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The light shines on the ground and stops the engine is turned on the engine, you can fall O Eagle

Here in Houston, tranquility base has fallen Eagle Roger, quieter there is a group of men walking to the Blue Line almost We can breathe again If I had a million run away and go there immediately Wait a moment of form in the Space Museum It's just the beginning and take off

Then we can first walk on the surface of Mars If someone dared to Our Pursuit .. listen Keep Hdak It Finch It's the king of Billy?

- Put this in your bag - I do not need him - I Do not say that I do not want him - shut up you idiot! Come grabbed him Thomas, what's up? Have you ever dreamed again? - It was not a dream - it was a real Nightmares always look real

- You had a dream about your mother? - Chasing Tom saw two men and a guard dog Thomas Tom fantastically why not imagine something nice? Come here What do you think? Do you think it looks like? - did you love her? - I do not know It looks very sad

My mother was always smiling, even if she was angry Come to bed Come on come here Listen to me There is nothing to worry about I'm with you and I will Bhracetk

So no more nightmares we agreed? You okay Haya ! Take your mat Did you see that one of the boys Oalaik you find it My Father? - I do not want to go to school today - it is mandatory! I Love You Go - If I did not do? - Sadaok prison!

- Well - yes and you're an orphan Thomas This is not breakfast? Take cornflakes Can you respond? Thomas He is not here this time Yes, it was time to go early No I do not think that is not before the middle of the night not

Can you take a message? OK - This guy from the bank? - What did he say? - Said nothing about the legal proceedings - damn! Give me the phone? Frederick hello? It's Paul Paul Sheppard how are you? Listen to me Frederick I need money, his predecessor

How many times must I say it? I will not sell my image of Laura Why? Because I do not want that this is the reason In any case I do something new series of nudes It's very commercial I can sell well if we agreed not it? Thank you very much to the meeting, Frederick My Father? I do not want a gift this year, if it is too expensive

- What day is today? - It's Friday Do not worry, we have one day more We will celebrate your birthday tomorrow Well What about this? - Where Billy disappeared? - You have fled away Did you hear that? - This is impossible - the last per night

Billy? How could this happen? It is afraid of the dark He even has his own pigeons that he will not come out alone - This is what Finch - I'll tell you something I saw him last per night with a bag and a truck has been a real - Stay away dear child! - Go Away ye frightening! - Why? - Stop This

Because you have an invisible friend? Tom Thomas refuses to help me help me please do not hurt me I will always be a good boy Thomas Please Did he tell you that? See that my friend Tom speaks with spirits and demons! Well, Thomas told me that he Sikhnqk while you sleep

Nothing to worry about, sir, I've just strangled by a ghost Better not to talk about things I do not know anything about it Nice hat is not it? I wonder who will be? Let's have already delayed before I forget, Agae commitment on the stairs - The neighbor works at night most of the time - a thief? Yes, so make sure to close the door that drone or something

- Pilot? - Any type of aircraft fly? I had no idea I did not meet him until now - Be careful that the bike may be slippery - I'll do Come on, boys keep silent Come here Let's hurry all lined up in the order And you're there, come on Well

One, two, one, two! Arms, legs, one, two, one, two, come on top Let's go tomorrow to the shelter sister of Jesus! - What are you doing? Otherwise, I'll kill you gag? - Do not mocking my sister Let yourselves Hzbwa If you will look Talmtwa lesson the United States, shouted back

Starting from California here Us California, Colorado Indiana, Idaho, Montana and Nebraska - This is for you, is not it? - New York, North Dakota and South Dakota - See that's me - you come with me? - Finch, what do you do? - Mr. Bancroft wants to see this boy immediately why is that?

