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(Episode 1657)

We bring you the latest news on celebrities. I'm Shin Hyunjoon. Hello. I'm Jung Jiwon. It's the first Saturday of February. - Since today is the first day of spring, / - Yes. the weather is pretty warm today.

I didn't wear a turtleneck today. You look beautiful. You're lightly dressed as well. Yes, since it's spring. We're both wearing pink today. That's right.

Since it's spring, I wore brighter clothes than usual. New energy is coming along with the new season. I hope you all stay with positive energy. I got that positive energy. Like this? With positive energy,

let's begin our show. Let's start off with Kim Seunghye and Kim Sungeun. I interviewed the second guest of the Rising Stars of 2017. I met with Kim Jinwoo who played a major role in getting high ratings in "The Unusual Family"

with his superb acting skill. He shows his charm in an unexpected way. Stay tuned. He was greatly loved in "The Unusual Family". He's called the prince of daily soap operas. I interviewed Kim Jinwoo, a rising star of 2017.

I introduced you as The Prince. Are you satisfied with the title? I'm embarrassed. Do you think you're a rising star who will shine in 2017? I think this is the result of all my hard work so far.

- Working hard is the answer to that. / - Yes. He has many followers on social media. I was surprised to see this. It's hard for celebrities to do things like this. The hashtags for selfies are everywhere.

- I posted them quite a while ago. / - You did? - Why did I do that? / - Why did you do that? I did that to have more followers. You're honest. - It's like a snap with a boyfriend. / - Is it? After posting pictures on social media, we continued

the interview with questions from fans. A hashtag for Kim Jinwoo. The first hashtag is the prince of daily dramas. Who do you think is your rival? I work hard to try my best, not just to become the best.

There is no one I think of as a rival. - There's no one. / - Are you sure? - Yes, I swear. / - There's no one. That means you're the only prince of daily dramas. I knew you'd say that. - I don't consider anyone a rival. / - Okay.

"The Unusual Family" got high ratings because of him. He stood out as the lead actor everyone loved - through this drama. / - I don't deserve your love. How did you feel when you took the lead role? I thought, "I finally did it." - "My time has come." / - "It has come."

Yes. He looks humble but his true self has been revealed. - You're a comedian, aren't you? / - I am. - You're witty. / - Thank you for the compliment. I got a call from Kim Wonhyo. Jinwoo was his superior at work

in the drama. We're sworn brothers. I was amazed by his good acting at first sight. I was surprised by it. So I approached him first. What does he usually do for you?

He buys me lots of delicious food. I love people who treat me to a meal. Of course, people who treat you to a meal are the best. I heard you did a lot of part-time jobs before this. I've done all kinds of part-time jobs. Which one was the toughest?

I once sold roasted chestnuts on the streets. As the weather was very cold, I almost got frostbite on my feet. It didn't sell well the first three months. Later, I came up with a strategy that actually worked. What strategy was it?

I told people to try a sample while smiling at them like this. (He used his good looks.) - You had many female customers? / - Middle-aged women. I think that was the beginning of my career. I could make my way into the industry because of that.

- I see. / - Yes. Can you smile at the viewers, too? Here goes. I'm sorry about this at the beginning of the year. Please don't edit this out. He wanted to be a singer before his debut as an actor.

Before he appeared on TV as an actor, he was a talented actor in the musical scene. He recently appeared on a variety show showing off - his singing skills. / - He has a rich voice. I'm 100 percent sure that he's a singer. It's Kim Jinwoo, an actor with 11 years of experience.

(He sings as well as any other singer.) (He left a strong impression on viewers.) My dream came true through that show. I think you'll be good at playing a singer in a drama. (Well...)

I can pull it off. Dear writers and directors, I'll show you that I can do it better than anyone else. There is one more hashtag for you. It's about flirting. I think this is it.

- That's flirting? / - Yes. After interviewing him... Hang on. Flirting means that you hit on somebody. But here it means making people feel at ease. When someone acts cute in front of me, I do the same to not make them feel embarrassed.

- I had a bad dream. / - Me, too. - So... / - I don't feel embarrassed at all. Right? You can do this together. It's sort of consideration for others. I'm cold. You want me to hug you? Come here.

- Like this? / - Yes. - They look good together. / - This isn't embarrassing. - Isn't it? / - I should try this some other time. We read some questions before finishing the interview. "How do you feel today?" "What's your ideal type?" - My ideal type. / - Yes.

Is it me? To describe it specifically, I hope she's pretty and has a good figure. Did I say something wrong? - You have to be honest. / - That's right. - That's what you're supposed to do. / - Right.

You like a good-looking guy, don't you? - I do. / - But, from my previous dating experiences, I figured out I should meet a girl who hits it off well with me. The relationship doesn't work if you don't get on well. - That's right. / - Yes.

- I saw an interesting question. / - What is it? Wonhyo's wife, Shim Jinhwa asks, "Who do you think is prettier, Seunghye or me?" (Seunghye versus Jinhwa) You need to answer this question. (It's hard to answer that question.)

I'll marry Jinhwa, but I will first date Seunghye. That's my answer. It's good to hear that he wants to date me. In 2017, I'm planning to work on more films and dramas to meet you as regularly as I can.

I'll work harder. I wish you good health. Take care not to catch a cold. Thank you. - Thank you. / - Thank you, Entertainment Weekly. We look forward to seeing you in many films. (Entertainment Weekly)

Let's move on to the next segments. Saengmin, Jiyeon, and Taejin are next. Right. I had an interview with Jung Woo who came back as a righteous lawyer from a hopeless romantic. As it's the month of love, we made chocolates together.

I thought he had chemistry with Kang Haneul, but during the interview, we worked in perfect harmony. My segment with Jung Woo will air shortly. Before that, let's talk about more trivia about celebrities. Today, we'll take a look at the king of the office.

