English Subtitles for TEDxBucharest - Dumitru Popescu - 10/16/09

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way hello they belong seaman I just came home of me where my whole yeah I know a the or on RR opposition space Rai

I just saw some an honor student humorous and of course you don't wanna know he is so I had to start all my a the eurozone so which is the evil for me and to go bono damn I'll be there I'll

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and three ish the so class all these prison donno cease on me and no be able you will be owners of the are almost here this is not a lot of horrible and will always love you

alright tomorrow morning there more for me wanna see I'm onesies yeah will always be rock all No money no

rather me not appalled aramony one on 1 a say for me

fact a lot and also %um up of his life we want more more MORE these people and you know relaunch mission do sign homo

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on 1 on mom are are gold from home %uh here in honey army

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we of percent me only and I'll we said yeah not everyone on your wall piece of shit be charged for the additional darling who dominate and what we are doing right now

my is we want to launch for of also for me far and why these are normally up there are some days here's the any be there force you're a meanie and we are eating a

where any place so next a our own rules show you the lesion all this last you Missy 3 much the same thing a next

on the moon's 11 you many my me you me going on Romney mojo

raw water and for I'm gonna some on me removal on I are

on learning no me first me you know here's the who was there last Thursday you little free of using around owners are or journey home

her home a home yeah and be you camera yeah mind

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ours home home that are and

renewal that a I me from

wrong are no no cool well on the

I 1 meaning lot Washington no moment not me Hermes overall people's these miles are all malls moral issue


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