Do not forget to Alaska, Arizona and Alabama is there anything? Thomas Must not be a story long enough pages - Or! You fool - we'll see from here is an asshole Do not want to worry now is not it? Do you remember what you did when you lied? But you can not lie now

! Now, take your shirt, little spy I want to know exactly what I saw? - Come Finch Do not be stupid - How dare Mnadta stupid? Finch Is this the boy? Finch was trying to contact your police here want to see you for Bailey I did not finish you - What's up, Thomas? - It was just a joke, sir

Well dear children we have finished Help me help me, damn group of idiots! Do you really think that no one wants to help people like you an idiot? You are here because no one wants you, even if you found They lock you in the basement and throw away the key - Thomas, you do not listen to me at all - Yes, I really do

If you tell me what are the names of the capitals of these countries? - I know the moment - Thomas Go stop at the entrance anybody? Stephen Haya Direct hit! Rioters children Weekend nice, my kids do not run on the boardwalk O Michael

Thomas Do you stand in the hallway attributed your memory? - Bruce What do you do? - I did not do anything, sir - Bruce You are being held - but I have a football match, you have heard me - I know where to find you, stupid little! - Bruce stopped off come back here I will tell you a small slit you police

- But I did not do something - Bruce Go to home - Mr. Sheppard I'm glad you're here - sorry for the delay in coming I think that Thomas had signed it here - Thomas Why speeches? - Thomas Can you walk far? Yes, maybe you should go by the hospital for radiation There is something really to worry I am just fine

In this case, Thomas Go to play abroad, I want to talk to your father See you later dear child Please sit down Mr. Hbaard Are you still in touch with a social worker Mrs .. - Gen. Ms. Tromp - Yes Ms. Tromp Not anymore. Why?

Space Museum Wait, sorry, sir, we are closed I think you shut up at half past eight - And how are the rest? - Well you know - Is it good or not? - Good I just do not understand Thomas

You're writing homework is always what to do also do the book? I want to know how can I go to Mars? where is he now? - Here and another one - Here is We're fine mom really tomorrow AD Festival I will not get a big gift this year, but that does not matter

Anyway, Tom and I have many plans I know my mom and my grandmother Aunt Nellie and Uncle Jerry will come on Sunday - We will spend a good time is not it, Dad - certainly I've got an advance I just need some paint Do not worry we will manage hurry - Why do you want to go to Mars? - Because Tom will be there

- Do you want to go to Mars, too? - It's better than going to school - Wrote the word (help) in the school your notebook - Space Museum - Dad, can we go there? - Thomas, I've asked you a question See that this place - Whose? - A new neighbor ,? Balltokid - If there is something you want to talk about it, you say - there's nothing

I just want to go to the Space Museum? It's really not too expensive I do not need for something else The light shines on the ground are the engine running Roger You, O eagle landing here in Houston, tranquility base - Eagle has landed - on the surface of the moon You know their wireless call?

- How did you get this? - E Let's go back to your room you sit - Come to bed right away this is - I'm not going to go to boarding school - You know as you sit right on your own always - they beat you in boarding school - Adharbok? - They beat Tom in boarding school See, Thomas must listen to me for a minute

Maybe your attachment Tom often helped much, but does not exist in reality - That's why I'm worried about you - I'm really okay No you're not okay I wrote the word (help) School Bdfterk - And remain alone and look at your score - and if you get good grades? Then you will not go to boarding school, I have a test next week, I promise that I get A or B - Is it that simple? - I will not speak to Tom anymore

- This is a fantastic - try it Do you want to feed the pigeons? Enter - Yes, it is Mr. Finch Bancroft files - put Mr. Finch Thank you - What do you think about this picture? - Is it true that the other boy escaped yesterday Pardon the interruption

I do not think that it is necessary to focus on the loss of this boy I know Tom very well and I can say - I've looked at me - thank you Mr. Finch this is enough You're right yesterday since there was another boy missing I must say, I am also worried, but this place is not a prison Delta Baba 357 here Yes

There we go burglary - Told him everything the information that you know - I will thank you, O officer - I told you not to say something - I did not do I'm trying to tell you that I have fled away Bill Come here come on hurry up

- Are you okay, man? - Please, Please, I need my medicine Open it Well well prefer As you know, my wife was right is always right This will kill you do not fit this work - Well it was right or not? - Yes, No No OK Go