From interview skills that will guarantee a job to ways to behave at a company dinner, we've prepared the manual for office life. Please stay tuned. It's time for Saengmin's Veteran. I met with a great actor, Jeong Mansik,

who you all like. The cute sides of him are hidden under his scary face. Saengmin's Veteran begins now. I've been a reporter for 21 years. I'm a fossil among reporters. I can see your true self through your eyes.

By the way, who are you? I'm Seol A of WJSN. I'm in charge of good looks. You are the pretty one? Then what is Cheng Xiao in charge of? Cheng Xiao is the one with the good body. I'm the actual pretty one.

(Are you watching this, Cheng Xiao?) Who is our target of today's investigation? He's a scene stealer who rules Chungmuro. He's a charismatic actor who can overpower a tiger. He's the most wanted actor for villainous parts. Additionally, he has cute unexpected charms.

He's a threat to other actors regardless of the genre. He's an actor to be feared. It won't be easy today. Bring in him immediately. Saengmin's Veteran starts now. - What is your name? / - It's Jeong Mansik.

- Your age? / - I was born in 1974, the Year of the Tiger. I'm older, but why do I find you scary? Please take good care of me, Saengmin. (He flashes him a cute smile.) When was your debut?

Are you referring to my debut in theater or film? Let's start with your debut in theater. I started my career in theater in 1994. (He first appeared in theater in 1994.) However, on your profile, it says you started in 2005. You're hiding 11 years from 1994 to 2005.

It was a depressing time for me. Was it dark? I kept living in a place like this. (It's a sad story.) (Do you think it's funny?) He still could suddenly look scary like this.

Studying your recent works, I can see it's just recently that you had major roles. You played a detective, a husband, and an evicted tenant. I was either the fifth or seventh evicted tenant. I looked it up.

- He was the fourth evicted tenant. / - Amazing. He's awesome. In "No Mercy for the Rude", the name was unique. It's "Cubed Radish Kimchi with Holes". Do you remember when you first had a role with a name? According to my memory,

it was in "Breathless" in 2007. In it, they used my real name. Yes, we found it. The name of the character was Mansik. It's the same with your real name, Jung Mansik. What was your role in "Breathless"?

I was an owner of a private detective agency. (Jung Mansik played Mansik, the owner of an agency.) He did some illegal things, but he was very nice to the people who were close to him. That's my opinion. Since I've been looking at your eyes up close,

I can see you have clean and transparent eyes. The director of "Asura: The City of Madness" said, "His eyes are the eyes of a dog." "In my next life, I want to be reborn as Mansik." What kind of eyes are the eyes of a dog? Can't you see?

They are innocent, mild, and heart-warming. - They have a healing power. / - How nice. So that's what he meant by a dog. - Not the scary dog type. / - No, it's not. My goodness. (He shows his healing eyes.)

(How can he be so cute?) What are you looking at? Am I that handsome? It's a famous line that will be remembered throughout his career. What are you looking at?

Am I that handsome? (Looking at your face calms me down.) Yes. I remember this scene. Jung Woosung's answer was "Yes". My dear Woosung is older than you?

("My dear Woosung"?) Woosung is a year older than Mansik. Is that a problem? No, it's not. You've played bad and masculine guys so far. However, your role is different in "My Little Brother".

What did you focus on the most? First, I changed the style of my outfits. He only wore black and gray till then. It was the same. For the first time in my life, I rolled up my pants. (His fashion has changed.) However, he wore

white rolled-up pants and showed off his ankles. Is your role a bad guy? No, it's not. He's an ordinary middle-aged man. Is there a special reason why you chose this film? I wanted to talk about family. It's been a while.

I saw an absence of bonding among family members. I thought I should be involved in a family film. That's why I chose this film. I received a report. You are known to shorten your lines in the script.

Why do you do that? It's to deliver the lines as best as I can taking into account my acting, other actors, and the film. There's another theory. Some say you shorten them because you are farsighted. (What do you mean I'm farsighted?)

What do you say to that? (Jung Mansik is presumed to have become farsighted.) I understand his situation. (Kim Saengmin also has farsightedness.) That's why your script looks different from mine. Age can be brutal.

I hate writers who use small fonts. (Feeling sad) I like that gesture. We've acquired some evidence. (He's worried.) You know this, right?

Don't pretend you don't know what it is. It's a frying pan. What on Earth is this? I used to sell frying pans because I wanted to be rich. How many have you sold? I sold quite a lot. If that's true,

- Saengmin, you're the most frugal celebrity. / - Yes. I'll recognize you as the king of sales if he buys it. - I accept your challenge. / - He won't buy it. - It won't be easy. / - I won't spend money on it. - I'm curious. / - This is - your frying pan, right? / - Yes.

You can't use this. It will get scratched. How long have you been using this pan? - It's been six years. / - See? It's been six years. Who uses a pan for six years? You may get cancer.

You may already be at stage four cancer. What I'm saying is that you have to replace frying pans once or twice a year. He is right. Rather than thicker ones, use light ones, but check out the coatings.

- Let me show you our product. / - How much is it? - That is... Did you take it? / - Yes. Since its 28cm in diameter, it's 80 dollars. Is it less expensive than at other stores? Sure, it is. It would be 120 dollars at other stores. - That's good. / - He's really good at it, isn't he?

- And there's no script. / - You won't buy it anyway. I guess you earned quite a lot of money selling them. Is there any special reason you quit the job? Talking about the income, - there were no bigger bills back then. / - Right. But I used to carry about 1,000 dollars in my wallet.

You must have been well off. Why... - I was very well off. / - Then why did you quit? Because I was not well off in my heart and mind. So you chose to be an actor even though being one wouldn't make you rich. I'm curious about how you made that decision.

It was simple. My mother said to me, "Do not try to earn a lot of money." "You won't be a billionaire even if you make money." "Just do what you used to do." "You don't need to earn money. Be an actor."

She told you to chase your dream, not money. Yes. She said she was happy to see me happy. (She fully supported her son.) She said great words to you and trusted you. Please say something to her. Mom, I love you.

