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hey guys I that cottage cheese side with this five minute workout yeah alright this workout is all about burning the lower body so we're going to start first with a gay twink crossover start with your feet together and you're going to bring your feet apart going into a gates when you want to squat down push those knees out bring it across and then right back out

so crisscross at the top and then you're going into a little why right in the middle this is going to get those lower body muscles really warm and work it so in and make sure you alternate which foot crosses in front so that you're getting that variety and you're going down slow you want to just lay it flat to the ground cross and wrap it

I already feeling the burn here and I getting those things out why just like a plie squat all right i use my hands here for support that's okay i can drop it down if you don't want to use your hands much harder ok you'll feel the difference you can give yourself that challenge here towards me and you're ready to

switch it on me tail good and bring it together now this next one this is a single legged turnover so you're going to drive one me up here let me show you here one me up and you're going to do a quick turnover like you're a sprinter bring that leg around just let it touch the ground and then really drive that knee back up high

it causes a lot of balance so I'm already losing it here abs are tight and you're burning up this whole leg this whole leg you're like a race war up we're going to switch sides breathe it out three two and one now notice how i'm using my arms super important it really helps me with my

down so you're going down and up get that quick turnover the faster it is the harder your legs are working going to bring it around touch notice how I really drive that knee up driving bring it up

up in that stabilizing leg is working as well I can feel my glue really burning up bring it home lab couple seconds three two and one ok your hips got to be feeling the burn there now foot fires it's a classic but it works okay so you're here you're going to start you're going to pitter-patter those feet

no development of squat position i'm not a prank I'm low all right keep your chest high and your pitter-pattering all the muscles in the legs are working the faster you can go too hard you're working you'll be going as fast as you want turn to the side challenge your body forward to the other side

I'm feeling the bird 32 and one oh my goodness ok so you're catching your breath we're going to come down to the floor so for this one you're gonna get yourself in a position where you've got your knees coming out why did a mountain climber you can bring one knee open you're going to switch

all right you're like running down here on the ground wine a mountain climber back and forth breathe yes you're working your abs a little but you're working those legs as well you're driving that knee up working the hips a little bit work in the butt a little bit back and forth good just remember to breathe

I like to intertwine this one and come back up now back into your fires I know I know it's not easy you do need bay and put our paddles feet you're doing great i like to put these together so we're doing just a little bit a book back for cardio hi you gotta burn calories to get that cottage cheese off the legs and bring it

back down back into that whine to me mountain climber back and forth breathe don't let your hips trap try not to let yourself drop keep your hips high which it sweat

last couple seconds three two and one aren't you glad I broke the hold up into two I know here we go last move it's a squat jump with a little hop fun when you come up do not fully extend your legs like I said I'd do not believe said if you're not doing the jump

just doing a squat stay with us up and down for doing the jumper leaving the balls of your feet much harder when you get that little bit of power at the end halo I know you want to fully extend the leg but don't do it yet it you're almost in the city only five minutes to burning up doing great last couple seconds breathe let's get more and now extend those legs way to burn it up and i hope

you felt the burn on that last one let me know what you think it's all closed in the comments will be next time on PopSugar fit

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Your legs are truly lovely and take you everywhere you want to go, but if you sometimes scan them in the mirror and think of cottage cheese, here's a workout for you. Strengthen and tone your powerful gams with this quick and effective workout. Just press play and get ready to show your legs some love.

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