- Thank you - it's feast day AD - Do not do this - this polite - Maybe Nnzaajha - see it here - Can I help you? - Yes, you are very nice - Let's get him, I've - you dwell upstairs is not it? My name is Thomas and this is like the first Leica space dog

Yes, I was reminded of it a cute name - It's the best dog in the ground is not it? - I Paul Sheppard - Celia Schofield - I found this by accident yesterday - It's your husband, Mr. Schofield - Schofield lady? It is Ms. Schofield They do not live here - They always call me Lady Schofield - to go Thomas

- We need to do some shopping - it's holiday we will go to the AD Space Museum - Day festival Merry - Will you come to attend the concert? - You may come right dad? - Of course you can if she wants it - Please do not feel pressure - thanks bye Before I forget I left my bike here, it is that stands in the way? Is this your bike?

Well, you can put them anywhere you want - Thank you with a good safety - no problem - It's volatile - this is uncertain after - why not? - Because we do not know Frederick said beautiful women should be seen - It must be the hostess - Yes and Frederick also thinks you paint nudes

- And provide capital - anyway Frederick art dealer - What do you know about the pilots? - Nothing that he knows more about women - Where you think you're going? - Nights stupid Norway? Oslo nights boredom - I did not remember - I'm sure you will do - This is a great Kut - this?

- This color you do not like this kind of coats - Yes Aahabna Haya It's half the price is not for nothing - Come on, give me this KUT - not Hello Paul Thomas Sheppard moment I'll see you at the Apollo Thank hello to respond again I called a number of his friends - I wonder if Bruce loves to come - Wait for me

He said his friend had also brings he was interested in space We are sorry because of the maintenance unit simulation Apollo will close temporarily You can visit our maze of women and to submit to the wonders of thinking Come in and try it They are the same right? let's go Thomas Sheppard nine years to go to the information desk that old

Your father awaits I thought he had been Achttavk Why did not remain beside the missiles? - There is also a simulation - whatever I was seriously do not do it again so Otad - Dad saw Tom in the Space Museum - Thomas why we agreed on that day? It's real - I swear I have seen so it is a real dad - very bad that the simulation did not work right?

Dad Was this around me when I found myself? I was wearing this bracelet when I came to us and was very skinny wrist - Where is the other half? - I do not know him I hear I want to tell you something when you wake up tomorrow morning You can stay in your room until I invite you to what? Only Do-it-Well Goodnight happy dreams Thank you too

- He did not know where to go, I will return trust me - Do I need to trust you? - I'll do this myself - it's not on the list of adoptions He does not have a family and a home so - Bancroft What did he say to you? - You can not take it Do you said that? Hear you fool This is a win and we will get a lot of money if you and then you will be taken

Tell Bancroft so - Excuse me, let me go - you and your parents Siqleghan - - I do not have any relatives - Well no problem I'll call the police Let us work agreement Sohzer you drink and you tell me your name Well You are Here Come Come!

- that's cool! you said that? - Certainly said so, why? - No one says so, but Tom and I - but I'm Tom? This amazing I know you are a real - Have you signed yesterday? - Yes, when I escaped - Sit down, you're looking for you? - Saokhdhunna to boarding school Rather die than go back there

- You can stay with us? - are you serious? - Where do you live anyway? - Come, I'll show you It has been identified landing and see the tightening of the road eight nine meters - Shades of weak future - get carried away a little bit to the right - Well thirty seconds - the engine stopped - Well approaching the Earth - are the engine running

- Roger You, O eagle landing - here in Hostinne calm Base The Eagle has landed Roger quieter there are a group of men walking around the Blue Line - We can breathe again - that's great! Come on Come on I can not wait to see the face of my Father knows that you are a real naught Wait do not tell anyone

- Until my father - not a - Why? You know will call the police - it is not going to do it, just say why run away? - Is Sasedkna? - Certainly Sasedkk - Do you live here? - Next to the street - Not bad - Haya - What is that? It's great - sounds like a shop

- is it yours? - You can use it as much as you want I want to play a double fantasy games but do not know where he is? See this Tom that he really exists he's there Thomas Come with me Holiday Happy Birthday Thomas you remember me right?