(You know how I feel, right?) I discovered an amazing fact. You have two rings on your hands. One on each hand. Do you have two wives? - Tell us the truth. / - Shall I flip this table over? - Explain. / - Watch what you say.

Do you have two families in different areas? (She didn't keep her gun at a safe place.) - No. / - What did you say? Why are you wearing two rings? This ring is the one we bought when we were dating. We bought the other one when we got married.

I changed a lot after I got married. I've been relying on her ever since we got married. Do you keep your wife on a leash or is it the opposite? It's the opposite. If I say I keep her on a leash, I'll look violent. (Domestic violence)

When was it that you were the most happy that you became an actor? Every day. Every morning, every night, and when I eat with her. Prosecutors in Korea should do what we are told to. In the past or right now,

I always think it's not a life if it's not fun. It may be hard and painful, but I try to think that is the happiest thing in my life. So I'm always happy. You are a great actor and an excellent husband. Thank you. The interrogation is over.

We'll always root for you. - Thank you. / - I'll watch his movie for sure. Thank you. Are you going to keep working or not? You can't go home until you finish that proposal. Excuse me?

Office workers have a hard time going to work. They're overworked and sometimes stay up all night. They work so hard these days. I'm not sure if I'm working to live or working to die. We prepared this clip for all the office workers out there.

Let me show you some great tips on how to do well at work in trivia about celebrities now. The first step to getting hired is to go through an interview. I'll sell the products with all my heart and passion.

About my strong points, those in my hometown say I'm quite good at everything. - Do they say that? / - Yes, yes. (This is funny.) What are your weak points? It's that I don't have any.

They look so proud of themselves. It's important to be confident. I didn't go to a good college. Because my family was not well off, I had a variety of jobs and experienced a lot. My hardships have made me who I am today.

They seem to be touched by his sincere confession. This is the popular comedy drama, "Mr. Kim". Here is a man who succeeded in getting hired - because he is quick-witted. / - In fact, we don't care much about your education background, but

it'll be a problem if you are too unqualified. Oh, well. He suddenly kneels down. I'm aware that I may not be good enough for this job, but before my father passed away, his favorite food was the bibimbap kimbap

that is sold at the TQ convenience stores. The interviewers were suddenly moved by the words of Namgoong Min. However... (Be quick-witted in critical situations.) - That was great acting. I even cried. / - He was good.

Is Entertainment Weekly your first preference? - Yes. / - You're pretty peculiar. I like your attitude. It's the first time a newbie wants to join this show. Most of them don't want it because it's hard. On your first day at work,

- try to show that you love challenges. / - Hello. My name is Baek... You go first. What do you think we should do? Pardon? I don't understand. You can say anything because you're a new employee. I used to give about 100 ideas.

Yes, just tell us. I think we should gather all of them and speak frankly. - What? / - How could you just say anything like that? Remember being too honest may cause a problem. Even when the boss is boring, laugh at his stories. You said your daughter is a college student, right?

She failed the entrance test, so not yet. (He laughs.) My wife got even more depressed because of that. (Show reactions that suits the situation.) I think he'll be nagging you all day. You need to consider the situation before you react.

- Mr. Yu. / - Yes. Where did you get that tie? - This? / - That's the tie that's in vogue right now. - Really? / - You're an excellent employee as well as a fashionista. Flattery gets you liked by your boss.

He's really good at flattering people. I like him because of that. That's just an ordinary tie. Mind your own fashion sense! What an ugly jacket. Please figure out when to get involved and when not to.

If you give us just a little more time, we'll make a new proposal. I'll give you three days. You don't have to work hard. I expect you to just make it right this time. Now, how should you deal with an important task? Are you done?

No, not yet. And even after I finish it, I have to check on the promissory notes, too. - Mr. Kim. / - Yes, Sangtae. Could you process the expense report of the executives? Sure, I can. Bring me the promissory notes to check, too.

There are some nice bosses who help you with your work. I checked it multiple times. It can't be... Won't you get a grip? Don't tell anyone you're a designer of our company. There are scary coworkers who say harsh words, And there are those who are like

Kim Hyesoo, the perfect worker. They want to get advice from her. Ms. Kim, could you look through this for me? Thank you. She reads it at an incredible speed. There are a few things to take note.

Write the key points at the beginning of the report. And summarize your conclusion in two to three lines. If you want to add something, please use footnotes. She's awesome. Everyone did a good job. Let's have dinner after work. - What? / - Dinner after work?

- Finish it now. Let's have dinner. / - I miss Siwon. Since we have new employees, shall we have dinner together after work? Having dinner together is no better than working late. (What? Have dinner after work?) (My goodness.)

Team dinners aren't not included in the contract. Hey, Ms. Kim. Having dinner together is a part of work. Don't you know the basics about work? And now dinner time has begun. I'll grill the meat, but could you help me, too?

It's my job. You can focus on this gathering. Practice some fantastic skills to use at gatherings. This is one of the tips, too. I look forward to your performance. I'm sorry, drinking is not included in my contract.

Then I will... Instead, I'll mix the drinks. (She shows fabulous skills in mixing drinks.) She shows great skill at mixing soju and beer, and the coworkers really enjoy the show. (This is for you.)

Thank you. (He is satisfied.) - Could it be that delicious? / - It's so refreshing. It's just an example. Next is something to be careful about when you drink. (Jo Yoonhee the clerk is very drunk.)

I'm very well aware of why you want to fire me. You are pretentious. - And you are hypocritical. / - Stop it. Let's go. Drinking can ruin not only your health but your job, so please be careful.

Next is karaoke, the peak of the after-work gathering. (The peak of the after-work gathering) ♪ I wonder if I could see you again ♪ This is a torture to the ears. Do not sing ballads that you're not good at. You might ruin the atmosphere,

so please refrain from them. With the microphone and tambourine in your hands, dance along with your boss's singing and shake your arms and legs. Your face is... ♪ Going through the fog ♪

Your coworkers may be amazed by your tambourine skills. (Follow the rhythm and have fun in the karaoke room.) Shall we have dinner together after work? - Let's have dinner. / - Just one more drink. Don't say that. Don't say that, indeed.

