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Subtitles / Closed Captions - English

ELMO: He-ha-ha-ha! (SINGING) Shoo-be-doo-doo.

Imagine a story-- BOOK: Squee-da-lee-acha. ELMO: Imagine a song. Mm. INSTRUMENTS: Woo-da-lee-woo! ELMO: We'll make it up-- mm--

CANE: Boom-shaka-laka! ELMO: --as we go along. Mm. LIGHTS: Ba-too-da-lee-doo. ELMO: What happens next? CHICKENS: Bawk!

Bawk! ELMO: You'll never know. CHICKENS: Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk! ELMO: It's "Elmo the Musical!" "Elmo the Musical!" CHICKENS: Ya!

VELVET: Let's get on with the show. [CHICKENS SQUAWKING] ELMO: Ready, Velvet? VELVET: Ready, Elmo! ELMO: Ah-ha-ha-ha! Oh, are you ready to make up a new musical story with Elmo?

VELVET: I know I am. Where will your imagination take us today? ELMO: Hmm, what if-- oh! oh! oh! What if-- [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) What if Elmo's wearing a swimsuit?

Standing on warm sand. What if he's near the ocean, surfboard in hand? What if the sun is shining, the day is beautiful. VELVET: Are you imagining a beach? ELMO: Yeah, baby! It's Beach the Musical!

Yeah! Looks like the surf's up too. [REGAL MUSIC] Ah-ha-ha-ha! CRAB: Welcome! I am the king, King Crab!

And this beach is my kingdom! ELMO: Ah-ha-ha-ha! Cool! Elmo never knew there was a beach kingdom. KING CRAB: Of course. Why do you think are so many sandcastles?

[LAUGHTER] ELMO: Boy, King Crab sure seems happy. KING CRAB: That is why they call it Happy Crab Beach! Everyone here is happy, from starfish to shellfish! [LAUGHTER] STARFISH: Ah!

I'm happy as a clam! Whoa! CLAM: So am I! And I am a clam! [LAUGHTER] KING CRAB: You see?

Not even a crab could be crabby on Happy Crab Beach. [STEEL DRUM MUSIC] (SINGING) Take a look around, what do you see? Everybody here is so happy. Ask anyone! They'll say they're each a'happy to be here on Happy Crab Beach.

The creatures of the sand! CREATURES: We're so happy! KING CRAB: The seagulls when they land. SEAGULLS: We're so happy. ELMO: The fish in the ocean? FISH: We're so happy.

ELMO: All feel the same emotion? ALL: We're so happy. KING CRAB: Yes, anyone you ask, they'll say they're each a'happy to be here on Happy Crab Beach. [LAUGHTER] ELMO: Elmo loves this place!

Everybody's so happy. VOICE (SADLY): Not everybody. ELMO: What's that? KING CRAB: Oh, ho ho! It is a little shrimp! [CRYING]

ELMO: Oh, what's wrong? Why are you crying? SHRIMP: (SINGING) I don't like being little. And let me tell you why. Too much is out of my reach, too many things way too high. Oh, no, no, no, being small is not what I choose.

No, it isn't fair. It's certainly not. I've got the feeling-low, wish-I'd-grow, sorrowful-sad-shrimp blues. It really makes me down. And there's not much further down it than me!

I can't see over others. Things go right over my head. Can't climb high on my own. I need someone to boost me instead. Oh, no, no, no, this is all such sad news. Oh, it is so sad, baby.

I got the feeling-low, wish-I'd-grow, sorrowful-sad-shrimp blues. One more time, for all you shrimpers out there. I got the feeling-low, wish-I'd-grow, sorrowful-sad-shrimp blues. ELMO: Blues!

Whoa! Wipeout! KING CRAB: My crown! The wave washed away my crown! ELMO: Oh, come on! We have to catch it!

Oh! [METAL CLINKING] There's the crown! Between those big rocks! [GASPS]

KING CRAB: I must get it back! ELMO: Uh-huh! [GRUNTING] KING CRAB: I can't reach it. I'm too big.

ELMO: Let Elmo-- let Elmo try. Let's see. Oh no. Elmo's too big too. KING CRAB: Oh no! [CRYING]

ELMO: Oh no! Wait, King Crab doesn't seem happy anymore, does he? Can you tell how he's feeling now? [CRIES] SHRIMP: Sad. I'm very familiar with that emotion.

[CRYING] CREATURES: We're all sad! [LOUD CRYING] ELMO: Can you think of anybody small enough to fit in there? Wait a minute! Elmo knows who might be able to help!

The Shrimp! SHRIMP: Me? ELMO: Uh-huh! KING CRAB: You may be the only one small enough to get my crown! Please, help!

Your king needs you! ELMO: Uh-huh. SHRIMP: I'll do my best, your majesty! [LAUGHTER] KING CRAB: Look at her go. ELMO: Uh-huh!

KING CRAB: Can she reach it? Is she getting it? ELMO: Oh, Elmo hopes this works. SHRIMP: I got it! [CHEERING] KING CRAB: Oh, my crown!

[SIGHS] I am a happy king grab once again! Thank you! Thank you, little tiny sh-- I mean, um-- SHRIMP: Oh, it's OK to call me that.

Because now I know that being little can be pretty great after all. [LAUGHS] ELMO: Oh. So you're not feeling sad anymore? SHRIMP: No.

Now I'm feeling a different emotion. ELMO: Oh, what was that? [MUSIC PLAYING] SHRIMP: (SINGING) Oh, I am feeling proud. I'll shout it right out loud. I can't keep inside all of the pride.

ELMO: Oh, you should be feeling proud. SHRIMP: 'Cause now I really see how great smallness can be! KING CRAB: (SINGING) Oh, I have to say, you saved the day! SHRIMP: Oh, I'm proud that I am me. Come on! ALL: Proud!

Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud!

Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! SHRIMP: And united!

ALL: Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud!

Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud! Proud!

SHRIMP: (SINGING) Oh, I can't keep inside all of this pride because I am feeling proud! VELVET: Oh, Elmo, I just love stories with happy endings! ELMO: Ah, thanks,Velvet. Oh, and thank you, too.

Elmo loves going to the beach with you. VELVET: Curtain call! ELMO: (SINGING) That's "Elmo the Musical!" "Elmo the Musical!" That's the end of our show!


Video Description

Elmo is heading to Happy Crab Beach where everyone is always happy, but when an unexpected wave washes away the King Crab’s crown everyone becomes sad. Can they find someone small enough to retrieve it?

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