I am your Aunt Nellie Come and see also came from Jerry's uncle and grandmother and Debbie Now I wished security and blow the candles Come on Very good and now crosscut Part I - Come up and you eat - thank you ma'am

Madam? - Thomas? Hugged me - Calm Thomas - It's a very enthusiastic - Can I keep the gift if? - Do not give me ma'am - Thomas Do not be silly Do not be silly Thomas - This gift, holiday Merry - thank you ma'am

- Do you want to Tndev tool for your ears? - It must be a joke sometimes Holiday Merry Enter Bruce nice came Thomas the kitchen this way - You look like you're an astronaut - because he has a space suit - What happened to your words? - Give me a helmet It does not fit your head chubby funny huh?

- Raise your hands - Is this suddenly difficult? Give him a lesson smashed Let's beat it - Hello nice Otia you - I'm happy because I am here Thomas stopped off what happened to you? - I'm not done with you yet? - At what time Listen to me what happened to you today? Come here for a moment, just a touch up yourself

- Sorry - not quite a holiday merry You like space programs often have a computer right? Amazing! Imagine that you are a true pioneer space - A good program we use to train our pilots - Are you a pilot? Who is this Thomas? Take off that thing suffocate - What kind of aircraft that Tcodenha? - Boeing, to go there?

Thomas Where did you get those pants? Let's go to play the game - Frederick - you're in the neighborhood - how are you? - I'm fine - Is Starafna? - Certainly I'm sorry Celia This is Mr. Frederick and my agent

Frederick Schofield Celia This new neighbor, in fact, - Nice to meet you - Celia pilot? Wow! Nights IQ! Do you mind we left on our own a little bit? - Will take a look at your business? - I told you that I am not yet ready - Borrowed a lot of money - perhaps next week - I want them before Wednesday - Well Well

- It suits you it is beautiful - really Have you seen this boy? - Have you seen this child? No - I'm sorry, man. They continue by saying that many children have fled Billy did not escape that's why they are looking for me You're right, and my father did not Asedkna We need more evidence

- Did I say that we are twins? - You have a father and I am not - Of course it's not true and I adopted my father - if and where your parents Alhakiqian? I do not know, see this from my father Alhakeyen - Do you have the other half? - Perhaps in internal school funds They are taking everything from you house says that he has done a million Will be evidence that we are twins I'm sure that my father also Sitbnak

- After that you will never return boarding school - that's great! And then we can have fun together - Do you want it or not? - Of course See you later Leica It does not barking and moaning strange dog wants to stay alone Let Thomas have delayed

- What is that? - It's Questions Questions? Yes, it is nice is not it? Yes, the game space very impressive - The capital of Spain - let me think Madrid Italy? - Do you think you Stndja the examinations? - Well, I'll do you still prepare I hope to be ready when the examination paper in front of you

Thomas, you can return your bike on your own? They were delayed from home Ali buy new towels you know the size of the crowd promised to studying your lessons to the meeting - Bruce there - we will get it later Power - Coward! It will come to school tomorrow - his father is always boosted by getting What? I returned from school early, you do not run away right?