(It's the time office workers like, time to go home) I like that time, too. My segment isn't done yet. I have field days to cover. Colleagues build teamwork on these field days. - It's an extension of work. / - Is it the Yellow Sea? The offense and defense have split

and have move to the sides. They're transparent. - He must kick to the other side. / - Director, shoot! Like the opposite ends of a magnet, the goalie moves away from the ball. Even though he's on the opposing team,

he becomes one with them and is happy. It's peaceful. We are the world. Last is when other colleagues are having a hard time. I can't be a dependable supporter right now, but I can wait until you get to the position

of your worth on your own. It might take some time, but let's try it together. A heart-warming encouragement can be very helpful. You are the true employees who will be in charge of this company's future. Drink these and let's work hard together.

- We'll work hard. / - We'll work hard. (Encouragement is the best remedy.) After spending a tough day, office workers get ready to face a new day again. I will cheer up! I hope all office workers out there

will enjoy only good things. I'm rooting for you. He's a jewel that shines wherever he goes. From a member of SHINee, an idol group, Minho is now rising as a star actor. I went to a commercial shoot in order to meet him.

- Good work. / - Thank you. - Hello. / - Hello. I'm Seunghye. I'm at a commercial shoot for a clothing line. - So I'm here for that. / - Gosh, he's handsome. You took photos with a female model. Do you think you can take photos with me, too?

- Sure. / - Thank you. - Did you agree to it unwillingly? / - I was kidding. What happened to the Minho who was hesitant before? He shyly confessed his love to me. This is only possible in my dreams. (She rejects him, but why?)

Even though it was only for a moment, I was happy. You're actually quite funny and delightful once we get to talk. You seemed a bit reticent at the start of your career. At that time, I didn't deal with strangers well. I was worried that I might make mistakes.

Personally, it's hard for me to allow mistakes. Once, I was on a show called - "Star Golden Bell". / - Right, you did. You never know when the cameras would switch over to you. When cameras film me now, I can act naturally,

but back then, I didn't know how. I smiled for six hours during the taping of the show. (His eyes lost focus.) Minho, your face might spasm from all that. - He's so cute. / - I walked into the waiting room... I walked into it just like this, keeping my smile.

- That breaks my heart. / - I remember that. - You starred in "One Night Two Days". / - He was new. Your abdominal muscles were impressive. - You have a great body. / - It drew our attention. He has exemplary abdominal muscles. That's very cool.

- You even went into the water. / - Right. It must have been really cold. The water was freezing at that time. - Of course. / - Let's use your body. Just looking at this makes me cringe. You must have been really cold, Minho.

- My goodness. / - Get him out now. I think I felt every single cell of my body. I realized there's a cell around here, and there's another one right here. I felt all that after I went into the water. Really?

I would like to give my thanks to Kim Joonho again. In "Hwarang", your character is a hopeless romantic. With his great looks, he's playing the role of a hopeless romantic who grabs every woman's heart in Silla. (He plays a hopeless romantic and a womanizer.)

Do you fall in love easily like the character in the drama? I didn't fall in love easily before. But after I've been playing the character, Sooho, I think I've changed a bit. What do you find attractive in women?

It's when they're doing their best at work. Amazing. Isn't that me? (I apologize.) You're right. - Sorry. / - I was about to fall in love, but I managed not to.

- What a relief. / - Really. Your ears are so red. I had a lot to think about. - Your eyes are trembling. / - I see. - So next up... / - You're moving on already? - They look good together. / - You have a nickname.

It's "The third father." (Minho is the third father?) It just means that I'm the father of the third floor. It's short for that meaning. When we have concerts, for the fans who sit far at the back, we look like just specks in the distance.

I wave my arms for those who sit at the far end. I wave so hard to the point my arms might get longer. I even jump up and down. I want them - to feel my gratitude. / - So they feel included. Do you have a most memorable fan? It was when the college entrance exam was a month away.

She said, "I will study hard until the exam." She said it so confidently. She really didn't show up for a while. I told her not to come if she didn't get into a college as a joke. I thought she would get in. I knew my fans were exceptional.

I thought she was amazing. I felt so proud. I asked her if she got in. She said she didn't. She told me she didn't. - Unbelievable. / - I thought my fans were kindhearted. We'll have our bet again before she retakes the exam.

Come and see me if you get in. If not, don't come. I hope that you will get in and we meet with a happier atmosphere next time. - He's so warm-hearted. / - You have another nickname. It's "The collector of older male colleagues". Is there an older male colleague you want to

take care of even though he's older than you? He's beloved by many people and the audience. It's Ma Dongseok. He has earned the nickname of "Lovely Dongseok". I'm not kidding about this. I seriously wanted to hug him.

(I wanted to hug this man.) - Really? / - He buried his face in my stomach. - He did that? / - Yes. It was really warm when I hugged him. I ended up being in his arms. I'm already thinking about that in this cold winter.

(He makes me think of him, especially during winter.) You are even friends with Hyunjoon. We didn't film a drama or a variety show together. We really simply met on a private occasion. I wanted to meet him at a TV station. How was Hyunjoon when you meet him privately?

He's one of the funniest guys - I've ever met. / - I agree on that. He's hilarious. I wonder why it wasn't aired on TV. - Isn't he funny on this show? / - He can be funnier. - He can be funnier? / - Yes, he can.

I've seen his eyes. He's always holding back. I don't think I gave you a New Year's greeting yet. I hope you will buy me delicious meals in 2017. I truly wish that this year, we will meet at a TV station. - If you were to have a future plan, / - I miss you.

