How would I know? Hey! You just said you have seen it. I see that everyday. It's black in colour. See Natasha, don't fool with me. - Now go soon.

Okay, let me say good night. Good night. Good night. Bye. Love you. - Love you. I'll call Mr. Handsome. Tanuja!

I'll ask Tanuja today to stop calling Rishi. Hello, why are you calling Rishi again and again? Don't you have etiquettes? First you ask 'who are you'. I am Natasha. Mr. Handsome's cutie pie. Now you tell me, who are you? Are you servant of that place?

No. Look Natasha... ...Mr. Handsome is not here right now. He has gone out. You are lying. - No, I am not lying. He is actually not here. You give Mr.Handsome my message. Tell him that your cutie pie had called...

...and that I have to talk something urgent. Okay, I'll tell him. - Okay, bye. What happened? Why do you look worried, all okay? Yes, all okay. Sure? - Yes. Oh no, I forgot to delete the number.

If Rishi looks at the phone, then he will know... ...that Tanuja had called. Where is my phone? I have searched everywhere but still can't find it. I knew, that day outside Tanya's school... ...you came flying to me... ...from Tanuja's hand.

I felt a weird sensation... ...that Tanuja was somewhere around. Hello, yes. I will send you the collaboration conference file. Yes, it is with me. I just checked it. Okay, okay bye.

Tanuja's received call? Mom, I got your phone. You got my phone? Was it with you? Mom, you don't trust me at all. I am going. Sorry. Sorry, Natasha.

I am really sorry. Mom loves you. Sit here, no in fact, sleep here. Mom will fix the room. - Okay. 'Mr.Handsome, I fooled mom into... asking about your health.' Mom, Mr.Handsome is calling.

Don't answer it. No! Hey cutie pie. - Hi, how are you? Mom told me that you're not well. What happened to you? Me? Yes, I am not well since seven years now. What? - I meant from the last seven days.

If you are not well then don't get drenched, you will fall sick. I was really missing you. So I came out to get you a gift. Give it to me then, quickly. If you want it now then you have to open the door as I'm standing outside There's no need to come in.

Give it to me in the office tomorrow. Why tomorrow? I'm here to give the gift. Right, Cutiepie? Mom, please open the door. Natasha, I refused. No means 'no'. It's my mistake. I came so late night. I shouldn't have come.

It's mom's mistake, not yours. She is like that. I'll give you the gift tomorrow at the school. Promise. Okay. Your mom has arrived. I told you, my mom is very sweet. Come on! I'm also coming. - Okay. What's the gift?

Hi, Mr.Handsome! - Hey, Cutiepie! Come here! First give me the gift. - Your gift. Here it is. And here's one. Thank you! - You're welcome! Oh! It's the same balloon. My balloon. I knew that.

It has mom's kiss also. Look. How did you have this balloon? I found this balloon outside of your school. It has your mom's love on it. Mom's love for you. No. For you. - Okay.

Natasha. You got your gift and it's very late. Say good night to him. He'll go home and we'll sleep. I'll call your dad and complain about you if you don't listen to me. Okay. I am going to sleep. Okay. But don't call dad. Bye, Mr.Handsome! - Bye!

Good night, mom! Will you leave yourself or do I need to tell you something? Everything is happening on it's own. I mean, did you see the balloon? It's a sign that we should get back together. Rishi, please keep quiet. But...

What will you do about the fate? You didn't want to see me. But you had to come to my office. You were hiding your love from me. Alas, that balloon exposed your love... Rishi. - Remember, you can't hide your love.

That balloon was meant for a girl. - No. Tanuja, it's a sign from God... ...that He wants us to reunite. We wouldn't have gotten separated if God wanted that. We got separated because we aren't meant for each other. We have our own separate world. - Leave your world and come to me.

Please go away from here. I won't go. I won't go this time. 'My wife has prepared delicious food today only for you.' 'Leave her hand!' Why am I scared?

I'll go and reveal the truth to Rishi. Tanuja is married and also has a daughter. Yes. A wife can leave her husband for her love. But a mother can never leave her daughter's father. I should talk to Rishi.

I should explain him... ...that Tanuja never really loved him. She only loved money. The moment she found a rich man, she forgot Rishi. She married that man quickly. And she also gave birth quickly so that she can stay in this bond.

But why doesn't Rishi understand anything? I'll explain Rishi. What kind of stubbornness is this, Rishi? Why are you breaking a well settled family? Which family are you talking about, Tanuja? Our family was never settled in the first place.

Please go away from here. The mistake that I had committed seven years back... ...please forget that mistake, Tanuja. Please. 'Rishi, I'm pleading you! Please don't do this engagement!' The pain that I had inflicted on you...

...by getting engaged to Netra... ...why... Why have you transformed that pain into an incurable wound? The heart that had borne the pain... ...belonged to Tanuja. That Tanuja was different and this Tanuja is different.

This Tanuja is a mother. Natasha's mother... ...and Abhishek's wife. So, please... ...don't create more problems for me and go away from here. Okay. I'll go away once and for all. Just one night. Please...

...give me one night. Please, Tanuja. I'm just asking for... ...one night in return for a lifetime. Can't you do even this much for me? I'll live my entire life in this one night, Tanuja. Every single moment that I've...

...snatched away from you. The food you cook. I've missed it a lot. Please. Just one night, after that... ...I will never show you my face. Just a night, please.

That's what you want. I am sorry? What? - Please go from here. I... Tanuja! Rishi. Rishi is not here.

Where did he go? What? What did you say, Tanuja? Say it again. You said something. That, you like to make me work for you at midnight. You don't like to do things for me any more? That AK... - How does that matter?

You have decided that you won't come. Look... I... I... The Aloo Parathas you make... I have missed that a lot.

Yes. Really. I am saying the truth. For many years I haven't had... ...Aloo Parthas made by you. I mean... I don't...

People have Aloo Paratha for breakfast, not so late at night. I don't care about that. I just want to have Aloo Paratha made by you. Please make it. I have missed it a lot. I swear. You...

You really... Or are you fooling me? You want to eat Aloo Paratha? Ouch! Ouch! - What happened? My eyes are burning. - Is it? Hold on...

Do you really want me to leave? Please answer.

Video Description

Rishi pleads with Tanuja that she should reconcile with him and give him another chance. Netra feels that she would lose Rishi and decides to manipulate him. Are Rishi and Tanuja getting close to each other? Stay tuned to find out.

Kasam is a story of star crossed lovers Rishi and Tanu who are destined to be together since birth. Their love has stood the test of time, cheating even death. This story of reincarnation will even make non believers believe in love.

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