It's trash make sure that you use Are you fine? I'm going to make macaroni cheese I'm starving Thomas come here - What is this exactly? - I was a little hungry - Hungry? - Yes, I am a man Otazavr from hunger

Why speak strangely? Here clean it - Is it in the kitchen? - This is you - where have you been? - I went to boarding school Basement key lies under construction, we look for

If we find necklaces, my father Sasedkna will Itbnak - Thomas the food is ready - well I am very hungry - It's delicious right? - Yeah Thomas, we need to talk I said you are very hungry today As you know, I really try to be open with you

But you are causing a lot of problems and fight with your friends - With this asshole? You mean? Dinges? - Bruce actually - I call - the pasta has not implemented me - What is this big mouth? - Sorry, sir - And that mess in the kitchen - I'm really sorry, sir Me Vedrok request of the exhibition is a good opportunity

- It's hard to start - do not worry, man. Stop it I had to work the advice of social worker? What? Interior will send you to school impossible! Do you have another option? - I will never go, better to go out out - stop this nonsense! - Be rational, a little bit, you do not do something about your score - everything would be okay do not worry I will not go - Well if your score will get better - you do not even know the names of the capitals of the states

Sit in any fool knows that what I said? - Sorry, sir - and this also stops Norway: Oslo Sweden: Stockholm Finland: Helsinki Denmark: Copenhagen Netherlands: Amsterdam - You've done your best today - you're on your way to boot - What is the matter with you? I will not should I strike you - the United States of America

California, Colorado, Indiana, Idaho, Nebraska, New York Of North and South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington And do not forget Alaska, Arizona, Alabama We can always exchange - that's great why not? My father had already ratified - Hello how are you? Go in - it's coming from me, Dad, this way

We're going to Mars True mission to Mars? how do you do that? You can not fall rapidly in 2900 kilometers per hour Attributed the engine brake to reduce speed tried Well done in accordance with the engine, which now is on the left and right Well it stuck straight line good Well

Catch - Train them and then you can go to Mars - Can we do it again? Of course Geography exam - Thomas, can I go to the bathroom? - Examination paper remain here Tom where are you? It's geography exam

- !What is that? Finch that the work that crazy - He hit me in the boarding school before they flee away You sit first chair on the right along with Deby that the only empty chair Tom, just do not quarreling only solution here exam good luck Faster Thomas - Do you have a problem? - see you later

- I do not care - Thomas shut up and go back to work Well, my children, now answer the math exam to these questions - Sir, can I go to the bathroom? - again - Yes, I have to Ongot! - What is the language of Thomas? Faster, the test will end after twenty minutes - Thomas, how accomplished? - what do you think?

- Very good, you believe in miracles - of course - is it yours? - A happy day sir, you also It's B and B Other - And A - This is awesome! I can ride with your father today - I'll tell you how to deal with Bruce - Is it easy?

Definitely Put aside your feet Whoa Kalamlaq - Say yes, you use your voice - yes Fantastic very nice - Hold it this way, he can not move so - this is painful - The destination of it - I do not think I can - I'm not a giant - well if you think you're well

In addition, if you do not face Bruce Setjahlk everyone Adfok aside But you have to say (ABI) for my parents - I did not say this word to any one - always call him Sir, as you say - It stands at the entrance - Hey do not go boarding school is not alone - And? - All of them A and B - Is this a joke? - No, not completely

Did you know? We can exchange to pay Engine - Yes, show me that - that's great - Where do you think you're going - you think of yourself, boy orphan? Use your voice - Yes, he speaks - Yes, what do you want? - I was crying when Mr. Pahia - this is not because of me were not I have a chance to explain

- You think we will allow you to leave - well I will not waste my time - You can borrow a space suit - space suit, did you hear that? - You think that I am stupid - You look natural in my opinion Do you think it right? As I said I will not waste my time like creature Do you want to be wasting your time on? please enter

Foolish That was easy is he okay? - Thomas apologize've Okharenak - quite a bit I'll go a few days later Come grabbed him I found it

Stupid dog! To get the best of it enter - Thomas you have not yet - for why lie? - About your score - No No Hello social worker Julia Trump speaks Mr. Sheppard Yes, I want to go home now see you later do not prefer I got b again this is amazing! Thananna