- what would that be? / - I will wait for you. I think I would continue my career with SHINee. We're preparing to have a concert tour in Japan. I'll prepare for the next step in my acting career. I will try to improve and show you my best. Thank you.

- It was nice meeting you. / - Let's meet again. Let's meet again. (Entertainment Weekly) - I miss him. / - Haneul, are you watching? We communicated so well. If I were to have a partner,

I would choose Jung Woo without any hesitation. The two of us were doing this. Who do you prefer, me or Haneul? I have chemistry with everyone. He turned me into a jealous type. He became a righteous lawyer from a hopeless romantic.

Jung Woo is today's interviewee. Cook and Talk starts now. Start. You gave a very funny interview last time. Our message board blew up. In his last interview, he mercilessly exposed secrets.

It drew a lot of attention after it aired. Answer me with either a yes or a no. Answer me with either a yes or a no. As a standalone interview, we made a new segment, this is Cook and Talk. - Which camera is rolling? / - This one.

Haneul, are you watching this? If you think it's not fair, you should come, too. - It's almost Valentine's Day. / - Right. I thought about what would be suitable to make. - I decided on chocolate. / - Chocolate? - We can make chocolate. / - Chocolate?

- Let's wait / - Look forward to his chocolate - until it boils. / - although they may look sloppy. We should start making the chocolate. - There's something we should cover. / - You're right. Well then, the film "New Trial", is the talk of the town.

- Is that so? / - Yes. On the day of the murder, the taxi stopped at 2:08 a.m. according to the records. "New Trial" is based on a true story. It's attracting a lot of attention before its release. It's about a lawyer who tries to get to the truth.

It's a struggle to clear a man who was falsely accused. You can see the chemistry between me and Haneul. You look like you were very close with Haneul. You two are like Hyunjoon and Jung Junho when they were young. - How nice. / - You bicker at each other like them.

- How was it working with him? / - Are they close? I'm not sure. They seem to like and hate each other. I'm curious, too. Are you close with Haneul? I'm not so certain if we are close. I don't know either. I'm very fond of him,

and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way. How about you make some chocolate for him too then? - That would weird me out. / - Would it? You need to first melt a block of dark chocolate. It doesn't take that long. It's not every day you see a man making chocolate.

So are you actually this romantic in real life? It still feels weird to make this with another man. I guess it'll make a great memory, but... You sure seem grumpy today. Between Haneul and I, who do you like more? (Flustered)

I was jealous for some reason. You only need one pat of butter. That's great. So how long has it been since your debut? About 16 to 17 years. Do other actors call you "Master"?

Of course not. - Did I go too far? / - You did. How long has it been since your debut? - I started my career in 2001. / - I did too. - We're the same age. / - Are we? Weren't you born in the Year of the Monkey?

I was born in the Year of the Rooster. Anyone who is famous deserves special treatment. Can you help me a bit? - I can't move my hand. / - Really? Let me take over then. Look at the shape it's stuck in.

Can we now add in the cream? For a smooth and glue-like texture, the melted chocolate is mixed with fresh cream. What he's making is homemade fresh chocolate. - Who's the female lead? / - It's Kim Haesook. Oh, I see.

Is there a young actress too? Never have I ever - thought of Haesook to be old. / - I see. What character does she play in the movie? - Haneul's mom. / - His mom? How was your chemistry with her?

That's what made me envious the most. I've always wanted to work alongside Haesook. I guess I got that chance, but I would have liked it if she had played my mom. - I was jealous about that. / - I see. I even mentioned it to Haneul.

Jung Woo's chocolate made with love is almost ready. It needs to be frozen for about two hours. - It looks delicious. / - I agree. Is there anyone apart from your fans that you want to share this with? I want to share it with everyone I love.

- Everyone I love. / - Who else? Be more specific. Anyone I hate can enjoy it too. What if you had to give it to an actress? - An actress? / - You can only choose one. That's not my thing.

(He's too shy.) After two hours, take out the frozen chocolate. Cut it into small cubes, and stick them on a skewer. (Cover them in cocoa powder.) - All they need now is cocoa powder. / - I see. - Don't they look delicious? / - We'll now head out

to meet the fans with these in tow. Cook and Talk! It's now time to hand out the homemade chocolate Jung Woo made himself. - Hi! / - Hello. - Thank you. / - Happy New Year.

Is there anything you want from him? Always stay handsome. Why should you get his chocolate? I loved the show "Reply 1994". I was a huge fan too. What is Jung Woo to you?

- Well... / - What is Jung Woo to you? He's more awesome than Yoo Yeonseok. (He's more awesome than Yoo Yeonseok.) What will you do to receive his chocolate? - I can sing for him. / - Really? - And go! / - I'm nervous.

♪ If you would be ♪ ♪ My husband ♪ (But he is a married man.) - My gosh. / - I'm sorry. - That was awful. / - Thanks. (Thank you for your song.)

- I was kidding. / - Thank you. Are you an Eskimo? I'm Kim Soobin from Namwon, North Jeolla Province. (She startled the soundman.) You startled our soundman. Is Jung Woo popular in Namwon?

Yes, of course! Is anyone more popular than him? Of course not! Who do you love the most? Jung Woosung. The Korean language requires patience.

She added "Sung" at the end. (How clever!) (He gets his revenge immediately.) - That was clever. / - That was nice to watch. I'm sorry if I caused anyone any trouble, but it was nice meeting you all.

Always stay healthy and have a Happy New Year. "New Trial" hits theaters February 15th. - I hope you all enjoy it. / - Thank you! Jung Woo also made a special chocolate for our show. - Do you admire him? / - I do. I was wondering if you could make him some.

I have a mold specially for him. (Why is Jung Woo laughing?) Can you pour the batch into this? This chocolate is specially made for Hyunjoon. I'm sorry for laughing like that. - Anyway / - What does the mold look like?

Hyunjoon... (I made this out of respect.) Look at how much it holds. Is this a well? - I'm dying to find out. / - That's perfect. I'll hand this to Hyunjoon at the studio.

Jung Woo's special homemade chocolate will be revealed right now at the studio. (Look forward to Jung Woo's homemade chocolate.) He made one for each of us. - I have mine here. / - Mine is in a box though. So let's take a look at it.

My gosh! That looks very familiar. He made me a nose. He made it for us, so we should eat it. Is the camera on me? So I'll be eating my own nose. Thank you, Jung Woo.

It's weird to eat a nose. It's sweet and delicious, and now it's time for our next segment. Isn't it delicious? - Yes, it is. / - Try eating your own nose next time. Anyway, I appreciate the love.

Saengmin, are you enjoying yours? Well, you're up now. Next up is Korea's 100 Favorite Rivalries. Today I'm sure you'll be entertained. Let's start. (A new reporter interviews in Saengmin's place.)

I'm enjoying the show, but a change has to be made. Saengmin is outdated. (He agrees.) Does he even show up at the studio? - It's delicious. / - I know.

(Saengmin only works twice a week.) He's not really doing anything. For those in the show business (He seems relaxed.) The studio is our home. (What about payment?)

I think I know who he is. (Five big ones?) (He's taken aback.) I only want 50 percent of Saengmin's salary. Thank you. I won't let you down.

He looks awfully familiar. (Let me introduce to you the new host.) Is it him? Hi, I'm Jo Younggu, the new host of Korea's 100 Favorite Rivalries. So let's check out the rankings.

- Welcome! / - That sure was hilarious. At 80th place, the masters of acting. It's Yoo Donggeun and Jun Kwangryeol. Kwangryeol's MBC historical dramas were all a success. (He's the hero of MBC's historical dramas.) His counterpart, Yoo Donggeun, is the same for KBS.

Both actors debuted in 1980 at TBC, and have won Grand Awards in MBC and KBS respectively. They've been rivals ever since. Donggeun played a romantic opposite Hwang Shinhye. (Kwangryeol moved to SBS to star with Shim Eunha.) Kwangryeol also starred in a dramatic romance drama.

(They've been rivals for 30 years.) For 31 years, they've been each other's rival. How can they not be the masters of acting? In 79th place is Cha Inpyo and Ahn Jaewook. Since 2016 and even today, they've been entertaining our weekend nights.

But do you remember that they were once heartthrobs in the same TV series in the past? They played friends pining for Choi Jinsil, one of the hottest actress back then. There's a secret behind this series, though. Inpyo made a comeback with the series,

playing the leading man who was rich and privileged. Meanwhile, Jaewook played the role of his friend. However, he became so popular that Jaewook became the lead at the end of the show. (He got the girl at the end.)

Everyone was in love with him. It was quite the burden. I was honestly overwhelmed. One time, the entertainment papers featured a 14-page interview with me. The two met once again at the 2016 Drama Awards.

(They both won an award.) Both veteran actors went home with an award. If you had to choose one, who would it be? In 78th place is Noh Hongchul and Haha. In 77th place is Kwak Dowon and Cho Jinwoong. After years away from the spotlight,

people finally learned their names. The lasers shooting from their eyes intimidate us, and so do their charismatic action scenes. They came to fame as formidable villains, and are now two of Chungmuro's finest actors. It can't fail.

This is my first movie as a leading man. - Contrary to his worry, / - Please watch the movie. the first movie in which he took the lead role was a huge success. Jinwoong was also a fit perfect for his character. (He received an award for his role.)

- Isn't he amazing? / - Thank you for your support. I guess I have to do better in the future. He's manly. We're excited to see more of you. In 76th place is - Shin Hyunjoon and Jung Junho. / - Why that picture? We came here to present the Popularity Award.

Why is Hyunjoon so nervous when he's irrelevant? You can relax now, Hyunjoon. Hyunjoon wouldn't let it pass. Are you trying to prove something by hiring Junho as the host for seven consecutive years? Please turn off Hyunjoon's microphone.

- Next year... / - They constantly tease and irritate - each other. / - Do you have any bad memories? I want to forget the memories I have with Junho. All right. But in fact, they can't live without each other, and they even shot a commercial together

They were on a variety show together as well. They showed off their friendship. I personally like Junho more. Thank you. - Hyunjoon is offended. / - Thank you. Now they have become fathers,

but they are still immature. He almost ruined my wedding. They had a strong and handsome boy. I hope the boy looks like his wife. In 75th and 76th places are the rival groups Green Area and Yuk Gak Su,

and Big Mama and Bubble Sisters. In 73th place is Noh Joohyun and Han Jinhee. Was he as famous as Won Bin for his looks? Now there are many handsome actors like Won Bin, Jang Donggun, and Song Seungheon. - But at the time, it was only me. / - He said "only".

With his exotic and prince-like looks, he became the most popular actor in romance dramas. Nobody could stop him being the sole lead. However, while Joohyun was serving in the army, another handsome actor appeared on the scene. I can't afford to buy someone's drawing.

With his tall height and baritone voice, Jinhee rose as the new romance king. They became the two best actors for romantic dramas. They starred in romantic dramas by turns. Jinhee set a record in the Korean Guinness Book of Records

in 1998 for having the most number of leading roles. Nowadays, the two of them continue to be rivals, acting as dignified CEOs and high ranking officials. They also got rid of their dignified image and competed again in comical roles.

We hope to see the two actors continuing to be amazing. You're watching Korea's 100 Favorite Rivalries. - Hyunjoon, / - Yes. - aren't I much better than Saengmin? / - No. - Saengmin is bad. / - Hey!

- What's going on? / - What are you doing? Why did you come to my channel and take my job? Don't you know any business ethics? Why are you acting like an amateur? And what is this? Are you a singer or a reporter?

(He promotes Younggu's album.) - ♪ She spent her life for her children ♪ / - Stop it! How about you then? Are you a man or a woman? What on Earth is this? (The rivals are about to get physical.) This is fun.