Well, we can decide that later Yes, always connect me with safety You have many modern images I will ask another copy - Strange that these children are fleeing - What are you talking about? It is not the first boy disappears from boarding school No, this boy is not hiding that he does not live in the boarding school

who is this? That Tom Wells, of course, has disappeared yesterday It's weird! Be sure exactly what is happening to those boarding school If you're here again, Tom? We Qgayan you very - The boy said that he does not live here - children also are lying Tell us what is bothering you, Tom? What is the reason you want to leave this place? Thank you, O policing, and what to do by bike? Boys here do not have a bike

- I have, how I got them? - It's a gift from my father for my holiday - I do not have a father - yes I have Tom admitted that you were stolen bike and those clothes are not too him - We'll take the bike with us, kept the clothes a little - Thank you, O policing, it's a miracle that we have found - Everyone is busy processing the Christmas holiday - Thank Good afternoon - Sir, I want to go home - this you Finch you I'll call you

Are you interested in boys lost? Thomas come here what you think of? These are Celia You think you paint nudes? Ali liked to say Smtk draw more and you can access a number of shows Well I must go

- A delicious meal - I'll call you later Come this is not everything ready? - It looks great - wonderful, and finally I did it It's fantastic is not it? Is there something, Thomas?

- Is this because I painted Celia? - No Beyond your hand Me Yes, I have things Tom here not nothing It's really weird, and you said that they are similar No birth certificate only clothes he had been wearing when he came here not much

Marpeth was addicted to alcohol no fixed abode, I've died a long time ago We do not even know the place where he was born, Tom Have you heard that Tom has had a twin brother? Twins? what did you say? Sorry I can not help you bye I've held your Will go to the short trip

You will find really enjoyable - No No AAH It stings - what's up? Why Asak? Thomas Come here - I'm not Thomas - Thomas Please That's right I'm Tom Thomas in boarding school - They think that I - Thomas Please stop, this is not funny

Already help him Dad this I They think that I have Tom has put me in the basement Is that Thomas? With whom I speak? - Thomas - Yes, that's funny Thomas standing in front of me - No, my dad that I swear to you - where is he?

You are wrong if you think you're funny, boy - Not Thomas? - My Father? It's in boarding school, you have to help him What are you talking about Thomas? - - Look! - Gosh! Who did this to you? - It Finch from the boarding school has Dharnbe - Well, that's enough, I'll call your doctor - do not for heaven's sake!

- Ready? - Yeah Thomas - Hello, Lady Hogan Did you see Finch? - before one hour - Something wrong? - Not everything is fine where is he? Thomas Thomas Wake up you Alastqaz

- If you think your son here? - I think it's climbing over a wall of this building - Tell me the master - Sheppard Mr. Sheppard Why is your son interested in these boarding school We've talked about boarding school and Tom Your son called Thomas, is not it? It's a complex that Thomas has the imagination

- They are so in this age, how it looks like your son? - I have a photo somewhere Hear Mr. Sheppard did not see this boy before? I'd love to help you but I think their children If you were looking for him would lead to disturbances perhaps your son at home already - I've contacted a number Thomas - Finch, how I got this phone? Do you know where my son? And how you could get this? - I found'll show you - show me if

Here - When I see your son I promise I'll call you immediately - do you climb from here? Come Finch will return for children - Leica leave him - grabbed him well, but I'll call the police Come here Leica You do not trust him too

Finch Finch Finch from this boarding school, what Thomas Hello my man a good trip Thomas we get out of here Shut up! Gag you stupid beast!

- Would you like to sign here? - Certainly AT 555 27 request to quit Location: Nairobi - did you see that? - What? - I thought I saw a child running around the corridor - permission to take off Ground crew should you have to go for something Tvhson - Have you examined all the wheels? - Yeah

- What are you doing, boys? - Admitted to the inside off - We heard the sirens do not know what's going on? - This is none of your business dead body! - You think you're funny? - You will laugh when they punish you later - Sorry madam Are you in charge here? - Not to Mr. Bancroft Do you want me to Ojelbh? Let us, all of us rushed

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your accounting official welcome we are about to leave for Nairobi Please put your seats in the upright position and stopped all Alakatronyat and equipment I do not know where Mr. Bancroft I know where he is Finch sat with him in the car said that Mr. Bancroft was here to take him, to where? - To hell definitely - Sorry my son is missing it's funny is not it? Hear probably going to be the next Cirbtok and take you away why not?