They're amazing. He was trying so hard to come to KBS. (The rivals fight for the job.) (Did I stick around for 21 years for this?) Saengmin is fighting hard too. Saengmin, did we even make it on the list?

Younggu, what's our ranking? Please tell us what we ranked. He can't abandon the habit of raising his arm. In 72nd place is Saengmin and Younggu. Finally, the time has come. (He was boring in the past as well.)

I'm a tough guy. It's okay now. They have been reporters for the longest time. Having been a reporter of Entertainment Weekly for the past 21 years, I've gone through many things. Younggu has gone through a lot too.

(He talks about the time when he was in trouble.) A fan shouted that my car was their boss's car. And they said, "Destroy it!" We were on a show together too. "Please say something to your wife." The competition was intense.

- When do I get to talk? / - Saengmin is gentle. It's all about speed. A reporter has to talk as fast as he can. Our war was put to end, too. (Their rivalry seemed to last forever.) As "Night of TV Entertainment" ended,

only I survived. - Thank you so much. / - You're bad. You're so bad. - We were both at the top. / - Right. - When I lost my job, he stayed at the top. / - Right. And I became the loser.

- Should Entertainment Weekly end too? / - Yes. Entertainment Weekly will never end. (Entertainment Weekly will last forever.) Thank you for your appearance. In 71st place is Leessang and Dynamic Duo. Leessang is running a makchang restaurant.

I'm thinking about running a shellfish restaurant. They have to run a restaurant too. You can name it "Dynamic Shellfish". Leessang and Dynamic Duo will remain as rival hip hop groups forever. Both groups are talented and popular.

They always top the charts. They also compete in variety shows. Aren't they amazing? I get it now. The two groups won't back down when it comes to this. What's one thing that sets you apart from them?

I think we're a little more good-looking. I think we're a little more good-looking. Do the members of Leessang agree with this? We will always love Leessang and Dynamic Duo. We're thankful for their rivalry. In 70th place is Lee Gookju and Park Narae.

I am the beautiful comedian Park Narae. The beautiful comedian Park Narae's rival is Lee Gookju. (Their makeup competition gets more intense.) Her voluptuous body exudes sexiness. They can't control their overflowing talent.

Their performances are really something. Narae has a bar in her house. What's the difference between the two bars? When Narae opens a bar, Gookju opens a pub. - It's a gift. / - If people call me a fatty anyway, I want to be a stylish fatty.

They are fearless and confident. Thank you, Narae. Thank you, Gookju. In 69th place is Kim Jinkyu and Choi Mooryong. In 68th place is NRG and Taesaja. In 67th place is Ha Jungwoo and Hwang Jungmin. In 2014, Jungmin became even more popular

as the movie "Ode to My Father" became a success. His rival is Jungwoo. These two famous actors were nip and tuck as they became the aces of the Korean film scene. Don't do that. You'll get hurt. Both actors star in more than one film a year.

Every year, their performances in their movies are compared, and their rivalry continues. Diligence is their common trait. You've written down all your notes here. It's separated by the dates. - He didn't skip a day. / - He's amazing.

"Add details to the emotion." "Connect the flow with a monologue." We expect to see them more in 2017. In 66th place is Kim Goeun and Park Sodam. Are you friends with Goeun? - We're college friends. / - They're college friends.

You've always been compared to Goeun. You have similar eyes. - Our eyes look similar. / - You look similar. - They are very similar. / - That's right. Their eyes and smiles are similar and charming. Aren't they very similar?

They used to look even more similar before. We understand why they've been rivals all along. With her innocent face and strong energy, she acted amazingly. Sweeping Best New Actress awards, she became the rising star of the Korean film scene.

Meanwhile... If there's anyone, please stop this person. Sodam produced one of the best movie scenes, and people acknowledged her talent. We hope they will both continue to grow.

We're rooting for them. In 65th place is Yu Huiyeol and Lee Juck. In 64th place is Ailee and Hyolyn. (Ailee is the diva of the Korean music scene.) Her voice explodes on stage. Ailee is the diva of the Korean music scene.

(Hyolyn is famous for her explosive voice.) She broke the stereotype of idols. How do you feel when you're referred to as her rival? It doesn't feel so good. We cringe whenever we're forced to compete. - It's embarrassing and awkward. / - It's embarrassing.

The two became the rising rivals of the music scene. It's hard to decide which sings better. How would they score themselves? - How well do you sing? / - What's the score? Out of ten. I'd give myself 100.

These rivals compete in good faith. Thanks to them, our ears are happy. Thank you. At number 63 is Lee Hyunwoo, Yoon Sang, Yoon Jongshin, and Kim Hyunchul. Before they became singer-songwriters,

they were called "the four old bachelors". They were on a segment of a KBS show called "Old Bachelors' Party". They competed to win the hearts of beautiful ladies. (Did Jongshin fall for her?)

(It's 23-year-old Ha Jiwon.) It's Ha Jiwon. - Was I funny? / - No. - She didn't know you were sensitive. / - No. The four old bachelors became very popular, and they shot a TV commercial together.

They were even involved in strange rumors. When we were doing the show together, there was a rumor that I was dating Hyunwoo. They were suspected to be dating each other. (Breaking news! Hyunwoo and Jongshin are dating.) Jongshin was involved in a rumor that

he was having a relationship with Huiyeol. The rumor said I left Huiyeol for Hyunwoo. Finally, in 2002, Yoon Sang married actress Shim Hyejin and left the group. Next was Hyunchul and Jongshin.

In 2009, Hyunwoo got married too. And the age of the four old bachelors ended. Stay happy, everyone! In 62th place is Lee Seunghwan and Shin Haechul. It goes to number 16, group Infinite Track. He made a fancy debut as a rock band vocalist.

Both as a solo artist and a member of a group, Haechul established his position as a rocker. (Seunghwan debuted while sitting on a ladder.) His rival was Seunghwan. People called him "The Little Prince" when he debuted, and loved him for his baby face and delicate voice.