Laugh anyway I went off of laughter I know where they are already Finch, this is the end of our trip this was one of pleasure grounds I did not bring any money This is what I call stupid As you know, you're not smart to play with weapons this place

Leadership is closed and doors compartment AT Tower 555 ready for takeoff runway 27 - Hey Are You? - What happened to the animals? You count to sleep and I only spent you good boy Hey girl Ohdia sure to make it stop

I have one problem horses restless there are sound emitted from the steering wheel Take a look - This is - sit all Refugees also sometimes go to other countries Yes AFS luck they freeze to death Sound comes from here

Hello Is there any one? - Nothing to worry about it'll take care of myself - there must be a cable - Whoa well do not move - there's an armed man at home on the floor - The temperature 24 below zero on the wheel - let's see The temperature drops two degrees in the 300 meters 24 minutes Why? - I'm sure I saw that the boy running around in the corridor - there's a fixed cable Closed

- Did you find something? - The only noise and nothing more than that - Do you think that there is one? - This is a strange feeling Who wants to run away from Britain? This does not make sense You call to eat, there is a restaurant in the Easyway Fusion in the middle of Soho - We will be back - for a meal? I do not take any comfort AT 555 We suspect there is a problem we will return immediately

President will be happy - If cable, you are separated - better than the body of the steering wheel Ladies and gentlemen, I am the captain due to unforeseen circumstances we will return There may be some bumps, please remain seated and fasten Ohzmtkm Can I borrow a pistol anesthesia? This is not this enough to Phil this 5 mL enough

It's the police Stay where you are and do not move Not going to say everything is not Amcunninkm my situation in prison My brother said they were fleeing these children to Africa and send them up for adoption all over the world - Should we sit on the verge of landing - Are you stupid stop yelling? That child will prove it Wait until the aircraft stands and then I can not control the situation

Thomas? Oh my god here from here Thomas, everything is fine now why did you do that? Calm Thomas Thomas - You're safe - let me go Calm - It's for your own good - you'll help me Perhaps you may hurt yourself

It makes no sense to force him now backwards Let's fastest You made me alive We are the police and we gunmen, put your gun down and let the boy to go, Thomas - Thomas - Where Tom? Thomas Please do this I can you hear me? Thomas Please, I am your father spoke

- Let me go - you can not go there - You must let it go it's sister - just do not let him touch him, Well See Tom I've found in the boarding school we are twins that's cool! O boy Yes, that's great

Well, man. I feel strange feeling that we met before Over more than two weeks ago that the boy found a cage for animals - It's Mrs. Trump - for smuggled out of the country Investigations have shown that there is a link - This is Billy - with the adoption agency is legal

More than fifteen children has been kidnapped in the past year Children and placed inside the boxes for the animals to Africa And sold to families all over the world Last night, he was arrested, Mr. Bancroft - In charge of the boarding school - let us, boys - Dad has been arrested Mr. Bancroft - I know that in the newspaper

- Can you tell us again? - What? - You know - Information about the message? - Yes, that's wonderful - please? Nine years ago, on a cold night Christmas real mom and put you next to the door of the hospital Because she could not that Traakma Suita woman came and had to take one of you, it's Tom Only developed under her coat and walked it away later when the hospital staff found Thomas

- Did not notice Bonkma In fact, two - and you and mom Qmtma Ptbennina - Yes, we did not know about Tom - but I knew - Yes, but you Obakath secretly is not it? - I did not do, but I did Hey! Look it there - Yes, the simulator finally works - Come on, Dad - Celia If you want to go - yes strongly, this Ria

- I have said it - why? - I've told (dad), I did not do - but it is - It's beautiful - What is this, Dad? - They were engaged - holiday gift for tomorrow - Well, come on let's go to Mars - wonderful! To Mars

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