After the debut, he performed more than 1,000 times, and he became the king of performances. Haechul's charismatic performance became famous too. There's a story behind N.E.X.T's song, "Fly Chick". This song was created to compete against Seunghwan. When Haechul heard Seunghwan was releasing

"A Dog of Flanders", he produced the song "Fly Chick". Their rivalry is rather cute, isn't it? However, we can't see them compete again. Haechul suddenly passed away one day. (The rivalry was in vain.)

Seunghwan is preparing to hold a concert for Haechul. We hope that day will come soon. (We can't wait for that day.) Shin Seongil and Namkoong Won take the 61st place. Seongil was the most handsome actor of the 60s. Don't come looking for me!

He was called Korea's James Dean for his rebellious image. His rival was Namkoong Won. With his handsome face, he was called Korea's Gregory Peck. With his thick eyebrows and defined features,

Seongil was every girl's dream. He succeeded in capturing the heart of Um Aengran, the best actress of the time. It was a hot topic. Meanwhile, Namkoong Won captured many women's hearts with his tall height and glamour. Women loved him.

Building his own world, he was very active on screen. When they starred in a movie together, they had an intense acting competition. Seongil and Namkoong Won will always remain as the - handsome rivals. / - Korea's 100 Favorite Rivalries. Did you enjoy it?

Next week, we will return with even more famous and intense rivalries. Even more intense than us? You're not coming next week, are you? - ♪ She spent her whole life ♪ / - Stop it! We'll begin with the 60th place next week.

- Thank you! / - Please come more often. (Entertainment Weekly) I think it was a total failure. February of 2017... Wait. We'll still be in the show, right? You can edit it out, right?

- Can we just continue? / - Let's do it again. - It's all controlled. / - That's right. Their clumsiness made the interview more charming. Let's begin. I'm here with the cast of "Fabricated City". - Welcome. Hello. / - Hello.

Welcome. You're here because of the film "Fabricated City". Can you tell us about the film first? It's about one man who becomes a criminal in just 3 minutes and 16 seconds. With the help of his video game friends,

he struggles to get to the bottom of this fabricated crime. We watched the movie just now. And while watching the movie, I was reminded of how hard we had worked. - You just watched the movie. / - Yes.

Can you objectively say it was good? - Objectively speaking, it's good. / - Is it? - Do you agree, Jaehong? / - Yes, it was amazing. I overheard your conversation. You wanted to pretend you didn't watch it. I didn't say that.

No way. We caught the two actors clumsily planning a scheme. I don't know what to say. I think it'd be better if we said we didn't watch it. We became more nervous after we watched it. We didn't know what to say on the interview,

so we asked a lot of people how it was. And everyone said it was good. - We're in trouble now. / - Right? It's going to be a huge hit, right? By the way, did you work well together? Yes.

We need to hear it from Eunkyung. Did they treat you well? We were all busy with our own work. So the most important thing was - to do my job well. / - Yes. Changwook was on Entertainment Weekly last week.

Have you had the chance to watch it? - Was it aired? / - Yes. You were too busy to watch TV, right? - That's it, right? / - You didn't watch it. Did you know that we interviewed him? - Yes. / - I apologize.

He talked a lot about the film. We're promoting the film separately. - It's understandable that they didn't know. / - Right. You said you didn't even have time to watch it. I should skip this question then. As long as they're doing their job, it's all good.

People love you for your strange charm. What do you think is your charm? The character "Demolition" is rather ordinary. I think his charm is in his uniqueness. I meant your own charm, not your character.

I'm not talking about the movie. Why do you think people love you and adore you so much? - It's embarrassing to say it. / - He's adorable. - This is his charm. / - Between an unemployed gamer and a perfect leader in a game,

which do you think fits you better? I think I fit more with the unemployed gamer. I rarely lead people. I like being led. - Jaehong disagrees. / - I think he's a leader. - Really? / - Nobody has told me that before.

Did you get to talk to each other much? - He's got a strong leadership. / - Yes. In what ways? - I just feel that way. / - Changwook seems surprised. Why are they so awkward around each other? I wonder if you really worked on a movie together.

It's been a while since the last shoot. - It's been a while. / - Right. It's been a while. Eunkyung, between a timid newbie hacker and an easygoing character, which one are you? I'm the easygoing character. When I become close to someone, I get playful.

And I become very talkative. I talk a lot. Do you agree? I... - You're not close, are you? / - No. - That's not it. / - Okay.

We met just recently. We just ran into each other, and she was talking a lot. I said, "Hello, Eunkyung." She said, "Hello." Did Eunkyung lead the conversation after that? - We went back to our tables. / - I sat down,

and Eunkyung continued talking to her friends. I thought that not initiating a conversation was being considerate. - Don't you agree? / - Right. I was being very considerate. I didn't want to bother you and your friends.

I see. I think he should stop being so considerate now. What did you think of the interview? - I think it was a total failure. / - No, it wasn't. - No way. / - I thought it would be nice to take a picture of you three.

I'll give you a mission. Changwook will close his eyes and hold a selfie stick. Eunkyung will give him directions. And Jaehong will scatter glitter - on cue for a final touch. / - That's tough. - How did it go? / - Please raise it a little bit.

Please lower it a little. - I'm curious. / - Wait. One, two, three. This is their group picture. - Look at that teamwork. / - I watched the film, and it was the best film yet to come out this year.

- But it's January. / - It's only February. - It's still January. / - It's January 31. I know. "Fabricated City" is an original crime action film.

- What do I do? / - It was great. Please watch it and love it. We can't wait to see them acting with great chemistry in the film. (We're rooting for you!) We hope the movie will be a big success.

I hope Younggu will make a special appearance - on "Saengmin's Veteran". / - It was so fun. And Jung Junho should work harder. All right. This is all we have for today. We will come back next week with more news. - Stay happy, everyone! / - Stay happy, everyone!

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